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Ace Attorney

  • Phoenix is hit with several of these in A Complete Turnabout. The problem is, he has no idea what he did to deserve them because he's in the wrong universe.
  • In Phoenix Wright: The Baby Shower Pearl gets a big one from Phoenix for accidentally throwing Iris from a ten-story balcony.
  • Subverted in Phoenix Wright: Ghosts of the Past. Phoenix is going to give one to Iris after she punches Trucy in the face (it was an accident, but he didn't know that yet), but when he sees that she's already in full My God, What Have I Done? mode he changes his mind and tries to help fix things instead.

Axis Powers Hetalia

  • In Feverish, America calls out England on forgetting who a very ill Canada is. England gets his chance later, when America storms the Canadian embassy and attacks several employees, without considering the consequences of his actions. And England, America, and France call themselves out constantly on overlooking symptoms of Canada's increasingly-dangerous sickness.

Battlestar Galactica (2003)

  • In The Defector, Major Sarah Inviere-Adama- a Number Six who revealed her true identity and married Commander Adama before the Fall of the Colonies- calls out Roslin and Lee on separate occasions for their attempts to treat Cylons as things, drawing attention to the fact that she is currently pregnant with a half-human child herself, forcing Roslin and Lee to face the fact that they're basically advocating the murder of Sarah's child.


  • In Downfall, we see this from both sides of the Seireitei/Hueco Mundo war — and BOTH sides have called the other out on it at one point or another.
  • A Protector's Pride: Ichigo is called out by Yamamoto for trying to go to Hell to save the souls of his mother and sisters, saying he's placing three people over the safety of the world.
    • Only for Ichigo to fire back and point out that they can be saved, but Yamamoto is too Lawful Stupid to see it, and that the above happened on his watch.


  • In Childhood's End, after the main characters leave Oedon Tomb, Eileen takes Djura outside of the chapel to call him out on taking the girls back into Central Yharnam.
    Eileen: "You were safe at the tower! All you had to do was stay there until sunrise, instead of – of dragging them out onto the streets – gods’ blood, Djura, what was so bloody difficult about that, that you couldn’t – you couldn’t just–''"
    Djura: "They were so frightened. I didn’t – I thought if we just got the music box, that–"
    Eileen: "That you’d prove yourself right? That you’d show all of us wicked hunters that you’d been right all along, that if you give the beasts a sweet lullaby they’ll be gentle as lambs?"


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • Willow gets one each from Xander, Cordelia, and Buffy in Echoes of the Fallen after she casts the spell to re-ensoul Angelus. Xander because he explained what a bad idea it was and made Willow promise she wouldn't try the spell again. Cordelia because Willow lied to her and Oz that Xander said it was okay for her to try again. And Buffy because Willow's actions forced Buffy to send the man she loved to hell.
  • In Variations on a Scene, Xander bitterly calls out Buffy over never thanking him for saving her life after she uses him to make Angel jealous.
    Xander: "Yeah, it would have been nice if you'd thanked me for saving your life, Buff. But since none of the other cockteasers around here who I've helped save from 'gang members on PCP' have ever thanked me, either, it's really not that much of a surprise that you didn't. I always thought you were better than the rest of those tramps. But I guess I was wrong. Too bad."
    • A later chapter has him chew out Buffy and Willow for admitting they'd sacrifice their friendship with him if their respective boyfriends demanded it. The latter he finds especially galling given that he and Willow have been best friends for twelve years.
    • In chapter 35, Cordelia's canon wish is changed to all men on Earth disappearing except the dumb and easily controlled ones. Alternate Faith flips upon learning that Cordelia caused the deaths of over two billion peoplenote  all because she was mad at her ex-boyfriend. Gwendolyn Post points out that because of Cordelia "just lashing out", the human race is facing near extinction for at least the next fifty years.
  • The Substitute Teacher- which features Doyle arriving in Sunnydale mid-Season Three- sees Cordelia of all people giving one to Giles when he reveals that there are such things as good demons when he's always acted as though demons are automatically evil, prompting Giles to awkwardly admit that he just never brought it up because the Hellmouth would normally be avoided by the more benevolent demon races out there.
  • In Worlds Apart, there are two particular examples;
    • Xander gets one from Buffy, Willow and Giles when they realise that he never told Buffy that Willow was going to try the curse again, Buffy and Willow believing that she might have been able to avoid sending Angel to Hell if she knew the plan and Giles observing that, regardless of his own issues with Angelus, Angel did not deserve to go to Hell with his soul intact just because Xander didn't like him.
    • Wesley expresses a low opinion of the gypsies who originally cursed Angelus, arguing to their descendants that their actions condemned an innocent man to suffer for decades with the guilt of sins he technically was never responsible for, while Angelus not only never suffered during that time but actually escalated his actions once he regained control.
    • Xander tries to give one to Buffy when she tells the gang that Angel's back, but it's cut off when he learns that she only learned Angel was back the day before and wanted to wait until "the nasty, narrow-minded Council guys went away" to tell anyone else.
  • In As It Should Have Been, Angel gives one to all of the Scoobies in response to their bringing Buffy Back from the Dead, especially since they just automatically assumed her soul had gone to Hell without any actual proof. When he tells them that the first thing Buffy said to him was "Is this Hell?", the Scoobies realize they pulled Buffy out of Heaven and suffer a My God, What Have I Done? moment; Willow in particular breaks down in Tears of Remorse.

