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Yes, the dragon is the hero.

The future of Ardon hangs precariously in the balance, the fate of the land resting solely on Orcs and the broken backs of their enslaved creatures. For over 1000 years, Dragons, Sprites and other magical races have been captured by the Orcs to either be put to work...or death. The Orcs seek the most precious resource in the land, Zeenium, a magic element that gives Dragons the powers of fire and magic. It can only be harvested in two ways: Dragon Eggs, or worse yet, the slaughter of a Dragon itself.
One such Dragon was condemned to Desmurian Ty, a slaughterhouse dedicated to the processing of Zeenium. Chained and hopless, Cael Cyndar faced his imminent demise. But at the last moment, in a sudden flash of power and fire, Cael was able to break his chains! Within mere moments, he laid waste to the Orcs' horrible legacy. This was only the beginning.
Now, with his newfound elemental power, Cael Cyndar seeks revenge against the Orc bureaucracy and freedom for his Dragon brethren. It won't be easy. The Orcs' unopposed power has spread far and wide, their armies growing stronger day-by-day. They have hunted Dragon-kind to near extinction, and the lands grow more and more barren with the Orcs' malicious harvesting of its resources. Then there is Galthran Etuk, the powerful Orc Monk, whose true loyalties are unknown.
The time has come. Revenge is at hand...

Dragon Rage is a Fantasy-based First-Person Shooter for PS2, released by The 3DO Company in 2001.

In this game you play as the Dragon Cael Cyndar, who is trying to free his race from the Orcs.

It is assumed that this game is now owned by Ubisoft like the game series Might and Magic.

It's unrelated to the board game with the same name. Same goes for the Pokémon move.

This game provides examples of:

Alternative Title(s): Dragon Wars Of Might And Magic


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The Bonelands, a dragon graveyard.

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