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A Blessed Feline

An Anti-Heroic child of a forbidden union between a race of theocratic and decadent magically-empowered nobility and their human slaves, who himself is enslaved by said noble race, and during said slavery obtains the magic power of the ruling elite. He ends up using his charisma and wits to gather up a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits of magic-users, using these people to start a rebellion against the aforementioned noble race utilizing the very same power they are uniquely endowed with against them. His true goal, however, is to kill the being that this noble race worships as a god. He however fails in this goal, and dies in a Heroic Sacrifice, resulting in him becoming the Dark Messiah of a religion that eventually begins to forget his original teachings. His crew, who all outlive him, include:

A young girl from a criminal background, whose life is saved by the Dark Messiah who becomes her Parental Substitute and mentor. She becomes the infiltration expert of the crew, becoming used to stealth, subterfuge, and knives.

A Gentle Giant from a violent background, whose powers are based around his strength.

A member of the aforementioned nobility.

A wise eunuch from a distant land, with a Dark and Troubled Past who's a mentor figure to the Dark Messiah.

Now, am I talking about Kelsier and his crew of Vin, Ham, Breeze, and Sazed and their rebellion against the Nobles and the Lord Ruler, or about Grand Karcist Ion and his crew of Saarn, Orok, Lovataar, and Nadox and their rebellion against the Daeva and Yaldabaoth?


  • This classic Villain Protagonist does not show many signs of insanity, so long as the situation is unrelated to his nemesis. That's when it becomes clear that he's a complete madman, constantly doomed by his own self-destructive, fanatical obsession with getting vengeance on a particular animal. This is no ordinary animal, though; the powers its species naturally bears are impressive enough to make hunting them a great challenge on their own, but even more than that, this creature seems to operate outside of the normal bounds of nature so as to make it impossible for any hunter to get their hands on it.
    Captain Ahab or Wile E. Coyote?
  • An immortal evil entity with immense Reality Warper powers who's nevertheless so incompetent that it's difficult to ever actually be scared of him. He is eternally tormented by a boy who's a Kindhearted Simpleton and doesn't really get that he's supposed to be evil, and an Enfant Terrible little girl who's significantly eviler than he is.
    Lucius Heinous VII or Grim?
  • Raised in a family with a traditional job that involved lots of crime and violence, this character never wanted to be a part of "the life", but didn't really get a choice; every time he tried to get out, the life kept pulling him back in, and he ended up destroying much of what he kept trying to protect in the process.
    Sam Winchester or Michael Corleone?


Argon 2

  • Upon her arrival at a new school, a seemingly mundane teenage girl meets multiple supernatural creatures (who can be described roughly as 'like humans, but better in every way') and is gradually drawn into their world. Along the way, she wins the Superpower Lottery, acquires an Unwanted Harem (eventually ending up with one of them), cuts all ties with her human friends and family, and drinks a lot of blood. But it's okay, because Vampires Are Sex Gods.
    Which extremely flawless character is being described here? Zoey or Bella?
  • An ambitious, deceptively intelligent teenager takes refuge with (and later becomes leader of) a tough, self-sufficient tribe of nomads who believe his/her existence is prophesied. The teenager uses this tribe as a stepping stone to greater power, conquering many people with it and becoming The Dreaded. They bear great hatred towards the cruel, gluttonous man who murdered their parents, and their ultimate goal is to reclaim their rightful place in society. Unfortunately, their powerful status and willingness to commit atrocities in order to achieve said goal also results in many despising them and the lack of any real friends. They struggle with feelings of loneliness and failure. Both of these characters come from noble bloodlines, and their families' sigils are both a winged animal of some kind.
    Daenerys Targaryen or Paul Atreides?
  • The viewpoint character is a brash, fearless Action Girl who's been, since childhood, the bodyguard of a compassionate, supernaturally empowered girl. The latter girl is heir to a noble family, and is attacked frequently by rival members of the aristocracy. Their intertwined subplots involve the Action Girl learning to balance her devotion to duty with her desire for romance and a normal life, and the heiress becoming truly independent, overcoming the machinations of those who try to manipulate her and learning how to use her incredible healing abilities. Both stories have a truckload of Les Yay.
    Rose Hathaway and Lissa Dragomir or Setsuna and Konoka?
  • A rebellious, redheaded teenage girl bickers and then falls in love with a Troubled, but Cute brunette, despite her father killing his father years before. The brunette is unfairly distrusted by his fellow felines because of his parentage, but all ends well: he finds happiness with the redhead and eventually becomes next-in-line to be leader.
    Are these felines lions or cats?
  • A group of quirky teenagers with various Dark and Troubled Pasts fight against fate and their own madness as they learn about life, themselves, and the Power of Friendship. They are led in this by a Hot-Blooded boy who is hiding a Dark Secret from them, which they eventually learn about and accept. One of the teenage girls is a ghost who was killed tragically by a loved one and struggles with feelings of bitterness and futility. She looks normal, for the most part, but has ram horns on her head. Another is very skilled at combat, and acts proud and tough to hide her feelings of insecurity and regret- which were partially caused by an abusive family member. She loves playing games, but cheats all the time. The other kids find it difficult to trust her. This is a very long, very complex story where Anyone Can Die- but it also makes use of Death Is Cheap and cosmic Reset Buttons. The plot has many horror elements, but is ultimately quite idealistic.
    Are the teenagers human or trolls?
  • A famous warrior and huntress falls in love on the battlefield with a compassionate blond boy who has a gift for strategy. The huntress staunchly protects him from the attacks of their teenaged peers, yet has difficulty expressing the emotions she feels for him.
    Katniss and Peeta or Pyrrha and Jaune?
  • A black-haired, stonefaced girl devotes herself to protecting a Childhood Friend who saved her life when they were young. She does this partly to repay them and partly to give purpose to her life, which has been exceedingly traumatic up till now: a world she lives in is not a pleasant one. The fans commonly argue whether her feelings for this person are romantic, though a confession of love which comes late in the story implies that they are.
    Mikasa or Homura?
  • A family of power-hungry, treacherous lions plot to take the throne by murdering the current king. Their youngest son grows disillusioned with this idea, so they attempt to kill him. However, a last-minute change of heart from one of his siblings saves the outcast's life.
    Are these lions literal or metaphorical?
  • As a side effect of a war involving multiple superhuman warriors and mystically-empowered weapons, the daughter of one of those warriors is tainted with dark magic and grows up with The Corruption gnawing on her soul. Because of this, she becomes a lonely, embittered, Shrinking Violet, having been betrayed and/or abandoned by any family or friends she once had. (Her Jerkass brother, in particular, contributes to this mindset.) The only person she trusts is The Hero, who's a would-be Knight in Shining Armor, but even his love is not enough to keep her from succumbing to the villains' manipulations and consequently turning evil. She then transforms into a twisted, red-eyed version of her original self and goes on a murderous rampage, which is fueled by the dark power that had lain dormant in her soul since childhood. An estranged sibling of the girl tries to fight and kill her, but ultimately can't bring zirself to strike the fatal blow. Fortunately, the girl is redeemed in that moment by her sibling's love; she abandons evil forever in favor of living a peaceful domestic life (like the kind she wanted before all this magic crap started) and atoning for her sins. Roll credits.
    Sakura or Pyrrha?
  • A prenaturally observant brunette in middle school teases her Love Interest with mind games and flirting.
    Takagi or Kurashiki?


  • A video game villain in a fantasy setting who took over a kingdom by usurping the throne from the actual monarch. He commands an army of monsters and has gained power from a dark wielder of sorcery who was sealed away until recently. He wears a helmet to conceal his face. He initially has a confident personality but becomes more inelegant and desperate when the hero ruins his plans.
    Is he Zant or King Knight?


  • This heroine hasn’t been physically aging for many years and has realized immortality isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. She keeps moving and changing names to avoid detection, and she looks cold and aloof. About fifty years before the main plot, she started a passionate romance while abroad but broke it off, and the now old man recognizes her at once. In the ending, she begins to age again. Adaline Bowman or Elina Makropulos?
  • The Hero whose name alliterates with that of his father (also a hero) and who eventually inherits his father’s Cool Sword (which has been broken and reforged). He is, at one point, offered a drugged drink. He ends up marrying his aunt. Mattimeo from the animated adaptation or Siegfried?
  • She looks like an Evil Is Sexy, Raven Hair, Ivory Skin young woman, and she is the leader of a huge group of evil Mooks that commits crimes on a very large scale. Her beautiful appearance is revealed to be a Latex Perfection mask that hides a horrendously, nauseatingly ugly face. The Grand High Witch or the Pirate Queen?
  • A cynical, brutal Blood Knight belongs to the closest circles of a tyrannical king (who is planning to marry a girl from a northern region) and does the latter's dirty work. Said Blood Knight also has a Morality Pet, a girl whom he calls "bird" or similar nicknames and whom he often asks to sing. Now, is his own name Malyuta Skuratov or Sandor Clegane?
  • This creepy villain schemes to marry an pretty underage girl primarily for her inheritance while planning to have her two siblings killed. He doesn't succeed. After fooling and/or manipulating nearly every person he meets, he is finally exposed as a liar by another Manipulative Bastard and has an unexpected Alas, Poor Villain moment before facing Laser-Guided Karma, so that even his enemies feel sorry for him. Is his name Count Olaf or Veri-Meri?




  • An honorable man of noble birth beloved by his people that leaves his homeland for the sake of a friend and is subsequently caught up in a plot where his honorable nature compels him to make well-meaning but misguided decisions that end up helping the antagonists, who are secretly plotting to seize power through manipulations and treachery. In the end he is falsely branded a traitor and executed by the ruler of the new regime, with his offspring fighting said regime in part to avenge him. This person is established as the main protagonist but gets killed well before the end of the story in an infamous Wham Episode.
    Are we talking about Sigurd or Ned Stark?


  • A green eyed teenager who is a hero, is the character with most transformations, is cocky and arrogant but has a heart of gold, he also has been in the hero business since he was a kid. Are we talking about Ben tennyson or Sonic the Hedgehog?

Bio Safety

  • A Badass with Laser-Guided Amnesia who becomes an ally of the heroes. During the climax, he recovers his memory and is revealed to be the father of the teenage Action Girl. However, he is still known by the name he took when he lost his memory in the sequels.
    Is he Doom or Milligan?


  • So a blue hero fights an evil mad scientist with a crazy mustache that creates killer robots. He is assisted by his sidekick who helps him fly to places that he normally can't reach. Initially opposed by a red adversary, but eventually becomes his ally but remains distant for personal reasons. Then is eventually opposed by a darker version of himself clad in black, who goes on to become an Anti-hero.
    We talking about Mega Man or Sonic the Hedgehog?


  • A sentient war machine that packs immense firepower and is lethal when threatened, but is pacifistic and (mostly) harmless when left to its own devices and simply wishes to live in peace, surrounded by nature.
    SCP-516 or Bastion?
  • A divine, crystalline extradimensional being of light who was once revered as a deity, but was broken by experimentation and driven insane. Reduced to a shadowy husk of its former self, it seeks to become whole once more by combining with another being that grants it power, before using that power to bring about the end of the world, if not the universe, by tearing away a fundamental part of its existence.
    Mephiles the Dark/Solaris or Necrozma/The Blinding One?



  • Blue haired maid, had a pink haired sister, and loves someone who doesn't love them back. Rem or Flora?
  • Leader that wears eyegear and red, big blue mechanic, cheerfull girl with an evil sister, short guy who had the idea of dressing up as the leader while the leader was absent, and a quiet one who has a father voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson. Kids Next Door, or Teen Titans?
  • An orphan main character, who has someone sealed away inside him, goes to a school for a particular fantasy character class, and does not get the girl. Harry Potter, or Naruto Uzimaki?


Brainulator 9

  • A good-looking, hunky country music artist who broke big in the 2000s and is revered for their guitar skills. Also married a hollywood actress. Are we talking about Keith Urban or Brad Paisley?


Burger Lord


Caiaphas The Sympathist
  • A person who, despite wanting to live a normal life, was forced as a youth to become a player in a conflict between two ancient groups, who have been quarreling for centuries over what should be done with some of the most powerful forces known to their worlds. This person is originally trained by an older mentor who is related to one of their parents as to how to effectively oppose the more villainous group, though this same mentor is eventually killed by one of the villainous group's leading figures. Over the course of their first major adventure, this person is also aided, supported and even admired by nearly everyone sympathetic to their cause, so they find it quite a surprise when they reach the end that they are not the most crucial figure in their own crusade, but that said title instead corresponds to someone they barely know anything about, in a scene that ends up making them feel like a glorified errand boy despite everything they've been through. Even after this, they still manage to find the determination to keep leading the heroes and continue their struggle for justice, despite being noticeably more jaded by their experience.
    April Ryan or Ezio Auditore?
  • A geriatric old man with a speech impediment and an extremely unpleasant demeanour who is almost always seen sitting down. He finds himself surrounded by criminals in multiple occasions. In his youth, he was an overzealous supporter of a powerful group, and became widely feared along those who knew of his activities.
    Father Jack Hackett or Hector Salamanca?

