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Nice Job Breaking It Hero / Ultimate Marvel

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Examples of Nice Job Breaking It, Hero in Ultimate Marvel

  • In Ultimate Fantastic Four, Reed Richards created the Cosmic Cube to defend Earth against Thanos... which is exactly what Thanos was manipulating him to do.
  • Ultimate FF: Ben Grimm though he had killed Dr. Doom. He had killed his mother-in-law, who was using the armor and was posing as Dr. Doom, instead.
  • Ultimate X-Men
    • When the mutants break free, and their captors are unable to use Xavier against the X-Men captors because of the power loss, Wraith filled him with bullets. Cornelius points out that if Wraith hadn't done that, they could have used Xavier as a hostage to help them escape.
    • Xavier has a chance to kill Magneto at the end of the first arc, and it would be completely justified. But he doesn't, and erases Magneto's memories instead to try to rehabilitate him. It does not work. The Brotherhood discovers this, restores Magneto to his usual self, and he restarts his campaign of terror.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man: Spider-Man's first attack against the Enforcers. He does it completely unprepared and with no plan, and ruins the attempt of the feds to capture those criminals. With the mess he has creates, and escaping from the crime scene, he gives the Enforcers the perfect excuse to claim that they were the victims.
    • Special mention goes for Carol Danvers:
      • Attacking and antagonising Spider-Man when Norman Osborn escapes his cell, rather than just asking for help.
      • Futzing with his webs-shooter so that Peter runs out of web fluid at a critical moment (and would have become street pizza if not for Shadowcat).
      • When Norman gets better from being killed, she... just locks him back up in the same cell he previously escaped from, allowing him to, surprise surprise, escape again. In the exact same way.
  • The Ultimates
    • Punisher tried to stop Captain America by shooting to his kneecaps, but Spider-Man saw it, thought he was aiming to kill, and took the bullet. He had a fight with the Sinister Six on top of that, but Punisher was partially responsible for the death of Peter Parker.
    • Nick Fury has all those little geniuses to organize his schedule, and nobody thinks in the detail of not sitting Bruce Banner next to the window that shows the port area that he destroyed in his first Hulk episode.
    • Herr Kleiser tried to blame Captain America with this one. If if had not stop that rocket back in WWII, earth would be harmized by now, and the Chitauri would not need to blow up the whole planet. Of course, being a Sadistic Choice between two horrible fates, Cap did not get distracted by it a single bit.
    • According to Banner's calculations, if Captain America woke up he would barely have enough strength to talk. He woke up as strong as ever and found himself bound to a bed surrounded by armed soldiers in black uniforms all with their weapons aimed at him. Predictably, he goes berserk trying to escape - doesn't help that Fury blurted out he was 70 years in the future.
  • All-New Ultimates
    • Kitty's power can disrupt electronic stuff. Using it against the bad guy's weapon, fine. But the head of a guy with brain implants? She turns him into a babbling helpless meatbag, as she would have realized if she thought about it before acting.
    • Spider-Man and Taskmaster fight at the top of the van. Spider-Man kicks the gun out of Taskmaster's hand, so there is a random firing... that hits the driver.