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    The Art of War 
The Art of War (孫子兵法, Sūn Zǐ Bīng Fǎ/Master Sun's Military Methods)
The Original Big Book of War
  • Description: Sun Tzu's opus on how to conduct a war
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Domains: Literature, Strategy, Warfare
  • Portfolio:
  • Author/Sacred To: Sun Tzu
  • Favored By: Sabaton, Cao Cao, Bane, Odysseus, Atreus, Kratos, Johnny Cage and Team S-F, Karin Kanzuki, Damian Wayne, The Question I, Green Arrow, Annabeth Chase, Tywin Lannister
  • No Relation To: The Art Of War by Niccolò Machiavelli (yes, that book exists)
  • Mandatory Reading For: All Military and Business Deities
  • As a gift to the House of Books, Sun Tzu has donated a copy of his magnum opus, the Art of War. Only this copy has been enchanted to allow anyone who reads it in their native tongue.
  • Sun Tzu is aware that he wrote his treatise for a different time and age, which is why he left a foreword in the Pantheon's copy of his treatise. Simply put, while most of his ideas does have merit and are proven to work in battle, he is aware that some of his methods could count as at worst, war crimes and at best, terrorism sanctioned by the state. Furthermore, the treatise was written assuming that the ultimate goal was total victory, be it by either assimilation or outright genocide. This is to be taken in consideration for all good-aligned deities who read the treatise.
  • The first copy of The Art Of War was translated in the 18th century by French Jesuit Jean Joseph Marie Amiot, while British officer Everard Ferguson Calthrop made a partial attempt in 1905. Five years later, Lionel Giles would translate the entire treatise.
  • The book has had a major impact upon the world. For starters, it's one of world's most read treatise regarding warfare. If you're in the military, reading it is a requirement.
    • It wasn't Sonya Blade who had made Team S-F read the treatise, but rather Johnny Cage, of all people who turned Cassie and her team to Sun Tzu's teachings. Even Liu Kang is shocked to see this coming from his successor.
  • The Art of War is also a requires reading for some Korean and Japanese companies, as their lessons can be incorporated into the business world. It gives new meaning to the phrase "Business Is War."
    • Being the perfectionist that she is, Karin Kanzuki can recite the entire treatise, a feat that Damian Wayne can also do. In the Mishima household, reading the treatise was mandatory. Even Oliver Queen read the book, even going as far as to recite some of it's lines to The Question I, who also responded in kind, as he too, read The Art of War. All the while both Queen and Sage were beating down Mooks. That impressed even Black Canary and Batman.
  • The Soldier (from Team Fortress 2) practically worships the damn thing, despits having not read it. The Scout, shockingly has, and has taken one of Sun Tzu's lessons to heart: "If your enemy is choleric, seek to anger him."
  • Annabeth Chase was recommended to read The Art of War by her mother, Athena, as it was one of her favorite books. Ares also has read the book, despite preferring brute force over tactics, as that's part of Athena's influence.
  • Some say that House Stark would have made it out of the War of Five Kings alive had they read The Art Of War, and thus, foregoing their Honor Before Reason stance. Jon Snow is now studying the treatise in an attempt to not make the same mistakes as his uncle and cousin had done.
    • Tywin Lannister, on the other hand, has taken several of the treatise's lessons to heart, as Tarbeck, Reyne, the Targaryens and Robb Stark learned the hard way. Cersei, on the other hand, dismissed the treatise entirely.
  • Julius Caesar is intrigued by The Art Of War, which led to a sitdown between himself and Sun Tzu. Both Caesar and Sun Tzu chatted - and at times, debated - over wine as they compared notes; Caesar showing Sun Tzu the Commentary On The Gallic Wars. Sun Tzu was impressed, even pointing out whar Caesar could've done to end the wars sooner.
  • Zapp Brannigan had claimed that The Art Of War is a blatant rip-off of his own book, The Big Book Of War. Of course, his claims were ignored. That, and his book had so many flaws in it even a five-year-old can point them out.
  • One univeral rule that all military officers can get behind is that any and all political leaders who lack military experience and/or are grossly inept should be kept out of the War Room. Sun Tzu wants to take it a step further. if they continue to persist, then the general result is being made shorter by the height of their head.