Captain Peregrin

  • A female of an aquatic species falls in love with a handsome human prince, promptly saves his life, and becomes a human girl. She is a wonderful dancer, but she can never profess her love to the prince, and is destined to dissolve into nothing. The prince becomes very close to her, but he falls in love with another girl (who was once mistaken for her). She ultimately gives up her human form so that the prince can keep his heart intact; it's implied that she might be able to become human again, someday.
    Is she a Duck or a Mermaid?
  • A seemingly ordinary young woman meets a Time Traveler and is promptly drawn into a series of adventures, generally involving fighting monsters. As time goes on, she discovers that the time traveler met her more than once before, and every time they met, she died (naturally, she has no memory of these occasions). However, when her friend is threatened by a great evil, she makes a Heroic Sacrifice to stop it, resulting in her appearing at various points in time and space to stop said evil.
    Clara Oswald or Madoka Kaname?


  • A pair of siblings with contrasting personalities - one is Hot-Blooded and a bit naive, while the other is more stoic and responsible. They lose their parents as part of their backstory, and despite outward appearances are extremely close to each other. They share an Undying Loyalty for one another and would stop at nothing to ensure the other's safety. One sibling has a strange and potentially dangerous power that the other sibling didn't know about until recently, and that they don't know how to quite control. The non-powered sibling doesn't think any less of the other because of their power, even if it's nearly gotten the former killed at least once. Both are primary characters in their story.
    Either it's Anna and Elsa or Mikasa and Eren.

Chabal 2

  • A white-haired member of the ruling elite with incredible powers over fire, who appear to never grow older than the day they entered a different plane of existence, and now spends their time rescuing people from a supernatural forest... Uncle Iroh or Fujiwara no Mokou?
  • From a Blizzard Entertainment game, The Hero's best friend whose shared backstory was introduced in this game. This guy is large, loves fighting, goes charging headlong into enemy bases with some variant of "I cannot wait any longer!", occasionally gets into disagreements with The Hero, and made a Deal with the Devil at some point in their lives, leading to him betraying The Hero and is dead by the end of the game.
    Grom Hellscream or Tychus Findlay?
  • A man with unbelievably powerful psychic powers yet confined to a hi-tech chair, surrounded by mutants everywhere (indeed, without these mutants he wouldn't have much purpose at all).
    Charles Xavier or the God-Emperor of Mankind?
  • A splinter faction from a high tech psychic race, who are easily recognizable by their pale skin and dark armor, who revel in causing pain and torture to their enemies. They aren't above using drugs and function on Klingon Promotion, and whenever their less-evil cousins need their aid, do so at maximum profit to themselves. So are we talking about the Tal'darim or the Dark Eldar?
  • A whiny teenager who hates his dad, is desperate to please whoever's in charge of him, is rivals with a high-ranking member of the military despite the troops caring very little for him, is given a single opportunity to do the intelligent thing and throws it away, and yet the shippers can't get enough of him. Thankfully he has a kickass uncle who may be able to set things right... Are we talking about Zuko or Kylo Ren?
  • This character is a shining example of what happens when a royal child is given every luxury its parents can give it (said parents being brother and sister), and turn out to be a horribly spoiled brat interested only in indulging its whims. Sigvald the Magnificent or Joffrey Baratheon'''?
  • A lich of enormous magical power and ever-increasing evil in an RPG-Mechanics Verse working on Dungeons & Dragons rules, whose Ignored Enamored Underling doesn't let the fact that the love of her life has neither the libido, the equipment nor the emotions to return her affections.
    Xykon or Ainz Ooal Gown?

Chrononaut 70

CJ Croen 1393


Connor 2107


Cryptical Fiery

Cyber Tiger 88

  • This older brother is more reserved and quiet (while having a fiery side), compared to his more outgoing and happy-go-lucky sibling. He spends a good chunk of his life at the ocean. He eventually gets captured by the story's villains, but he is rescued by his younger sibling, only for him to be Not Quite Saved Enough, and dies in a Heroic Sacrifice to save his sibling soon after. The death is noted by fans to be shocking as this is the first major death that is set in the present in their respective anime.
    "Fire Fist" Ace, or Latios?
  • This plant-based monster stars in a popular 2015 video game and befriends the player character upon meeting them, serving as a guide in the game's tutorial. They are eventually revealed to be Evil All Along and attempts to kill the hero. Off-screen they have managed to kill almost everyone possible in their respective realm. It is later revealed that they are Not Himself as the hero brings them back to their senses and they ultimately redeem themselves in the game's best ending.
    Are we talking about Nuzleaf or Flowey?
  • An anthropomorphic blue canine is introduced as a Decoy Protagonist before being trapped in crystal. When the actual protagonist frees them they become a valuable ally to them during their latest adventure. In battle, they wield a magic staff and can detect enimies with their with psionic powers, making them a capable war veteran. At one point they become disillusioned and resentful towards their closest friend/leader due to a miscommunication, but eventually they patch up their relationship and retire alongside them in bliss.
    Is this Sir Lucario or Krystal?

Daibhid C
  • This bearded starship captain is a Recycled In Space version of a character from mythology. He carries a Laser Blade and commands the flagship of the fleet, which is also named as a reference to the myth. His egalitarian attitude leads mystic forces to plot against him in order to maintain their control.
    Is he Arthur, King of Time and Space or Ulysses 31?
  • This character exists in multiple time periods due to contact with a powerful artefact that breaches the space-time continuum. These periods include the present day, the 19th century and space in the far future. In all periods the character has a connection to a mysterious Eccentric Mentor and together they fight evil forces. The present day version has a close bond to a former soldier.
    Clara Oswald or Arthur, King of Time and Space again?
  • This stretchy superhero is married to a woman named Sue. Although he is famed for having a keen intellect in a specific field, she's generally portrayed as the more sensible of the two. In their comics, they travel a lot more than most superheroes. They were both members of a superhero team that also included a guy made of inorganic matter.
    Mr Fantastic or Elongated Man?
  • This comic book character comes from old money but had a tragic childhood, including a trauma involving seeing a nightmarish creature in the family mansion. This had a profound effect on him and he grew up to use this creature as a totem. He's an obsessive character who sometimes seems to be a different person when he wears his totem mask. The company that bears his name is a key player in the technology industry, which allows him to use its resources to build his weapons. He's appeared to die, and his costumed identity has become a Legacy Character, other users of which have included his son, whom he has a difficult relationship with. However because Status Quo Is God, he always reclaims the mantle eventually. His enemies include a spider-based character who was voiced in an animated series by Josh Keaton. In a major The New '10s story he formed an organisation of people in variants of his costume, who at one point fought a supposedly heroic organisation with a spider-motif that was secretly run by a villain.
    Batman or Norman Osborn?
  • A puppet amphibian who often seems to be the Only Sane Man of the setting, not only mediating the crazy ideas of his Cloud Cuckoolander friends, but also dealing with an uptight bird who's The Comically Serious and refuses to even countenance the madness that surrounds them. He also plays the banjo.
    Is he a frog or a toad?
  • This female Benevolent A.I. is the creation of an arrogant goateed scientist, but has a stronger friendship with a nerdy guy who's younger than her creator. In fact she basically flirts with him at one point, although she recognises he's more interested in someone else. And she sounds exactly like Jennifer Connelly.
    Lovelace or Suit Lady?


  • A largely innocent character meets a seemingly cold hearted badass of the same gender and they fall in love. Unfortunately the laws of magic in this universe mean that one way or another they will have to kill each other. To fix this the innocent character makes a Faustian pact and ascends to godhood in order to rewrite the laws of the universe to save their loved one.
    Madoka and Homura or Rook and Chess?

DBZ Fan 102

  • A character who was once considered a hero discovers the truth about their mother, pulls a Face–Heel Turn and sets out to take revenge against the people who they think stole their birthright, betraying their former comrades in the process. There's at one point a shot of them burning down the protagonist's hometown and staring for a long time into the camera before vanishing into the flames. They may or may not have white hair.
    Sephiroth or Cassandra?


  • A man wakes up after surviving an event that should have killed him and that in fact killed/seriously injured thousands of people. After waking up and discovering his powers wich include the creation of a Blade Below the Shoulder, a shield, the ability to survive a fall from any height, being able to glide, Ground Pound, being able to heal himself by feeding off of people, and see the memories of the dead (Sometimes); the man decides to discover just who the hell is responsible for the incident. Unfortunately the island in which he is, is put under quarantine in almost no time (The quarantine was actually planned long before the start of the game); meaning he can´t get out as he suffers a big aversion to water. During the story the man meets a woman that makes him do her biding and double crosses himnote , another woman that clearly loves him but is terrified of what he has become and acts as his Morality Petnote , a black man that knows much more about the situation than the protagonist and is related to an antagonic faction while not being part of itnote  and a white man that fullfills the role of Voice with an Internet Connection that seems like one of the only decent people in the island but ultimately betrays the man due to the influence of the Big Bad.note  The man ultimately beats a female Plague Master who controls an army of her infected forcesnote , and an enemy that acts as an Evil Counterpart of him and has not only similar but also enhanced versions of his powers.note . The man, finally discovers that the event that gave him his powers was caused by "Himself". The game ends with a Sequel Hook by promising the appeareance of a character really important to the plot but that is only seen in visions taken from another character.
    So, Is this Alex Mercer or Cole MacGrath?


  • The mayor’s vain, snobby, Alpha Bitch daughter adores flaunting her wealth and has specifically targeted her bullying at the dark haired, pigtailed, female protagonist since they were little. Stephanie Knightleigh or Chloe Bourgeois?
  • She's the cheery, optimistic leader of a magical land where everything is supposed to be lots of fun. She loves hanging out with her friends and doing crazy stuff with them. She is often opposed by a male antagonist who likes ruining other people's fun for his own amusement, but she considers him a friend anyway. When pushed past a certain point, she ends up turning into a monstrous version of herself which she has no control over. Princess Unikitty or Kaeloo?


  • This male character is made of block, almost always has a grumpy expression, is the Only Sane Man in an otherwise eccentric cast and is the one who has the job to clean the house, mostly the kitchen. Both characters come from a series where the protagonist gives the name of the show and is a bubbly, Mix And Match Creature that is partially cat.
    Is the character Schnitzel or Richard?
  • This character has pale skin, messy hair and lightless eyes. He's very intelligent, strategical, and doesn't express much emotion. He is occasionally seen sitting on the chair in a weird position. He also has a fondness for sweets.
    Is the character L or Nosaka?


  • This character has neglectful financially abusive parents. Even the creators can't agree on who they should hook up with, which is perfectly understandable when the main options are a snob who can be a total jerk at times and a Stalker with a Crush.
    Eliza Doolittle or Timmy Turner?


  • This Nicktoons character's name begins with a Z. He is a loyal and often overconfident warrior of a proud empire led by a power-hungry and sadistic figure in red. Said Tyrant is furious with this character's actions against orders, and has sent him on a far away mission thought impossible. He is accompanied on his journey by a seemingly harmless sidekick who would much rather be relaxing and having his favorite food than aiding him (and whose name contains the letters IR), although they do care for one another. His archenemy is a hyperactive and heroic boy with a strange looking head. Others seeking his goal include a far more competent and ruthless female rival who enjoys tormenting him, as well as a stout, overconfident, and unlucky soldier who has survived an encounter with a giant animal. Despite his huge ego and obsession with regaining his ruler's respect, he has often found himself allying with his enemy.
    Zuko or Zim?


  • While not a character per se, this is the best place to make the comparison
    • This class came from a splatbook detailing a new subsystem for a well-loved roleplaying game. Said book brought new rules for Psychic Powers, but this class does not actually use the new system. It is designed to be the fighter of the splat, but only has 3/4th BAB and light armor. It has an interesting concept, but the actual mechanics of the class make it very difficult to live up to the concept's potential without the use of 3rd party rules.
      So, am I talking about the 3.5 Soulknife, or the Kinetecist?



  • An aging, ugly, disheveled and greasy mid-level Hong Kong Triad boss heavily involved in the drugs trade, named Four Finger Wu.
    Noble House or Sleeping Dogs?
  • A tattooed, dark-haired, sunglasses-wearing smart-mouthed thug, who has proven himself to demons and aliens as one of Earth's most powerful warriors. And is named Johnny.
    But is it Johnny Cage or Johnny Gat?


  • He's a charming, sociopathic manipulator out for an inheritance. He's willing to kill to get it, but he's not willing to get his hands dirty in the process. In victory, he has a thing for gloating and mood-lighting.
    Granada!Culverton Smith, Light Yagami, or Hans?

