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Shout Out / Ultimate Marvel

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Yes, Batman exists in the Ultimate Marvel universe... as a fictional character of a film franchise!
Examples of Shout Outs made in the Ultimate Marvel universe.
  • Ultimate Fantastic Four
    • "Sue's sick! And Moley is Hugh Laurie in this situation."
    • The death ray Reed picks up from the N-Zone looks suspiciously like a Gaffi Stick.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man
  • Ultimate X-Men
    • Charles Xavier has a big copy of the "The Creation of Adam" fresco in his bedroom. Nobody can deny he has good decorating tastes.
    • There are Got Milk? advertising here and there, featuring... Ultimate Spider-Man?
    • Wraith described Rogue as a "Marilyn Manson fan"
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    • Post-Ultimatum, Mystique tries to civilize Victor a bit to better blend in with human society (inasmuch as a 7' tall man with facial scars and a bodybuilder's physique can blend in) calling him by his birth name, with new clothes and a haircut directly cribbed from his live-action look in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It doesn't help.
    Mystique: We cleaned him up and still can't get the "Sabretooth" out of him...
  • In issue #2 of Ultimate Wolverine, Logan encounters four scientists who look like the four male leads of The Big Bang Theory.
  • The Ultimates
    • Bucky, a mere soldier, could only describe the Chitauri rocket as "Flash Gordon tech".
    • It seems that Jarvis goes to a Butler club with "Alfred and all those other old degenerates".
    • The library of Bruce Banner in his cell at the Triskelion includes books such as Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
    • Herr Kleiser is caught by a huge explosion of fuel tanks. If you thought that No One Could Survive That!, think again: he gets out of the fire, still alive. His military uniform has of course been blasted and now he's naked, but he's indestructible and still fighting. Yes, like in the climax of The Terminator.
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    • When Iron Man proposes to teleport the bomb to some other dimension, Black Widow mockingly refered to it as dropping the bomb in Narnia.
  • Ultimatum: Peter Parker and his gang have seen The Dark Knight, many times