    Da Rules 
Da Rules
  • Appearance: A purple book with yellow font
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Functional Magic, Be Careful What You Wish For, Magic A Is Magic A
  • Domains: Wishes, Fairies, Magic, Rules
  • The fairies of the world of Fairly OddParents possess great power, capable of granting almost any wish. However their magic has limits, and this is exemplified with Da Rules. Something every fairy godparent must follow, it denotes wishes that cannot be made like making people fall in love with you. Developed by the Fairy Council, its position is nigh-absolute among the denizens of Fairy World.
  • Technically speaking Da Rules only applies for its own universe and members of said universe, not the rest of the House of Magic and Fairies. This doesn't stop its main arbiter, Jorgen Von Strangle, from trying to make it a rule. Being fairy godparents themselves, it's possible that Flora, Fauna and Merryweather may be swayed under it. Genies are naturally exempt from it anyway, though the Genie from Aladdin has his own limitations.
  • Some rules have been found a bit too arbitrary, like breakfast wishes past 10:30 am and not killing cockroachesnote . It's still a bad idea to try and just destroy or nullify Da Rules, as it can break the universe. However the rare godchild who's lasted long enough to have an anniversary of getting their godparents is rewarded with a magic muffin, which can grant one rule-free wish per bite. Only notable downside is that it taste horrible and you can't wish it tastes better. Jorgen has considered giving one out as a prize in pantheon tournaments.
  • The House of Sports often uses this rulebook whenever magic users want to compete. A pantheon-exclusive rule was established by special permission of the Court of the Gods that Da Rules will apply to all magic-users in sporting torunaments, unless of course it's a magic-based sport. Most of the House of Love wants to use it, however this has been less successful.
  • Some of its rules like "you can't wish for Christmas more than once a year" weren't initially forbidden, but considering how they backfired were added. It's unclear how many of Da Rules originate for this reason, though it is known people have gotten around via loopholes. Maryann wishing to take out Archduke Ferdinand and thus cause World War One has its own Unfortunate Implications Jorgen isn't willing to divulge.
  • A few new rules have been established in the midst of the Trope Pantheon, mainly for its own stability and the safety of fairy god parents. One is to not change the ranking of the gods. Another is to not make any wishes involving Tirek, or get anywhere near him. Consider fairies are Made of Magic and he absorbs magic, they went so far as to make an entire page for this.

    Death Note 
The Death Note
  • Appearance: A black book with the words "Death Note" scratched on it
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Artifacts of Doom and Death, Murder Weapons.
  • Domains: Death, Hunt, Planning, The Abyss
  • This notebook, when a name is written in it, will cause that person to die. There are very strict rules that one must follow in order to properly use the note, but these rules are occasionally subverted by more cunning gods. One must take care not to overuse it, as excessive use of the Note can drive its user mad.
  • The current owner of the Death Note is Light Yagami.

    The Demonic Compendium 
The Demonic Compendium (The Persona Compendium)
  • Appearance: A book with varying symbols on it. Sometimes a computer, sometimes a goddess-like figure, sometimes a demonic magatama.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Making Lots of New Friends, The Mythology Kitchen Sink, Knowledge of Creatures
  • Domains: Magic, Otherness
  • Similar Artifacts: The Pokedex
  • Donated by Naoki Kashima upon arrival to the Pantheons, the Demonic Compendium is a comprehensive text detailing every single demon, spirit, or god to ever exist in the pantheons of Real Life. On top of that, it is also a vessel by which a properly trained summoner can call them forth as allies. This makes it quite popular reading with the Houses of Magic and Knowledge; the former likes to examine the summoning rituals and the demons themselves, while the latter likes the stories of their deeds and tribulations.
  • Further pages were added with the help of Flynn, who added Burroughs' and Mido's demon data to the Compendium. The book/computer/figure itself keeps growing as summoners and Persona users add their experiences and knowledge into it.
  • Mido is one of the few allowed to possess a digital copy of both the Compendium and the summoning protocols.

