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  • The "Ultimate Galactus" storyline. Oh Warren Ellis, why must you spoil us so?
    • Captain America's speech to the Red Guardian:
      "Yeah, I'm gonna fight you. You know why? Because I fought besides Russians during World War II. They were good and decent men, and they made terrible, painful sacrifices to save their country. And to see their country then turn around and put monsters in prisons with nuclear landmines... to see people like you, proudly complicit in this nightmare... Yeah, I'll fight you. You've waited forty years for me in this hellhole, I feel it'd be impolite not to kick your head in."
      • And then they fight. It climaxes with the audience being taken from What Do You Mean, It's Not Symbolic? to Surprisingly Realistic Outcome in under five seconds:
        Red Guardian: Do you know what this place did? It made us proud. It made us glorious. It made us strong and it taught us there was no shame in a union. Because it took a Union to make us.
        Captain America: That's - <unf> That's the mistake crazy scum like you always make. Fighting's not about pride. Fighting's not about glory.
        (Captain America grabs a pointed object from his surroundings and stabs his opponent in the heart)
        Captain America: Fighting's about winning.
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    • Later on, Ultimate Falcon (a scientist with Army training) defeats Ultimate Colossus (an iron-plated mutant strongman) with Fridge Logic. "So... if your eyes are made of metal... how can you see?" *eyepoke!*
    • The Mythology Gag that introduce the Devourer of Worlds' designation is a nice touch.
    • We meet Ultimate Captain Marvel. Even before we see he has superpowers, we are shown how awesome he is:
      Colonel North: Gentlemen, be seated. I'd like to introduce our core team on the Asis rocket - Doctor Sutton, Doctor Binder, and Doctor Lawson. If Doctor Lawson will give us his time.
      Philip Lawson (Captain Marvel): I'm sorry, I was just looking at her.
      Major Carol Danvers: Excuse me?
      Philip Lawson(Captain Marvel): (pointing out the window) The rocket. Didn't see you there, Major. Sorry.
      Colonel North: Doctor Lawson is, of course, a civilian, and should probably be forgiven. If not by me.
      • Then he beats the crap out of a giant alien robot. It tells him that his armour will not be sufficient. His response? "Shut up. I can do anything I like." And then he blows it up.
      • And while delirious from the exploding robot, he gets arrested by the soldiers on the base. He tries to talk his way out of it by claiming to be Spider-Man. He doesn't get away with it, but goddamn, it took guts.
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    • The Fantastic Four get recruited over the phone, and they're told there will be an aerial escort. As they get onto the ship, they gush about how great it will be to work with the Ultimates, and whether Thor or Iron Man is cooler. Then they launch. They can't see any aircraft. Then they look up. It's Thor and Iron Man.
    • Reed Richards' line as the spaceship takes off.
      "I never get tired of this feeling."
    • Hawkeye shoots one alien soldier with an arrow. The alien's three squadmates turn around. Hawkeye shoots all three at once:
      Hawkeye: Well, they die like people, at least.
      Captain Marvel: They are people. I'm one of them.
      Hawkeye: So its good to know you'll die like people too.
    • Remember Reed Richard's "I stayed inside like a good little nerd" speech from Rise of the Silver Surfer? Well that's in here too, except he delivers it to Ultimate Nick Fury. Yeah, that's right - he talks trash to Sam Frigging Jackson.
      • Even better, it was done here first - the speech was so awesome that they used it in the film.
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    • Misty Knight insists she was attacked by a bald hitwoman, who was pronounced dead over a decade before. Captain America doesn't believe. She tells him to kiss her ass. Then she stops this mysterious woman from fleeing the scene of the crime when a satellite dish gets bombed on the Helicarrier:
      "Bald. Alive. And running around on your little flying fortress seconds after something blows up. Get Captain America up here. I have something for him to kiss."
    • Professor Xavier tries to interface with Gah Lak Tus and gets mind-pwned. So on their next encounter, he links himself with pretty much the entire human race and then goes back.
      "Hello Gah Lak Tus. Remember me? I've brought six billion of my friends."
      • Cue Gah Lak Tus spazzing out.
    • Reed Richards saves the day by firing an alternate universe's big bang at the Gah Lak Tus. Even though it saved all of humanity, both he and his girlfriend view this as an abomination against nature and science.
      • Mind you, pretty much any time Warren Ellis writes Ultimate Reed Richards, expect him to do something awesome.
    • And Nick Fury's incredible hubris on the last page is somewhere between this and Tempting Fate.
  • In a timeline narrowly avoided by Ben Grimm, everyone on Earth save Ben himself gains superpowers thanks to some seemingly benevolent aliens. Unfortunately, it's revealed that the same pill that gave everyone their abilities is also killing them. Ben is the only one who didn't take the pill and, as such, is the only survivor when the aliens hunt down and kill the remaining superpowered humans and mutants. Unfortunately, the alien's power is to copy that of every superhuman within a hundred miles, and he's just killed them all, leaving him alone with one very pissed off Ben Grimm who may not have any powers, but he does have rage. Cue Awesome.
  • And over in Ultimate X-Men, we have such delights as Colossus pile-driving a car into Betsy Braddock/Proteus to kill him, Wolverine eliminating romantic rival Cyclops by dropping him off a cliff, Cyclops surviving with several broken bones by eating - among other things - insects and his watch strap, and Cyclops' verdict on Wolverine's actions: telling him 'You're off the team' just after turning him into a steaming pile of meat with an optic blast.
  • Cyclops tricking a Sentinel into picking him up, then pressing a button on his hand to unleash a full optic blast in it's face is one of the first in the series.
  • In Ultimate Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom (controlled by Reed Richards) confronts the zombie Fantastic Four from Marvel Zombies. He takes special precautions to not get infected by the virus, and uses his strength and powers to beat them all in only a few pages.
    • Doom's reaction to finding himself stuck in the Zombie universe is priceless.
  • Aunt May using Godwin's Law on J. Jonah Jameson during a serious bout of Bad Boss-itus. Actually, almost everyone we are supposed to root for gets one in that issue.
    • With that mustache, J.J. was long overdue for having Godwin's Law invoked on him.
  • Cap manipulating Hulk into eating Herr Kleiser and destroying the Not-Skrull ships in Ultimates Vol. 2, Homeland Security.
  • Ultimate Power has quite a few:
    • Narrator: There are some things you never see more than once in your lifetime. And as Nick Fury looked out the window of the helicarrier, he knew that this was a least five of them.
    • Scarlet Witch: "To set my powers against hers might cause... well, for lack of a better term, an implosion of natural laws... it could potentially tear this world asunder and destroy it."
    Nick Fury: "'s not my world. Now get the hell out there."
    Random grunt: "Whoa..."
    Nick Fury: "Sir."
    Random grunt: "Whoa, sir!"
    Nick Fury: "Better."
    • And finally, Thor's rematch with Hyperion. Keep in mind, in the whole of the Supreme Power universe, Hyperion is regarded with a mixture of awe and horror for his sheer power.
    Thor: "ENOUGH!" *cue lightning* "Now, Hyperion, you will learn what it is to bring forth a god without mercy."
    Thor strikes Hyperion so hard that for the first time ever, the Supreme Power Hyperion bleeds.
    Zarda: *catches Mjolnir in mid-swing*'' "We have our own gods without mercy. And goddesses."
  • Meta: Secret Wars (2015) was supposed to be the Grand Finale for this universe. Killed Off for Real. Kaput. Finito. All characters Marvel wanted to save became natives of good ol' 616. It only took two years for Marvel to undo that, on Spider-Men II Issue Number 5.