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    Air Ride Machines 
Air Ride Machines
Several different types of Air Ride Machines
  • Alignment: Depends, but mostly Chaotic
  • Portfolio: Hover Board (most of them), Cool Bike (a couple of them)
  • Domains: Air, Racing, Vehicles
  • Arguably one of the more unorthodox vehicles out there, they tend to stand still when not in use, but as soon as someone gets on (at least via a sign to start), the machines move.
  • There are eighteen different types of Air Ride Machines, along with two simplified variants (the Free Star and Steer Star) that are recommended for beginners. The machines vary in terms of speed, power, and flight.
  • Two of the most powerful Air Ride Machines, also known as Legendary Machines, are the Dragoon, which has exceptional flight, and the Hydra, which despite having a slow charge time, can speed through and tear through things very fast. It takes three pieces to assemble either, though.
    • Pieces of the Dragoon has been loaned out to Master Hand for the Smash tournament and whenever someone assembles it during battle, they have a chance to knock someone off the stage almost instantly.
  • On an infrequent basis, an Air Ride Machine formation shows up in the sky. No one is sure how such a formation can happen or what the purpose of it is.
  • One of the more popular uses of these machines is to put four participants in a cityscape with a fairly basic Air Ride Machine to start with and have the participants improve their stats (and possibly get a better Air Ride Machine) within a short set of time. A random competition (be it a race or a destruction derby) takes place after the power-up gathering.
    • An on-foot variant has been set up following the popularity of these City Trials.
  • While they can be destroyed during a race, it's not much of a concern since plenty of duplicates are available. The participants just won't be able to finish a race should their machine get destroyed (though in the city, they'll have to find a replacement; in destruction derbies, the participants are back on their machines shortly after the machine gets destroyed).

    A Baneblade Tank 
Baneblade (Mars-Pattern)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Tank Goodness, "Eleven Barrels of Hell"
  • Domains: Destruction, Law, Machine
  • Overall Caretaker: Governor-General Vance Stubbs.
  • One Mars-pattern Baneblade super-heavy tank of the Imperial Guard, taken from Vance Stubbs' personal stock for when gods need to make an entrance. Supposedly built from the finest and most efficient of the Kaurava Planetary Cluster's forgeries.
  • Lord-Castellan Ursarkar E. Creed loaned a hundred of these from Stubbs, which he used to flatten the 501st with a surprise attack. Creed has yet to return them.
    • Sadly, at least 3 of them were wiped out after Anavel Gato made his appearance the House of War by nuking both the 501st and the Imperial Guard.
  • The "Elven Barrels of Hell" is a misnomer. It has eleven weapons, mounted on it. These being a Battlecannon with coaxial autocannon in the turret, a hull-mounted Demolisher cannon & twin-linked heavy bolter, with a lascannon & twin-linked heavy bolter in each sponson.

    The Batmobile 
The Batmobile
The Batmobile in Batman: Arkham Knight

    DeLorean Time Machine
DeLorean Time Machine
  • Appearance: Stainless-steel plated car with gull-wing doors and many of add-ons spread through its body, most visibly a pair of turbine-like louvers in the back.
  • Alignment: True Neutral (but varies depending on the driver's intentions)
  • Portfolio: Time Machine, Cool Car That's Actually Pretty Unreliable, Hover Conversion
  • Domains: Transportation, Time Travel, Flight
  • Pilots: Emmett Brown and Marty McFly
  • Similar vehicles: Austin Powers' Volkswagen Beetle and Cadillac Eldorado
  • Appeared to have been destroyed when hit by a train upon Marty McFly's return from 1885, but Doc Brown has built more of them. It was last sighted in October 21, 2015 as Marty and Doc discovered the future wasn't what it used to be.
  • While the original vehicle could move through the fourth dimension but restricted to the DeLorean's original location, this one can switch on and off, something seen in one continuity, where the DeLorean can travel through time and space.
  • Given what happened when Biff Tannen time travelled with the DeLorean, it's kept under heavy vigilance and the time circuits are locked, with Doc and Marty being the only ones who can enable them. And while driving with them on, a warning has been given to avoid storms, given lightning can provide the 1.21 gigawatts required to activate the time circuits.
  • Doc Brown had already made the DeLorean go through a hover conversion, and its Flying Car nature makes many deities envious. If the occasion calls for it, the car's wheels can also be changed to ones that roll on train tracks.
  • In spite of the cool looks and pop cultural relevance that makes many deities want to take it for a spin, it's been well-documented that the DeLorean DMC 12 is one of the most lackluster cars ever built, leading to the bankruptcy of its manufacturer just one year after its release. If anything, it proves only a Mad Scientist would pick such a vehicle.
  • "I thought 'if we're gonna go back in time, why not do it in style'?"