Calvin and Hobbes


  • In Kage, Jade is absolutely furious when she discovers that the Guardians framed Raythor for a crime that he didn't commit and got him banished to the Abyss of Shadows, and later gives Will a "The Reason You Suck" Speech over it.
  • In the Sonic the Hedgehog and Sailor Moon crossover Chaos Infinity, the Sailor Scouts force Sonic and his friends to fight them after they accuse them of the mess going on in Tokyo. (It's Eggman's doing, obviously.) After the showdown, Sonic holds nothing back as he berates them — just when he thought that they could look past animalistic looks. His words hit close to home:
    Sonic: "Ya know, when I first met these girls, the Sailor Scouts, I thought for sure that there were humans out there that weren't as vile and disgusting as Eggman... but I guess I was wrong for once."
  • Beth's reaction to dark!Holmes in the finale of Children of Time:
    Beth: "What. The. Hell, Sherlock. You... Who are you, and what have you done with my Sherlock Holmes?"
  • In An Entry with a Bang!, public opinion turns against the anti-mercenary protestors after they injure one of the child dependents of the Buron Cavalry.
  • In NoHoper: Neferet calls out the human scientists for experimenting on and killing children in their search for a vampyre cure.
  • Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton:
    • Unintentionally given by Jor-El's recording to Asuka when she hears that he hoped that her powers turned her into a beacon of hope among the Earth's people. She feels horrible because up to that point she had used them to show off.
    • An hallucination masquerading like Superman gives her a much more brutal and direct one during her Mind Rape illusion, which completely breaks her.
  • When There Was A Tomorrow: Paragon-flavored Shepard delivers a particularly angry one to Dr. Halsey after learning how Spartan-IIs were recruited.
  • Reconciliator of Empire City: Cole MacGrath calls out Kitty Pryde for her attempt to kill Emma Frost in Astonishing X-Men # 18.
    Cole MacGrath: "What were you thinking? Were you really going to kill her, Kitty? You really got to watch that sense of distrust you have. That gun you pulled at her, it's not something you aim at a teammate. When are you finally going to grow up, Kitty?"
  • In the end chapter of To Kill A Thief, Light calls out Miyako about why she refuses to believe Maron is Jeanne because of the resemblance, contrasting on how he immediately found out because of said resemblance.
  • In Tok'ra Apocalypse, General Landry muses that the SGC may receive this from the IOA for revealing the secrets of the program to a couple of wanted killers and a man who thinks he's an archangel; the fact that the killers are supernatural hunters Dean and Sam Winchester and the man really is the archangel Gabriel won't be enough to convince the IOA without better evidence.
  • In Stargate Equestria, O'Neill rips Rainbow Dash a new one for going off alone when he instructed her to take a partner.
  • Comes up in the A Man Like No Other sequel Falling Hope, Rising Threat, when Octavia and Johanna criticise Thor for abandoning everyone on the Ark to die as the satellite's resources run down just because he couldn't be bothered with humanity after Bruce/the Hulk became President Snow/the Maestro.
  • Ace Combat: The Equestrian War:
    • Firefly berates Fluttershy for refusing to fight the griffins in chapter 3. Luckily, by the end, the issue is done with.
      Firefly: "Wake up, you moron! Didn’t you hear what they said?! They planned to kidnap little fillies! Those kinds of actions outright prove how evil they are! And yet, you still think they are not?!"
    • In chapter 12, Firefly gets such a moment from Lightning Bolt, who calls out on her after she yells at Rainbow Dash while she's suffering from a Heroic BSoD. Brief, but powerful:
      Lightning Bolt: "Firefly, we need to talk! How could you be so harsh toward Rainbow Dash? She’s going through personal hell! We should be helping her... but you only keep yelling at her and everypony else instead!"
  • Origins, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands/Halo Massive Multiplayer Crossover might be considered Black-and-Gray Morality, so this happens several times.
    • Samantha Shepard gets this for what she did during her Heroic BSoD, but is somewhat Easily Forgiven due to the stakes.
    • Shepard gets called out aboard Farsight where a clone commander believes Shepard is responsible for killing her sisters when in reality it was Jakobs and their kill switches that did it. Of course, given that said kills switches are likely to be activated in Shepard's presence, she's not too happy that Shepard insists on sticking around to try to remove said kill switches.
    • Escalated with Caitlin Flanders, who calls out the Trans-Galactic Republic for using questionable methods to obtain information that wasn't there to begin with.
    • To top it off, experiments with cloning have been unproductive at best, resulting in deranged lifeforms that can hardly be called useful or sane, but are shown to suffer anyway. Flanders refuses to participate, but that doesn't affect the program.
  • Turnabout Storm:
    • Twilight has this reaction when Phoenix Shoots The Dog by casting suspicion of the murder on Fluttershy to buy more time. In his defense, he feels exactly the same way.
    • Part 4 has a double example: Rainbow Dash gives a scathing one to Fluttershy for testifying against her, telling her she never wants to see her again. When Fluttershy runs off in tears, Phoenix admonishes Rainbow, telling her she went way too far.
  • In White Devil of the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Luna, and Tuxedo Mask get called out by their teammates for attacking Fate after mistaking her for a Dark Senshi. The group is trying to reach out to Nanoha and recruit her to win the war against the Dark Kingdom, but as the other Senshi point out, attacking Fate makes it more difficult for Nanoha to trust them. Hayate points out that she could charge them with assaulting an officer, but decides to offer them the same treatment given to other repentant former villains in Nanoha.
  • In Suzumiya Haruhi No Index, Motoharu Tsuchimikado tells Aleister Crowley about Haruhi in exchange for Crowley legalizing marriage between Not Blood Siblings. Everybody who learns about this tears into him for it, including Crowley, who points out that Motoharu sold out God and potentially doomed the universe just because he wanted to marry his sister.
  • The Warmistress of Equestria: The Deer Seer Council is not too happy with Anlindē when her trip to Canterlot not only exposes the existence of deer to the Equestrians, but also coincides with an attempt on Celestia's life by Chaos-aligned assassins, and thus the deer are more involved in the brewing conflict between Equestria and the Griffon Kingdoms than the Council would like.
  • In The Boy with the Magic Notebook, while the Undersiders had to do everything they could to steal what they came to get from the PRT headquarters, nobody was on Imp's side when she hit Lily so hard upside the head she might've gotten brain damage.
  • A Man of Iron features Tony Stark calling Catelyn out on her treatment of Jon.
    Tony: "What happened to your son is a tragedy. But you do him no respect by wishing his fate upon those he loves. If you truly care for him you would understand that he loves his brother and would not want to see him hurt. But don't listen to me. Wallow in your hatred. Let it warm you at night. Tell yourself you are the victim and wrap yourself in that indignation like a shroud. But don't make Jon your target ever again. Don't blame him for something that is not his fault. He will be my ward the next time you lay eyes on him and I do not take kindly to people insulting those I have pledged to protect. Speak that way to him again..."
    Catelyn: "You have no right to speak to me like this. You enter my home-"
    Tony: "Which is only your home because you were willing to trade a dead Stark brother for a living one."
    Catelyn: "I am the Lady of Winterfell and my son... my precious son... is lying there and you DARE question how I treat that bastard? My son... my Bran-"
    Tony: "Loves his brother. And he would be ashamed to see you like this. Of course, what he considers love and what you consider it might be two different things."
  • The Equestrian Wind Mage: During the Canterlot Wedding, Vaati actually takes time out of confronting Chrysalis to verbally rip the rest of the Mane Six a collective new one for how they treated Twilight, even going so far as say he doubts the Elements of Harmony would even work after they abandoned her.
    Vaati: "Oh, let's see! Maybe it's because of YOU?! Maybe it's because the whole lot of you abandoned Twilight when she needed you most, thinking she was a jealous liar when every word she spoke was the truth?! I saw her when I sent my Eye Sentry down there to watch over her while she made her way back here, and she was a complete wreck. You completely shattered her faith in all of you! You might as well have defecated on the Elements themselves, because now that you weakened your bond of friendship with the one who holds all of you together, they are completely and totally worthless! No, we're going to get through this through the sweat of our brows, the strength of our backs, AND THE BLOOD OF OUR ENEMIES!"
  • Xander gives Willow a major one in Things Unseen, Things Unknown, and Things Yet To Be after he learns that she knows full well that the girl monitoring the security system is using it to get her own private peepshow and furthermore the magical cameras can't be turned off, not even the ones in people's bedrooms. Even worse is that Willow's idea of a solution is to tell the girl to "be more discreet". Xander later hits his Rage Breaking Point when Buffy and Giles aren't willing to fire the girl and instead put her on probation.
  • Wonderful!: As in canon Worm, Sophia didn't try to help Emma when she was assaulted by several gang members until the red-haired girl tried to fight back. After rescuing her best friend, Taylor called Sophia out on her inaction.
    Taylor: "If you had moved in after she had gotten seriously hurt we would have a VERY different conversation right now."
  • Children of an Elder God: When Gendo finally tells Asuka how her parents died and everything about NERV’s genetic experiments, she's absolutely furious and asks how they were capable of doing such a thing:
    Asuka: "How could you do something like that? That's horrible, going around altering the genetics of babies! How could you do that to my parents?"
  • This happens a few times in Mass Foundations: Redemption in the Stars:
    • During the third chapter, Ethan gets one from Cerberus agent Lynch when he appears at the scene to find what is essentially a failed mission, with Liara and Feron captured and Shepard’s body still with Tazzik. Earlier in the chapter, when Ethan attempts to bargain for information by taking a Centurion hostage, the other Blue Suns call him out on the unprovoked killing he has done before. Ethan rebukes this, calling them out on their Moral Myopia.
    • Liara's reaction was basically this when Ethan suggested handing Shepard's body over to Cerberus. He managed to convince her to see from his viewpoint, but it was clear that she was still upset about the whole ordeal.
  • Xander gives one to the other Scoobies in Good Morning Sunshine when he learns that for the three days he was held and tortured by Angelus, Spike, and Drusilla, they simply thought he was home sick and never bothered to check up on him.
  • Jerry gives one to the girls and they give one right back the climax of in How I Learned to Love the Wild Horse. Jerry gives them one because Clover and Alex slept with Ranma despite intel saying he was a terrorist leader and Sam covered it up. Sam fires back that as bad as that was, things would have gone better if they weren't given deliberately misleading intel by Britney as they were meant to be guarding Ranma, not investigating him for being a supervillain.
  • Miraculous Ladybug vs. the Forces of Evil has Alya give this to Mari after she finds out she's Ladybug and more importantly, that she doesn't seem to give any good reason why she never told her.
  • Ted Lawson is called out in Situational Eros over deactivating Vanessa and leaving her in the garage for twenty years. Vanessa and Xander both point out that he basically created a little girl then abandoned her for acting like a little girl rather than behaving like the father he wanted to be and teaching her.
  • Cordelia and Willow get a big one from Xander and Buffy in Mirror, Mirror after they burn down his house in the mirror world as "payback" for him seemingly not caring about them dumping him (he was putting on a strong face until he left). Despite what they thought, the reflections don't reset so he lost everything he kept in the mirror world (basically everything). Luckily, with work he can find reflections of them that didn't burn, but he's still furious that in a single day he got dumped twice and had his house burned down.
  • Child of the Storm: In Ghosts of the Past, Cedric Diggory, of all people, delivers an (unusually, for this trope) kind one to Harry Potter, due to the latter's lashing out at pretty much everyone in Hogwarts, just because he's been through a lot. It's taken onboard.
  • Code Prime - R1: Rebellion: The Autobots give Lelouch this following the Battle at Saitama, bluntly telling him that war isn't a game.
  • Guardians, Wizards, and Kung-Fu Fighters: The other Guardians and Chan Clan members call out Will and Jade for plotting to steal magical artifacts for the Rebellion during the subway fight with the Dark Hand, without bothering to tell the rest of them beforehand.
  • In Nothing Wrong with Your TV, Alex (Control Freak post Heel–Face Turn) is appalled upon learning that, despite being told by Twilight Sparkle to leave the stranger's things alone, Spike went through all his belongings and ate every one of his remotes (including an emergency single use one) along with the tools needed to make a new one and his tamagotchi. As a result, he threatens to eat Spike. In an omake, Alex is far more upset and quite serious about killing the baby dragon who cost him his ability to save countless lives and apparently has a habit of eating things he shouldn't.
  • Two take place in chapter 5.14 of Greg Veder VS The World:
    • One of the Brockton Bay police officers calls out Greg's alter ego, Prodigy, for his brutal actions in subduing the ABB gang members as some of them will need intensive care in order to survive and others may never recover and goes on to question whether his actions against Bakuda were truly called for. Greg fires back that the people he brutalized were human-traffickers and are therefore entirely undeserving of any mercy that they may otherwise be entitled to.
    • Greg himself delivers a rather poignant one to Dauntless and the PRT as a whole after the heroes arrive at the scene of the crime only after the victims have been taken away while looking camera-ready with a prepared speech in their headsets, one that minimizes Prodigy's heroic efforts while also poking fun at his haggard appearance.
      Prodigy: Indeed. All of us have to do at least that much, right? All of us. No matter how long, exhausting or dirty the job is, keeping the people safe comes first. I mean, could you imagine... what... what kind of heroes would just let somebody do all the work for them?
  • SAPR:
    • Ruby’s reaction to finding out Sunset was willing to doom Vale in order to give their team a slightly better chance at survival.
    • Ironwood's reaction to Rainbow revealing that she not only let Sunset destroy the train controls, but that she also kept it secret for months on end.
  • Peace Of Mind, Piece Of Heart: A little cat girl named Marmalade's friends Mochi and Rascal call out Catra for pushing Marmalade down the slide and getting her hurt. Catra justifies herself by saying that she just pushed her down a slide. Mochi fires back that that's not the point, she hurt Marmalade, actually shoved her and hurt her, she was scared to slide down and now she's even more scared of her. While Catra tries to deny she did anything wrong, when Marmalade in tears asks Catra why she did it, Catra realizes she hurt Marmalade and runs away.


  • Blackened Skies: In the wake of the first trial, Kaede faces the natural consequences of the way she conducted herself during it. Namely the fact that she kept secrets and lied about what she knew, a good chunk of which got exposed over the course of the trial anyway. Tsumugi in particular calls her out:
    Tsumugi: "...To be honest... I plainly don't think I can trust you anymore."
    Kaede: "I understand—"
    Tsumugi: "I don't think you really do. You didn't just lie to us, Kaede. You convinced everyone I was lying when I was telling the truth. Do you have any idea how horrible it is to have no one believe you when you're not doing anything wrong?"
    Kaito: "Hey, that's not fair! Kaede helped me prove you innocent, remember?!"
    Tsumugi: "But she's also why people suspected me in the first place. If you didn't remember that noise, she would've said I was the culprit. We all would have... [...] I'm just not comfortable with Kaede being in charge anymore. So... I don't think she should be."
    Kaito: "Seriously?! Come on, Tsumugi! Everyone gets accused in the trials at some point! That's not Kaede's fault!"
    Gundam: "While that is true, Luminary, we also cannot forget that many of our follies in that trial were born of the Siren's deceptions. Regardless of her reasons, had she simply confided the same trust in us she expected us to grant her, much of our debate would not have happened. Hifumi's killer could have been discovered with far less tribulation on us all."

Danny Phantom

  • In The Return Of Dani Phantom, Sam gets called out by Danny for her insensitive comments about Danielle. Those hurtful words result in Danielle running away, getting captured, Danny heading in to rescue her, and nearly getting killed in the process. Needless to say, it comes back to bite her.

Death Note

Die Anstalt

  • In A Posse Ad Esse: Dub, Secret Weapon masquerading as The Team Normal, is bound by promise and circumstance to not tell the villain he happens to have a crush on about his hidden powers. Naturally, since Love Makes You Dumb, he does, and Dolly chews him out for it.
    Dolly: "But nae, ye hink th' rules - th' one rule, dornt goddamn tell Wood abit th' goddamn secrit weapon - dornt apply tae ye. Ye hink yoo're abuv th' system."

Doctor Who

  • In The 10 Doctors, The First, Second, Second-and-a-halfth (long story) and The Seventh Doctors give one to the Ninth as he almost sacrificed Rose in order to destroy The Supreme Dalek a.k.a. the daleknized Tenth Doctor.

Dragon Age

  • The dwarven noble gets some of these in Dragon Age: The Crown of Thorns. One of them leaves him with broken ribs and a snapped jaw. He expected it and let it happen, but it still hurt because healing magic didn't work on him until recently. And even now it's not a given.
  • The Lord Inquisitor delivers one to the Lady Inquisitor in All This Sh*t is Twice as Weird when she conscripts the Grey Wardens instead of exiling them. This, coupled with her Crisis of Faith, leads to a horrible OOC Is Serious Business moment a bit later, making him wonder if he went too far.