Donald The Potholer

Dragonking 56

Dr No Puma

  • This character is a little white anthropomorphic rabbit named Max. He is part of a duo that forms the title of the work in which they appear. The other member of the duo is the Blue Oni to Max's Red Oni. The other member is also bigger and taller than him. They have starred in a kids' cartoon series adapted from their original work.
    Is this other member a hound or another rabbit?
  • A Red Oni, Blue Oni duo of Funny Animals, and the protagonists of the work they appear in. They have appeared in an animated work that could be considered family-friendly. One member of the duo - the Red Oni - is a rabbit, and the smaller and shorter of the two. This character is very ambitious, and prefers to take action immediately rather than think about the consequences. The other member - the Blue Oni - is a canine of some sort. He is the bigger and taller of the two. He is more laid-back, and he has more of a way with words than the rabbit does. The two are police officers who solve crimes using somewhat dubious methods.
    Sam & Max or Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps?
  • This character is a Funny Octopus who is the Big Bad of a kid-friendly work released in the mid-2010's. His Evil Plan involves kidnapping a bunch of cute marine animals. He has a huge army of octopus Mooks, and a giant mech of some sort, to help him achieve this goal. Some Mooks are more competent than others. However, he seems to be the only octopus who can talk. His skin and eyes are brightly colored in such a way that is unusualnote  for an octopus. He is one of the most well-received characters in his work, partly due to being very funny. He makes a lot of references to modern pop culture. At the end, he is imprisoned in a glass orb.
    Dave or DJ Octavio?
  • This character is a Funny Octopus who is a major character in a family-friendly, comical work. One of his most notable traits is the fact that he disguises himself as a human, but he acts very inhuman, which would clue any sane person in to the fact that he's really an octopus, but because most, if not all the humans in this work are Too Dumb to Live, they don't notice. Despite being an octopus, he is able to communicate with humans. Strangely, despite octopuses being invertebrates, he is somehow able to stand up straight on his tentacles.
    Octodad or Dave?
  • He is the main character of an indie game. His name is also the title of the game in which he appears. He is bald, and has long, floppy arms with no hands or fingers. He is an All-Loving Hero who is nice to everyone he meets, and is even willing to forgive those who try to hurt him. He is very different from all the people around him, but most people love him regardless. He sometimes breaks the rules, but does so for good reasons. In his game, the last thing the player does is have him give someone a hug.
    Octodad or Dropsy?
  • He is one of the main characters of a kids' work. He has appeared in an animated series. He is an anthropomorphic rabbit with pink fur. He is a manchildish Fat Idiot who is one of the funniest characters in the work he appears in. He is often seen shirtless. He has a child who looks more or less exactly like him.
    Papa Bunny or Richard Watterson?
  • He is a major villain in a series with a large cast of antagonists. Said series features many Funny Animal characters as well. He is one of the most monstrous villains in his series. He is very egotistical, bearing no sympathy or love for anyone else but his pet spiders, which he loves to feed. He is a feline of some sort. His personality is very cold and refined. He tends to venture into Cold Ham territory. Though he displays some Dirty Coward tendencies, he is capable of putting up a fight on his own. He doesn't go down easy - if he was even Killed Off for Real at all, although it is heavily implied that he was.
    Katz or Ungatt Trunn?
  • The Big Bad of a work released in the 2010's that plays with many video game tropes. He is a video game character who was long thought to be dead, but has assumed a new formnote . He lures the hero in with a warm smile and a friendly personality, but quickly turns out to be quite Faux Affably Evil - a psychopath who most certainly Would Hurt a Child. He is well known for being a consistent source of Nightmare Fuel. One of the most disturbing things he does is when his face changes. Also, in the climax, he goes One-Winged Angel, turning into an even more horrifying monster, and gloating about his new power. Fortunately, he is Hoist by His Own Petard not long after. In one of his forms, he is royalty. He has many bright colors.
    He is very adept at hacking into video games for his own ends.
    King Candy or Flowey?
  • They are the two main villains - the Big Bad and The Dragon, respectively - of a Cult Classic video game from The '90s. Despite both being Chaotic Evil, they form a Red Oni, Blue Oni duo. Both use some form of magic. The Big Bad is the blue oni. He is tall, dark, and menacing. He has a deep voice, and he really hams it up at times. He wears long clothing, along with something golden. He spends most of the battle against him summoning minions to attack you. The Dragon is the red oni. He is an evil clown, but despite his disturbing appearance - complete with a wide grin with More Teeth than the Osmond Family - he's more of a Villainous Harlequin than a full-blown Monster Clown. He confronts the hero far more often than the Big Bad does, and with his high-pitched voice, small body, and rudeness, he is quite annoying.
    Ghadius and Joka or Ludwig von Tökkentäkker and Umlaut?
  • He is the Big Bad in an Edutainment Game for kids. One of his names is Mortimer. His last name starts with an M too. He's an Obviously Evil man with graying, wildly unkempt hair and usually seen wearing a long coat. He has a surprisingly high-pitched voice for a man, and is also a shining example of Evil Is Hammy. He is quite a Psychopathic Manchild, who makes evil plots for rather silly reasons. But he is still very much Laughably Evil. He's also quite a Smug Snake who has a comical Villainous Breakdown when the player beats the game. He has many minions at his disposal to hinder the protagonist's progress, and he also dabbles in magic.
    I. M. Meen or Morty Maxwell?
  • This character is the Big Bad of an animated movie. They have an Alliterative Name. They are a performer who cares about fame and attention more than anything else. They are a Green-Eyed Monster bent on stopping a plucky, heroic group of performers whom they (the villain) see as a threat to their own fame. They sing a dark Villain Song showing how cruel and self-centered they are. This song is accompanied by a Disney Acid Sequence, and at least one part of this sequence shows this villain transforming into a giant, shadowy monster. They have a big, muscular henchman. In the end, they suffer a humiliating, comical defeat.
    Darla Dimple or Horatio P. Huntington?


  • The villain of the second installment of a series, which is part of a larger universe, wants to cover the world in darkness. He plans to do so by fusing with a purplish-blackish-red source of dark power that has been sealed away for millennia. After he succeeds in fusing with said power during a convergence, he gains a creepy cast to his appearance and glowing red eyes. The final battle with the brash, muscular hero involves traveling between dimensions using portals and destruction in a major world city. In a universe where most of the other villains are compelling Anti-Villains or Magnificent Bastards, he stands out as a Generic Doomsday Villain and is a bit of a Scrappy in the large fandom. His installment premiered in the fall of 2013. From where does this evildoer hail? Svartalfheim, or the Northern Water Tribe?

  • A young man with a ponytail (at some point in his life), blue eyes, and a name beginning with N is a prodigy with his world's source of Elemental Powers, thanks to his horrible father (whose identity as such is a spoiler) raising him as a Tyke-Bomb. Despite spending most of his story as a villain, he becomes sympathetic in the end and his final scene is a major Tearjerker. He is sometimes shipped with the female lead, who also has a ponytail. N Harmonia, or Noatak?

  • This handsome young fellow with dark brown hair and amber-gold eyes is initially mistrusted by the hero because he's the son of the Big Bad. His sister is loyal to their father's nation. At the end of his series, he becomes the leader of his nation. Brambleclaw or Zuko?

  • A gray-haired man lusts after a green-eyed girl, but to say that she doesn't return his feelings is putting it mildly. At the climax of the story, he attempts to burn her and her family alive unless he chooses him. Despite being so despicable, this man has a Draco in Leather Pants fandom. It has to be Frollo, right? How about Ashfur?




  • Born good, a great evil is forced upon him soon after his first appearance. This evil destroys all good within him. He eventually takes a new name, leaving behind the original one. The person that forced the evil upon him is slain, but he carries on and creates an army with the aim of taking over the world. He seems to have won, but a surprise blast of light and fire allows the heroes to destroy the evil that corrupted him. He is fatally wounded but gets to die as himself.
    Now, was the evil forced upon him as a baby or as an adult?


Epic Link Sam

  • Older siblings that have a missing mother, as well as losing their second one. They are extremely protective of their younger siblings, yet fight them occasionally. Their eyes can turn red, as well as having blonde hair at one point. They have a hot blooded personality and a short fuse. They are close range fighters and have overwhelming power. And they both lost an arm to a sadistic man voiced by Yuuichi Nakamura. They're also the butt of many jokes in their fandoms due to being cosmic playthings in their universes. Are we talking about Ragna the Bloodedge or Yang Xiao Long?


  • A sociopath who answers to "Dex" and works in law enforcement, who tries to channel his urges into something constructive, and keeps morality chains around to guide his own damaged moral compass. His sociopathy manifested at a young age, brought about by being orphaned as a child, and he was taught to hide it by a mentor trained to recognize such early warning signs. Is it Benjamin "Dex" Poindexter or Dexter "Dex" Morgan?


  • They reside in a dangerous forest of which the locals are terrified, within a cave-like home. They hail from a country far away and is clearly of a different ethnicity than the natives. Being genuinely badass, their actions have saved both local villages and whole nations. They are thought to be dangerous supernatural creatures, but that's just local superstition.
    Are we talking about The Phantom or Zecora?


Excelsior 123

  • An intelligent Jerkass who has "Mit" in their name. They're white but have Black, Latina, and Asian friends. They're a member of one species that has a rivalry with a member of another species. They both have green in their color schemes. Later episodes reveal that they're actually nice deep down and just wants to have friends. They also develop a crush on a Latina girl. Is it Amity Blight or Mitchell Peterson?


  • A major supporting character of the work, she is a mysterious, quiet, withdrawn girl with long blue hair and matching eye color. She is heavily associated with water, and wears a magical pendant on a necklace that drains from her lifeforce every time she uses it, and can end up dying by fading away after using it too much. She slowly becomes more hopeful about her terrible circumstances due to the protagonist's determination. Is her name Azura or Lala-Ru?
  • The main character is an optimistic young man who holds onto idealistic beliefs in a more cynical world. He meets up with a mysterious man who is much more combat-capable and stronger, but also cynical and opposes the protagonist's beliefs. It turns out that the mysterious man is the future self of the protagonist, who became embittered after certain unfortunate events shattered his beliefs and worldview. He traveled to the past to break his younger self as he is ashamed of his past self. The protagonist learns skills from his future self, and ends up altering his ideals to be more nuanced and realistic while not giving up on them fully. Am I describing Shirou Emiya and Archer/EMIYA or Emmet Brickowski and Rex Dangervest?



  • This character introduces himself to newcomers as a calming, pleasant-looking presence, colored almost entirely white and with an uncanny ability to make strangers feel at ease. He has invited those he approaches to be part of his pet project, which promises a better life for those in it. Those who take part in the project are occasionally skeptical but generally flattered to be included. However, some participants realize early on that something is a bit "off" and intend to get to the bottom of the scheme, and become impatient with the character when he intervenes and tries to reassure the participants that all is well. Relationships are strained, disasters happen more frequently, and a greater sense of despair pervades the group. When one or more participants realize the character has been lying all along and they are unwittingly being subject to Cold-Blooded Torture, he drops all pretenses of benevolence and reveals that his motivations for the project were partially a way of trying to do his job more efficiently (with no regard to the participants' well-being) and partially a mere case of It Amused Me, due to his real identity as a Magnificent Bastard. Now, are we talking about Michaelnote  or Kyubey?


Is this Katie "Pidge" Holt or Chihiro Fujisaki?

  • In a landmark medieval fantasy constructed setting, there are two main human nations in close geographic proximity to one another. One is a large empire that is the bastion of mankind in the setting. It is the successor nation to a former empire that used to dominate the setting but then collapsed due to corruption. Its armies consist of drilled regiments equipped with a variety of weapons, though it also has access to powerful knights and potent Siege Engines. In spite of being the most dominant nation of man, it gets pushed to the brink of destruction by the forces of evil. The other nation is a feudal kingdom founded by Born in the Saddle barbarian tribesmen inspired by the Migration Era Germanic Tribes. The influence is evident in the nomenclature of the people of the kingdom. Though this nation was founded a long time after the first one, it is less developed in both urban and technological terms. Owing to its origins, this kingdom places great emphasis on mounted warfare, though its horsemen are less armored than the other nation and its infantry forces are lacking. It also has access to a superior breed of warhorse, and the kings have traditionally ridden magical white steeds. In the end, both nations set aside their differences and unite to make a Last Stand against the forces of evil.
Are these Gondor and Rohan or the Empire and Bretonnia?

  • This character from a long running Hasbro toyline has usually been portrayed as the Big Good or Greater-Scope Paragon of the toyline. They came before the heroes and served as their inspiration. However, recent installments have not been kind to this character's reputation, giving them a Broken Pedestal treatment. Specifically, in the war between Earth and Cybertron, this Well-Intentioned Extremist Fallen Hero seeks to obliterate the homeworld of the other species to preserve their own species's homeworld. In the process of turning against their morals, they alienate the team that they inspired, causing said team to band together with the other species to stop their genocidal goals. In the aftermath of their scheme, both Earth and Cybertron are left much worse for wear.
Is this character from Earth (Joseph "Baron Ironblood" Colton) or Cybertron (Sentinel Prime)?