    Demolition Vehicles 
Demolition Vehicles
Some of the vehicles. Clockwise from top: J-Bomb, Ramdozer, Skyfall, Backlash, Cyclone Suit
  • Items: Ramdozer, Backlash, Sideswipe, Skyfall, Ballista, J-Bomb, Cyclone Suit, Thunderfist, American Dream, Muscle Car, Police Car, Van
  • Alignment: True Neutral with heavy Chaotic leanings
  • Portfolio: Damage-Proof Vehicle (most of the time), Rule of Fun, Blowing Up Buildings by Running into them or Shooting them
  • Domains: Destruction, Variety, Explosions
  • These vehicles were originally owned by the Blast Corps, an organization whose job was to destroy various buildings so that a truck carrying defective nuclear warheads could get through safely. Within the Pantheon, these vehicles are used mainly for fun, though their original use does come to surface from time to time, particularly if it involves nuclear warheads.
    • The Ramdozer is a fairly basic bulldozer that can destroy buildings easily and move things like dynamite.
    • As the name would suggest, the Backlash's preferred method of destroying buildings is to skid some and swing the armored back at it. Amongst those who have tried the vehicles, it is very unpopular due to how difficult it is to properly use it.
    • The Sideswipe uses battering rams installed on the sides to bring structures crashing down.
    • Skyfall (which has nothing to do with something involving James Bond) is a dune buggy that destroys buildings by landing on top of them. This vehicle can boost its speed if necessary.
    • One of the more unconventional vehicles of the bunch, the Ballista functions as a motorcycle that can shoot missiles.
    • There are also three mecha suits: the J-Bomb, Thunderfist, and Cyclone Suit. The J-Bomb can go up into the air via jetpack and destroy structures by landing on top of them. Both the Thunderfist and Cyclone Suit can run into buildings to destroy them, but the former performs an uppercut and the latter does a flip to do such.
    • In addition, there are four bonus vehicles (a van, a police car, a muscle car, and a car painted red white & blue) that function mainly to go faster than the previously mentioned items.
  • For some reason, the vehicles are unable to tear down trees despite the fact that buildings and structures are no problem for the vehicles.
  • If any of the cars go up a ramp, then they are able to destroy buildings much easier than normal. This also applies to the Backlash as well for those who want an easier way to use the dump truck.
  • Somehow, the vehicles (the Backlash in particular) have showcased good functionality in places with abnormal gravity, such as the Moon.
  • The Explosive Extremists have taken an interest in these vehicles to the point where the group is considering having them be the official vehicles of their team.
  • There have been instances where the Backlash has been used in mazes that are similar to Pac-Man's (with the ghosts replaced by trucks). There have been talks about using the other vehicles (but not the mecha suits) for this kind of activity.
  • Despite the names for some of these things, there is no connection between them and the Transformers.

    G-6155 Interceptor 
G-6155 Interceptor
  • Alignment: Depends on the user
  • Portfolio: Cool Car, Vehicular Combat, Transforming Vehicles
  • Domains: Cars, Weaponry
  • Armed with guns and capable of unleashing oil slicks and smokescreens upon enemy vehicles, the Interceptor has been used by a handful of spies for some time. It can even turn into a boat, a motorcycle, or even a snowmobile depending on the circumstances.
  • Much of this vehicle's use in the Pantheon is mainly by some of the GUAG's spies for when they need to fend off any adversaries that are chasing them. Every so often, a second Interceptor gets sent out in case the driver of the first one is struggling.
  • Special vans dedicated to giving the Interceptor more weapons have been sighted every so often and the car itself can summon a van if the need arises. There have been some villainous deities who believe that eliminating these "weapons vans" will make stopping the Interceptor easier.
  • Despite being a renowned spy, James Bond has never actually used this car for any of his missions in the Pantheon. Even if offered the chance to use it, 007 seems to prefer using his own specialized vehicles.
  • There have been a few attempts to carjack the Interceptor whenever it seems like no one is looking. Michael De Santa and his cohorts are among those who have tried such a thing, but the attempts to keep the car for themselves haven't been successful.
  • Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is one of the very few deities who seems to know about the Interceptor as a result of one of his projects. He was actually going to have starred in a movie featuring it but plans apparently fell through and The Rock isn't interested in questions about it.
    • Speaking of movies, there are some deities who think a car like this would be cool to see in an actual movie. Despite this, the Interceptor hasn't really gotten the attention of the ascended filmmakers of the Pantheon. Some in the House of Theater admitted that they would like to use the car for a future project though.
  • A LEGO counterpart of the Interceptor has been believed to have been spotted by some. Emmet Brickowski finds the car to be very cool but has never actually driven it, let alone used his Master Builder skills to make its LEGO counterpart.

    Great Sacred Treasure 
The Great Sacred Treasure
  • Appearance: A Humongous Mecha made of pure orichalcum that can fly.
  • Alignment: True Neutral (considering only Pit's allowed to use it though, probably Lawful Good.)
  • Portfolio: Laser Blade, Wave Motion Gun.
  • Domains: Machine, Travel, Order, War
  • Even if it is damaged, it can change form and adapt, allowing for continuous use without any repairing. Its Laser Blade can slice through a Greater God, as Hades can attest to, and the Wave Motion Gun at full power can destroy even a Greater God and potentially damage an Overdeity with one shot, again, as Hades can vouch for.
  • Pit's only allowed to use it on weekends. The main weapon (the Daybreak) is loaned out to Master Hand for his Smash tournaments, and split into three parts; anyone who assembles all three parts gets one free shot of its awesome power.