Fairly Oddparents

  • In Never Had A Friend Like Me, Timmy eventually calls out the Fairy Council about their Fantastic Racism after Bob was defeated by a variety of magical creatures rather than just fairies.
    • Norm, of all people, calls out Timmy when he realizes that Timmy wished for Poof's existence, meaning the fairy infant would eventually be undone like all the kid's wishes whenever he lost his fairies someday. Amanda fixes that problem with a wish of her own.

Family Guy

  • In Blue-Ribboned Dog: The Story of Brianna (a work-in-progress fic), Brian sets up a cutaway to his daughter, Brianna, of how Vinny broke off the fight between Lois Griffin and Donna Tubbs-Brown. He flips out and reads them the riot act for their ruining Susie Swanson's birthday party and making things a total disaster because of their fight. This prompts the two to apologize to each other and set aside their differences.

Final Fantasy VII

  • In The Fifth Act: Cloud is called multiple times throughout the story for wanting and attempting to kill Sephiroth for the actions done by original timeline!Sephiroth when Sephiroth is no near the monster the other one became thanks to Cloud's actions. Cloud later gets called out for attempting a murder-suicide with Sephiroth during the story's climax.
  • In Cissnei's Path: Cissnei chews Cloud out for working with AVALANCHE in bombing the reactors because not only did the collateral damage affect everyone from hospital patients to employees, but he was tarnishing Zack's memory.
  • Us and Them: After Aeris decides to run off to the Forgotten Capital, Sephiroth catches up to her and gives her a piece of his mind for running off and worrying everyone and isolating herself while Jenova is running loose. He then decides to escort her there himself.


  • In Forward, the crew calls Mal out when he spaces one of Niska's captured henchmen. A couple of story arcs later, Mal again gets called out for refusing to support Book's plan to save Simon's life by taking him onto an Alliance ship and using Book's ID card. And of course, Mal calls himself out on nearly every other decision he's made.


  • In Frozen Hearts, these are exchanged when Prince Hans's brothers are discussing going to the king to ask for a pardon. The group in favor of doing so is accused of forgetting the seriousness of Prince Hans's crimes, as well as their impact on the kingdom. The group opposed to doing so is accused of forgetting that he is their brother, and of having some overly cruel ideas for punishment.

Fullmetal Alchemist

  • In build your wings on the way down, Hughes is angry at Roy for endangering an eleven-year old kid (Ed) on the train by having him fight terrorists, even though Ed is a talented alchemist, because Ed was strangled and hurt and could have been hurt worse since Ed was by himself.
    • Hughes is angry at Roy for allowing Ed an attempt to save Nina if he believes with good reason that Ed will fail and kill Nina in the attempt.

Girls und Panzer

  • In Boys und Sensha-do!
    • Akio pulls Maho aside while they're visiting Miho in the hospital and expresses his belief that she is not there for Miho enough by saying "If I had a sister, I’d be there for her all the time. Not just when she’s in the hospital." Of course, he does so unaware that Maho's primary reason for being the Nishizumi heiress, which unfortunately forces her to be distant from Miho at times, is so that Miho can live her life her own way, and unfortunately, he persists in this opinion after Maho protests Miho being disowned and sends her money to cover her rent.
    • Akio, Maho and Miho's father all are quite upset with Shiho when she disowns Miho.

Harry Potter

  • In The Black Bunny, Snape has some choice words for Dumbledore:
    Snape: Why did you never save Tom Riddle from that muggle orphanage, Dumbledore? You must have known there was something wrong with him even then. Considering the time and place as well as many other factors... you left my Lord in a hell hole time and time again. You left a young wizard to rot in the middle of a muggle war. And why, in the ten years Harry remained with his relatives before Hogwarts did you never go and check up on your supposed Savior? Had you never seen the minuscule space he'd been forced to live in for ten years? The space under the stairs? Did you never see that there was nothing within the Dursley home to show there was in fact two boys growing up there?
  • In Blank Slate, after James and Lily are revealed to have been alive but amnesic for the last fourteen years, after Lily's memory is restored and she learns about Snape's reputation as a teacher, she confronts him about his reasons for being so harsh on Harry, asking him to at least try and treat Harry like other students rather than single him out.
  • Several of these are handed out to certain characters in the Deconstruction Fic Brutal Harry.
    • Harry gives one to McGonagall after she chides him for not following procedure when the troll attacked the school, telling her that she might as well be saying that he should've let the troll continue on its rampage and likely kill Hermione just to uphold the rules.
    • McGonagall gives an especially vicious one to Snape for his petty Jerkass behavior, calling him out on his refusal to let go of his grudge against James Potter and taking it out on Harry, who had never done anything wrong to him personally, and for his unprofessional behavior as a teacher (particularly his blatant favoritism of the Slytherins).
    • Right after calling out Snape, McGonagall then delivers a blistering call-out to Dumbledore over putting Harry in the Dursleys' care, as he had ignored her warnings about them being "the worst kinds of Muggles" she'd seen but still left Harry with them out of the incredibly naive assumption that Lily's sister Petunia wouldn't do something as terrible as abuse her nephew and enable her husband and son's abuse of Harry, as well as turning a blind eye to the issues plaguing the school (Snape's unprofessional behavior and the bullying problems especially). She does it again after he reveals the prophecy to her, as well as Voldemort's past, to explain his actions with regards to Harry, pointing out that there was no way Harry would've realistically learned The Power of Love in the abusive environment of the Dursleys' home and adds that they're very damn lucky they didn't end up with another Dark Lord in the making on their hands, since Harry's background very closely resembles that of Voldemort's.
    • Dumbledore gets another from Harry himself. After learning just how badly Harry was abused by the Dursleys, Dumbledore is heartbroken and horrified and goes to apologize to Harry... only for a furious Harry to throw it back in his face, making it clear that he will never forgive or trust the Headmaster for what he was put through. Furthermore, Harry also calls out Dumbledore for being a hypocrite in apologizing for causing Harry's own abuse, yet still enabling the exact same environment to occur in Hogwarts with the bullies and corrupt staff never being held accountable for their actions.


  • In Unmade, after being locked in a Company cell with Sylar for an indefinite amount of time, Peter comes to agree that when they get out of here, Sylar can slice up Adam (who "deserves it") for his regeneration power instead of Claire (his "innocent" niece). Sylar calls him on it: "It's bloodthirsty... for someone like you."

The Hobbit

  • Heart of Fire: At the end of Kathryn and Thorin's first and only encounter, Kathryn has eight parting words for him:
    "May your greed be your doom, Thorin Oakenshield!"


  • Hivefled: Gamzee's Spirit Advisor duo, Laneen and Sennir, chew him out both for allowing himself to slip into his ancestor's evil ways and for beating himself up for not being able to escape sooner.

Invader Zim

  • The New Adventures of Invader Zim has several examples:
    • In Episode 6, the senior Swollen Eyeball agents chew out Dib for his actions in the previous chapter (breaking into their secret library to get a certain book, something they ordered him not to do).
    • Later in the same chapter, Dib chews out Steve and Viera for letting their personal feud get in the way of fighting Tak, resulting in an Epic Fail on their part.
    • Episode 9 has Norlock, of all people, chewing out Dib for using the Dream Walker spell to spy on people.

Jackie Chan Adventures

  • Webwork: Jackie is less upset at the fact that Jade is now a pregnant spider demon than he is when Uncle informs him that Paco's attempt to cure her harmed the eggs she carrying, and her by extension, which he compares to hitting a pregnant woman in the stomach.

Katawa Shoujo

  • In Reconciliation, it is revealed that Lilly was angry with Hisao for disregarding her advice about Hanako, checking on her when she didn't want to see anyone, triggering the Bad Ending (in which Hanako angrily declares that she hates Hisao and Lilly) and leading to Hanako distancing herself from Hisao and Lilly for eight years out of guilt. Averted when Hanako expects to receive a response like this from Lilly, but does not.

The Land Before Time

  • Littlefoot of Twilight Valley gets called out by Pterano for assaulting Ms. Maia, who is the leader of a guard division. Ms. Maia later turns traitor.

Left 4 Dead 2

  • In Blind Mans Bluff, Nick pulls an absolutely devastating one on Coach when he accidentally sets a horde on them due to his inability to control his anger after seeing the Charger.

Lost Girl

  • In Mad World, Trick uses his powers to write that the Garuda will be defeated by a champion (who turns out to be Bo). The Garuda is aware of this, and knows that Lauren will be involved. So it and Thane utterly destroy her life trying to prevent it. Thane murders 19 of her colleagues/friends before murdering her; she is then brought back by the Fae, forced into slavery to them, and then Thane returns and subjects her to Mind Rape and horrific torture. She is distinctly unamused when Trick confesses his role in it, and calls him on it in the sequel.
    Lauren: "What right did you have to play God?"
    Trick: "Lauren..."
    Lauren: "I am so... sick of explanations of the greater good. I get it from the Ash, from the Morrigan, from you. Everything that happened is for the greater good. I am tired of my life being nothing more than a trivial afterthought to you people. I had a life, a good life before it was taken from me. I died and was resurrected because that would help the Fae. I have lived the last five years at the mercy of the Light Fae while most of them treat animals better than they treat me. So, to answer your question Trick, I'm not alright. I haven't been alright for five years and now I'm just sick of putting up with it."
    Trick: "Lauren, I'm sorry."
    Lauren: "Keep your apologies. If you want to help me, you'll write a new Fae future that I'm not a part of."
    • There's also a failed one. Lauren finally kills Thane (after said torture); Amara, while happy that Thane is dead, is deeply upset that Lauren killed him. She feels that a Fae who sacrificed himself to resurrect Lauren (who was also her brother) was a pure and superior fae, and that Lauren has destroyed said purity by killing someone. It comes off as petty and arrogant given everything that has happened, which was likely intentional.

Lyrical Nanoha

Mai Hime

  • In Perfection is Overrated, Mai explodes at Mikoto after she (while Brainwashed) kills Bachiko and Meiko while they're fighting Mai and acts like nothing has happened]]. Mai is less disturbed by the action than the way Mikoto acts with regards to it, especially considering that the enemies were SUEs with the power to alter their victims' personalities.
    Mikoto: "Mai... What... happened here?"
    Mai: "Don't play dumb, Mikoto! You killed Bachiko and Meiko, don't you remember?"
    Mikoto: "I did? I don't remember. I saw you... in trouble... and the next thing I knew, the two of them disappeared."
    Mai: [after a pause] "I'm sorry, Mikoto. I just... don't know what's happened to you. Obviously it's not the SUEs' influence, but you... didn't seem yourself in that moment. You're a kind girl who makes friends with everyone, not some ruthless killer, even if it's my enemy you're fighting."