  • This work of gritty live-action media is set in various locations near the US\Mexican border, and violence is an expected part of many characters' lives. The lead duo consists of an attractive, Good Is Not Nice, fair-haired white American who earns a living finding criminals and a more extroverted, affable, but at times underhanded Mexican man. The American is determined, very competent, and emotionally distant, but gets a Pet the Dog scene that involves comforting a minor character on the verge of death. While this is by no means a domestic drama, the Mexican character gets additional character development via interacting with family members. And there's plenty of violent death.
    Are they Sonya Cross and Marco Ruiz or Blondie and Tuco in ?
  • An American remake of a premise from Northwestern Europe. It's about a mystery-solving duo where the members are of different nationalities, ethnicities, genders, and neurotypes. The American half of the partnership is a woman. One of the partners has an Ambiguous Disorder with many features of autism. This character isn't close to many people, but does have a good relationship with the local Reasonable Authority Figure police lieutenant. This character takes their shirt off in the first episode. The darker-haired partner is most likely neurotypical, has better social skills, and is shown interacting with their family. The two are not romantically involved. Together, they solve murders!
    Sonya Cross and Marco Ruiz or Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson?
  • A Cold War era homoerotic bromance ends tragically when the depth of the friends' ideological differences becomes clear, and one of the guys winds up getting shot.
    Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr in X-Men: First Class or Jim Prideaux and Bill Haydon in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy?
  • The sibling and partner of a beloved goddess is corrupted and turns into an intimidating, gothy villain who exemplifies Dark Is Evil. They're then banished to a dark, faraway realm, but set free by an astronomical event.
    Princess Luna or Zon-Kuthon?
  • An iconic duo in British popular fiction, consisting of a multitalented man who is far smarter than most of the other people in the cast, and his less intellectually brilliant devoted chronicler, who typically narrates their adventures. The genius, while never a true Villain Protagonist, can get into Good Is Not Nice or Manipulative Bastard territory at times. The chronicler is likable and popular with women, but his relationship with the genius outlasts any of his romances. Together, they're the most famous creations of a prolific author, and their adventures have been adapted into a Granada TV series.
    Sherlock Holmes and John Watson or Bertie Wooster and Jeeves?
  • He's capable of feats none of his contemporaries can match, and his assistance is frequently sought out by those around him. He's a canonical Celibate Hero (although his love life has been the subject of some controversial extracanonical speculations) with a devoted friend and follower named John, and an association with a woman named Mary M. He makes a dramatic return from the dead after three standard units of time. The stories of his life and activities have become major influential texts in Western culture and spawned a devoted following around the world, as well as inspiring many fictional imitators and homages. In visual adaptations, he's normally depicted with dark hair.
    Sherlock Holmes or Jesus of Nazareth?
  • A duo consisting of a man and woman of similar ages and different ethnic backgrounds, who are very close friends. The man is an eccentrically clever (bordering on Cloudcuckoolander) Badass Bookworm who is probably not entirely neurotypical. He's not very socially adept in the conventional sense, but he is, in his eccentric way, a keen student of human behavior. The woman is a conscientious Brainy Brunette with some Well Done Daughter Girl traits. She's not very tall or overtly intimidating looking, but you do not want to mess with her. One of the characters has struggled with substance abuse.
    Abed Nadir and Annie Edison or Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson?
  • She's a beautiful Roma woman with innate mystical abilities and a fondness for revealing red outfits. While her powers are impressive, she normally works with a mixed group of companions rather than as a solo operator.
    Seoni the iconic sorceress or the Scarlet Witch?
  • A platonic life partnership made up of two individuals with distinctly different appearances and personalities: the dark-haired, creepy, eccentrically smart (at least in some areas) Jerk with a Heart of Gold with unconventional and somewhat disturbing interests, and his Badass Adorable Morality Pet. Fanart loves to play up the height difference between the two, with the creepy guy as the taller partner. One member of each pair wears a Badass Longcoat. The one in the coat is sometimes portrayed with an autism-spectrum disorder in fanworks.
    Equius and Nepeta? Or Sherlock and John?
  • The main good guys are the blond Dork Knight protagonist, a Badass Normal flyboy, and a petite, snarky Action Girl. The leader of the bad guys is an older white man in an influential political position, but the villain who carries the most emotional weight is his Dragon, a black-clad masked cyborg with a strong past connection to the protagonist. The protagonist and the Action Girl develop a strong bond over the course of the story, but do not ultimately become a romantic couple.
    Luke, Han, Leia, Palpatine, and Vader from the Star Wars Original Trilogy, or Steve, Sam, Natasha, Pierce, and the Winter Soldier from Captain America: The Winter Soldier?
  • Two characters from live-action media inspired by Marvel Comics. They're both orphans with Dark And Troubled Pasts and belong to superpowered branches of humanity. Both of them wind up making friends with a cute British scientist who has a more innocent worldview. Both characters' mothers were murdered by a Faux Affably Evil Nazi scientist with a special interest in superpowered people - and during the stories' "present day" said Nazi looks far younger than he should for someone who was an adult with advanced scientific training during World War II.
    Erik Lehnsherr in X-Men: First Class or Skye in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?
  • He's a good-hearted but awkward and dorky young man with asthma, raised by a single mom, who worked as a nurse. He gains superpowers that cure his ailments and make him more physically impressive, but also vastly complicate his life. He remains an awkward dork even with superpowers, which is part of his charm. Despite his social awkwardness, he becomes the leader and moral compass of a group of superpowered people. While he's a very kind person with a strong moral compass (to the point of Incorruptible Pure Pureness), he's not gratuitously violent, and he's devoted to his friends, he is not a pushover and he can kick ass if he thinks he has to. He's in love with a dark-haired Action Girl and associated with the colors red and blue - appropriate, since he can be considered his fictional universe's equivalent to Superman.
    Scott McCall or Steve Rogers?
  • He's a Fish out of Water - modern America is not his milieu of origin, but it's the setting for his most recent adventures. He's brave, good-hearted, conscientious, competent, has a strong moral compass, and possesses greater-than-average resistance to falling damage. He is also a total dork. While he is very physically fit and classic square-jawed, broad-shouldered, matinee-idol handsome, and many women in-universe find him attractive, he is by no means a skirt-chaser. He did fall for a beautiful, dangerous, and determined brunette woman, but it ended badly. He also gets plenty of Ho Yay with a couple of close male friends.
    Benton Fraser or Steve Rogers?
  • A hero who returned from a decades-long nap as a Human Popsicle to return to save the world when it needs him most. Not counting his time spent frozen, he's one of the youngest people on The Team, as well as the most idealistic and devoted to his principles. Despite being one of the world's most formidable combatants (although his teammates outdo him in their areas of specialization), he is kind and adorkable at heart. His battles include keeping superpowered Nazi analogues from taking over the world and fighting a dangerous but tragic male Dark Magical Girl equivalent who later makes a Heel–Face Turn.
    Aang or Steve Rogers?
  • A kind, dorky idealist named Steven. He's not the strongest member of his superhero team in terms of sheer power (although he does have abilities beyond those of a Badass Normal), but he has a strong moral compass and is good at inspiring people. His favored weapon is a shield.
    Is Steven's last name Universe or Rogers?
  • A brilliant engineer who is the foil and ally of a legendary Supersoldier. He's the child of an Ambiguously Bi scientist who had a hero-worship crush on a blond World War II military hero. He bore a strong resemblance to his father in his dad's younger years, but his dad Took a Level in Jerkass as he grew older, while the son remained a heroic character despite some ill-advised decisions. He built a super-cool robot that was supposed to help keep the world safe, but it became a force of destruction instead, and he had to work with a legendary soldier, a red-haired Action Girl, and some other people to take his creation down. He likes to give his synthetic creations personality. He can be considered a "philanthropist."
    Hal Emmerich or Tony Stark?
  • Badass, emotionally damaged rape survivor with long dark hair and a fondness for leather jackets is doing detective work in New York City when she discovers that her abuser is up to his old tricks and hurting other women.
    Kitty Winter or Jessica Jones?
  • A snarky Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette Unscrupulous Hero with enhanced physical abilities, an extremely Dark and Troubled Past (including sexual abuse and mind control), and a tendency to self-medicate their resulting psychological problems through substance abuse fights crime in New York City.
    Jessica Jones (2015) or Bucky Barnes?
  • Raspy-voiced Genius Bruiser who has no superpowers as such, but his fighting prowess, powers of observation, and wide array of skills are impressive even by the standards of a group of unusually talented people. He's handsome and well-built, popular with women and capable of turning on the charm with great proficiency, but a lasting romantic relationship with a civilian is not in the cards for him. He Does Not Like Guns (although he's capable with them under extreme circumstances), but is good enough with less lethal approaches that he can hold his own against opponents who don't have his scruples. Despite being a very scary man, he's good with kids and very protective of them, and, despite being kind of grumpy, he functions very well as part of a team.
    Eliot Spencer or Batman?


  • A girl who uses water powers, is stuck away from home, and wants to go back.
    • Does she make wings out of water, and almost destroy the world trying to get back home?
Is it: Misha Kurtzev or Lapis Lazuli?
  • Is her hair blue?
Is it Lapis Lazuli or Ami Mizuno?
  • Is she a spellcasting heavenly being that's not fighting at full strength?
Misha Kurtzev or Ami Mizuno?

Mr. Forsaken

  • As they are dragged into a conflict involving both humanity and a race of monsters, they undergo serious changes in personality. Despite experiencing pain and tragedies, they still try to help other people, even as the world around them crumbles and races towards apocalypse in a very lovecraftian style. However it is humans' own cruelty and bigotry that hurts them the most, taking from them their family. In the end they run to their Love Interest, only to find them murdered by humans for being associated with monsters. It's final straw that pushes them abandon humanity, leading to its extinction.
    Shiina Tamai or Akira Fudou?
  • Born in proud family, this person takes lead of possibly most powerful organization in the setting and use them to achieve their ambitions, which involve establishing completely new world order, with themselves at the top. Has mastered setting’s magic to the point of having no equals and develops a strong interest in one of the protagonist, who shows similar level of talent, trying to make that person join them. It is pointed in-universe that what that person might really wanted was to have a friend. In the finale that person’s most loyal and trusted subbordinate dies for their sake.
    Is that person Master Cyclonis or Yamato Hotsuin?


  • The protagonist is a thoroughly selfless school student who can only find satisfaction in helping others, and has an idealistic view on the world. Another (more popular) major character is an enigmatic, aloof, and ruthless individual whose motivation is unknown and whose powers are mysterious and kept hidden (because they are very revealing of their user's past). They oppose the ideals of the protagonist and aren't afraid to voice this, often coming into clashes with the protagonist's friends whenever they do so. Eventually, the major character turns out to have come from the future, and their past is revealed; they were once kind and wide-eyed themselves, and knew the protagonist very well in their timeline, but tragic events and circumstances left them bitter and broken. And their ultimate motive, which they will pursue to no end and through many timelines, is to prevent the protagonist from making a tempting contract that offers them a chance to help others but will ultimately bring them nothing but ruin. (On a side note, the major character is sometimes shown with a bow, but more often than not uses a completely different kind of weapon - en masse, sometimes.)
    Are the protagonist and major character, respectively, Madoka Kaname and Homura Akemi? Or are they Shirou Emiya and Archer?


  • With the utterance of an incantation, a flash of lightning transforms this character from an average youth into a musclebound superhero, possessing incredible strength and nigh invulnerability. His powers are magical in nature, and were granted to him by an ancient sorcerer. He often teams up with other heroes with a wide assortment of powers to battle the forces of evil. His archnemesis is an evil warlord who wields black magic and sees himself as the rightful ruler of the world.
    Is he Captain Marvel or He-Man?
  • He comes from a story meant to satirize the types of characters found in other superhero stories. He's likely the most powerful character in his universe, capable of blasting an opponent to smoldering bits with little effort, and he has no known weaknesses. He went completely bald after getting his powers, which seem to be rooted in the reality of his universe. He's indestructible and can't be harmed in any way. Most of the time he shows very few emotions and is distant from everyone to the point of not caring about much at all. Thus he has spent his existence looking for anything that can help him feel again, to no avail.
    Is he Dr. Manhattan or Saitama?



Gary The Goblin 98



  • A father who isn't around for his son very often in a future title and suffers from a traumatic past, due to various events from said past, one of those events involves the death of a loved one. Near the future, he would eventually fight a villain that's younger than them. His bond with his son doesn't fully develop till the end, when he can finally forgive himself and move on. His orignal weapons of choice are replaced as the latter reminded them of a past they are ashamed of. Lastly, he's considered an icon for Sony, at least in the videogame department.
    Cloud Strife in Advent Children or Kratos in God of War 2018?

Guest Of Dishonour

  • Known for being a cold and calculating genius, though most certainly capable of turning up the volume at times, and his charisma commanded the attention of a most ragtag force. He was surrounded by a fair number of eager women yet had several outstanding moments of Ho Yay, though he placed far more importance on tactics and warfare than he ever did sexual relations. Family-wise, his mother was a powerful influence on him, had a most complicated relationship with his domineering father, and was close with his little sister who ended up losing the ability to walk. Despite his own forces rebelling against him, he came to rule a vast and mighty empire at a young age, yet died at a young age too. Held an odd connection with a certain thunder god (or along those lines), and there was definitely something about one of his eyes.
    Alexander the Great or Lelouch Lamperouge?



  • A race of soul sucking creatures that travel in groups, oppose the heroes, leave their victims as zombie like husks, and come from an adventure fantasy series of novels. Are we talking about the Dementors from Harry Poyter, or the spectres from His Dark Materials?

  • A boy who plays a stringed instrument and lives by the sea, born to a human father and a magical mother, has two aunts with dangerous powers, and a powerful grandparent who is highly detached from humanity. Said-grandparent is responsible for removing something from the hero in an attempt to remove the boy's humanity, but at the end of the day, the grandparent is reduced to a humble version of themselves.
Kubo or Steven Universe?