    The Hand of Ruk 
The Hand of Ruk

    Imperial Missile Boat 
The Imperial Missile Boat (King Hell God Emperor Starfighter of Death, Mu-1)
  • Appearance: A spacecraft which has wings pointing downwards and two warhead launchers on each side of the craft.
  • Alignment: Galactic Empire/Grand Admiral Thrawn
  • Portfolio: Space Fighter, Game-Breaker, Missiles, Tractor Beams
  • Domains: Spaceships, Missiles
  • Probably one of few vessels in the history of the Pantheon to achieve godhood. That is, for some time. Due of whenever the fact that does it have a pilot came to into discussion, and upon the ascension of Vic Viper and its different versions, gods decided to move the Missile Boat into the Vault. However, it is still operational, guarding the eternal battle between Unicron and the Death Star, only landing for maintenance. Takes ultimate orders from Grand Admiral Thrawn.
  • Theoretically is the strongest flying thing in the Pantheon. If you try to dogfight it, The King Hell God Emperor Starfighter of Death will shoot you down. Even a Mega-Evolved Rayquaza avoids it when it is flying.

    Kestrel Cruisers 
Kestrel Cruisers
Left to Right: The Kestrel, Red-Tail, The Swallow
  • Appearance: Old, bulky spaceships updated and/or modified to fit the current times
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Domains: Spaceships, Datedness
  • Portfolio: Faster-Than-Light Travel, Break Out the Museum Piece, Energy Weapons, Unlockable Alternate Layouts, Bird Theme Naming, Subsystem Damage
  • Upon arriving to the source of the distress beacon you come across a Trope Pantheons page detailing various vehicles from different media.
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  • Picture this: You are a captain apart of The Federation, who is currently in a losing battle with the Rebellion, and your mission is to relay vital information to the last remaining fleet. That information being the weak point of the enemy's fleet: the Rebel Flagship. Cut off the head, the rest of the rebels will scatter. But the journey isn't easy as space is a pretty dangerous place. There are eight sectors worth of Space Pirates, slavers, hostile aliens, etc along with a Rebel fleet close at your back. Oh, and you have to fight the Flagship yourself but hopefully by that point you're well equipped to taking it out even in a rust bucket like the Kestrels. Give or take a few deaths. It can be a bit Luck Based.
  • Three different variations of the Kestrel Cruisers were donated to the Treasures and can be used by members of the GUAG if requested. Ships given to them come complete with crew members, though they tend to tarting weaponry and kit just enough to take out Scouting Ships. Even so, they're still capable of taking on much more dangerous ships if built the right way and those in the GUAG Engineering Division have made attempts at giving them their own improvements.
    • First is the original Kestrel. It's not a particularly flashy ship, but it has solid weapons that allow it to hold its own. Namely, the shield-ignoring missile launcher and the fairly potent Burst Laser II.
    • Next is Red-Tail. Instead of an Artemis and Burst Laser II it has four Basic Lasers. Similar effect to the latter, but soon become less effective later on. As opposed to the Kestrel's all human crew the Red-Tail has a human, Rockman, and Mantis instead.
    • Lastly, there's the Swallow. This layout's weaponry consists of a Dual Laser and an Ion Cannon, though there's more to it than that. In place of a Med-Bay, it comes equipped with a Clone Bay instead. While admittedly not as impressive given how death is handled in the Pantheon, it does come with the benefit of reviving dead crew-members on the fly and with a much shorter time period than the Pantheon can offer, even if it has to be on and functional to do so. Plus, the revived lose part of their skills in the process. There's also a Lanius crewmember, metallic organisms who can live in areas depraved of oxygen while also sucking away it in any room they're in.
  • To those who have extensively used the Kestrels they find the strategy of concentrated firepower to overwhelm the enemy to be an effective one, provided the ship is capable of doing so. It's quite a popular strategy back in the Kestrel's universe, though it isn't the end all be all it was since its introduction to the Pantheon.
  • For whatever reason, the assigned Kestrel's crew gets nervous at the mention of personally dealing with giant alien spiders and would much rather deal with problems involving them at a considerable distance either through Drones or by Anti-Bio Beam whenever possible. Then again, they are no joke. Similarly, they would rather not interact with rogue planets or alien monoliths. They claim there's an off chance that one of them might rapidly age backwards before fading away, and bringing them back with a Cloning Bay isn't an option.
  • Oh, and one last thing. Be sure to watch for your ship's integ- One last explosion marks your fate as your ship is torn apart.
    • Score: 997
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    The Kickboat 
The Kickboat

