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  • In the first issue, there's a scene where Billy and Teddy are too busy flirting with each other to notice that Billy had accidentally set the room on fire with his lightening. Note that this was before their Relationship Reveal!
  • At the end of the Skrull/Kree conflict in Issue #12, the team has just finished helping Teddy mourn for his dead mother/caretaker when Tommy accidentally blows up the UN building and zips back to the team to ask Billy if he could magically fix it.
  • In The Young Avengers Presents #6: Kate goes to the 'temporary' Avengers hideout to meet with Ronin. Once she's in, Spider-Man and Luke Cage are playing a video game:
    Cage: Chainsaw! Chainsaw! Chainsaw!
    Spidey: I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!
    • Later at the end, Patriot's playing the same game with Teddy, repeating the same words.
  • The entire "Sound of Music" costume sequence.
    Tommy: What are we, the Uncanny von Trapps?
    Teddy: It's his favorite movie.
    Billy: It is not! It's one of my favorite movies.
  • Dark Reign #5: After Patriot actually punches out Iron Patriot (Norman Osborn) in a CMOA, this happens. Doubles as a CMOH.
    Eli: I broke my hand.
    Kate: I love you.
    Eli: I may break my hand every day.
  • Wiccan battling Doctor Doom in Children's Crusade #3 and clearly not sure whether to think "OMG, he's going to kill me" or "OMG, I'm fighting Dr. Doom!"
    • This is also observed later (and even more hilariously) when Doom is healing him:
      Doom: I've no grudge against you, Wiccan.
      Wiccan: You know who I am?
      Doom: Of course.
      Wiccan: (aloud, to himself) Dr. Doom knows who I am.
  • In the Homecoming short, with the team being officially welcomed to Avengers Mansion by the New Avengers (and Hawkeye) - Speed promptly starts hitting on Mockingbird.
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  • Wiccan quoting Project Runway in one of his spells.
  • In one of the solicits for the new Young Avengers series, Loki Breaks The Fourth Wall and creates a Want Ad for new readers. Here is his description about himself:
    Loki: One mischievous and lovable godling who is not at all evil and definitely not manipulating everyone.
  • In the new series we're introduced to Loki when he's in a diner and had made some sort of magic circle out of junk food. Which then starts flying and talking to him. In font other comics use for Mephisto. Loki has apparently summoned a demon through a sausage.
  • Loki's Lame Comeback to Miss America Chavez in issue 1 of Volume 2.
  • After Miss America's Big Damn Heroes moment.
    Miss America: Everyone good?
    Billy: That was...very cool.
    Teddy: I don't know who you are, or why you're flying around like a guardian angel, but please keep doing that.
  • Miss America Chavez preemptively clamps Loki's mouth shut to keep him from reciting an escape spell. Then her parents show up.
    Blue Mom: America, put that god down immediately.
    Red Mom: Stop this. Come home. You have a decade worth of studies to catch up on.
    Miss America: [releases her hand from Loki's mouth] &$#% that.
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  • Billy and Kate text each other while she's still in outer space with Noh-Varr:
    Billy: Kate keeps texting about skrulls. And cute boys.
    Teddy: Two of my favorite topics.
    Billy: I'm saying we're in deep trouble. Also, hugs.
  • Loki attempts to sway America, Teddy, and Billy to his side by asking if they've seen Game of Thrones and compares himself to Tyrion Lannister. This only earns him deadpan silence.
    • And of course Miss America has no idea what Game of Thrones is anyway.
  • From issue #4 we have Noh-Varr and his inner monologue. And changing the club's music halfway through.
    "She is my favorite Hawkeye. I have met another one, though. We didn't make love. He was a man. Also fond of purple."
    "Oooh, nice seats."
  • And moments later we have this:
    Hulkling: Your boyfriend is cute.
    Kate: He is totally faking it.
    Noh-Varr: My faking it is total.
  • Still under a parasite's spell, Captain America and Thor have a conversation in the Avengers Mansion, being completely oblivious to the fact that an alien spaceship is attacked by hordes of zombies and superhumans right outside the window.
  • The circumstances are far from funny (Loki has abandoned them and a horde of brainwashed adults are heading their way), but Miss America's Leaning on the Fourth Wall zinger crosses over with Badass Boast.
    Billy: It's all my fault. I don't know what to say.
    Miss America: Oh yeah? I do. But you guys are rated PG-13.
  • All of the "Yamblr" recap pages done in the form of Tumblr pages are crammed with jokes. If nothing else, Gillen knows his audience. The solicits are also very funny.
  • Fifth issue gives us Loki's dialogues with Ghost!Kid Loki that can jump between being funny and tear-jerking very quickly.
    Ghost!Kid Loki: Well, can't make a Hamlet without breaking a few eggs.
    Loki: That pun makes me glad I killed you.
    • Loki attempts to use slang.
    Loki: And they're totally loco!
    Miss America: [rolling her eyes] Chico, don't.
    • The gang are surrounded.
    Teddy: Guys, we need a plan.
    Miss America: Punch everyone.
    • Which becomes a Brick Joke when Loki reveals his plan on how to take out the adults.
    Miss America: I knew this plan would eventually involve punching people.
    • And when Miss America says she stays with the team to keep an eye on Loki.
    Ghost!Kid Loki: Yeah, she's totally onto you.
    Loki: Shut up.
    • And when Noh-Varr is offered the chance to leave, he tells Kate he'll stay.
    Noh-Varr: For you promised to explain the Earth custom known as "hot make out".
  • Issue #6 gives us Prodigy at his job, talking over the phone to some ninja.
    Prodigy: Elektra, you say?
    Prodigy: Can you run? You should run.
    Prodigy: Seriously, you want to run.
