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Shout Out / Young Avengers

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A team of Pop Cultured Badasses generates a lot of ShoutOuts.

  • In a brief attempt to be less conspicuous, Billy transforms the flashy outfits of the team and Magneto into...a rough recreation of one set of the von Trapp's outfits. (The Vision is a nun.)
    Eli: But I'm also thinking about how much I'm going to miss you when Magneto eventually betrays us — and the Scarlet Witch kills us — and I die wearing an outfit last seen on Rolfe, the Nazi boyfriend.
    Kate: Don't be ridiculous...
    Kate: ...Teddy's Rolfe. You're Friedrich.
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  • The situation prompts the line, "What are we, the Uncanny von Trapps?

The 2013 run hits critical mass by maintaining Billy and Teddy as geeky staples and adding Earth culture-appreciative Noh-Varr and hit-and-miss Totally Radical Kid Loki.


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