    Kirov Airship 

Kirov Airship
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (given the Soviet Union)
  • Appearance: A war zeppelin with an armament of bombs and the balloon painted with the shark teeth and the hammer and sickle.
  • Portfolio: Soviet Airship that Overshadows Cities, Shark Nose Paint Imagery, Slow but Sturdy, Blows Up Anything Under It Even When Fallen, Can Gain Speed Boost at the Cost of its hull
  • Domain: Airship, Bomb, Soviet
  • In the Pantheon, the temples were shrouded under the shadow of the Kirov Airship, marking the arrival of the Soviet Union.
  • The Kirov Airship are war zeppelins created by the Soviet Union as heavy bombers that can demolish any bases with a heavy payload of bombs. Almost nothing can survive its bombardments and even when it is shot down will prevent it from destroying its target upon crashing and detonating.
  • Tanya had made some attempts with destroying the Kirov due to its presence might spread the rallying influence of communism. It has been guarded by several security force as it is under its watch to ensure it doesn't cause any destruction.
  • You can see your temple from the Kirov, just make sure you don't press the release button.
  • Though it is slow, it is very durable as it requires an effort of the best air pilots just to take one down. It also contain a canister of volatile Gastroburner that gives the Kirov a speed boost at the cost of disintegrating hull.
  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles once owned their turtle blimp back at Manhattan, so they decided to hijack one of the contained Kirov and even turtlized it. The bombs were replaced with sewer water.

    Koopa Clown Car 
Koopa Clown Car (Koopa Clown Copter, Koopa Copter)

The Landmaster in Star Fox Zero

    Mario Kart Vehicles 
Mario Kart Vehicles
Mario with a Kart, Rosalina with an ATV, Yoshi with a bike, and Wario & Waluigi with a two-seater
  • Alignment: Varies
  • Portfolio: Wacky Racing, Allows for Friendly Competition between Sworn Enemies
  • Domains: Racing, Fun
  • One of Mario's favorite things to do whenever he isn't on an adventure is to go kart-racing. Both his friends and notable rivals are part of the competition. The basic rules of it is to go around a track (though some require reaching the endpoint of it instead) and whoever crosses the finish line first is the winner.
    • Racing is not the only activity these vehicles have been used for. Sometimes, a kart battle takes place, wherein each participant is given a set of balloons to start with. These battles are either free-for-all or can involve teams. The winner is decided by whoever is the last racer or team standing that doesn't have their balloons popped.
  • Besides the typical karts, ATVs and bikes are also usable for both racing and kart battles. Anyone who takes part in these competitions can choose the vehicle body, tires, and even a glider to their liking. These decisions can affect their vehicle's stats.
  • In addition to those hailing from the Mushroom Kingdom, Link, Villager, and Pac-Man have also been seen taking part of the competition, each with their own vehicles.
    • Although Captain Falcon is not a competitor in these races, his Blue Falcon F-Zero machine has somehow been recreated as a kart to be used in the Mario Kart contests. Falcon was a little jealous when he found out the karts are capable of zero-gravity racing, but he got over it quickly.
  • If one were to take them for a drive just to see how fast they can go across a track, there is a chance that a Racing Ghost will show up later on should someone else decide and try to see if they can get through a course fast enough by themselves.
  • A major complaint that has been cited against these machines is that they apparently have unfair AI installed that allow them to perform extremely well against those who are physically present driving the karts.
  • Despite getting blasted by various items, struck by lightning, getting run over by large things, or falling into lava quite a bit, these karts have shown to be quite durable.
  • Certain deities such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Shrek have tried their own take on the kart-racing thing that Mario made famous. Obviously, these specific karts were not involved and instead used different ones.
    • Even The Kombatants of Mortal Kombat have tried their hand at this. Though the quality was questionable and didn't have time to make it quiet is elaborate, considering this was around the time they were facing the end of the world, what they managed to do was fairly impressive.
  • There has been talks amongst selected deities about mounting weapons onto these karts instead of simply having the racers go about and throw attained weapons at other karts, but actual plans to implement that haven't happened at the moment.
    • Other suggestions that have been thrown around include aerial racing and underwater racing. Some think that simply driving underwater or being airborne with a glider open momentarily isn't quite enough to constitute underwater or airborne racing.

    Oliver the Opel 
Oliver the Opel
  • Appearance: Small, boxy pale-yellow two-door sedan
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Cool Car, Companion Cube, "I shall call it Oliver!", Made of Iron, Sentient Vehicle
  • Domains: Travel, Anthropomorphism
  • Enemies: That damn Volkswagen Beetle
  • Survived a trip across the entire country of Botswana (mostly) unaltered. Got through salt flats, limited roads, and wildlife with no issues. Managed to be survive a rather severe dunk in a river. Even more unlikely, managed to survive being around Clarkson and May for any length of time.
  • Currently under the watchful eye of Hammond, lest anyone try to use it as a chalk for a lorry... again.
  • Clarkson has not yet placed the Opel Kadett A in the far lower corner of the "Not Cool" side of the Cool Wall. Either way, the model, like all Opels is naturally cooler than its Vauxhall equivalent.
  • Not under any circumstances to be confused with Oliver Oken, who is not, technically, a car.