Marvel Universe

  • In A Prize For Three Empires, Carol Danvers calls the Avengers out on letting her rapist walk away with her.
    And she told the Avengers what had really happened to her, leaving out only the elder Immortus's part in bringing her back to Earth.
    About that incident, she was having less and less problems connecting it to what she felt.
    "I never wanted to see you—any of you—again," said Carol. "I hated you. Because when I needed you most, you betrayed me."
    She told them of what she had felt when they made their jokes. She told them of what she had felt, or hadn't felt, when they didn't question a thing that Marcus had told them, just letting her go with a smile and a wave.
    "That was your mistake," she said. "For which I paid the price. My mistake was trusting you."
  • In The Measure of a Man, Peter gets to deliver one to the rest of the Avengers and other heroes when he asks them how they couldn’t have realised Ock was in control of his body for the last few weeks.
  • In the Avengers: Endgame Fix Fic, Backwards, both Peggy and Sharon lay a heavy one onto Steve for basically leaving Bucky and his other friends in the 21st century behind, for trying to get back together with Peggy in a way that would make the children (and grandchildren) she had with Daniel become Ret-Gone, and for the way he had treated Sharon like a Replacement Goldfish, with the latter topping the whole thing off with a hard Armor-Piercing Slap to Steve's face.
  • In Split, Bucky talks to Steve about the changes the latter made to the timeline before confronting Steve about not saving him from HYDRA.
    Bucky: And I know it won't matter in a few weeks or however long it will take for all of this to be over, but did you even come back for me? Or did you just... leave me. For seventy years. To Hydra.

Mass Effect

  • In Mass Vexations, Author Avatar Art gets chewed out by Shepard for purposefully splitting a salarian STG unit on Virmire, thus forcing Shepard to make a choice between him and Ashley and nearly getting the salarian unit killed. And that's not including how he gets yelled at for insubordination.
    • And then, this trope pretty much kicks Art's ass all over the place in the sequel. Let's just say creating a Conveniently Unverifiable Cover Story and then hiding the truth from Commander Shepard was not one of his better ideas.
  • Weightless:
    • Garrus chewed Shepard out for rejecting him after he had abandoned everything for her while she had led him to believe that she did feel something for him (she did, but didn't want to admit it to him). They snapped, ended up fighting, and she decided to kick him out after they're done with Saren.
    • Thane called Garrus out for constantly shutting himself off to wallow in the past and ignoring Shepard after Garrus had promised to never leave her side again.

Miraculous Ladybug

  • In this Gender Flip comic, femme!Chat calls out Ladybeetle (male!Ladybug) for keeping secrets. For added impact, she doesn't care about the whole "we can't know each other's identities" thing; she cares that her partner doesn't trust her, never tells her what he's thinking and gets angry at her for asking about his day, which are reasonable requests.
  • A simultaneously awesome and heartbreaking example from Bring Me Home, which is set five years after Ladybug and Chat Noir have defeated Hawkmoth. At this point Chat Noir disappeared and broke off contact with his partner, out of shame that Hawkmoth was his father and he never realised. Ladybug has spent nearly every night of those five years waiting at their old meeting place in hopes that her partner would return, and her grief has led to her making a mess of her civilian life. One night, shortly after moving in with Adrien after her apartment building burnt down, she breaks down on him and confesses that she's Ladybug and that she regrets not telling Chat she loved him when she had the chance. Adrien apologises, confessing to have been Chat, and he proves it by showing her his Miraculous, which he's kept locked in a safe the whole time.
    Marinette: "You always had the choice..."
    Adrien: [closes the safe] "What?"
    Marinette: "You always had the choice to come back to me. You deliberately chose to walk out of my life. You... You’re not my Chat Noir."
    Adrien: [reaches for her hand] "Mari, please listen..."
    Marinette: [flinches away from his touch] "Don’t touch me. The Chat Noir I knew, the partner I loved and trusted would’ve never turned his back on me the way you did. That Chat Noir would’ve fought tooth and nail for what mattered to him, would’ve never let his fears and insecurities get in the way of what he wanted. That man died the day you chose to let me believe you were dead out of sheer cowardice, Adrien."
    Adrien: "I missed you too, okay? But how could I have faced you knowing that my fucking father was Hawkmoth? I ate at his table, slept in the same house as him, without ever suspecting anything was amiss. He almost killed you, for God’s sake, and if I had been just a little less dense, this huge mess could’ve been avoided."
    Marinette: "You saved my life. Do you really think so little of me that you honestly thought I would hold you responsible for your father’s mistakes? When you took away his miraculous, when you saw the face beneath the mask, you could have chosen him. You could have let him get away with his crimes. But you handed him to justice, like the hero you were back then."
    Adrien: "It was the right thing to do."
    Marinette: "If you did the right thing, then why did you flee? Why did you vanish from my life without a single word? I waited for you every single night, hoping for a sign, anything, that would’ve let me know you were okay."
    Adrien: "I wasn’t okay. My family was never anything more than a sick joke. Can you put yourself in my shoes for just a second? I lost everything that day."
    Marinette: "So did I! You were my everything, and I lost you! We could have been through this together! I could have supported you like the partner I was supposed to be to you! Instead you just shut me out without any explanation!"
    Adren: "What did you want me to say, Marinette? That I was too ashamed of my name to face you? I loved you back then, and I still love you to this day, but what good would I have been for you? I had nothing to offer you! A stupid orphan, son of a terrorist, who was never taught how to love properly and is thirsty for any kind of affection?"
    Marinette: "I’ve spent five years mourning you, while you at least knew that I was alive. How is that love, Adrien? How can you claim to love me, when you selfishly left me hurting for you these last five years? You had one word to say, one single word and you could’ve ended it all. The pain, the mourning, the missing chunk of my heart that you took away with you when you left me. One word, and yet you didn’t."
    Adrien: "I-"
    Marinette: "I thought something was keeping you from coming back. I thought that, maybe, you didn’t know that I was waiting for you. But all this time you knew that I was looking for you. You knew that I was heartbroken because of your absence, and yet you didn’t care! You saw me on the Ladyblog every. Single. Night. For. Five. Years. You knew where I was, you knew how to reach me. And yet you still chose to disappear from my life."
    Adrien: "I never—"
    Marinette: "Cut the crap!" [takes a step towards him and pokes him in the chest] "For all I knew you could have been dead! You just abandoned me like I was nothing but a worthless piece of garbage to you that night! You were my best friend, and I loved you so, so much! And I thought you loved me too but I guess I wasn’t worth your trouble after all!" (gets up and walks to the door) "You know what hurts the most, Chat? I trusted you with my very life. Even when Hawkmoth was strangling me, even as I was losing consciousness, I wasn’t afraid. I knew — I thought — that you’d always come for me, or die trying. You, on the other hand, didn’t even have enough faith in me to believe I’d stay by your side when things got difficult. What kind of a crappy partner have I been to you if you honestly believed I’d jump the ship at the first bump?"
    Adrien: "Mari wait—"
    Marinette: "Don’t. I’ve already lost five years of my life waiting for you, I won’t lose another second." [walks out, slamming the door]
  • In Leave For Mendeleiev:
    • Happens when Ladybug learns the truth about how Copycat was created. Specifically, that Chat Noir lied to Theo, claiming that he and Ladybug were together — then followed that up by lying to her, claiming he was akumatized because she hadn't attended the statue ceremony. What's worse, she learns about this because Nadja brings Theo onto Face to Face as a 'surprise guest' to try and force Ladybug to 'admit' that they're secretly dating. And Chat has spent the entire interview up to this point casually downplaying, dismissing and deflecting her staunch, truthful insistence that they aren't with baiting comments implying that they're closer than they actually are. She immediately ends the interview and drags him away to confront him. Chat is more interested in trying to convince her that they're destined to be lovers and that she should stop denying it.
    • Later, Aurore is disgusted when Adrien tries to prevent her from intervening when Chloe has cornered Marinette and is really laying into her. Why? Because he's more concerned about how Chloe might react to being stopped than the way she's hurting Marinette, claiming that Marinette can take being hurt better than Chloe can. After Aurore gets away from him and intervenes, he then attempts to blame her for the resulting akuma, only for Marinette to call him out on it:
      Adrien: "Look what you caused, Aurore. The party's ruined because you upset Chloe."
      Marinette: "I was getting upset, Adrien. I could have ruined this party if Aurore didn't step in—"
      Aurore: [rests a hand on her shoulder] "It's alright, Marinette. There's no point in acknowledging an empty cloud."
  • LadyBugOut has plenty to go around:
    • Class-y Opinions: Several of Alya's classmates call her out on posting a picture of Ladybug and Chat Noir Kissing Under the Influence of Oblivio's Laser-Guided Amnesia, with Alya digging herself deeper by trying not to admit that she knows their memories were compromised at the time.
    • The Interview Ruse: Most of the class rips into Lila after realizing just how much she'd been lying to them, demanding to know if anything she claimed was real. Alya also gets roasted more for her deliberately withholding the truth. The only ones who don't join in the call-out are Adrien, Nino, Chloe and Sabrina (with the latter two just sitting back to enjoy the show).
    • Miss Busted: Ms. Bustier's reputation as a cool teacher takes a nosedive after she's caught trying to pressure Marinette into deleting Ladybug's blog behind her back, as she hopes doing so would restore 'order' to her classroom... despite all the good the blog has done for Paris. This leads to her students calling her out, with Markov lecturing her on how her teaching methods have done more harm than good.
    • Two-for-One Deal: Nino is horrified to learn that Adrien knew all along that Lila was a Consummate Liar, but chose not to do anything about it... or warn anyone. Or support Marinette when she was trying to warn them.
      Nino: "Lila promised me so much! She lied about all of it so I'd think she's cool! And you... you let her? Man, I'm hurt! I'm hurt that I've been living in this messed-up lie ever since Lila came back to school and my best friend didn't have my back!"
      Adrien: "I-I did! Nino, the crowd—"
      Nino: "Oh, is that what this is all about? You were afraid no one would believe you? Afraid to ruin the image you'd set up for yourself? You'd rather just leave Marinette to—" [freezes in horror] "...You let Marinette handle it all on her own."
    • Been There, Done Chat: Chat Noir confronts Ladybug over the fact that several fan-created memes making fun of him have been posted on her blog. This leads to a nasty argument that he swiftly turns towards the topic of their supposedly 'destined' relationship, accusing her of trying to resist 'destiny' — which she promptly turns around and calls him out on.
      Ladybug: "First off, the world does not revolve around you, Chat! I never told anyone to come after you and I am not in charge of what people have said. Not everything I do has to do with you or our relationship! Speaking of which, our relationship does not exist. We are not a couple. You kept that idea going for people, and you are the one who's upset that it's not going how you want!"
      [Chat attempts to cut her off; she refuses to let him speak over her]
      Ladybug: "Secondly, if I'd known that that's how you see all that banter, I never would have done it. I'm not flirting with you, Chat. Even I know that things get tense and it helps to lighten the mood with some banter, but clearly, that went right over your head. Thirdly, you seem to keep forgetting how those kisses happened, and that's exactly because you never remembered in the first place. The first time, you were under Dark Cupid's spell and I kissed you to save you. I didn't want to do it, but I did to break the spell. Neither of us had our memories for Oblivio, and yeah, maybe something special happened. But all that happened without us knowing about our experiences, our relationships with other people, and even who we were. That doesn't sound very real to me. If I was going to kiss you, I'd rather have everything already be on the table."
      [She steps forward; Chat steps back]
      Ladybug: "You want to know what you did wrong? Maybe it's because, after all this time, you still can't read me. Not on Face-to-Face, not when my voice was gone, and not when I needed you most. If you could've understood me, you would've seen when I was uncomfortable, known when I needed you to be serious, and oh, yeah — you would've noticed that I was trying to get your attention before because my yoyo has been RECORDING AND STREAMING EVERYTHING."
  • The One to Make It Stay:
    • White Hot Morning opens with Ladybug confronting Alya over her latest post to the Ladyblog. Specifically, the fact that she recorded an Obliviated Chat confessing to Ladybug, then cut up and edited the footage to make it look like she reciprocated before posting it to her blog. Ladybug stresses what a massive breach of trust and privacy this was, trying to impress upon her just how many lines she crossed... yet Alya still calls her being benched over the summer Disproportionate Retribution.
    • Ladybug then confronts Chat about attempting to use the video to push his affections onto her yet again, taking him to task for constantly ignoring her feelings since they don't line up with his. Chat then proceeds to prove her point by refusing to cooperate with her against the next akuma... and then flipping around and focusing on flirting over fighting the one after that. All while accusing her of not treating him like a proper 'partner'.
    • In Hearing Only Yourself, Plagg 'pulls a Tikki' and calls Adrien out for how he's blaming Ladybug for the growing tension between them:
      'Plagg: "Are you completely out of your mind? You're in the wrong and you get mad at Ladybug after violating her space?"
      Adrien: [rolling his eyes] "Now you're lecturing me? C'mon, Plagg, you used to be fun."
      Plagg: "Kid, there's a major difference between 'fun' and 'unwanted harassment', especially when it comes to love. Fun is a two-way street where all parties enjoy themselves, while harassment is continued even when it's made clear it's not welcome at this party. And you were kicked out a while ago."
    • All the Laughs We Had in the Past sees Chat Noir accuse Ladybug of causing Chloe's akumatization into Miracle Queen by stripping her of the Bee. Ladybug retorts by calling him out in turn:
      Ladybug: "What did you want me to do, Chat? Allow her to continue being a hero?"
      Chat Noir: "You could have broken it to her nicer? Maybe give her a second chance?"
      Ladybug: "Do you honestly think that would have made a difference? Do you know how many acts of kindness and second chances have been in vain when getting through to Chloe? All of them. Every single one of them. How many second chances would it take for you to realize that?"
      Chat Noir: [hesitates, then continues] "You're completely out of control. We're supposed to be partners, but then you go ahead and pick and get rid of teammates without me."
      Ladybug: "Maybe if you actually acted like a partner, and treated our teammates with respect, I would have given your opinion more consideration. Why is it that I have to entertain what you want, but when I tell you to back off and stop hitting on me, you get to act like I'm being unreasonable?"
      Chat Noir: "Come on. Are you seriously airing out our dirty laundry in front of everyone right now?"
      [Taureau Furieux, Princess Piggy and Tigresse Raye all look at each other uncomfortably. Viperion steps forward.]
      Viperion: "If you don't want her to call you out, don't give her material to work with."
      Chat Noir: [glaring at him] "Stay out of this, snake."
      Ladybug: "Don't talk to him like that! He's our teammate, and he's done his fair share of work helping me with the akumas! He and everyone else here deserve a lot more respect!"
      Chat Noir: "He's your teammate. If you're going to continue working with these people, then I'm going solo, and I'm not coming back until you apologize to me."
      Taureau Furieux: "Then don't come back. You know, we used to look up to you, but the fact that you're willing to defend Chloe to prove a point is disgusting."
      Tigresse Raye: "Chloe has hurt too many people, even after she became Queen Bee. The 'hurt' she suffered from is only a fraction compared to everyone else."
      Princess Piggy: "Whatever it is you're upset about, we can work through it later. But Ladybug is trusting all of us to help her save the city!"
      Chat Noir: [turns his back on them with a flippant wave] "I'll just talk to Chloe myself. Make things easier that way. Later."
    • Later, Nino calls Adrien out for acting like Marinette standing up for herself when Alya was trying to strongarm her into confessing her crush on him was a crime. He's also unimpressed with how Adrien blames Marinette and Alya for the fact that he overheard them arguing about said crush.
      Adrien: [to Alya] "I wish you could have convinced her. I could have cleared the air with her then, and she wouldn't have yelled at me back at Summer Sesh. It just sucks knowing everything is awkward because of that, but having to pretend that I don't know."
      [Alya is reddening with rage, but Nino speaks up first]
      Nino: "That's pretty messed up, dude. It's neither Alya or Marinette's fault you found out the way you did."
      Adrien: "Nino, come on! Have your bro's back here!"
      Nino: "Dude, as your bro, I'm obligated to tell you that you're not the victim here. No one made you do that prank. You chose to do that. Which is already messed up, when you could have just talked to Marinette about her feelings. And honestly? You deserved to get yelled at by her at Summer Sesh for what you said. It's not your business and she didn't ask for your opinion. Girls don't like when guys are pushy."
  • In Burning Bridges, Building Confidence:
    • During an akuma attack, Cole spots Chat Noir sitting on the sidelines watching Ladybug fight alone. To her shock and disgust, he responds to her yelling at him to get in there and help with a blunt no, declaring that "Ladybug has to admit we're meant for each other first" before he'll lift a finger to help. He doesn't care about her calling him out on this; however, he also misses that Master Fu witnesses the whole exchange and is giving him a silent version, regarding him with disgust.
    • Chat subsequently attempts to lecture Ladybug about bringing Vexxin onto the team, only for Ladybug and Vexxin to give him a proper example:
      Chat Noir: "My Lady, you didn't need to borrow the Fox from the Guardian; all you had to do was admit we were made for each other and I would have helped you."
      Ladybug: [scowling at his condensation] "Chat, it's your job to help no matter what. Paris should come first. I've told you multiple times I don't feel the same way. And Vexxin isn't temporary. She's permanent. Fu gave her the Miraculous yesterday."
      Chat Noir: "But why?! We were doing just fine." [folds arms] "Until you kept denying our love."
      Vexxin: "For someone who proclaims you were doing just fine, you sure don't contribute to the work. Especially considering I had to jump in yesterday. As a civilian with no powers. Even just now, you sat back while Ladybug and I executed a plan that we made specifically because you can't be counted on to fight."
      Chat Noir: "Yeah but—"
      Vexxin: "But nothing! Your inaction has caused the Guardian to take the risk of making a Miraculous permanently active! If we follow the logic, the next step he'd take would be taking your Miraculous. So either sort out your priorities or be prepared to be permanently benched."
    • After Alya is akumatized into Rena Rage and subsequently purified, Ladybug takes her aside to give her a dressing-down for her behavior, spelling out how she's allowed her Pride to swallow up her common sense and endangered others as a result. Including putting her whole family in danger by outing herself as Rena Rouge, proving that she can't be trusted with any Miraculous.
    • Cole, Chloe, Kagami, Aurore and Mireille are all furious when they learn that Adrien knew all along that Lila was lying, but chose to stand aside and let her turn the others against Marinette through Malicious Slander while insisting that he was 'taking the high road', and that Lila's lies weren't actually hurting anyone.
  • In Couturiere, the akumatized Marinette really rips into Adrien for standing by and letting Lila run rampant:
    Adrien: "JUST LISTEN TO ME! You're better than this! You're better than him! You've got to..."
    Couturiere: "...listen to you? You want me... to listen to you?"
    [she drops Lila, turning to face him]
    Couturiere: "I did listen, Adrien. When Lila was lying to our friends, playing with their hopes and dreams by giving them false promises, and taking advantage of their kindness by having them carry her books and lunch trays and even doing their homework for her, do you remember what you told me? You said to not say anything. That exposing her would just make things worse. You said, and I quote, 'As long as both you and I know the truth, does it really matter?'"
    [the other captured classmates stare at Adrien in shock]
    Couturiere: "And so, I did as you asked. I said nothing. I let Lila continue to lead our classmates on. I took the high road. And guess what happened?"
    [Lila attempts to crawl away; Couturiere slams her heel down on her knee hard enough to crack it]
    Couturiere: "Nothing. Nothing changed. Lila continued to lie, and everyone continued to eat it up with a big ol' dessert spoon. She, surprisingly, didn't reach an epiphany on the evils of lying. She didn't see the error of her ways. She just. Kept. Going." [smirks bitterly] "No, that's wrong. One thing changed. She started lying about me. How I was tripping her in the hallways, despite no one being around to see it. How I was calling her names, despite no one being around to hear it. How I was stealing from her. How I was jealous of her. How I was bullying her. You know, stuff that could potentially get me in trouble with the teachers or even get me expelled, but hey, it's not like her lies are hurting anyone, right?!"
    Adrien: "Marinette... Marinette, I didn't—"
    Couturiere: "She threatened me, Adrien. In the bathroom, and at the front of the school. She told me that I would lose all my friends. That I would lose you. That I would be alone. And well... she was right."
    [Her classmates bow their heads, ashamed of themselves.]
    Couturiere: "Actually, though, I didn't lose you. I never had you to begin with. You said that we were in this together. You said that as long as we both knew the truth, it wouldn't matter what she did to us. So why was I the only one to suffer? Why was I the only one to lose everything?" [tearing up] "Today in class, I just wanted it to stop! I was getting closer and closer to the edge, and I needed someone, I needed you, to just stand up and say 'I know Marinette Dupain-Cheng, and she is no monster!' And yet... you just sat there. I needed you to catch me... and you let me fall. So tell me, Agreste: after how everything went down after listening to your stellar advice... why should I listen to you now?"