  • A hard-working hero with a dream who works themselves to the bone on a daily basis, in need of an outside view in order to learn an important life lesson.
Tiana or George Bailey?

  • A sidekick who is fun and witty, turns out to not only be related to the hero, but also someone important from the past who is married to the hero's hard/cold but motherly matriarch. (Bonus points for said-sidekick showing up in the ending as a glowing spirit alongside the matriarch.)
Beetle or Hector?

Sariatu or Ashi?

  • A boy dressed in bright, warm colors whose life is less than satisfactory because of something their great-great grandfather did a century ago, is cursed and changes their fate by singing an old, old lullaby from their family.
Miguel Rivera or Stanley Yelnats?

  • A strong, perpetually wrathful hero who faces off a giant, threatening being single-handed in order to defend someone innocent.
Rath or Asura?

  • A kid with a dog, who wants something more out of life, runs away from home, accidentally travels to a magical, vibrant, colorful land where they go on a quest to return home and towards the end, promise a matriarch that they've learned to appreciate their loved ones and count their blessings.
Dorothy Gale or Miguel Rivera?

  • A titular protagonist who is on a journey to find their real family or closest relatives and eventually does find them, only to realize they are (to put it mildly) jerks, and they rather prefer their adopted family.
Joe Dirt, Shazam or the Missing Link?

  • An amnesiac Deuteragonist who is funny, joins the protagonist at their behest, has abilities they almost don't remember how to use, and is revealed to be the protagonist's missing father in a different form.
Detective Pikachu or Beetle

  • A character who is voiced by a Hispanic actor, misunderstood for what they are, been separated from their daughter for a long time because of unfair circumstances, and is in danger of disappearing in a shower of light if they're not saved in time.
Globgor or Hector Rivera?

  • A powerful, cruel old man with fire powers who is father of two sons, an elder son he dotes upon (who has grown to be a brave, good man and a kindlier father) and a younger son he neglects and belittles (to the point they've grown to be just as cruel and powerful).
Grandfather or Fire Lord Azulon?

  • An Asian character with the ability to channel magic through music, going on an epic quest, fixes a broken instrument with their own hair, unleashes their full power towards the climax, and is reunited with their mother and father in the end.
Everest or Kubo?

  • A daughter borne from a loving marriage between a heroic man and his beautiful wife, stolen by the villain who wanted the wife for his own, raised by the villain (who loves them to varying degrees), skilled with weapons, fought with the hero (who was mentored by the heroic man) on at least one occasion, and eventually learns the truth about their biological father only to watch said-father die some time afterwards.
Elena or Kurai?

  • A character voiced by Chris Pratt who is something of a trouble-maker, often has ideas he thinks will work, and as a child, Never Got to Say Goodbye to their terminally ill parent because they didn't like to see them sick (and regret it).
Barley Lightfoot or Peter Quill?

Weekend at Bernie's or Onward?l

  • A vehicle beloved by its owner who joins in the adventure and eventually "dies" in what is essential a sacrifice of its "life".
Guinevere or Katherine?

  • A cold, gaunt antagonist who is indirectly responsible for the death of a protagonist's father, upon his defeat, is changed into a kindly man with an new-found rapport with the main protagonist.
Anton Ego or the Moon King?


  • A morally ambiguous character with an obsession for analyzing personalities. They revel in causing chaos around them and are only involved for their own entertainment, though they often provide key information for the plot to move forward. While they can be hired and are in love with their job, rely on them too much and it'll bite you in the ass. They are on no one's side and will betray anyone at the drop of a hat if they decide it will be more amusing. They often troll three teenagers and wedge them apart with their antics, though they will most certainly go piss off even the most dangerous people around. Always appearing confident and in control, this person is a Smug Snake if there ever was, even when it looks like they've lost. They have little care for anyone personally, and can and will deliver a Breaking Speech to horrific proportions if they so desire.
    Izaya Orihara or Double Trouble?
  • They are an Artificial Human part of a larger group of antagonists who look down on the real deal, working closely with a female member to keep certain humans in line and looking up to their 'father'. They resemble an androgynous teenager with a penchant for wearing odd clothing and changing their face. While their organization is cruel towards humans, they are the most outwardly sadistic and take unnecessary steps to create suffering for their own pleasure, including disrespecting the dead by recreating at least part of their appearance. In the end, it turns out they were imbued with a sense of jealousy towards humans and they go out humiliated, crying and in an utterly pathetic state as this is finally pointed out, and their name finally symbolizes who they are.
    Envy or Rio Ranger/Rio Laizer Toto Noel/Coco Roel?

Harley Quinn Is Great

Hero Gal 2347

  • An Adorkable Butt-Monkey and Plucky Comic Relief character who tags along with the local superhero, can contact said hero with a watch, and sometimes has powers of his own.
    Ron Stoppable, Jimmy Olsen or Pat Patton?
  • A top heavy Gentle Giant who has "Well Done, Son!" Guy issues. He is a Genius Ditz whose employer has Surrounded by Idiots moments when he's around. He leads a group of boy scout expies that are named after a small rodent of some kind.
    Kronk or Launchpad McQuack?
  • A bald supervillain who is not actually as bad as you would expect. His help is Adorkable and loyal. He finds himself up against an antagonist who is much more dangerous than he is and who he goes to great lengths to stop as a result.
    Brain, Megamind, or Gru?
  • A blond-haired orphaned protagonist who has had a hard life, partially due to an unusual ability of theirs which frightens other people. Their problems are compounded by the antagonist, who wants to take over their position and is part of a surprising twist. Said protagonist almost gives up, but is rescued by the interference of a member of their family, who enables them to see that their unusual ability can be useful and that they are better than they think they are. The character ends the story with new hope. (Also, a turning point in their life is punctuated by a song containing the lyrics "let it go."
    Elsa or Lewis?
  • A pair of individuals of the same sex, one a quasi-aristocrat and the other a servant with whom said character has a friendly relationship. The aristocrat is forced out of their comfortable situation by an incident which happens abroad. They try to maintain a positive mental state, in spite of circumstances making it increasingly difficult. The servant is very fond of the aristocrat, tries to comfort them, and is more distressed about the aristocrat's problems than their own. The pair bond further through a long period of difficulties. Ultimately, the positive circumstances are restored, and the servant even takes a step up from their previous position.
    Sara and Becky or Frodo and Sam?
  • A character encounters trouble since the early days of their life, thanks to an unusual characteristic of theirs which invites negative reactions from the people around them. Their relationship with their father was not the best, although they wanted to please him. Their deepest relationship is a friendship with a member of the same sex who looks past their unusual characteristics and the potential negatives thereof and sees a good person. Ultimately they decide it is not so important as they thought to hide what makes them unusual.
    Elsa, Elphaba, or Spock?
  • An Adorkable Nice Guy who is a stickler for responsibility and a major Determinator, even when facing terrifying monsters that could kill him. He will always try to help other people, no matter how far he's outmatched. Despite canonically being a hero, he is hated and villainized by some fans. He falls in love with a cynical Tsundere with connections to the army. Said woman is a Ladette who is typically right in the thickest of the action. In spite of her rougher nature,she likes nice guys and ultimately reciprocates his affections enough to marry him.
    Superman and Lois Lane or Fix-it Felix Jr. and Sgt. Calhoun?
  • A cheerful, spunky redhead with Innocent Blue Eyes who goes through a good deal of nasty scenarios, but bounces back from them so quickly you might think hadn't happened at all. Said character is Heterosexual Life-Partners with a local character with special powers, who is Afraid of Their Own Strength and their worst nightmare involves hurting said redhead with their powers.
    Princess Anna or Jimmy Olsen?
  • Two odd partners who frequently work together despite one constantly insulting the other. The first is a serious person whose ethnicity is also different from the norm in the area they frequent and who is frequently seen with gold. He is a hero, but that doesn't mean he's very friendly or that he takes goof-ups or odd behavior very well. The other is a Cloud Cuckoolander pilot whose antics get on the first one's nerves. Said pilot can fly anything, even if he's never seen it before, but the crazy aerobatic stunts he likes to pull might terrify his passengers. This pilot has seen a psychiatrist, but he functions fairly well among the group he frequents, who act as a second family. In spite of their fighting, the two are very fond of and loyal to each other. Neither should be messed with, as both can be formidable opponents.
    B.A. Baracus and H.M. Murdock or Scrooge McDuck and Launchpad McQuack?


  • The Deuteragonist was the top student back in his academy days, and many of the female cast expressed interest in him, but pays them no mind. He's about to put his past behind him until his big brother, a criminal, is mentioned in his presence. From there, he behaves very differently towards his brother as opposed to the rest of the cast. Along the way, he gets manipulated by a snake-themed villain and eventually defects from his government. Eventually, he softens up as the story progresses.
    Jin Kisaragi or Sasuke Uchiha?


Meihui or Siren
  • An Eldritch Abomination with a malevolent hatred against the worlds of Light and desire nothing less than to reduce the Multiverse into its constituent elements, which they hope to absorb and return to the formless state that predated the creation. To accomplish this they lure, tempt and mislead the unwary with their seductive call for an existence without pain, suffering or hardship, but in the end they betray all who would heed their subversive calling. Is this False God and enemy of all Creation the Nameless One or Baal Ariman Yahweh

Icestar 1186
  • This character from a 15-book longnote  fantasy series starts his life as a simple blacksmith, but due to the influence of a female character with supernatural powers, he leaves his home and eventually becomes a hero. He proves to be extremely skilled at forging alliances, convincing many leaders and rulers to support him, and he eventually achieves a title of nobility for himself, becoming the lord of his home town (despite a somewhat disagreeable member of the town council). He ends up leading an army and winning several battles for the forces of good, but not without help. His Love Interest and eventual wife turns the tide of a critical battle for the safety of his homeland by leading reinforcements to aid him when all seems lost. At some point, he ends up forging a powerful weapon against evil, and he wields it in the final battle against the forces of darkness. Now, is this man Perrin Aybara or Adin of Del?

Imperial Majesty XO

  • A tall, lean, snappily-dressed man from Louisiana with a theatrical personality, a penchant for making deals, Voodoo-related powers, and a shadow that moves on its own. Am I talking about Dr. Facilier or Alastor the Radio Demon?

Imperium Astarte

  • A group of criminals star in the fifth installment of a long-running franchise that involves the use of Fighting Spirits. The group itself consists of:
Is this group the Phantom Thieves of Hearts or the Squadra Guardie del corpo

Infinity League



  • Bald man with comical proportions. He always wears a green shirt and blue pants, has the traits of a Determinator, and uses violence to sole his problems. Despite the cartoonish demeanor of him and the world he lives in, his debut game was not intended for children. Said game claims it was made in the 90s - is it being ironic or genuine? note 

Jesse MB 27
  • A set of swords with some degree of sentience that confer powers to anyone who wields one or both of them and thus have attracted warriors from throughout the world seeking to acquire that power. Soul Edge and Soulcalibur or the Dual Blades? Though one major difference between the former two and the Dual Blades is that those sets of blades are the embodiment of entities that that are opposed to each other whereas the Dual Blades are crafted as a set that are in unison.
  • Speaking of the Soulcalibur series, also introduces two new characters in its most recent installment (as of this typing) named Grøh and Azwel. The former is a brooding and mostly stoic antihero clad in black and other dark colored clothes while the latter is a giddy, eccentric sociopathic villain who wears an outfit that is mainly purple and has yellow as a secondary color. Hmm, what other characters have this dynamic? On top of that, Grøh also has two subordinates, one male (Dion) and one female (Natalie)... so he has his own Robin and Batgirl as well. Then there is also the frequent comparisons made by fans of Tira to Harley Quinn note . Apparently, Project Soul and/or Bandai Namco must be some big fans of Batman.
  • A fighter always eager for battle who has a very high opinion of himself based on his martial arts prowess and even goes so far as to identify as being a divine being (either figuratively or literally) and had killed his master in the past in order to demonstrate his power. Street Fighter's Akuma or Red Man from Super Fighter? Though the latter game is notorious for being a blatant ripoff of the former franchise, but it is amusing to note that Red Man (introduced in that 1993 game) preceded the first appearance of Akuma (in Super Street Fighter II: Turbo in 1994) by more than a year.
  • A trio of fighters introduced in fighting games within one year of each other consisting of a serious and discliplined martial artist, a swordswoman with a strong sense of justice who has a a departed parent whom she wishes to live up to, and a laid back, wise cracking nunchuku user: Kilik, Xianghua, and Maxi (from Soulcalibur released in 1998) or Subaru Shinjo, Naru Amoh, and Rook Castle (featured in 1999's Battle Arena Toshinden 4)? In a further parallel, one of the antagonists those trios fought were heroes from the prior installments of their respective series who had gone to (or appeared to have) to the dark side, Siegfried Schtauffen becoming Nightmare after gaining Soul Edge and Eiji Shinjo taking over the Himitsu Kessha secret society.
  • Two brothers who are highly skilled swordsmen and antagonistic to each other. While the younger brother (who is the main protagonist for most of their respective videogame series' run) is someone who values family and friendship and protecting the greater good from dangerous threats, the older brother, who is The Ace, by contrast is completely consumed with a desire for attaining power because he believes that power is the only thing that matters. The older brother also becomes a father of which the son also gets some amount of training from the younger brother and also clashes with that younger brother. Are these brothers Eiji and Sho Shinjo or Dante and Vergil?