    RMS Titanic 
RMS Titanic (The Ship of Dreams, Official number 131428, Radio callsign "MGY", Code Letters HVMP)
Colorized image of the RMS Titanic in port.
Titanic in her final moments 
Wreck - bow section 
Wreck - stern section 
  • Appearance: The second of three Olympic-class ocean liners built for the White Star Line, and undoubtedly, the most famous/infamous of them all. The ship herself is a black, four-funnel ocean liner with a displacement of some 52,310 tons.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Sinking after hitting an iceberg in the North Atlantic, Not enough lifeboats to evacuate those on board, The ship and many of its passengers being lost to ice and the freezing North Atlantic
  • Sacred to: Rose DeWitt Bukater, Cal Hockley and Jack Dawson, James Cameron, Castiel
  • Probably the most famous/infamous case of a Sinking Ship Scenario in history, the RMS Titanic was an Olympic-class ocean liner built for the White Star Line. At the time of her launch, she was the largest ship in the world, only beating out her sister-ship the Olympic, the previous record holder by a few thousand tonnes.
  • One person is said to have quoted "God himself cannot sink this ship", while the press during the time were said to have quoted the ship was "virtually unsinkable". Given the other entries here, you can probably guess the worst case scenario happened.
  • As many already know, the ship struck an iceberg, slowly sank after 2 hours and 40 minutes, and broke into two. Some 1,500 passengers would end up losing their lives in the cold, dark, and ice-filled North Atlantic.
  • Following the disaster, many hard lessons were learned. Namely, iceberg warnings were made a bigger priority, and lifeboat regulations were now strictly enforced.
  • Once thought to have been sunk in one piece, since 1985 it's been confirmed that the ship had indeed broken into two, a result of water putting immense strain on the ship's keel as it sank.
  • The Titanic that is brought into the Pantheon is, notably, an exact, intact replica of the real ship, Grand Staircase and all. This is mainly due to what happened to the actual ship as depicted in some of the above images, showcasing that the wreck is nothing more than a number of giant husks of rusting steel resting at the bottom of the North Atlantic. This replica was created from the blueprints carried by Thomas Andrews himself.
    • And, if any worried deity is wondering, no, the ship will not sail out of port despite having functioning engine and boiler rooms. This is to avoid history from repeating itself, as well as to prevent the work on this ship from going to waste. For extra measure, any deity with ice-related powers is barred from even going near the ship.
  • Given that the sinking of the ship had a huge impact on all three of them, Rose, Jack, and Cal are, understandably, astonished that the Titanic is in the Pantheon now. Even when they're all told it's an exact replica, it does little to change this.
    • Cal's astonishment is later replaced by disappointment, given that this replica does not have the Heart of the Ocean diamond on board.
  • James Cameron himself is impressed that the deities who had arranged for the building of this replica had done their research well and to-the-letter. He takes the time to explore the ship in great detail, even managing to find the inspiration to make yet another Titanic documentary.
  • Is, unsurprisingly, the subject of numerous adaptations. Some of these adaptations didn't age well. Others... would be better off forgotten altogether.
  • Thankfully, there's no rapping dogs and Mexican mice on board this one. The Nostalgia Critic and Jontron would have probably had a field day if that were the case here.
    • And, to anyone else out there, no, there's no gang of sharks and weird octopus here either. Don't try to mentally torture The Nostalgia Critic any more than he already has endured by this point.
    • And no, there's no flying eggplants and bats either.
    • The only really positive thing to come out of all these weird adaptations is, arguably, this pretty catchy song.
  • Compared to the S.S. Literally Can't Sink, this ship is ironically in much better condition and actually does bother to heed the regulations, at least for its time. The Seal Crew are also absolutely barred from even getting close to this ship, considering what happened to their own...

    Sam and Dean's '67 Impala 
The 1967 Chevy Impala (The Metallicar)