My Hero Academia

  • Toward A Bright Future:
    • Downplayed; after an ill-thought-out kidnapping attempt, Y/N has a pointed question for Vlad King as to why he decided to use her as a target for Class 1-B's information gathering and planning skills, and didn't inform her beforehand.
    • When Y/N hears that Midoriya and Bakugou will be teamed up against All Might for their final exam purely because they don't get along (thus making the exam an attempt to teach them teamwork) and gets a vision about how it will play out (with Bakugou refusing to listen to Midoriya and even punching him in the face), she chews out both Yagi for almost breaking Midoriya's back and Aizawa for even suggesting the pairing in the first place, as Midoriya is already fully willing to team up with Bakugou and thus would get nothing out of the exam, effectively making the exam a test for Bakugou and a punishment for Midoriya, and affirms that the one-sided animosity between them is too toxic for a single test to fix. Nedzu and the other staff take this to heart, and agree to follow her suggestion of putting them on different teams.
  • In Powdered Gold And Pottery, Katsuki rips into Yuuga and Rikido after they win their Heroes vs. Villains match, reminding them that they forgot one critical detail: the main point of their match was that they were trying to retrieve a bomb. Rikido went into a sugar-fueled berserker rush and flattened the target while Yuuga fired blindly; had this been a real mission, they would have set it off and leveled the whole block.
    Rikido: "Hey, you know... We—we took out the villain team."
    Katsuki: "Yeah, and you took out the surrounding city with them, dumbass! What's the point of winning a goddamned fight if you don't even fucking save anyone?"
  • In Ara Ara, Izuku tells Shoto to use his fire to save Moe's life, only for Shoto to barely conjure any flame. When Shoto defends himself that he doesn't like using that part of his Quirk, Izuku rips into him, causing Shoto to use the full power of his fire to save Moe.
    Izuku: Look! She's suffering and you can end that suffering but you're not! It doesn't matter that you don't like using that side of your Quirk! You want to be a hero, right! So uses all of your Quirk to help people.
  • Green Tea Rescue has two in the aftermath of the USJ attack.
    • The first is Ochako calling Izuku out, complete with one hell of a slap, for tricking her into using her quirk on him in order to try to pull an Heroic Sacrifice to save All Might from Tomura and his Nomu. She understand why he did it, but reminds him that they're a team, and he promised her not to leave her behind and to face danger together.
    • The second, much bigger one, is given to All Might from Aizawa when he finds out that far from curbing Izuku's tendency to recklessly putting himself in danger in his attempts to save others, All Might actually reinforced said behavior by praising and rewarding him when Izuku tried to save Bakugo from the Sludge Villain.
      All Might: When I first met him, a friend of his, Young Bakugou, was being attacked by a villain. Before I intervened Young Midoriya rushed in to save his friend.
      Aizawa: ...he rushed in?
      All Might: He got past some of the heroes who were keeping the onlookers back and attacked the villain as he tried to free his friend.
      Aizawa: And what did you do after that?
      All Might: ...
      Aizawa: You told him he was a fool for doing that? That he could have gotten himself and Bakugou killed?
      All Might: ...
      Aizawa: All Might?
      All Might: I said, he had displayed the qualities of a true hero rushing in to save his friend. I also told him that those actions are what made me decide to train him.
      Aizawa: OF ALL THE THINGS YOU COULD HAVE SAID! Of all the irresponsible, asinine, and just plain stupid things you could have done. You didn’t nip that behavior in the bud; no, you reinforced it. You, the greatest hero told a young child, that, by your own admission, probably did not view himself as having much worth, that his reckless self-endangerment was heroic and then you rewarded him!?