  • A young and Obliviously Evil Reality Warper with little to no grasp of the scope of their powers, which, nevertheless, scares everybody around them enough into keeping them eternally happy, lest their entire world suffer as a result of their self-centered sense of displeasure. Haruhi Suzumiya or Anthony Fremont?


  • A black-and-white video game villain, with gold, red and blue highlights in their design, is motivated to cause an incident ostensibly because of resentment over their weakness; however, it is shown elsewhere that they already wanted to watch the world burn. They gain power using a magical artifact, which they eventually lose possession of by the end of the game. Their actual attack patterns tend to be lacking in complexity and power, but they make up for it in other ways. Their primary means of fighting opponents is confusing them by altering the battlefield (or at least, its appearance) in some way. Their powers are very broadly defined, and subject to contention among the fan community. In their game, they are the semi-final boss; they are defeated by the three heroes, and the final boss later uses the aforementioned artifact of power. Now, am I referring to ‘’’Infinite’’’, or ‘’’Seija Kijin’’’

  • A poor boy who was raised as a ward of a wealthier family and developed an affection for a daughter of that family, only to be rejected and the girl marrying a man of her station. The boy leaves and eventually returns, earning money through unscrupulous means, to take his revenge on the family that slighted him, inheriting the place that threw him out and gaining power over the daughter of the woman he loved. Are we talking about Heathcliff or Littlefinger?
  • A Serial Killer born when his mother was gang-raped, who subsequently put him up for adoption. When he grew older and met his mother again, he learned he wasn't wanted and spent years trying to get his revenge. Are we talking about Freddy Krueger or Roman Bridger?
  • A whole list comparing Road to Perdition and Blood Father:
    • John Link= Michael Sullivan. A middle-aged criminal who has to go on the run with his child when he/she gets caught up in a crime involving Stealing from the Till.
    • Lydia Link= Michael Sullivan Jr. The criminal's child who gets caught up in Stealing from the Till.
    • Jonah Pincerna= Connor Rooney. A well-connected member of a criminal organization who is Stealing from the Till.
    • The sicario= Harlen Maguire. A Professional Killer who is sent after the father and child and ends up killing the father in a Mutual Kill.
  • The King of an extremely advanced civilization that thinks that the outside world is not to be trusted with their technology, wears black armor, and has to deal with an uncultured outsider that is the product of their father's mistakes. Is Orm/Ocean Master a meta-Evil Counterpart to T'Challa/Black Panther?
  • A vicious Psycho for Hire who is hired for an Armed Blag job, quickly turns a simple robbery into a homicide, and starts a chain of events that causes the downfall of the criminal mastermind who hired him. Are we talking about Waingro or Bats?
  • A blond Jerkass Rich Bitch who persuades other witnesses to an accident to cover it up, unwittingly setting them up for death because someone found out about the crime, then are killed in a storeroom while a party is on. Is Barry Cox a Distaff Counterpart to Wendy Richards?


Are they the Red Lotus or the Pillar Men?Kayube
  • This character spends a lot of time in an isolated setting that, partially due to its implementation of a "Groundhog Day" Loop that keeps certain actions from (apparently) having any permanent consequences, serves as a metaphor for video games. At first, the character tried to be a hero in this setting and even find love, but eventually turned to villainy and began repeatedly killing the setting's inhabitants while trying to make things more interesting for himself. One of the work's major plot twists reveals that this character and another character are actually the same person.
    Is it The Man in Black, or Flowey?
  • This green-eyed teenage girl from an anime-styled work is one of the most popular students at her school. After falling in Love at First Sight with a newcomer to her social circle, she adds a new complication to the story's Love Dodecahedron. However, she has a dark secret: she's not a real person, and she's involved in a plot to separate the object of her affection from any other potential love interests. Near the end of the story, the girl and the one she loves end up together in a separate world. She's separated from them in the end, but ends up performing one final act to save the protagonist, which results in deleting herself from existence.
    Is it Monika, or Sakuya Kumashiro?
  • This character took over the role of Big Bad from the villain who had held that title for the majority of the series up to that point. Ultimately, they're killed after giving a speech to someone who had been on their side until then, exhorting them to kill a common enemy in a way that applies to themselves as well.
    Is it Snoke or Alma Coin?

Killer Kowalski

  • An individual that rules a land both distant and very close, cut off from the world, bound to his will and reflecting of his own mental state. He doesn't age but is mentally stuck in the past and obsessing in particular over one woman long gone from his life, seeing other women connected to her somehow, as her. He possesses immense powers from adeal he has made with supernatural power and can bestow them on his followers, but they'll never be as strong as him and he treats them as disposable in his pursuits of new entertainments. He has a good standing with a local group of racial stereotypes. Finally, his favorite pastime is turning the lives of greedy cutthroats that walked into is domain into living hell. Strahd Von Zarovich or Peter Pan?


Knight Of NASA

  • This government agency has a militaristic root, features wings and shield as one of its insignia, receive tiny amount of budget but have awesome and expensive gears such as pseudo jetpacks and the fastest transportation method known to man note , members are universally recognized as the best of the best but few would want to join the agency itself due to high death rate and low pay rate, have few political allies, play as a political football a dozen times in the course of about 100 years of history since its inception, have research halted due to Obstructive Bureaucrat, a blue eyed, strong leader who contributed a lot to the agency and pull it thru the political field, combat against the environment, certain jobs have high death rates and deaths that do occur is moaned by the survivors as a sacrifice for the benefit of humanity, the research done by the agency range from machinery to biology and many useful spinoff came about due to the research, and is adored by civilians much more than other parts of the government. The uniform associated with the agency is a derivative of blue (or depending on the classification, green).
    Is this organization Survey Corps or NASA/NACA?


  • This young boy is a half-human hybrid who grows up and matures throughout the series. The show has action and fantasy mixed in with a slice of life/coming of age feeling. He goes through his daily human life while he deals with the supernatural phenomenons of his non-human half and meets both good and evil entities and protects humanity and the Earth with his non-human powers!
    Son Gohan, Jake Long, Danny Phantom, or Steven Universe?



  • Circumstances force these two very incompatible college students to become roommates. The first is a genius bookworm with green skin who is constantly teased and ostracized by most of the school but ignores it, choosing to focus not on being popular but on achieving a career where "when people see me, they will scream!" The second (known mostly by a nickname) is a highly-popular and rather powerful student from a well-known family who easily/instantly wins everyone else's respect as easily as the first earns their scorn. Their intense loathing for each other, however, eventually evolves into deep friendship. The second achieves their ambitious dream. The first becomes the ally of their society's outcasts and never gives up on their chosen path, despite never winning (not in the way they always planned, at least). The climax comes when the first has to flee a troop of people hunting them.
    Are they Elphaba and Glinda or their Spear Counterparts Mike and Sully?
  • A scoundrel achieves wealth and power by creating a media empire where the truth is not even a concern and the Number 1 priority is destroying enemies, spreading propaganda, controlling public opinion, and weaving a net that allows him to control anything and everything. It works — he becomes powerful, feared, and hated and able to afford anything and everything, from a mansion to beautiful women... only to realize that all his wealth and power hasn't made him happy.
    Citizen Kane or Gail Wynand's sub-plot of The Fountainhead?
  • These stiff, emotionless kids who consider themselves superior to everyone else look almost identical and speak in an identical creepy monotone. They serve their father, the protagonist's Evil Uncle with power over one of the elements, who becomes a major antagonist after the show's first season.
    The Delightful Children From Down The Lane or Avatar Korra's cousins?

Laptop Guy

  • This professional wrestler debuted in WWE on the SmackDown brand. He never got introduced to the ring by the lead announcer. For two and a half years, he did not make the slightest change to his gimmick. It got stale, and the fans hated it. Then, out of nowhere, he made a surprising change of alignment. He almost immediately got a world title shot against a long-time veteran, and fans started to warm up to him. About six months later, due to a sudden incident that made a wrestler unable to compete, WWE rushed to make booking changes, and this Superstar reverted back to his original alignment. His new gimmick was an inverted version of his gimmick of the last six months, before slowly transitioning back to his original gimmick. The fans who started to like him once again couldn't stand him.
    Is this wrestler R-Truth or Alberto Del Rio?
  • This wrestler spent a very short time as an Ax-Crazy heel, but smarks revere his work during that period and he has become an Ensemble Dark Horse. However, most of his career was spent as a kid-appeal low-card face, and his face work is held in very poor regard by the IWC. R-Truth again, right? Actually, it could also be Doink the Clown.
    Wrybread 2 has noted that if the above were said about a tag team rather than singles wrestler, and allowing for a longer time as heels (and for not being in the WWE), the description would also apply to The Sheepherders.
  • This wrestler made his name on various national circuits under his real name before joining WWE, where he was given a stage name. His first big break came as being the most experienced member of a major heel stable. After he left the stable, he eventually formed a wildly popular babyface tag team. However, the one thing this wrestler is known for, above all else, is his one word catchphrase.
    Are we talking about Faarooq or Daniel Bryan?
  • This wrestler had a productive career in various wrestling promotions but is today mostly remembered for an embarrassing stint in WWE.
    Terry Taylor or Chris Harris?
  • This wrestler was a member of a group of Internet favorite wrestlers. They were the only homegrown talent in a group of otherwise independently-trained wrestlers, and much of their popularity with WWE's higher ups had to do with their connection to a legendary family in the business. Once the group began to part ways, however, it was clear that they were the favorite of the bigwigs to get a massive push on the main roster. Fans began to turn on them and started booing them even when they were being pushed as faces. As their popularity plummeted, those of their ex-stablemates continued to prosper.
    Charlotte or Roman Reigns?

Latverian Badger

  • This trio of characters belongs to a criminal organization that participates in such dirty business as assassination and sabotage. One, a leader of the organization, is in a romantic relationship with his protege, while said protege is slowly growing disillusioned with the methods their group employs, and the third member of the trio sticks closely to the two but is jealous of their relationship. Finally, the protege turns against and abandons the organization, and the leader, feeling betrayed, begins hunting her down with the third wheel's assistance. Eventually, however, the protege and the third wheel manage to reconcile to an extent. Are we talking Zato=1, Millia Rage and Venom? Or Adam Taurus, Blake Belladona and Ilia Amitola?


  • A mother of two, one son and one daughter, used to be a kind parent before being exposed to the powers of an alien parasite and being driven insane. Obsessed with this creature and its power, she turns into an Abusive Parent and cares little for anyone. This mother is a mid-to-late-game boss in a Japanese RPG, and is the leader of a group of people that serve as interim villains towards an arc leading up to the Final Boss. Her son becomes an Anti-Hero and another boss earlier in the game. Are we talking about Lusamine from Pokémon Sun and Moon, or Queen Zeal from Chrono Trigger?


  • This blue-blooded Brit is something of a genius, and enjoys playing chess. His family was attacked, leaving him without parents. He makes a contract with an immortal supernatural being to get powers with the intention of getting revenge for his family. His powers manifest in the form of his purple eye glowing. The supernatural figure stays by his side, helping him, but at the same time, withholding vital information from him. Nevertheless, he considers that character to be his most trusted ally. It takes a while, though, for that figure to see him as something more than a means to an end. The character in question can be quite ruthless at times, something the fanbase would rather ignore, though he is shown quite sympathetically, and he is a prime example of Bishōnen. He also does genuinely care about those close to him, particularly a young girl who he wants to keep from getting involved - a task which becomes increasingly difficult.
    Is it Lelouch vi Britannia or Ciel Phantomhive?

  • This sweet, rather Moe guy seems to be the Butt-Monkey in this equation. He's found himself on the wrong side of a Badass with long black hair, but now they have to become companions in order to reach a goal, along with a rather childlike female sidekick. They are being pursued by one of the sexiest characters voiced by Patrick Seitz, along with his rather stoic female assistant. Then, the main character realizes that he's actually an all-powerful but rarely seen figure - the title character. In the English dub, he is played by one of the hosts of the "All Work No Play" podcast (Liam O'Brien and Sam Riegel).
    Is this Vincent or Yashiro?

  • This character is very traditional, has long, black hair, and uses a traditional Japanese weapon. Their name sounds like a common word, and on at least one occasion, another character says that word and this character wonders if that person means them. They are in a group with two Moe airheads, and this character ends up essentially babysitting the other two. One of the airheads is sort of a de facto leader of the entire main cast (which evens out to a group of nine divided into three groups of three, and they meet in a small, colorful room in a school). This character is particularly protective of the leader, and gets very emotional over finding the leader when they go missing. (The other airhead has an animal name and motif). This character also gets very flustered at the idea of nudity and revealing costumes. There is also an eating establishment that several cast members are affiliated with as their home, that shares a name with a certain puella magi who also has long black hair and a protective role.
    Is this Kuroh or Umi?