    The SDF-1 
Super Dimensional Fortress One (SDF-1 for short, The Macross, Zor's Battleship)
The SDF-1, in cruiser mode (top); and after the modular transformation (bottom)
  • Appearance: A dimensional warship - Tirolian in origin - created by Zor, later restored by the Robotech Defense Force/UN Spacy. The supercarriers Prometheus and Daedalus are grafted onto the ship, forming the left and right arms respectively upon going through with the modular transformation sequence.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Domains: Alien Spaceships, Redesigned Spaceships, Protoculture, Robotechnology, Space Warfare
  • Portfolio: Cool Starship, Citadel City, Humongous Mecha, Vertical Mecha Fins, Wagon Train to the Stars
  • Measurement: 1,210 meters (3,969 feet) from bow to stern
  • When you're a god in the Pantheon, you've pretty much seen it all. So when the Super Dimensional Fortress One appeared over the skies of the Pantheon via a hyperspace fold, flanked by several squadrons of Valkyrie fighter jets, the ship itself restored to working order and mint condition following Khyron's suicide was just another day at the office.
  • Lynn Minmay was shocked to see the SDF-1 floating over the skies of the Pantheon. After all, she spent two years onboard the ship along with 70,000 Macross refugees. Aside from the Zentraedi attacks and everything else, it was the best years of her life.
  • So what's so damn special about this boat that caused so much death and destruction? Well, it houses the Protoculture Matrix, hidden deep within the ship. Protoculture is in layman's terms, a highly potent bio-fuel derived from the Flowers of Life. Just a small amount of the stuff is more powerful than a controlled nuclear reaction. The petals of the Flower, once dried, is a very powerful narcotic. The Matrix itself (no, not that Matrix) is the only means of producing Protoculture, which makes it extremely valuable.
  • Word of the Flower of Life's potential as an illegal drug has reached the House of Crime and the more morally-impaired deities of the Pantheon, such as Walter White, Gus Fring and Hotel Moscow to name a few, which makes the SDF-1 an inviting target. While the Flower's petals can get a full-grown Zentraedi high, it's unclear what it can do to a Micronized human in its pure form. However, Retsu Unohana and Rebecca Chambers are checking to see if the Flowers of Life can be used for medicinal purposes. Of course, due to his past Vicodin addiction, Dr. Gregory House is banned from being near the Flowers of Life.
  • Due to the hidden wonders, its firepower, and the Protoculture Matrix, the SDF-1 is also a valuable target for the GUAE. Which is probably why the GUAG had commissioned Batman, Cyborg, and Iron Man to set up a series of contingency plans just in case someone like the Red Skull, Reaper, Kano, M. Bison, Alexia Ashford, the Wesker siblings, Lex Luthor or the al-Ghuls try and take over the fortress. Even someone like Ra's al-Ghul can see the benefits of a miracle bio-fuel such as Protoculture, not to mention the technology it fuels.
    • The contingency plans came into play when SKYNET and Ultron attempted to hack into the battlefortress' defense systems in an attempt to take control of the SDF-1. The attempt ended in failure as the anti-hacking firewalls prevented them from accomplishing this task.
  • Kasumi Goto, Selina Kyle, Leonard Snart, Felicia Hardy, Arsene Lupin III, and Carmen Sandiego are scheming to steal the battlefortress, not on the orders of the GUAE, but just to see whether or not they could. That plan was shelved thanks to the intervention of Commander Shepherd, Batman, The Flash, and Spider-Man.
  • Emperor Palpatine seeks to rebuild the Galactic Empire and sees the SDF-1's technology and Protoculture Matrix as the key. Too bad his stormtroopers can't shoot straight and he's not at the best of terms with Anakin at the moment.
    • Regime Superman is also thinking the same regarding his Regime. First, he will learn the secrets of the ship and of Protoculture. Then he will defeat his prime counterpart. Taking both Lois and Jon is the icing on the cake.
  • Commander Shepherd, Miranda Lawson, John Connor, Tony Stark, Sonya Blade, Nick Fury, Superman, and Bruce Wayne boarded the ship for an inspection tour, with Lynn Minmay as their guide. It was there, they found the Protoculture Matrix and the Flowers of Life. The assortment of heroes decided that the Matrix should remain on the ship, and under heavy guard. Shepherd is very interested in the fold technology, and wonders if the fold operation could be incorporated into the Normandy.
  • Ryu Hayabusa was alarmed at first, thinking that the SDF-1 was the same dimensional warship that laid underneath Castle Rock Fortress. The same one that he himself destroyed with Irene's help. He calmed down when he saw that it was anything but.

    Space Battleship Yamato 
The Space Battleship Yamato
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (really True Neutral, but is currently under the command of Captain Okita)
  • Portfolio: Historical Hero Upgrade, The Battlestar, Beam Spamnote , Cool Starship, Fixed Forward-Facing Weapon, Forgotten Superweapon, Saharan Shipwrecknote , Wave Motion Gun
  • Domains: Intergalactic Travel, Rebuilt and Upgraded Ships
  • Similar Artifacts: Star Destroyer, White Base and other variations thereof, Super Dimension Fortress Macross, TCS Tiger Claw, Battlestar Galactica
  • There are varying reports on how it arrived. One said that it looked like it shimmered into reality like it was made out of a rainbow, another said that it arrived in a blue cloud of smoke, a third said that it looked like it burst out of ice after exiting a portal, and yet another said that it looked like some sort of 3D holographic printer made it. Even the cameras trained on the event (preceded by a concentration of tachyon particles) under the control of The Machine gave conflicting images.
  • In addition to its space-age technology, it can also load physical artillery shells in its main and secondary turrets in case there isn't enough energy for the shock cannons, and also has a fighter bay on the underside filled with Cosmo Tigers, as well as two top-side catapults for a pair of Zeros in case the hangar bay couldn't be deployed. Needless to say, this is a monster to fight.
  • With its arrival, the House of War felt that it was possible to upgrade a different Yamato, but its chief engineer vehemently refuses all requests to reverse-engineer or to even study the engine or the weaponry.