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • Dozens of MLP fanworks love to heap this sort of thing onto Princess Celestia for her actions throughout the series. Most notably always sending her student and her friends to deal with the conflicts in-show instead of sending her own soldiers when there might be clear danger to their lives, and never issuing an on-screen apology for her failures or shortcomings, especially after the Changeling Invasion.
  • In No, I am Not a Brony, GET ME OUTTA EQUESTRIA!!!, TD epically calls out the Mane Six sans Fluttershy for how they've treated him over the last couple of days: Pinkie punished him for breaking a Pinkie Promise - after he'd apologized - by setting him on (harmless) fire; Rarity cast a freezing spell on him to keep him from running out of the boutique when he thought she was going to make him something ridiculous - then used him as a mannequin - rather than simply explain that she would show him her designs and get his approval before making anything; and Twilight, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash attempted to beat the crap out of him less than an hour after he'd woken up in the hospital - admittedly, he had just punched Celestia in the face for accidentally bringing him here, but as he points out, their actions were completely disproportionate to any damage he could have done to an immortal sun goddess.
    • History repeats itself in Chapter 13, when Celestia informs him that she has no way of sending him home, despite her best efforts. While he tries to restrain his anger, a confrontation with the Princesses and Blueblood in the middle of the Gala gets out of control and ends with Celestia getting punched again and Luna snapping TD's spine in retaliation. After Celestia heals him, he silently returns to his house in Ponyville. When the Princesses show up the following morning, he rejects their offer of help and angrily calls out Luna on her actions:
      TD: "Thanks for the game of ‘head on a stick’ with me and the back of that chair. I always wanted to know how it feels to be a quadriplegic."
      Luna: "We... We are sorry for what We did to thee. Our reaction was disproportionate."
      TD: "You think? What's with you ponies and thinking Celestia needs protecting from me anyway? If whatever I do is unwarranted, then she can execute me herself."
  • The Pony Psychology series has an entire chapter devoted to Celestia lecturing Luna on the true consequences of the environmental and ecological effects of an endless night (with frighteningly accurate scientific references and detail), mostly in an attempt to quell any doubt that Nightmare Moon might have been doing them a favor.
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Alternate Universe Fic, Rainbooms and Royalty, in which Rainbow is Celestia's personal student instead of Twilight, Rainbow directs this towards Princess Celestia after she and the rest of the Mane Cast defeat Nightmare Moon. She is enraged to discover how Celestia manipulated her and her friends behind the scenes since their foalhood in her plan to redeem her sister. Interestingly, she's not upset about being used, she's upset that Celestia did not trust her enough to be forthright about her intentions, because she would have gladly aided Celestia. She's also incensed that Celestia was willing to risk her and her friends to redeem Luna, rather than confronting Luna herself, and, if necessary, fighting her. She says that she still loves Celestia, but she cannot forgive her yet. Fortunately, after both the princess and Rainbow have a chance to talk with other ponies, they reconcile quickly.
  • In The Vinyl Scratch Tapes, Vinyl gets one from Princess Luna when Vinyl not only insults Prince Blueblood (who may be a jerk, but by that point Vinyl's campaign to get back at him was so successful he's turned to drinking to help deal with the fact that ponies send death threats to him on a regular basis) in front of her, but also reveals she's the one who humiliated Princess Celestia by guilt-tripping her for banishing Luna during her Nightmare Moon phase, causing Vinyl to enter a Heroic BSoD. Later, Luna is forced to apologize for the latter (but refuses for the former). However, Trixie then busts out of a trash can (It Makes Sense in Context) and accuses all the assembled ponies who gathered to make Vinyl feel better that they are all hypocrites for treating Blueblood like a pariah for being a jerk, but pretending Vinyl's own jackassery is charming (especially since this jackassery involves hiring a known criminal and a slaver and bringing him into the heart of Canterlot).
  • Whispers: Nightmare Moon tries this in the form of an Armor-Piercing Question when Celestia is about to seal her with the Elements of Harmony. Celestia doesn't buy it.
  • A Future of Friendship, A History of Hate: Rainbow Dash gets chewed out several times in Episode 3 for putting herself in danger — first, when breaking up a thunderstorm in The Teaser with a dangerous technique, then with her insistence on fighting Fury Cross alone.
    • Rainbow Dash herself rips Rarity a new one in Episode 4 for blowing off her friends to spend time with Regal Rule. Rarity brushes her off, which makes her feel even worse when she has her My God, What Have I Done? moment later on and realizes Rainbow Dash was completely right.
  • In Jericho, the eponymous main character, Jericho, has this happen to him when he gets attacked by an angry townspony. In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it fight, Jericho knocks the guy out, only to have the guy's wife and little daughter both rush to his aid. They yell at him, and then he has a What the Hell, Hero? moment on himself.
    Jericho: "Oh, you mean the side-neck chop? That’s just a martial arts move. I mean, yeah, if I’d done it wrong, it would have killed him via cardiac arrest, and so, in hindsight, that was highly irresponsible of me to do but... I’m not helping my case any, am I?"
  • In the second "season" of My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic, when Twilight expresses qualms about killing Starfleet's enemies.
    Krysta: "Twilight, I like you, but... sometimes I think you really need to wake up and stop kidding yourself."
  • In What's Done in the Dark..., Twilight chews out Shining Armor after his affair with Luna becomes public knowledge, but unfortunately most of it is defused when Shining lets her know that their mother already did that.
  • This comic calls out Princess Cadance for destroying the fake crystal heart before rallying the Crystal Ponies for the sake of a good laugh.
  • Pinkie gives Twilight a long and painful one in Asylum, after the latter let her frustration with Pinkie's reluctance to help her get the best of her and struck her:
    Pinkie: "You’re a bad pony."
    Twilight: "What?"
    Pinkie: "You tricked me into doing something I didn’t want to. You stole something from Doctor Rose. And you hit me. You didn’t used to do that. Whatever Doctor Rose did to you made you all different and stuff, and now... now you’re a bad pony."
    Twilight: "Now Pinkie Pie, you can’t really believe that, We’re best friends, remember? We’re fighting to save Equestria. We’re the good guys."
    Pinkie: "I don’t like fighting this evil shadow. I liked it better when we were knights. That was more fun. When I was Lady Pinkie of the Order of Pie, and you were Princess Sparkle, the Wizard in the Tower, and we fought monsters and saved stallions in distress and had fun, You never got angry then. Can’t we go back to doing that?"
    Twilight: "Pinkie. Have you believed anything I told you?"
    Pinkie: "Of course I believe you! You’re my bestest friend, and bestest friends never lie! It’s just... we used to be knights, and scientists, and librarians. We had fun. But ever since this shadow thing turned up, everything has changed. Now you’re lying to the doctors, and sneaking into offices, and getting all meany-face, and it’s just not the same! I don’t think this shadow pony thing is changing your friends. I think it’s changing you, making you a bad pony. My Twilight wouldn’t yell or lie or steal or hit me! I want my Twilight back."
  • Loved and Lost, an extended retelling of the second season finale, has a few of these.
    • After the Changelings are stopped by Twilight using a spell to shrink them, Prince Jewelius ceases the heroes' rejoicing by blaming Celestia as well as Twilight's friends and brother for the invasion, revealing to everypony how they refused to listen to Twilight's suspicions regarding Queen Chrysalis. He then forcibly removes all the other heroes but Twilight from power by destroying their reputations, drives them away from Equestria, and takes the throne for himself. This example ends up becoming a double subversion because Jewelius acts as the Big Bad for the rest of the story (and is revealed to have been rotten all along and convinced Chrysalis to take over Equestria with him before double-crossing her), but the ashamed heroes nevertheless admit he's right about how badly they screwed up.
    • Cadance provides a subtly downplayed example; while sad over the way Twilight was treated at the rehearsal, she's understanding and never angry with Shining Armor and the others. However, she reveals to him how Twilight helped them to become a couple years ago and asks him to make amends with Twilight before they get married. Though she says this gently, he takes it for an ultimatum.
    • When Celestia, Shining Armor, the Mane Five and Spike secretly return to Canterlot with Cadance in order to make amends with Twilight, Cadance ends up being injured by Jewelius. Twilight — having been manipulated by Jewelius to stop trusting her brother, mentor and friends after they walked out on her at the wedding rehearsal — mistakenly believes her former foalsitter was injured because her former loved ones brought her back to Canterlot. Sad and angry, she lashes out at them before allowing them to be taken prisoner.
      Twilight: "How could you have let her be put in danger? Hasn't she been through enough already?"
      Celestia: "Twilight, we didn't know what would happen."
      Twilight: [becomes extremely angry] "Yes, you didn't know. Just like you didn't know about the bad behavior she was showing during the planning for the wedding! Just like you didn't know about the strange spells she was constantly casting on my brother, which obviously weren't headache healing spells! Just like you didn't know what that display of crocodile tears at the rehearsal was meant to do! Just like you didn't know she was imprisoning ponies who were becoming obstacles in her plan in the caverns underneath the castle, like me! And just like you didn't know that she was the EVIL queen of an army of shapeshifting insect like monsters bent on devouring all the love in Equestria! Well, I know one place that they won't be able to find any real love!"
      Shining Armor: "Twily, I-"
      Twilight: "You know, King Jewelius was going to let her back into the kingdom. It would've been easy and nopony would've gotten hurt. But you all had to follow your own selfish instincts and mess everything up again! Well no more!"
      [Twilight imprisons her former loved ones in a magic dome]
      Applejack: "Twilight, please don't do this!"
      Fluttershy: "We're your friends!"
      Twilight: "No you're not! You only hangout with me because my connections could help you. You never cared about me or anypony else! I can't believe I fell for it for so long."
      Shining Armor: "Twily-"
      Twilight: "And you can forget about me calling you my BBBFF anymore! In fact, I don't even have a brother. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go check on the princess."
      Celestia: "Twilight, I-"
      Twilight: "You have a lot to think about."
    • In the 12th chapter, the disgraced heroes are reproached by Canterlot's angry citizens who are captivated by Jewelius' half-truths and feel themselves betrayed by their former idols. The original bridesmaids Lyra Heartstrings, Minuette and Twinkleshine — who were hypnotized to keep Cadance and Twilight contained in the caverns — are also along to voice their disbelief over the fact that only Twilight cared about their disappearance and that everypony else just took Chrysalis' word for it.
      Lyra Heartstrings: "And you five had the nerve to steal our positions as bridesmaids when we disappeared!"
      Pinkie Pie: "We didn't steal anything!"
      Rarity: "They were given to us by the bride!"
      Minuette: "You mean the fake bride! As if it was hers to give."
      Twinkleshine: "We went missing! Didn't anypony besides Twilight find that suspicious? Didn't anypony try to look for us? Why would none of you think to look into that?!"
      Shining Armor: "She said she fired you all because you were only interested in meeting Canterlot royalty."
      Twinkleshine: "How could you believe that lie? I never did anything to anypony!" [starts sobbing while Shining Armor is glared and booed at]
      Shining Armor: "I didn't mean to hurt her feelings!"
      Twilight: "But you did! Just like me."
      [Shining Armor lowers his head in shame]
  • In The Meaning Of Harmony, Sunset calls Princess Celestia out on using Destiny magic to view and influence Twilight's choices in life.
    Sunset: "Twilight idolizes you. There’s nopony she respects and loves more than you, and this is what you’ve done to repay her?! Or did your machinations cause her to idolize you? Did you decide that I’d been too rebellious, so you would just make sure your next student was a bit more devoted to you?! I can’t believe this. The benign, just ruler of Equestria using Destiny magic to make sure her student remains loyal. And you think I would have been a tyrant?"