  • A boy and girl who look very similar and have been very close since childhood are amazed when a powerful supernatural object is discovered in their town during a war. A soldier from another country comes to help them figure out how to use it, and while they work together, he ends up falling in love with one of the pair. That one dies. One of the pair becomes immortal, and the soldier is rather ruthless in taking this into account - he will blow up large areas knowing that the immortal one is there, because he knows his friend won't be killed, with no regard towards the emotional trauma it could cause. The soldier and the immortal (not always angsty) surviving "twin" move on after the war to lead a new world, with a goal to bring happiness to everyone.
    Are they L-elf, Haruto, and Shoko or the Dresden Trio?

  • This one might be intentional - a character with a red motif played by Jun Fukuyama and a character with a black motif played by Daisuke Ono. The Fiery Redhead is more, well, hot-headed and tends to leap before looking, while the one in black is more calm, calculating, and deadly - but he has a sweet side on a particular topic, and he can cook. Really well. They come from different supernatural factions, and while they sometimes fight - when the red one is trying to kill the small but not-so-innocent person that the one in black has to protect - they also have teamed up against common enemies - often ones from a different faction who are threatening to unleash a supernatural force that will hurt normal people. The red one is paired with a cool-headed, somewhat snarky glasses-wearing supernatural office-worker.
    Are they Sebastian and Grell or Kuroh and Misaki?

  • Major SPOILER warning. This character, who is voiced by Sam Riegel in the dub, grew up in The Empire, but wasn't the heroic type to take a stand against them. He was swept along with it, and had a fairly important position with them even before things happened, but then an incident happened in which a beloved sibling of his died. While mourning his sibling, he ends up pushed into a position of authority that he didn't want, and isn't cut out for, by a more warlike friend/sibling. Not that he's completely useless - he's very good at something, but it's not ruling. In this position, he goes to Japan, which has just lost the war. A time passes before the beginning of the series. In the first episode, a battle happens, and it is stopped by a Bishōnen with black hair and purple eyes. An episode ends with the bishonen character note  pointing a weapon at him, threatening to kill him. The next episode starts with him begging for his life, and mentioning a younger sibling for whose sake the bishonen should spare him. The bishonen's eventual decision shapes the rest of the plot for the first season - it's something he can't go back from, and several people strongly dislike him for it, including a person in a similar position to the focal character, who is more responsible and scorns the focal character for not being more like them. After the first season, fans speculated that the focal character might still be alive.
    So was he killed there or did he escape, and the bishonen later chooses to protect him?note 

  • A boy with white hair and golden eyes who is "royal", a boy with black hair in a ponytail who is a "knight", tons of Ship Tease between them, and a girl who turns into an animal, whose name is the name of that animal, who defends the royal boy from the knight, before the knight becomes his knight.
    Is the fourth member a Dark Magical Girl or an actual Ordinary High School Student?

  • This couple features a Japanese male with black hair and a European male with silver hair who is three years older (at least physically - his mental age is another story). The older one was seen as untouchable, and admired from a distance by the younger, until they Met Cute and it was obvious from that moment that they would have something. The older one used to have long hair, but does not anymore. He also used to be very admired in his field to the point where he was Lonely at the Top (and more literally than one might imagine), but now he is a teacher/mentor. He occasionally says things in his native language, even when the rest of the conversation is in Japanese or English). There is also something of a power imbalance between them, with the older as a leader and the younger as his follower, but they are both too Adorkable for it to be a real problem.
    Do they have a cat or a dog?

  • This mysterious, silver-haired boy is voiced by Ryohei Kimura (and there is no dub). His team has number codes, and his is 11. He's always thinking several steps further than everyone else, and when all seems lost, often he is able to come up with a plan to save everyone, just in time.
    But is he an assassin or an idol?note 


  • An extremely idealistic Disney princess with strawberry-blond hair dreams of finding her true love and falls in Love at First Sight with a handsome prince she sings a love duet with and agrees to marry him on the spot. However, when the princess has to undergo an unexpected journey to places she's never been to before due to the actions of a queen, she meets a gruff but kind-hearted man who expresses disbelief that she'd marry someone she's known for only a very brief amount of time and who she eventually develops feelings for. When the princess is put under a magical curse from the aforementioned queen that will kill her if true love doesn't save her in time, it's initially assumed that the prince she met before her journey will be the one to save her with True Love's Kiss but it doesn't work and The Power of Love that frees her ends up coming from an unexpected source.
    Now, is this princess named Giselle or Anna?
  • An exceptionally buff and strong male protagonist with a name that begins with T in a film titled after him has grown up away from human civilization and consequently goes through a Fish out of Water plot when he enters said civilization for the first time. His love interest is a brainy and adorkably awkward girl named Jane who has a passion for a certain scientific field and he helps get her journal back after it's confiscated. The protagonist's father is put into mortal peril by the film's villain, and the film ends with the protagonist leaving human civilization to reunite with his family.
    Is this protagonist best known for swinging from vines or with hammers?


  • This character is a serious minded member of a supposedly Always Chaotic Evil nonhuman species that has been pushed around by humans who don’t have much respect for their lives. Angry at this treatment, and wanting better conditions for his species, he allies with an impulsive powerful magical being who is supposedly trying to take over the world but would really rather goof around and kill people. Together, they violently attack a human city in a revolution. While officially serving this individual, he really seems to be manipulating him. This character is very magically powerful, and believes that all members of his species should work together. However, he is also something of a hypocrite- putting his plans and Revenge above the best interests of the members of his species. He is called out on this by one of them, who tries to oppose his plans. He is also opposed by a bickering group that includes a serious, somewhat arrogant magic user who at one point flirts with turning evil but eventually learns the error of his ways and an Action Girl used to working in secrecy. Redcloak or Faquarl?


  • This dark-haired character had a supporting role at best, but her specialized talents and her upbeat personality in a world of darkness made her a fan favorite. She was relatively innocuous, rarely present in more suspenseful moments, until somebody she cared about was threatened by a dangerous and remorseless murderer and she displayed great bravery in acting in his defense. Unfortunately, the murderer discovered and overpowered her - though not without a fight. Her cliffhanger of a death happened just offscreen, but elicited a huge reaction from its horrified audience.
    Is this character's distinctly feline name Nepeta Leijon or Beverly Katz?

Lucina 1994

  • A tall man with dark hair. He is the mentor and father figure of the team, and while he isn't the main protagonist, he is a sword wielder and has strong connections to both the male and female main characters. He is a world-renowned hero from major battles of recent history, but lost the use of one arm in the conflict, although he has adapted to fighting with his good arm alone. He is part of the party for a short time at the very beginning of the game, but he leaves the group shortly after then permanently joins a couple hours of gameplay later. Is this Auron from Final Fantasy X, or Dunban from Xenoblade Chronicles?



Magnus Force
  • This cartoon Big Bad is a demon with a smug Jerkass personality, elements of Louis Cypher, a Large Ham, and the mentality of a Psychopathic Manchild. He enjoys harassing and annoying a sibling duo consisting of a cheerful Cloudcuckoolander sister and her more cynical and serious-minded brother. He's also been known to bother a genius from the same show. He tends to show up in all sorts of situations and never wears pants. He's also, arguably, the most popular character in the show due to his bizarre mix of lunacy and hilarity.
    Is he Bill Cipher or the Red Guy?
  • This genius kid from a quirky suburban American family has a Cool Pet and spends his free time conducting crazy activities that annoy and frustrate his redheaded teenage sister to the point of insanity.
    Is he Phineas Flynn or Jason Fox?
  • This adorkable, cheerful, and optimistic animated character has Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold despite living in Hell (portrayed in the series as a large city inhabited solely by a variety of unusual-looking demons). They see the best in everyone and everything, and seek to spread happiness amongst their world's fiendish populace.
    Am I talking about Charlie Magne or Jimmy Two-Shoes?
  • This couple from a Canadian cartoon is made up of a fat, ditzy, good-natured Big Eater with gasshole tendencies and a wild and crazy but non-malicious Fiery Redhead who will eat anything. Their relationship is on-and-off, but they both love each other very much. Sadly, they broke up later on, and a lack of interaction between them afterwards has left it ambiguous how things are going between them now.
    Are they Beezy and Saffi or Owen and Izzy?
  • This animated character is a Gentle Giant known for being a sensitive and extremely kindhearted person who would never hurt a fly despite their great strength, muscular form, and imposing appearance. In fact, they're probably scared by flies, given that they're also known for being very cowardly (to the point where Flanderization basically turned them into giant babies). That said, making them mad is still an extremely bad idea. They also both have connections to two North American countriesnote .
    Am I talking about DJ or Eduardo?
  • This cartoon girl is known for her chill and friendly attitude, appealing appearance, and her love of an activity that involves 'boardsnote . She tends to be associated with the ocean and mermaids by fans, but she isn't one of the show's most important or developed characters due to being mostly relegated by the writers to the crush/girlfriend for a boy (although that doesn't stop her from having plenty of fans).
    Is she Jackie Lynn Thomas or Bridgette?
  • This animated series protagonist is a boy on the verge of puberty from an ordinary suburban neighbourhood whose defining trait is his relationship with his Bumbling Dad. His father's stupidity, weirdness, embarrassing antics, and awkward attempts at bonding are often a source of shame and exasperation for the kid, who just wants to be seen as a normal boy with a normal dad. Despite all that, the kid knows deep down that his father is a supportive and unconditionally loving Family Man who would do anything for his son. In return, the kid loves his father back and will always stand for him when push comes to shove.
    Is he Max Goof, Dwayne Junior, or Willy Zilla?


  • A Physical God who takes the form of a quadruped animal. He is the creator deity of a world filled with fantastical creatures. He is befriended by young children and assists them in battle.
    Aslan or Arceus?
  • This overly optimistic yellow man with a high-pitched voice is always bothering his grumpy bald neighbor.
    Is it Ned Flanders or Spongebob Squarepants?
  • He is a villain turned Anti-Hero known for wearing a red and black mask and making fourth wall jokes. His quirky sense of humor has landed him a memetic status. He has starred in his own video game in which he makes fun of video game tropes.
    Is he Strong Bad or Deadpool?
  • This ugly green-skinned monster lives alone in the middle of the woods within a fantasy world that spoofs many well-known fairy tales. The green monster has many disgusting habits that include eating gross animals and making Toilet Humor jokes. The monster at one point kidnaps a girl who is in danger of becoming a hideous beast like her captor. One of the monster's associates is a Butt-Monkey hoofed mammal. There is also a Fairy Godmother who hates this monster.
    Could it be Gruntilda or Shrek?
  • This Nintendo mascot is a member of an adorable multicolored species. He is known for his friendly demeanor, limited vocabulary, jumping abilities, and huge appetite. Seriously, he can and will eat virtually anything in his path. He will even swallow his own enemies to turn them into ammunition to throw at others. He constantly harasses a large monster who is the self-proclaimed king of the land. One of his titles featured him transformed into a yarn creature and exploring a patchwork world.
    Is it Kirby or Yoshi?
  • An Artificial Intelligence that serves as the computer system aboard a futuristic spaceship. It goes haywire and tries to destroy the humans aboard the ship, but is thankfully deactivated when the humans, originally slaves to technology, begin to think for themselves. The computer system is characterized by its Creepy Monotone voice and its single, blood-red eye.
    HAL 9000 or AUTO?
  • Long ago, a king lost someone dear to him because of a war. He took his grief out on the world by killing innocent people. This king is seemingly immortal and associated with a special flower.
    Asgore or AZ?
  • A gorilla was imprisoned by mankind until one day, he supposedly “abducted” a human and was fatally shot. The world took pity on him soon after.
    King Kong or Harambe?
  • This synthetic organism was illegally created in the lab of a mad scientist. It was designed to be an ultimate weapon that could adapt to any adversity. Although only given an experimental codename at first, it escaped to a tropical island region where was befriended and renamed by a small child. Later, it would go on to help the child collect other strange creatures that appeared around the islands.
    Type: Null/Silvally or Stitch?
  • This grumpy hermit lives alone in his lair. He is constantly being annoyed by all the noise people in his town make. So he goes to ridiculous ends to quiet them down. Thankfully, nobody takes him seriously as a threat. He is a master of disguise, and loves mugging to the camera. One time, he even attempted to steal everyone's Christmas presents, until he was invited to join in the festivities.
    Robbie Rotten or the Grinch?
  • He is a high-ranking and universally beloved authority figure in a society of strange creatures that have dubbed themselves "monsters." Desperate times have led this authority figure to become a Well-Intentioned Extremist who kidnaps human children and absorbs their emotional energy in order to turn it into fuel and help the monster society thrive. He has a philosophy that humans are much more dangerous to monsters than monsters are to humans. One of his associates is a humanoid lizard creature who built a machine in a secret underground lab that is causing the monster world so much grief.
    Asgore or Henry J. Waternoose?
  • During a festival to honor the dead, this boy plays a magical string instrument, which causes strange things to happen. He is soon sent on an adventure to discover a secret about one of his ancestors.
    Miguel Rivera or Kubo?
  • This Disney villain is an insane hunter who is obsessed with capturing a giant bird. But eventually, like most Disney villains, he ends up falling to his death. He is often called by his last name, but his first name and middle initial are also known.
    Percival C. McLeach or Charles F. Muntz?
  • He is the ruler of a gloomy land of the dead. Being a Satanic Archetype, he likes to make deals that are heavily weighted in his favor with the hope of one day gaining control over a more upbeat realm of the supernatural. Also, his body is constantly on fire, but he doesn't seem to mind.
    Hades or Xibalba?
  • This character is dressed in rags and forced to do housework for a snooty rich family that treats them like garbage. It is only when they are given a piece of footwear that they are freed from their shackles.
    Cinderella or Dobby?
  • The villain of a superhero sequel movie, who hijacks TV signals to deliver messages of terrorism. But as the hero soon finds out, the person they think is the villain is just a puppet who is being unwillingly controlled by someone else. The true mastermind then retreats to a boat, but is soon defeated by an Action Girl whom they had previously imprisoned.
    Aldrich Killian or Evelyn Deavor?
  • A quadrupedal carnivore that is a major character in a video game set in a fictitious version of a real-life island region. This animal's body is mainly white with red highlights; and it has control over the sun itself, and is worshiped as a god as a result. It has No Biological Sex, though most characters in universe associate it with a specific gender anyway. One of the animal's companions gives it a nickname ending in Y.
    Solgaleo or Amaterasu?
  • A gravelly voiced businessman whose name ends in the letters "BS." His business is primarily a food service organization, though it has been altered to be other things, such as a comedy club. He is known to participate in shady deals and gets really competitive with a rival business right across from his own.
    Mr. Krabs or Bubs?

