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    Moltar Era (1997-1999, Cartoon Network) 
Western Animation


    TOM 1 Era (1999-2000, Cartoon Network) 

    TOM 2 Era (2000-2003, Cartoon Network) 
Western Animation


    TOM 3 Era (2003-2007, Cartoon Network) 
Western Animation


Live-Action TV

  • Wulin Warriors note 

    TOM 4 Era (2007-2008, Cartoon Network) 
Western Animation


    TOM 3.5 Era (2012-2013, [adult swim]) 
2012 April Fools' Day Block

Regular Rotation: Anime

Regular Rotation: Western Animation


    TOM 5 Era (2013-2019, [adult swim]) 

Former Shows

Movies / Specials

  • Rebuild of Evangelion - Evangelion 2.22
  • Kick-Heart note 
  • Korgoth of Barbaria (Fall Daylight Savings Time filler)
  • Month of Movies December 2013:
  • Batman: Strange Days note 
  • Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Revenge note 
  • Batman Beyond 75th Anniversary Short note 
  • Zurtrun note 
  • Month of Movies December 2014:
  • Children Who Chase Lost Voices note 
  • Scavengersnote 
  • Sand Whale and Me note 
  • Mind Game note 

    TOM 6 Era (2019-present, [adult swim]) 

    Toonami Reactor (2001) 

    Toonami on Kids' WB! (2001-2002) 

    Toonami Jetstream (2006-2009) 

Movies and Specials

  • Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow
  • Naruto the Movie 2: Legend of the Stone Gelel
  • Naruto the Movie 3: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom
  • Naruto - Mission: Protect the Waterfall Village
  • Episodes 55 through 57 of Pokemon
  • A preview for Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Planned Shows

    Toonami Immersion Events (2000-present) 
These are special event story arcs that showcase TOM in a dire situation. The name comes from the fact that even though the shows are still playing, the event is still happening offscreen in the bumpers, so TOM and Sara wouldn't be able to greet the viewers until the threat is resolved. In the heyday of the block, there would also be some games and comics online that would tie into the event.
  • The Intruder (2000): The first TIE. An red blob attaches itself to the Absolution. TOM heads off to confront it but finds it's a very vicious foe.
  • Lockdown (2001): TOM and Sara answer a distress call and find themselves in a ship graveyard. Their controls are suddenly locked by an unknown entity on one of the ship trapping them there. The duo have to rely on their viewers to pilot armed miniature robots named DOKs to destroy the entity and free them.
  • Trapped In Hyperspace (2002): TOM tests out a new hyperspace function. But a computer virus invades the Absolution's systems and sends the ship hurtling through hyperspace. The only way to free the ship is for TOM to jack directly into the ship's mainframe and confront the virus directly.
  • The Intruder II (2015): Sequel to the first TIE. TOM answers a hail from a nearby ship only to find out it's a trap from a very familiar foe looking for revenge.
  • The Intruder III (2016): While milling around on a planet, a sudden storm and hostile sandworms forces TOM back into the base Sara and he are staying in. However the worms soon break into the base's lower sections, forcing TOM to defend himself.
  • Countdown (2017): TOM suddenly finds himself whisked into the future, while a future version of himself replaces him in the past and starts a countdown aboard the Vindication. The present day TOM must now find out what's going on, but finds himself targeted by hostile Clydes.
  • The Forge (2019): The Vindication is suddenly hijacked and sent to a space station where, naturally, the inhabitants turn out to be less than friendly. TOM and Sara try to find out who these people are.
  • Cosmo Samurai (2021): An acknowledged non-canonical event.
  • The Return (2022): A two part T.I.E. Something arrives at the Forge, but is it friend or foe?

    Video Game Reviews 
Moltar Era

TOM 1 Era

TOM 2 Era

TOM 3 Era

TOM 4 Era

TOM 3.5 Era

TOM 5 Era

TOM 6 Era

    Toonami Comics (2000-present)