  • In Team 8, Kurenai calls Hinata out on pushing herself as far as she did against Neji, which almost resulted in her death and upset Naruto to the point where he nearly forfeited his own match by being unwilling to leave her side, suggesting that she had no regard for her safety or her friends' feelings when she did so.
  • Naruto and Kushina trade these in Eroninja when they're sent to the past. Kushina (taking the place of the Kyuubi) suggests Naruto inform Minato about the future so they don't die and Naruto can grow up with his parents. When Naruto insists they can't as it's impossible to tell whether they can even change time and that if they succeed, the results would be unpredictable, Kushina angrily accuses him of sacrificing his parents to protect his harem lifestyle. Naruto retorts that she's asking him to sacrifice himself and his family for the sake of her and Minato. If Naruto was raised with his parents, he'd likely be a completely different person than he is now.
  • In A Father's Wrath, Orochimaru (Naruto's father in this fic) calls out Tsunade and Jiraiya when they meet again, asking them why they weren't around when Naruto was growing up and he needed someone to look after him and guide him.
  • Surprisingly, Inner Sakura calls out the real Sakura in A Growing Affection when she starts bullying Hinata.
  • Orochimaru calls out Tsunade in Of Ramen and Wooden Skates for constantly borrowing money from him and Jiraiya for gambling and never paying them back. Not only does she owe Orochimaru more than he makes in a year at his part-time job, but Jiraiya had to move in with him after he couldn't pay his rent.
  • Ino apparently gave Chouji one offscreen in Team 7's Ascension after his refusal to kill a downed enemy results in her being temporarily crippled and Akamaru killed.
  • In Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox, Naruto gets called out a total of four times throughout the story. The first three times (coming separately from Ino, Neji and Shikamaru) concern an incident where he almost killed an attacker and was willing to ignore his friends' urging to spare the person's life, then proceeded to avoid his friends after the fact. The fourth occasion is during his tribunal for being a member of the Kyuushingai who contributed to a year's worth of chaos across the country, where both Judge Utatane and prosecutor Yugao chew him out for his subsequent "I Did What I Had to Do" attitude regarding that period, even when he explains that he did all he did in an effort to stop Gaara's plot to take over the government.
    Naruto: "From what I was able to learn, your honor...cities’ worth of people would have been put at risk with what Gaara was planning."
    Judge Utatane: "And yet, by your actions on the night of the New Year’s celebration in Kumo City, isn't that what ended up happening anyway--that cities were subjected to multiple homicides?"
  • When Kakashi tries to capture Kurama for abducting Naruto in Blackkat's Reverse, a furious Kurama answers Kakashi has no right to pretend caring for Naruto, as he refused to raise the kid or doing anything to stop Konoha from treating him as an outcast.
  • Sasuke of all people calls out a pair of Konoha ninja in Black Flames Dance in the Wind: Rise of Naruto for trying to kill each other over one having an affair with the others wife while all of them are currently on break from searching for survivors in the aftermath of the worst attack on Konoha since the Kyuubi. The other shinobi around admit he was right and that they would've stood back and let it happen.
    • Asuma once raged at Ino for throwing live steel around the training grounds instead of the foam tipped practice ones she's supposed to as she could easily injure or kill someone if she misses her target. He likewise chewed out Shikamaru for using his shadow technique to throw off her aim because he was sick of Ino's boasting. As punishment, Asuma threw kunai around the training grounds and each one they failed to catch meant they had to run a lap around the entire village.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • The Child of Love:
    • From Misato to Asuka after the latter attempts to commit suicide.
    • Teri also chewed Asuka out via telepathy by nearly killing them both.
    • Asuka gave one to Shinji when he got so frightened, thinking he could not protect her, that he broke up with her.
    • A minor, humorous example when Shinji complains Asuka has gotten heavier, she replies it is Teri’s fault and he asks whether she is seriously blaming their unborn daughter who can’t speak in her behalf.
  • Evangelion 303: This doujin provides several examples. Asuka and Shinji were recipients of most of them:
    • In chapter 2 Asuka punched Shinji because during a training duel because he had pulled a suicidal move and he had got her nearly killed. Misato yelled Asuka that, even if Shinji's actions were wrong and punishment-worthy, striking a fellow pilot was completely unacceptable and it would not be brooked.
    • Meanwhile Ritsuko lectured Shinji that pulling suicidal moves during a friendly duel or training, only because you are determined to win, may be a stupid way to waste your life.
    • In chapter 6 Shinji tells during a pillow talk that he has no many reasons to live rather "exist". Asuka angrily retorts that no one can live without self-preservation instinct, she could never go into combat with someone that will not try to fight for his life, and there is a lot of other people -such like herself- that depends on him to live.
    • Saburo felt ignored by Kaworu and broke up with him due to a fit of jealousy. Kaworu moved on but Saburo did not, and he resented that Kaworu went out with other people. In chapter 7 he warned Kaworu against wasting his "forgiveness". Kaworu was not amused:
      Kaworu: "Forgiveness? You dumped me in a fit of jealousy fanned by the flames of your own imagination. There never was anything to forgive."
    • In chapter ten Gendo lectures Shinji about spending his entire free time watching over a comatose Asuka, and reprimands him for neglecting his duties and being more concerned with Asuka than with saving millions of innocent lives. Shinji replied that he knew nothing about "duty".
    • After Unit-04's crash and spending several months in a coma Asuka blamed herself for the failure of the mission and her friend's death, and she hated herself. To cope with her pain, she started to lash out at everyone, especially Shinji. In chapter 12 she is going through an inner turmoil and her rational side lectures her harshly about her actions:
      Asuka: "Nobody understands what I’m going through!"
      Asuka: "Do YOU understand?"
      Asuka: "?!"
      Asuka: "Do you see what you are doing? What you’ve been doing ever since you woke up? You wrap yourself up in this warm blanket of hate because it makes you feel powerful! It’s the only way you can feel powerful again without the help of others! But it’s only a drug. A quick chemical that hides your troubles! Meanwhile they’re still there GETTING WORSE. So, once again, the great Asuka Langley Sohryu is retreating from her troubles armed with a medicine cabinet of powerful looking narcotics! My, how self-reliant you are!"
    • In chapter 15 Asuka and Mari were supposed to take part in a training session. However they started dog-fighting. Misato chewed them out, stating that she had no use for pilots that still have to prove that they can do their jobs.
  • Ghosts of Evangelion:
    • After Asuka turns his Love Confession down, accusing him from lying to her, Shinji says she shouldn't tell him how he's feeling, or treating her friends like that.
      Shinji sat down, regarding Asuka with a mixture of hurt and anger. His fingers twitched, before closing into a fist. "You need to start listening to what I say," he said softly. "I may be an idiot, but I know how I feel. Better than you do, anyway."
      She nodded.
      "I don't mind being hurt sometimes," he went on. "That doesn't mean I like it, but I can deal with it. It means you're being honest with me and I appreciate that. But this morning, you went too far."
      "I know," she said.
      He leaned on the table. "When you got back from Kyoto, you said you wanted to be friends with me. Don't you remember that?"
      Asuka's eyes were watering. "Yes."
      "Is this how you treat your friends?" His voice was tinged with anger. "Are things really so terrible between us that you would say something like that?"
      She squeezed her eyes shut, tears rolling down her face, and shook her head. "I'm sorry," she said. "I—"
    • Asuka berates Misato for letting her down and abandoning her right when she needed badly someone who cared for her.
  • Higher Learning: After Shinji left, encouraged by his teacher's words, Misato confronted Kaoru about it. When he accused her of treating Shinji as a war tool she said angrily she does not care about NERV and she cares about Shinji more than she will ever care about Kaoru, but as long as the war lasts, neither of them has the luxury of leading a normal life.
  • Despite him apologizing after realizing what he said, Shinji still calls out Misato in Neon Metathesis Evangelion for sending Rei into a volcano after a dormant Angel and sending her Eva not only several hundred meters past the maximum safe depth, but another three hundred meters past the maximum allowed depth, all to kill an Angel. Furthermore, she redeployed both him and Asuka while they were still unconscious after their first sortie with Ramiel.

One Piece


  • In Poké Wars: The Subsistence, Tracy gets yelled at by the entire cast after he tries to assault Jessie, James, and Meowth after their Heel–Face Turn.
  • Pokémon: Take Two, a Send Your Original Characters fanfic, gives us one in chapter seven. Actually, that entire chapter is pretty much dedicated to telling our main character how much she sucks as a person, and how she really needs to get her act together.
  • In Common Sense, Delia gives one to Misty and Brock for being unable to protect Pikachu from the Rocket trio at Porta Vista, and generally relying on Ash to do most of the battling even though they are both older and Gym Leaders.
  • In a sidestory of Pokémon Reset Bloodlines, Red gets lectured by Ultima for not paying enough attention to his Clefairy's Ax-Crazy tendencies, especially after learning that it has acted like that before and he hasn't done anything to find out why or try to solve it.

