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Examples of What the Hell, Hero? from the Ultimate Marvel comics.

  • Ultimate Comics All-New Spider-Man #14 opens up its first page with Gwen Stacy's "CAPTAIN AMERICA, YOU ARE A JERK!!". She's in a warehouse, so the windows behind her are broken and disused, so it looks like she shouted so hard it shattered the windows. This is actually a nod towards an issue of Uncanny X-Men, where Kitty Pryde calls Professor X a jerk. The positioning of Gwen in the panel's the same as it was with Kitty in that issue.
    • During the Ultimate Spider-Man tie-in mini-series to Cataclysm: The Ultimates' Last Stand, Miles' father gives his son one after finding out his identity, snapping at him for the death of the former's brother (without realizing he was trying to blackmail his son) and mother (who died protecting him from the new Ultimate Venom), going so far as to hit him. However, this turned into a My God, What Have I Done? when he watches his son and Spider-Woman rescue people from a crashing plane, including J. Jonah Jameson, who promised to make his life so much better after being rescued.
  • During the second volume of Ultimate X-Men, shortly after the Peter Parker of the Ultimate Universe died, Kitty tries to stop Bobby Drake, Rogue, and Johnny Storm from trying to save people by saying it was pointless and even pointing to the memory of Peter as an example of heroes dying and tells them not to get involved. However, this pissed off Johnny, who called her out on this, retorting by pointing out that unlike he and Bobby, Kitty wasn't there to help Peter when he died.
  • In The Ultimates Bruce Banner injects himself with a serum to turn into the Hulk, to cope with his sef-esteem problems. The Ultimates defeat him and he turns back to Banner, but not before he razes a good part of New York. Captain America gives him a well deserved kick in the face for it.
    • He received a similar kick in Ultimate Origins when he tested a reconstructed Captain America on himself, turning himself into the Hulk for the first time, and almost killing Richard Parker in the process.
  • In The Ultimates one of the alternatives being considered to stop the Hulk was to Nuke 'em. Thor did not approve of it. Fortunately, it was just a contingency plan, just in case all the other plans failed.
  • Thor did not approve of it either when Hulk was released against the Chitauri.
  • Henry Pym had a domestic abuse incident with the Wasp. Captain America left him in the hospital.
  • In Ultimate FF Victor Van Damme and Namor are about to commit a genocide with the alternate universe Atlanteans. She gets angry when Agent Coulson suggest to let the Bad Guys Do the Dirty Work, but neither her, Stark or Sam could find an alternative solution to their crisis.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man
    • Uncle Ben gave two to Peter right before his death: one for the sudden drop of his grades, another for running away from home.
    • Peter Parker was usually yelled at by other superheroes because he was still too young and usually caused Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! situations.
    • Miles Morales was usually yelled at by everyone because of using the Spider-Man identity, that many saw as in bad taste, considering that Parker had died a hero.
    • Done rather humourously in an arc of Ultimate Spider-Man which sees Peter mind-swapped with Logan by Jean Grey she gets sick of Logan hitting on her. For Peter, the result was as thus: he had woken up in Wolverine's body, freaked out, tried to call the X-Men for help (and got laughed at for his trouble,) accidentally cut off his own fingers, got a car flipped over on him, gotten tased, arrested and shot in the face by anti-mutite police, and then had to take crap from Wolverine (who nearly got him kicked out of school, flipped off to Aunt May, tried to get some from Mary Jane and nearly blew Peter's secret identity) about his life. Although swapping his brain with Peter was an unintended side-effect, not surprisingly, Peter — who didn't ask for any of this, has had an utterly shitty experience because of it, and doesn't appreciate Jean's rather glib attitude to the situation — is quick to give her a rather expletive-strewn piece of his mind once it's all sorted out. Once he's stormed off, Jean is left rather shaken and promising to send him a basket of something in apology. That would piss anyone off.
      God, you know why people hate you? It's not because you're mutants! It's because you're a bunch of %#@&@&%@& *($!$^&&!^$ #&$@$&$#@*!!!
    • He also chews out Colossus, much to Colossus' confusion.
      Why am I also a *(&*? I was just standing here!
    • When the clone crisis started, Nick Fury went to Parker's house to detain him. Many people, from the Fantastic Four to Mary Jane, critizised him for it.
    • The clone crisis also saw Peter and May give one to each other: Peter for keeping he was Spider-Man from May and May for hiding that Peter's father was "alive" (in reality, he was an aged-up clone of Peter).
    • After Peter died, Aunt May proceeds to condemn the Ultimates (at Peter's funeral no less) in Ultimate Fallout for their failure to help Peter despite their offer to teach him shortly before after Captain America expressed his prior lack of faith in Peter and his regret over it.
    • Peter asks Robertson (in a polite way, but still) why doesn't the Bugle go against the Kingpin's criminal organization. Actually, they did. And the Kingpin bought stock in the company.
  • Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra: Elektra goes to the police station to make a scene because they dropped the investigation on Trey. But they had no other choice: they got orders from above to drop the case. The kid has connections.
  • Ultimate Vision: Tarleton turned Dima into a living bomb and sent her against the Gah Lak Tus module. It destroyed it, but Vision was so enraged that she cut his head and threw it to the horizon.
  • All-New Ultimates
    • Lana got really mad with his boyfriend Poey, as he was hiding at his uncle's home and never told her about it.
    • Cloak threw Vermin to Dagger, instead of simply absorbing him. She was not happy about it.
    • Cloak and Dagger have been living in an abandoned church, and when it was blown up, at Jessica's. Miles pointed that Jameson would have proposed to buy them whatever they need. Rather than being happy, Dagger was angry. She was living at an abandoned church when she could have been in a condo?

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