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Thor really was just a delusional Norweigan nurse with stolen technology...
...Until Scarlet Witch altered reality to make Loki, Asgard and Valhalla real. That's why his speech changed from contemporary to pseudo-Elizabethan, and why he suddenly acquired an arsenal of alternate hammers. Wanda probably was responsible for Valkyrie getting powers, too.
  • This is now part of This Troper's personal canon since it's the only way to restore continuity in Ultimates 3.
    • The only other possible reason for the changes is that after Ultimate Power, they went back to a universe almost identical to theirs, but a little... off. Which means the original un-Ultimatum'd UM is still out there somewhere in the multiverse...

The creepy Spider-Man-Who-Is-Not-Spider-Man from Ultimate Avengers...
  • an Eldritch Abomination unrelated to anything we know about.
  • the currently unrevealed Ultimate Enemy of that miniseries and its sequels. Does not conflict with the above.
  • a lost clone.
  • a man/is a woman/is a robot.
  • a TimeLord, and the Ultimate Spider-Car is his TARDIS.
  • Haruhi. Not as implausible as this theory is most of the time.
  • Ultimate Doppelganger, and Mark Millar is on fucking crack.
  • Ultimate Jackal, whose obsession has manifested in "being" Spidey instead of cloning him.
  • Ultimate Bullseye, who is dressed in an off-color Spider-Man suit because he's crazy.
  • Peter Parker from an evil mirror universe, hence the costume difference.
  • something Millar just made the hell up.
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  • Ultimate Deadpool.
  • Marvel Zombies Spider-Man. That's why he's kept in an isolation tube.
  • ...will never be seen or heard from again, because a new writer will take over and crap all over continuity again.
  • a man.
  • a dragon.
  • a dragon-man.
  • Official answer? He's a clone of Peter Parker and an alternate Charles Xavier from the future.
    • No, that was just Gregory Stark and Nick Fury screwing with Carol Danvers. We have no idea what the real story is.

Kong wasn't being metaphorical about the Ghostbusters thing in Ultimate Spider-Man #15.
Beginning very early on, Bendis dropped hints that the events of the Ultimate universe were all connected and leading to a catastrophic event. All of this will eventually culminate by revealing that the appearance of Mutants and various other superhumans are all portents of Gozer the Gozerian.

The mysterious female shadow behind Quicksilver in Ultimatum: Requiem is...
  • Scarlet Witch— no, too obvious.
    • This one is confirmed as of Ultimate Comics: X issue 5.
    • And later Jossed: it's either Ultimate!Apocalypse or Ultimate!Sinister, depending on who you ask.
      • True, but personally, it wouldn't surprise me if the original plan was to make it Wanda and having it be revealed that she faked her own death like Pietro did his, given in the final issue of Ultimatum, Pietro made a big deal about using the bullet used to kill Wanda to kill Cyclops.
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  • Ultimate Jocasta, prematurely activated— whoops, yet another Hank Pym experiment Gone Horribly Wrong.
  • Quicksilver's mother Magda.
  • Valkyrie. Obfuscating Stupidity, anyone?
  • Hela. As a death goddess, she loved the whole "killing millions" aspect of the plan, the rest was Quicky's idea.
  • Zarda. Same reason.
  • Dr. Doom in drag! (the one Thing killed was a clone/shapeshifter/LMD/Alternate Universe Doom/some guy in armor)
  • Nick Fury in drag!

The Ultimate Super-Soldier Serum was derived from studying the Chitauri.
Herr Kleiser had super-strength and a Healing Factor roughly similar to Ultimate Captain America's. What with the UM's tendency to give everything a Meta Origin, it makes sense to tie the last few remaining loose threads together.
  • This one is firmly in "what could have been" territory. Initially, the plan wast that the Chitauri stuff (notably the fact that they are suddenly on the run at the end of Ultimates vol. 1) was supposed to be part of a bigger story (i.e Kree/Chitauri war), written by Grant Morrison. It would also have explained why the Hulk was at one point green (though the initial plans for him were probably to keep him green).

Dr. Manhattan created the Ultimate Marvel Universe.
The world of Watchmen is dark, gritty, and realistic, and the Ultimate Marvel Universe is darker than the normal one. At some point,Dr Manhatten decided to create his own world(similar to the WMG about Superman), however, its tone reflected his own gritty and realistic world

Nick Fury was not killed in Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimates ...
It was an LMD.
  • Nah, he was just the hulk at the time.

Ultimate Carol Danvers will become President of the United States.
With no current signs that she's going to become Ms. Marvel like 616!Carol, but instead having led SHIELD and now being the President's Chief of Staff, it seems like the door is open for her to lead the country considering she might be doing so de facto anyway if the current President isn't interested in running for election.
  • Jossed for the time being, as Captain America is U.S. President now, though it doesn't rule out Carol becoming Commander in Chief long after Cap's out of office.

The Gah Lak Tus swarm comes from the Delta region
And the USS Voyager met it during "The Swarm"