    Prodigy: Okay. What do you know? What do you have? No, lose the swords. Sai trump swords.
    Prodigy: Flock tactics. She attacks, you back off. Don't engage until someone can lock down the sai with a chain, then go en masse.
    Prodigy, angry: En masse means everyone at once.
    Prodigy: I know you're a ninja but.... Just do it!
    Prodigy, frustrated: Listen to me: you have a choice...strictly following the ancient code of ninjutsu and being a dead ninja or going in like I say and maybe being a live ninja.
    • Let's just say that Tommy has some odd thought processes and leave it at that.
    Tommy: David, man. Last night, I was on a podium, waving my shirt around my head, and a sudden thought came to me...
  • This exchange after Billy transports the group and Prodigy to where Tommy was blinked away:
    Loki: And this is where the dread spectre disappeared him, Mr. Young, Gifted, and Black?
    Prodigy: Of course. And that's...wait, you're a Norse God who knows Nina Simone?
    Noh-Varr: I'm an alien who loves Nina Simone! You know how she—
    Kate: Shush Time again. Be pretty and silent.
  • The credits page of Issue 7 is designed to look like a poorly designed diner menu.
    Meat! Meat! Meaty-meat meat! - Loki, Norse God of Mischief
  • Issue 7: After the gang find out the group of Skrulls they were battling are just shapeshifters who want to be as cool as the actual Skrulls:
    Miss America: Let's call their parents and get them grounded from the cosmos. Then breakfast.
    Noh-Varr: Pancakes?
    Kate: Pancakes.
    • Loki's Instagram page. With lots of Smoooooooooch.
  • Noh-Varr making a confession about one of his less well-known powers, and Kate stating the obvious about her own.
    Noh-Varr: Have I mentioned I have mind control saliva?
    Noh-Varr: This is true.
  • Part of the Young Avengers' dimensional travels has Loki saying, "Let's get out of here before something horrible inevitably happens." He turns to find six hideous versions of Exterminatrix (Noh-Varr's old fling) advancing on them. His response? "I hate you, inevitable horrible!"
    • America is banned from the Korean barbecue restaurant on Earth-212 as a result of her punching Loki through the wall. It's the only time you see her actually look sheepish as she apologizes to the waitress.
  • In Issue 11, the Running Gag of Loki getting punched in the face. Were it not karmic, you'd almost feel sorry for the guy!
    Prodigy: Hey, not everyone gets to indulge their terminal drama addiction when the world is ending. I texted Laurie and Alex and... *cut to a spread of Gondor Calls for Aid in the vein of "What's the story, morning glory? / What's the word, humming bird?"
    • Every scene with Ultimate Nullifier - most of the times he's posing for no reason whatsoever and interrupts Leah's phone call to Loki to yell some obscenities at the latter.
    • He continues that in the next issue. Even Gillen' notes on the issue say "Meanwhile Ultimate Nullifier continues being Ultimate Nullifier".
  • Issue #13 has Fake Patriot really annoying Prodigy with constant repeating of his catchphrases, at some inappropriate moments..
  • The running gag at the New Year's party about how the drinks are just "fruit juice". Suuuure they are.
  • Kate realizing that she's the only straight person in the Young Avengers. Then Miss America accuses her of crushing on the Interdimensional Kicker of Butts.
  • Prodigy asking Miss America if she was drinking before going through her dimensional portal got a smile out of this troper.
  • As the gang are leaving the party, a Funny Background Event shows Transonic carrying a sleeping Pixie and Doop as the designated driver, scowling with his arms crossed as he stands on the loading ramp.
  • When they're not being Fridge Horror Nightmare Fuel thanks to the pure raw power of he's doing, Billy's nonchalant musings as the Demiurge are pretty hilarious.
    Billy: And... done. So... I'm the Demiurge. This is nice. What can I do? Anything. Yeah, anything. I'm giving birth to the future right now. And the past. And... oh, this is strange. It's like cradling all reality in my arms. They all look so cute from up here. Oh, it's tempting. But do I really want kids?
  • This, which doubles as a Heartwarming Moment:
    Loki: Oh, ugh. Is love really going to save us all?
  • The entire first meeting between Billy, Tommy, and Quicksilver is hilarious. The Young Avengers and Magneto are standing with Pietro, while Billy starts to explain that Magneto didn't force them into anything. He's abruptly cut off mid-sentence, with the next panel being identical... except Billy and Quicksilver are gone and everyone is staring in shock at the space where they used to be. The next page shows that Quicksilver simply picked Billy up, threw him over his shoulder, and ran. Even better, Billy's just so nonchalant about hanging over his sort-of uncle's shoulder while the landscape blurs past, like he's picked up like a sack of potatoes and dragged around at superspeed all the time.
    Billy: I have to be honest with you... this is not how I was hoping we'd meet.
    • And then Pietro and Tommy have a race. While Billy is still hanging over Pietro's shoulder.
      Tommy: I suppose it must be a blow to the old ego, knowing there's a version of you out there that's younger, better looking... and faster.
      Pietro: If it's a race you want, nephew...
      Billy: Do I get a say in this?
      Pietro: ...then a race you shall have!
      Billy: Yeah, I didn't think so.
  • The Runaways/Young Avengers Civil War crossover has the Wiccan VS Karolina fight, wherein they realize that they have something in common while trying to blast the crap out of each other.
    Wiccan: The Skrull's kind of a blowhard, isn't he?
    Karolina: That's my betrothed you're talking about! And when he's a she, she's actually really sweet.
    Wiccan: Wait, you're dating a Skrull?!
    Karolina: K-kind of... you got a problem with that?!
    Wiccan: N-no! I kind of am too...


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