    The Elder Scrolls 
The Elder Scrolls
An Elder Scroll
  • Appearance: Scrolls with strange constellation-like designs upon them
  • Alignment: Unknown
  • Portfolio: Prophetic tomes, Eldritch tomes, Revelations that drive people mad.
  • Domains: Prophecy, Ambiguity, Otherness
  • At first glance, they look like a bunch of stacked up scrolls with strange constellations written on them, but in reality, no one is quite sure what they are, or how many there are.
  • Only members of the House of Prophecy are allowed to read them, and even then, only after many years of training, as without said training they would be struck either insane or permanently blind, and even after receiving this training, they slowly lose their eyesight with each subsequent reading, until they are eventually struck completely blind. However, this price is well worth it, as it allows the readers to see prophecies of the future and the past.
  • All the prophecies the scrolls reveal are true, even the falsehoods. Especially the falsehoods.
  • The House of Knowledge attempted to study them for a time, until it was discovered that the researchers dedicated to study of the scrolls were going insane with depressing regularity. Attempts to find a workaround to this problem have so far proven fruitless.
  • There have been rumors about a method for gaining the knowledge from the scrolls without reading them. However, so far, all attempts to develop or discover such a technique have failed and there are those who say that no such thing is possible.
  • Rumors of a scroll being stolen from the archives have been viciously denied for years, as the security surrounding them is top-notch. However, they persist to this day, being credited to a "master thief." The various skilled thieves of the Pantheon have been tight lipped on the matter, perhaps to strengthen their credibility or keep from having to avoid the treasury security.

    The Future Diaries 
The Future Diaries
  • Appearance: Cellphones, though one is a scroll, another is a coloring book, and yet another is a voice recorder.
  • Alignment: Varies between each of their respective users
  • Portfolio: Readings which predict the future
  • Granted the power by the one known as Deus, those who are given the diaries are put into a gauntlet to kill one another in order to become a god. Depending on the gods observations and the style of the diaries, the Future Diary reflects it in that way. For example: Yukiteru's diary allows him to see everything around him while Yuno's predicts everything that happens to her precious Yuki.

    The Neverending Story 
The Neverending Story
  • Appearance: A thick book bound by golden silk, bearing the image of AURYN upon its cover.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Writing Reality
  • Domains: Fate, Knowledge
  • Similar Artifacts: The Book of Prophecy
  • This book does not reside within the chamber with the others, but is instead being constantly written by The Old Man Of Wandering Mountain. The book within the chamber is an avatar of the true book. The nature of the true book is reality itself. Everything that happens is written into the book by the Old Man, and everything that he writes into it happens. However, it cannnot be rewritten, and nothing can be changed by writing what does not happen.
  • May or may not have some relation to Destiny's book.