    SSV Normandy 
The SSV Normandy SR-2 (Systems Alliance Space Vehicle Normandy)
The SSV Normandy SR-2 (SR for Stealth Reconnaissance)
  • Appearance: Sleek and aggressive-looking Systems Alliance frigate with black and white paint job
  • Portfolio: Cool Starships, Stealth in Space
  • Domains: Travel, Protection, Celerity, Portal
  • Similar Vehicles: the Enterprise, the Bebop, the Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren, La Muse, the Millennium Falcon and the Imperial Missile Boat, Serenity, all R-9 model fighters, the Gekko, the Nadesico
  • Currently on loan from the House of Travel for gods incapable of unassisted interstellar space flight, and boasts sophisticated stealth technology for discrete interventions.
  • Recently had an Incom Gbk-series hyperdrive installed courtesy of a donation from the Jedi Order, since there isn't any active mass relays within range of its present storage site, expanding its range of travel exponentially.
  • There's only one pilot suited for the Normandy, and that is Jeff "Joker" Moreau. Any attempts to hijack it will meet heavy resistance in the form of its Enhanced Defense Intelligence, also known as EDI. Both are also deities in the House of Travel.
  • The ship acheives Stealth in Space by cutting all of its emissions and relying on its massive Tantalus Drive Core to create gravity wells that the ship "falls" into to create thrust. Though this allows the ship to avoit long range detection, it is limited by the amount of heat can be stored in the onboard heatsinks. Nevertheless this feature allows the ship to move almost undetected across the dephs of space.
  • Is equipped with a pair of Thanix Cannons capable of firing metal slugs at relativistic speeds. Though small scaled, it has enough firepower to rival a much larger vessel, making the Normandy a formidable battleship indeed. Also known to be constantly and periodically calibrated for optimal combat performance, care of the God of Vigilantism himself.
  • The ship's defences are enhanced by Cyclonic Barrier Technology, creating rotating barriers that deflect incoming projectiles with incredible ease, and Silaris heavy ship armor, giving it a coating of carmon nano-tubes inter-woven with diamond chemical vapor disposition compressed under powerfull mass effect fields to immense density.
  • Carries an onboard complement of armed UT-47 shuttles, along with the ground vehicles M35 Mako and M-44 Hammerhead although few people actually want to use the latter two.

    The Striker Units 
The Striker Units
Variants of Air and Land Striker Units (Type 0 Model 22 A6M3a and Matilda II)
Jet Striker 
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Magitek, Amplifies The User's Magic and Physical Stats, Equivalent to Cool Planes/Cool Tanks
  • Domains: Travel, Technology, Magic
  • Notable Users: Members of 501st Joint Fighter Wing "Strike Witches", Members of 502nd Joint fighter Squadron, Members of other Joint fighter Winges,31st Joint Fighter Squadron,Cecilia Glinda Miles Britannian Royal Army 4th Armoured Brigade C Squadron, The Patton Girls.
  • In order to fight of the invasion of the mechanical aliens known as Neuroi, humanity created the Striker Units, leg armaments what allow the user to either fly or increased land movement while also amplifying the Witch's attributes to even the odds against the Neuroi.
  • Striker Units can be divided into two categories: Air Strikers, what is like strapping airplane copters into your legs, allowing the wearer to fly while increasing the wearer's magic powers greatly and boosts other attributes somewhat and Land Striker, what is like putting tank threads into a pair of mechanical boots, what allows better ground movement and greatly increases the user's physical attributes as they don't need as much magic to operate. Both types have different modes based on where they were created and what purpose they serve. As for weaponry, Mechanized Air Infantry Witches use various types of infantry small arms as they see fit, where as Mechanized Armored Infantry Witches use weapons what come with the given Striker Unit.
  • Alongside both types of Striker Units, there are what can be called the "super" versions of the given Striker Unit:
    • First is the Etherjet Strikers (or simply Jet Striker) to Air Strikers, what are equipped with jet engines to allow much faster flight speed, topping at 950km/h, can fly at much higher altitudes (normal Striker tops at 12,000 meters) and the user can carry much more with them (recommended weapons for a Jet Striker user are MK108 cannons and BK5 cannon). However, the huge drawback to the Jet Striker is that it consumes a lot more magic from the user, and requires external magic channelling so that the user doesn't get exhausted. Though while the magic channelling problem has been ironed out, it still isn't good for any old Witch to use.
    • Second is the Mark VI Extra Heavy Tracked Fighting Legs, a.k.a. Tiger to Land Strikers, what is more like a Mini-Mecha than anything, is a giant hulking pair of legs with a 8.8cm cannon on it (and a MG34 for defense), it possesses defensive and offensive powers way beyond any other Striker Unit. While it has production problems, constant need for maintenance, and consumes a lot more magic than other Land Strikers, it is basically a Hope Bringer on its own, reaching a legendary status due of how powerful it is.
  • The Striker Units in the Vault are more war memorials of the history of Striker Units, possessing the many versions of each Striker Units what have existed, even some of earlier versions like when they needed to be powered by external backpacks. While the security isn't that high for them for the most part, Jet Strikers and the Tiger have higher security just to be safe.
  • It should be noted that all of the ascended Witches do have their own pair of Striker Units to be used so that they don't need to bust out the ones in the display. That being said, Striker Units aren't really available to other gods, as no one has bothered to test how other gods would survive the flight with Air Strikers and none of the ascended Witches are Land Witches.

    Sweet Tooth (Ice Cream Truck) 
Sweet Tooth
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil Ice Cream Trucks, Vehicular Combat, Monster Clowns, Vehicles That Run On Pure Nightmare Fuel
  • Domains: Destruction, Night, Fear
  • Driver: Charles "Needles" Kane
  • Its distorted jingle is known to send chills throughout the air wherever it drives. Its driver is even more scary. Don't ask him for ice won't live long enough to regret it. He hates children...he especially hates children.
  • Confusingly, Sweet Tooth is the name of the truck, and one of the names for notorious serial killer and Monster Clown Marcus "Needles" Kane.
  • Needles' gang can be seen driving their own versions of Sweet Tooth, with not much actual differences besides cosmetic ones. For variations there's Gold Tooth which is basically the original but gold and slightly better. Then there's Dark Tooth, a much larger and much tougher version. Sometimes it's capable of functioning as just a clown head while other times it can be seen with giant jaws attached to it, perfect for chewing up and throwing away enemy vehicles.
  • Is capable of transforming into what Optimus Prime describes as a mockery of Cybertronian technology. Mr. Kane has used it to silence Optimus on numerous occasions.