Master Ghandalf

  • This team of superheroes is the focus of a popular franchise in the new millennium, adapted from a much older comic book. The team leader is a driven, duty-minded warriornote  and other members include a wisecracking tech expertnote , an alien warrior of the royal persuasionnote , a shapeshifter associated with the color greennote , and a broody female with a dark pastnote . The team is brought together in order to stop an alien invasion. Other enemies include the alien warrior's renegade siblingnote , a power-mad sociopath who claims he and the team leader are Not So Different note , a smooth but slimy egomaniac who goes transhuman to take on the tech guynote  and a malevolent, overwhelmingly powerful cosmic entity whose name starts with the letter "T"note .
    Are they the Teen Titans or The Avengers?
  • This nonhuman intelligence (which has one primary body but can control lots of mindless drones) is incredibly intelligent but often has an immature, almost child-like demeanor. It hates humans but is oddly fascinated by them, to the point of mimicking human behaviors with varying degrees of success, and has a particular fondness for one female human minion, who ultimately betrays it. The creature's mind partially derives from one particularly intelligent human, who it both seeks to destroy and subconsciously emulates. This creature seeks to destroy humanity and populate the world with its own kind. Its final scene is a quietly melancholy conversation between the creature and a hero, in which the hero expresses pity for the creature though they must destroy it for the good of humanity, and the creature itself forces the hero to kill it.
    Is this creature the Vord Queen or Ultron?


  • A legendary warrior of his time, whose exploits have made him a hero to many. Throughout his life, he turned against his superior, got involved with a blonde woman called Eva and became the father of twin sons who would fight each other in their adulthood. His legacy still influences his descendants' lives, particularly that of his more heroic son, who is the primary protagonist of the series.
    Is the legendary warrior Big Boss or Sparda?

  • This bad guy was originally introduced as a black-clad, armored man who is a servant of the main villain. He is later revealed to be the father of the hero, whose arm he cut off- a relationship known by the hero's mentor, who keeps it a secret for a time. A prequel in the series shows his human form, before he became the villain in the black armor. Said prequel also details his relationship with the hero's mentor, in which it's made clear that the two were once friends before falling out, in no small part because the villain's desire for power to protect the ones he loved twisted him into evil. This character is also related to a goth/emo guy with black hair and clothes. Last, but not least, the death of his mother also played a big part in turning him into a bad guy.
    Darth Vader or Vergil?

  • Debuting in a 2010 action game whose gameplay is largely inspired by God of War, the story's protagonist is a deeply religious, badass anti-hero who faces hordes of monsters motivated by the death of the woman he loved. Said woman appears in visions to him at times. He carries a cross in his arsenal, comes to face foes such as the Grim Reaper and a seductive female monster and, at the end of his journey, fights and defeats the Devil himself, who taunts him on more than one occasion about his beloved.
    Dante Alighieri or Gabriel Belmont?

Metal John

  • A Female Villain with an insanity streak who is in the upper echelons of an authoritarian regime and is well known to her people. Her Age is unique compared to the average grunts, who typically have concealed faces, and she has a rather troubled relationship with another member of her family, whom she tormented greatly. She is eventually betrayed by said family member who defects to the heroes, and gradually gains their trust. She also succeeds the previous, older Male Villain as the primary threat of our main hero, whom she is hunting viciously, while assisting in her Home Nation's Goal, and using heavy vehicles to assist in this goal. She also acts somewhat...seductively towards many characters, including the Heroes.
    Am I referring to Azula or Frau Engel?
  • A Villain of the color Grey who is (Presumed) to be the last of his type and family, who was supposedly raised a decent life, but turned evil after learning something about his place in time. He began to make deadly advanced weapons and committed genocide against a generally nice race, forcing them to flee their home to a hidden place he couldn't reach, leaving one behind, who would go on to live a simple life desiring more. However, this Villain finds out about his existence and discovers that said hero knows nothing about his own people, and with his army, consisting of a species distinct from the villain, he seeks to become an all powerful ruler using a dangerous device that was, ironically, made for the opposite use of his intentions. In the end, he is indirectly defeated by his own contraption.
    Am I referring to Lord Shen or Emperor Percival Tachyon?
  • This Hero was dormant when the world needed him. In the time he was out, things really went downhill due to a certain Authoritarian Empire. He was assisted out of his dormancy, helped through the new world and eventually, fell in love with a Girl from a group of people who suffered at the hands of the Evil Empire. He is unusually strong compared to everyone else, and is on wanted posters throughout the world due to his enmity with the Empire. In between the events of the second and third section of a series, He gets into a battle that nearly kills him, but eventually wakes up to find himself in what was formerly an enemy ship to find that he is scarred. He and his allies, during this section of the series, also take advantage of the fact that everybody thinks he is dead to take down the Enemy. It is pretty much up to him to undo the damage the Evil Empire did.
    Am I referring to Avatar Aang or BJ Blazckowicz?


  • A young male mecha pilot who started off as hot headed loses someone close to him and matures over time. His starting Mecha is well balanced before upgrading to a more powerful Mecha and his old Mecha is usually passed down to a secondary character. Both of them eventually confront and defeat the main big bads in their deceptively bulky mechas.
    Is this Kamille Bidan or Bastion we are talking about?

  • A manipulative antagonist who starts off as the role of advisor and manipulates his way through the ranks and rises to an extremely powerful position. He is a skilled Mecha pliot and their starting Mecha is a powerful machine. Later in the story they usurp power of their respective factions and become the main villains of the story as well as serving as the final boss. Their Mid-Season Upgrade has them replacing their old mechas to an exceptionally powerful and deceptively bulky machine. Not to mention their primary foe is the main protagonist who is younger than him.
    Are we talking about Paptimus Scirocco or Faulkner?


  • He has various unique devices that work in humorous ways. He cares for the main character and teaches him various lessons about life.
    Doraemon or Mr. Slowy?


  • An outwardly bubbly and aggressively stylish woman who loves designer clothing and making speeches as the public face of a rather Dystopian institution that sends mammals to their deaths.
    Effie Trinket or Lucy Mirando?
  • Two university students meet for the first time at an Extranormal Institute that is home to at least a few monsters or otherwise nonhuman species (and where the library is scary for one reason or another). One of the two is a persistent Determinator type who sees more action than they were at first expecting; the other is a physically powerful character from a fairly prominent family well-connected to said university, with a tendency to snark and rather Jerkass attitudes, at least in the beginning. The two start off with mutually antagonistic attitudes and are forced into Teeth-Clenched Teamwork at least once before eventually warming to each other and entering on a very close relationship. Sometimes they get into tangles with “typical” Fratbros up to their usual boisterous selves. At one point in the story, both are thrust into a very life-threatening situation involving people chasing them through the wilderness, and to top it all off, the Dean of their university is a terrifying, domineering figure who must not be crossed at all costs.note  Are they:
  • A Hispanic overachiever, The Perfectionist and Competition Freak identified with a law-related career, a fierce drive to come out first in everything, and an often neurotic, obsessive-compulsive thoroughness bordering on an Ambiguous Disorder (which shows especially with her meticulous attention when reading, drafting or editing very long documents). Among the number of people she's dated, the boyfriend most popularly associated with her tends to have a problem with authority, and often clashes with police because of it note .
    Detective Amy Santiago or CITnote  Courtney?
  • A pale-skinned, purple-haired, teenaged Lady of Black Magic who generally wears a long cloak, speaks (and often snarks) in a Creepy Monotone, and possesses an aloof, Sugar-and-Ice Personality. Re. her alignment, Dark Is Not Evil, but you'd be forgiven for thinking otherwise; still, for all her standoffishness, she's firmly on the side of the heroes, and values highly those friends she does have. Has used meditation as a means of psychological self-management at least occasionally, and at least one episode of the series she's in involves a trip through her mindscape, featuring her various personalities. She's also close friends with a dark red-haired, minidress-wearing Genki Girl of foreign origins, and who starts out as very much a Fish out of Water in their current residence note .
    Raven or Sucy Manbavaran?
  • Our teenaged protagonist lives in England and goes to a British school, but is considered severely lacking in certain skills and abilities by the community around them (though not in all—they're also exceedingly talented in other, specific fields); this perceived lack of competence, combined with their quirky and often socially inappropriate actions and behaviours, implies the hero has some kind of Ambiguous Disorder, but it's never explicitly identified in-story. This does not stop them from idolising, and hoping to someday become as good as, a very famous, very talented, but also very unorthodox personality whose full name starts with "Sh——"note . Their time at school is helped by a very patient, bespectacled, female mentor figure whose name also starts with a "S" and who spends inordinate school time coaching them to progress, however slowly relative to most other peoplenote . Is affected by the disappearance of a female character with a personal significance to their life, who to all appearances is gone from the world, but later turns up in an unexpected placenote . Descends hard into a Heroic BSoD when someone close to themnote  is forced to admit their role in causing the story's major conflictnote , which the protagonist has been trying to resolve all this time. Still, despite all this happening to them, the hero still proves amazingly determined at reaching any goals they set themselves to achieve—and their story concludes with them finally achieving a very significant goal.
    Christopher Boone or Akko Kagari?
  • A teenaged, childish, Inept Mage, Cuddle Bug Genki Girl who has a star motif, isn't originally from the country where she goes to school and comes into possession of a very powerful Magic Wand.
    Star Butterfly or Akko Kagari?



  • A monstrous woman without any semblance of humanity. Whether directly or indirectly, she caused the deaths of her closest family. She's a high-ranking member of a fanatical organization dedicated to preserving a dystopia linked to a powerful darkness, whose enemy is an aged, bearded hero wielding an ancient magic. She looks down on those she considers weak. She leads a group of ruthless warriors indoctrinated since childhood, one of which turns against her. They duel to the death, during which she displays considerable martial experience. She loses and meets her end by falling off a ledge. She carries a staff at least once, and is always seen wearing a mask. Not even in death do you ever see her full face. She gravitates toward red and black as a color scheme.
    Is she Captain Phasma or the High Priestess?

Monolaf 317

  • The Nakanos of The Quintessential Quintuplets get a lot of comparison to the Matsuno family circa Osomatsu-san, which is a series about loser sextuplet boys in their 20s. The fact that Fuutarou has a somewhat Matsu-like hairstyle (complete with two Idiot Hairs) doesn't help.
    • Ichika to Osomatsu; both are the eldest, and are rather lazy slobs.
    • Nino to Karamatsu; both are the second eldest, who care very deeply for their siblings.
    • If you want to include him: Fuutarou to the no-nonsense, intelligent Choromatsu; him being the only male member of the group coincidentally looks similar to a Fandom-Specific Plot where one brother becomes an Outnumbered Sibling to cute girl versions of the other five.
    • Miku to Ichimatsu; both suffer from Middle Child Syndrome, and are withdrawn Perpetual Frowners.
    • Yotsuba to Jyushimatsu; both are eccentric Dumb Jocks, the second youngest, and are the most cheerful of their siblings.
    • Itsuki to Todomatsu; both are The Baby of the Bunch, who are more serious than they seem.

Mr Miscellaneous

  • The main character of a Japanese show revolving around Heroic Spirits is a Transforming Hero who wields said Heroic Spirits and needs to collect them to make a wish. The character's mother was (at one point) voiced by Sayaka Ohara, who also voiced an evil version of the wish-granting device, while the character's father is not present in the series and who set up the situation that the main character is in during the show. They like something related to Miyamoto Musashi, their main colour is a red-based colour and they have a blue sidekick who comes from a different dimension with siblings. Their enemies and powers also come from that dimension, and they are shipped in-show with someone called Chloe. Tenkuji Takeru or Illyasviel Von Einzbern?


Mr Underhill


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