    Ninjas of the Ice: The Art of Fridjitzu 
Ninjas of the Ice: The Art of Fridjitzu, 1st Edition
  • Appearance: A white book with its title and the Japanese kanji for "ice ninja" on it.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Teaches Ice-Style Ninjutsu, Elemental Weapon, Hand Seals, Smoke Out, Me's a Crowd, Blow You Away
  • Domains: Books, Ice, Ninja
  • Owner: Ice King
  • Granted Permission: Greninja
  • Temporary Users: Finn, Jake
  • Object of Interest To: every Ninja fan, most actual ninjas (Japanese or not), the sub-House of Ice & Cold
  • After Ice King found an intruder in the Chamber of Frozen Blades and this book in hand, and summarily froze them (fortunately for him, it wasn't one of the greater ninjas of the Pantheon), he decided it might be better if the book was stored in the Treasury. It took a few days for it to be authorized, and during that time, Ice King jacked up security (even asked for Finn and Jake's assistance) to protect the entrance to the chamber.
    • Of course, word soon spread, and during that interim before the The Art of Fridjitzu would officially be transferred, every god who had the slightest interest in the book made attempts to sneak in (some of them successful), and of course some of them employed distractions. Some just wanted to memorize the contents, some wanted to copy them down, and some even tried to steal the book itself.
    • Naturally, it became a chaotic mess when some other deities who wanted the book decided not to bother with stealth and straight up stormed Ice King's temple. Finn, Jake, what few of the 501st could be spared, and other friends and hired help the Ice King could find began to fight off the infiltrators while Ice King himself, already close to the book, whipped up a storm in the area, hid the book beneath his robes, and used his Fridjitzu to try and hide until the infiltrators were forced to retreat and the besiegers were thwarted by other security forces who arrived to quell the mayhem that was going on.
    • This continued for at least two more days despite security jacking up further, and Ice King even lost sight of the book a few times before getting it back. Finally though, the request was approved. Finally done with this nonsense, Ice King decided that he would ask for another condition to protect it; only he is allowed to open it, and should be otherwise closed.
    • The only individual who's exempt from this restriction is Greninja.
  • Unfortunately for Ice King, there have been a few who have successfully gleaned the book's secrets (without stealing it) during this interim.
    • Among those are the Marked Ninja and Violetta Mondarev, two of the stealthiest deities in the Pantheon who don't have powers that would make the book's contents superficial. The former sees the merit in ice weaponry that would eventually melt away into water and leave little trace (besides possibly implicating Ice King for it), as well as some of the other hiding techniques Fridjitzu provides, while the Smoke Knight finds it neat to have an instant (if temporary) supply of weapons on hand to better protect Agatha against threats to her life. They had been among the first to learn what they can, and were already out before the other infiltrators got in.
      • As a matter of face, the Marked Ninja had already learned what he could from the book long before Ice King started having the book moved.
    • It's true that she can already summon a ridiculous amount of weapons with her own jutsus, but being able to create weapons (even if they're made of ice) out of nowhere had its appeal to Tenten, and she managed to glean enough information before the whole mess forced her to back off.
    • The Tenno have managed to snatch up intel from the book as well and have shared what they could to each other. Though thematically it would be most fitting to Tenno who use the Frost Warframe, the ability to use whatever ice abilities at ones own disposal outside of their own usual powerset can be handy.
    • While not necessarily stealthy, Tenjian had participated in the race to grab the book with the assistance of his sister, Zonda, using her power of crafting illusions to help navigate through the defenses. He was motivated to learn whatever he can from the book to go with his already powerful Septima, Permafrost. However, while he has successfully managed to grab the book a few times, other competing thieves (and Ice King's defense forces) never gave him enough time to learn much from it before it gets taken away.
  • Given what it can teach (most ninjutsu books are mostly involved with the actual martial arts), and without any prerequisite ice powers, the House of Ice and Cold hold an interest in this book.
  • Naruto has noted that the techniques in the book is reminiscent of Haku's Ice Style Ninjutsu.
  • Hermaeus Mora has long since delved into the secrets behind the book before the pre-Treasure status heists even took place, befitting his title of the Inevitable Knower. The Daedric Prince however has not revealed that he has known such secrets to the public, opting to instead to use it as a bargaining chip when someone who wanted to learn the book's contents but failed, such as Tenjian, catches his attention.

    The Thievius Racoonus 
The Thievius Raccoonus
  • Appearance: A book with the words "Thievius Raccoonus" and a raccoon head underneath.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good/True Neutral
  • Domains: Ancestry, Family, Thieving
  • Donated by: Sly Cooper
  • The Thievius Raccoonus is passed down from one Cooper to another, filled with the techniques of all Cooper ancestors on being sneaky. Bentley gave it to the vault to ensure that no one could steal its secrets and also to keep an eye on it after someone tried to rewrite its history.
  • Upon the merging of several universes by a being called Polygon Man, Nathan Drake discovered the Raccoonus near a shore side bar, and attempted to uncover what secrets the texts contained. The latest Cooper descendant, Sly, would go on to fight Drake over it. Whoever currently possesses the Raccoonus is unknown.


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