    The Toa Terrain Crawler 
The Toa Terrain Crawler ('Gukko')
  • Appearance: An underwater, techno-organic, crawling Personnel Carrier
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Artificial Limbs and Armour, having sixty-centimetre armour and still being able to travel at forty knots, chemical-based self-healing that can be applied to its passengers, having a face that looks like Hahli's Kanohi Faxon, afraid of Spider Crabs and only Spider Crabs
  • Domain: Vehicles, Travel, Beasts, Technology
  • Considering that they only used it once and freed it immediately afterwards, the Mahri were surprised when Whenua informed them that the Toa Terrain Crawler was among the Treasures. All of them, Hahli in particular, were also horrified to find that it was being kept in a tank in the corner of the vehicles hangar. Nuparu immediately set to work to build an enormous breathing apparatus for the creature, which now spends most of its time with the Mahri, either in their temple or ferrying the Toa Team around - though Whenua does insist that they bring it back to the Treasures once in a while.
    • It was on a trip that the Toa Mahri took to the House of Nature that Nuparu had another idea: why not connect the House of Water & Moisture directly to the Toa Terrain Crawler's tank, thus allowing it to roam freely as it would have been able to in the Pit? The idea seemed promising and, having asked around, the Toa of Earth found a deity with significant experience of Portal Networks. Sulley, sympathetic towards the Crawler, was more than happy to let Nuparu use the designs for Monsters Inc.'s doors - which he promptly reverse-engineered and scaled up massively to install in the tank. As concessions to Whenua, who was more than slightly concerned about the idea of a Treasure being loose in the Pantheon at large, the entrance was disguised on the other side by phantom rocks generated by an Illusion Kanoka and the Turaga given a device to remotely access the Crawler's pilot controls should he need to return it to the Treasures; furthermore, Aquaman and Percy Jackson have both promised to give it their personal protection.
      • Of course, this has brought it into contact with a vast range of new sea life. It has bonded particularly well with Lapras, a fellow aquatic transport.
      • Katara, who has her home in the Subhouse, was immediately reminded of Appa upon encountering it, though she, like Hahli, wasn't best pleased with Axonn's mechanical modifications to the creature.
  • Admiral Ackbar has asked the Mahri for permission to use the Crawler as a transport on undersea missions for the Rebellion. The Mahri aren't exactly comfortable with this, given that Ackbar frequently breaks the Toa Code, something that they don't want to be complicit in, but they will go along on missions that they agree with themselves (with the Crawler) so as to limit the killing as much as possible.
    • The Eliksni, not having any undersea presence, have similarly been keen to take the Crawler for their own; some among them have gone a step further and consider it to be among the ranks of their gods, naming it 'Sea-Servitor'. Whenua and the SCP Foundation have been warned of their intentions.
  • The Toa Terrain Crawler didn't really have a proper name during the Mahri's short time with it in the Pit. As they spent more time with the creature in the Pantheon, this situation became rapidly less practical. Eventually Kongu started affectionately referring to it as 'Gukko', after the fast, agile birds of Mata Nui that served as faithful, docile and courageous steeds for Kongu's old Le-Matoran militia, and the name stuck.

    The X-wing 
The Incom T-65B X-wing starfighter
The X-wing during the time of the Galactic Civil War
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Space Fighter, Old-School Dogfighting, Jack-of-All-Stats, Master of All (piloted by Luke Skywalker)
  • High Priest: The Arwing
  • Followers: The Gunstar, the Starfury, the Bladewing, the Colonial Viper, the Valkyrie series
  • Main Pilot: Luke Skywalker
  • The Incom T-65 X-wing is the fighter that killed the Death Star. An almost perfect balance of speed, maneuverability, and defensive shielding make it the fighter of choice for the Rebel Alliance, except when the mission profile disallows it.
  • The X-wing's entrance to the Pantheon was a major boon to the Grand United Alliance of Good, as it provided some much needed protection to their capitol ships.
    • A rank-and-file X-wing is dangerous enough. An X-wing piloted by Luke Skywalker is certain death for evil deities, so much that a flee-on-sight order has been issue whenever Luke is confirmed to enter the battlefield.
  • The X-wing has two pairs of wing-like strike foils, or S-foils, mounted at the rear of the craft on opposite sides. Normally, the foils on each side locked in place flush against each other; during combat, however, the foils were folded out. This gave the craft its distinctive "X"-like appearance when viewed from the front or rear.
  • Several hot-shot pilots have been waiting to lay their hands on the X-wing, considering it the forefather to the Space Fighters of their homeworld, such as Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Hayate Immelmann, even William Adama likes hopping on it, if only to remember the times he spent with his beloved Viper.
  • Lock S-foils in attack position.


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