Real-Person Fic

  • In With Strings Attached, the four (specifically George) decide to abandon Jim Hunter to his mind-sucking BFS because they don't want to risk their lives trying to get it away from him. They feel guilty, but they do it anyway. Luckily for both him and them, the ruthless ploy results in Jim's being able to release the sword, so he thinks it was just a brilliant maneuver on George's part. No one is in any hurry to tell him differently.
    • Also, they refuse to rescue or even contact Lyndess after they deliver the Vasyn, pretty much saying that she can go fuck herself... despite her having saved their lives at the end of the First Movement.
  • In The Keys Stand Alone: The Soft World, the four are very reluctant to perform heroic deeds, to the point where they start refusing requests to save small children and the like. As George and John frequently point out, they're not cops, and why aren't the city guards doing these things? They get called out on this a few times, most notably by Spectrem of the Guardians after George and Paul resist the call to search for a missing person in Chandalla.

Rurouni Kenshin

  • The Massively Multiplayer Crossover (but mostly Ruroken) fic Blood and Revolution has Aoshi massacre the Cabinet and most of the Diet in 2015. Absolutely no one was happy about this and he was given various levels of confrontation for it - from Kenshin's "How could you...?" to Hiko's beheading him.


  • In Massages, the girls make Jaune give them massages, because he is really good at them. Ren calls them out on doing this whenever they feel like and running Jaune ragged, and on not noticing that Jaune's hands were slowly getting damaged with each session. They are deeply ashamed and apologize. Later, when Jaune gets kissed by Velvet, the girls get jealous and yell at him, only for him to point out that they don't have any right to decide who he dates.


  • Miya gets a couple in the early chapters Ashikabi of Thunder and Lightning. First, Uzume snaps after Miya scolds her for making a dirty joke. Uzume accuses Miya of bullying the other Sekirei into following her own "prudish lifestyle". While Miya is shown to have a point (sex before their power matures stops a Sekirei from growing stronger), Uzume is still upset that Miya bans all forms of sexual contact and refuses to share any information with the others even if it'd be useful.
    • Later, after Miya accuses Takami of using her own children as pawns, Takami angrily responds that as Miya has "removed herself from the board", Takami has been forced to do what she can to limit Minaka's mad schemes. Takami further demands to know just what will force Miya to actually become involved in things instead of sitting everything out.

Sherlock Holmes

  • Deliver Us From Evil Series:
    Gregson: "...Now what in bloody blazes d'you mean they've found a body?!"
    • A chapter later...
      Lestrade: "You knew it was probable that Sherlock Holmes was dead, and you allowed them to hope by being uncertain? My God, man, have you no compassion?"

The Simpsons

  • Bart Simpson Attorney At Law:
    • Bart gets an earful from Lisa for sleeping with Jessica Lovejoy. We don't get the details, except Alex heard it from upstairs, and it lasted about 20 minutes.
    • Bart and Marge both blow up at Maggie for inviting Gina over in an attempt to bring her and Bart back together.
A Song of Ice and Fire
  • The North Remembers: When Jaime Lannister is sent into a trap set up by the Brotherhood without Banners after being led there unwillingly by Brienne, he is given the standard Kangaroo Court before setting out to hang him. Like Sandor Clegane before him, he calls them out on this behavior, specifically to Lem Lemoncloak.
    Jaime: "You smell marginally less bad, you potentially have better table manners, and you're more likely to be mistaken for the hind end of an aurochs rather than a goat, but for the life of me I can't see how you're different from the Bloody Mummers. At least they only had the decency to take my hand, but you won't be satisfied with anything less than my soul. Haven't you thundering imbeciles worked out by now that there's nothing there to give? Kill the Kingslayer, very well. Then you'll be a hero. Will that make you immortal, or set to rights the wrongs you're supposedly avenging, or do anything besides make you just as much a murderer as me? I don't care what god you pray to or what high-and-mighty purpose you claim. You still think you're the only ones to lose something in this war, and that makes you at least as blind as my sweet sister. Drop those breeches, Pisscloak, grace us all with the delightful aroma of your shit."

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

  • No One Breaks My Heart Like You: As Peter moves into his new apartment, and Mary Jane talk to him. Peter says goodbye and tells Mary Jane he wish things could have been better, to which a disappointed Mary Jane tells Peter that they can be better, but "You just didn't want to try". She leaves him alone after saying that.

Spyro the Dragon

  • In The Legend of Spyro: A New Dawn, Sparx of all people calls Cyril out on him saying that rescuing the kidnapped eggs wasn't worth putting the rest at risk by dividing their forces... right in front of Cynder, who was in a Heroic BSoD over the fact her adopted egg was among them.

Star Trek

  • The Wrong Reflection: The fic is set a few weeks after a Noodle Incident (explained in another to-be-published fic) in which Eleya lost it at a conference and cussed out "three ambassadors, a rear admiral, and the Proconsul of the Romulan Republic." She avoided being cashiered outright by dint of being a Bunny-Ears Lawyer ("I kinda helped save Earth Spacedock after."), but she still ends up with a massive black mark on her service record that means she'll probably never make admiral. (Granted, she wasn't interested in being an admiral anyway.)
  • "Aen'rhien Vailiuri": Jaleh calls out Morgan for killing her prisoner Maje Tillih, up to and including cussing her out. Morgan, however, doesn't think she did anything wrong (Deliberate Values Dissonance is in play).
  • "Last Rights": Nobody ever misses an opportunity to call out the Kobali for using living Vaadwaur soldiers locked in stasis as reproductive stock (something they did in the canon Star Trek Online story).
  • In "Flaihhsam s'Spahkh", when the very anti-Federation Senator Vreenak says that the Federation cannot be trusted not to use the USS Defiant's cloaking device against the Romulan Star Empire, Morgan points out that the Federation has historically gone out of its way to keep the peace and that most of the violations of the Treaties of Alpha Trianguli and Algeron were the Romulans' doing.
  • Strange Times Are Upon Us: Brokosh calls out Meromi on killing a pair of slave hunters and potentially polluting the timeline. Meromi, however, retorts that he thinks Orions are all the same, and she hates slavery because she was given to a Klingon nobleman by Melani D'ian as a "housewarming gift" at the age of fifteen.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • Blood and Honor: Vette calls Sanguis out on her actions several times, questioning the Sith's unforgiving treatment of Jedi, disinterest in the welfare of Jaesa Willsaam, and participation in the entrapment and murder of a Dark Council member.

Stargate SG-1

  • In Guarding Pandora’s Box, Jack and General Hammond each make it clear to the Tok’ra that they won’t countenance any attempt to try and probe Daniel’s mind for the Harcesis knowledge because of the risk of the unlocked knowledge also unlocking the personality that apparently came with it, refusing to destroy Daniel’s identity in the name of a possible advantage.

Steven Universe

  • A Gem in the Rough: In addition to Usopp freaking out on Luffy for wanting to abandon the Going Merry, Steven gives a major one to Garnet (for potentially being able to stop the duel using her Future Vision) and Pearl (for still not seeming like she cares about the Straw Hats) after the duel. This causes Steven to quit the Crystal Gems.
    Steven Universe: "Is it true? Did you know?! It is, isn't it?! YOU SAW THEY WOULD FIGHT!"

Super Danganronpa 2

  • Swimming in Terror: Saionji, of all people, tells Hibiki; "Someone died, and all you care about is yourself!"
  • System Restore:
    • During the first trial, Nanami gently calls out Togami on pressuring Hinata while he's having difficulty wrapping his mind around the fact that Komaeda had been plotting to murder somebody at the party. As she points out, with so many people participating in the class trial, it's unfair to place the burden of 'solving the case' on one person alone.
    • Following the first trial, Sonia and Chiaki attempt to call Byakuya out on his attempt to offer himself up in place of the culprit. However, Byakuya counters with an Armor-Piercing Question.
    • Once the culprit of the second murder is exposed, nobody is happy with them, their motivations or methods. Byakuya and Mahiru are especially vocal, as Sonia twisted Togami's advice and killed Pekoyama to protect Koizumi.
    • In the second part of Chapter 3, Hinata calls out Kuzuryuu, blaming them for the murder:
      Hinata: "You knew what playing that game would do and you did it anyway. You put everyone's lives in danger. Pekoyama and Sonia are dead, and if you knew what happened yesterday—"
    • Later on in Chapter 3, Mahiru tears into Hiyoko for bullying Mikan and Kazuichi so much, calling her out on doing so when one of them has just been murdered and the other is barely clinging to life after a brutal assault.


  • Two key examples in It's All in the Details;
    • During the police station siege, Castiel points out to Sam that he was actually prepared to attempt a spell that would involve him killing an innocent woman and cutting out her heart based on the word of a demon, which prompts Sam to get over Ruby’s attempts to manipulate him.
    • When Dean and Sam learn that Travis was going to kill Michelle because she’s pregnant with Jack’s child, Dean informs Travis that they won’t be party to him killing an unborn baby and its innocent mother.

Teen Titans

  • Beast Boy gets this a lot in the first two chapters of The End of Ends, though his actions justify the calling out (they range from stalking one school girl to raiding Raven's room to downright beating up two school girls), though since it's one of those fanfics, they're portrayed as the Titans being mean to Beast Boy.


  • In the Things We Don't Tell Humans, Sentinel Prime seems to collect these as a hobby.
    • He resurrects a friend for a job and fails to realize the friend is suicidal after the job is over. Ratchet and the friend’s young son call him out on it.
    • He doesn’t reveal that he’s become a Nay-Theist (he’s supposed to be a Priest King) until the revelation almost derails the crowning of the next Prime. Ratchet and the young son (now grown up) call him out on that, too.
    • He breaks into Optimus Prime’s office and then lies about having called ahead when he accidentally interrupts a private moment between Optimus and Elita-One. Elita, Optimus, and Megatron all call him out on that.
  • Transformers Victory: Leozack, of all characters, complains to Victory Leo when he's willing to leave Holi and Jean for dead.

Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-

  • All the main characters in Shatterheart gets one and at seperate occassions:
    • Real!Syaoran is called by Fai for keeping his relationship with Kurogane a secret from him and not telling Sakura the truth. In the Nihon Arc, Kurogane calls him out on his indecisiveness when he wanted Syaoran to make clear whether Syaoran would stay with him or Syaoran would continue to pursue Sakura.
    • Sakura is called out for treating Real!Syaoran like an non-entity and for shunning him for him not being his clone when Syaoran wanted to know her.
    • Fai is called out for hating and shunning Real!Syaoran and for emotionally blackmailing Syaoran to end his relationship with Kurogane, which at the time was his only positive relationship. Kurogane and Syaoran let him have it when they find at the end of the Infinity Arc he was going to backstab them the entire time.
    • Kurogane is called by Fai for agreeing with Syaoran's offer for a sexual relationship because the latter was emotionally vulnerable and still in love with Sakura. After he breaks up with Syaoran, Fai calls him out on the brutal way he ends their relationship. In the Nihon Arc, all his friends call him out that he lets his anger get the better of him and he doesn't let himself feel his own emotions when he brutalizes Syaoran and misses the obvious cues that Syaoran was trying to calm him down.


  • In Risen, Professor Xavier disowns Scott after the latter ditches his secret identity to testify in a trial against an anti-mutant bigot. As a result, Jean Grey even refuses to talk to her former professor, and even Magneto calls his old friend out on Scott because his student did what Xavier himself was too afraid to do.


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