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TOM time travels back to the 40s, crashes, and is taken in by the US Government.
TOM is Roswell.

TOM flew away in the finale because he wanted to have more adventures.
He flew off because his expiration date had come, so he let the two others have a well-deserved rest, but he didn't want his adventures to end, so, he defected, flying off the Absolution to fight evil and experience new sights, not to be thrown away for a mindless upgrade.
  • TOM 3 wasn't upgraded until the revival. TOM 4 is a different unit entirely. Not sure what effect it has on this.

If the others wake up, they will search for TOM.
If the final bumper is properly understood, the female computer suggests that they will search for TOM sooner or later.
  • "Until we meet again...". Tom may come back, if his las words are any indication.
    • TOM 4 is back at his post.

Toonami ended because Hamtaro wanted revenge.
Never mock a hamster.
  • Hamtaro may have had his grievances, but in the end was merely another patsy by the true culprits: the cast of a series denied their World Without Danger and quarantined on Miguzi for being neither Japanese nor American.

TOM 4.0 was working for TOM 2.0.
This is why the latter TOM could still be (and still is) found on overseas branches of Cartoon Network, he had delegated responsibility to the former TOM. And the reason Toonami US ended was because he got fed up of being a subordinate.
  • WHAT!?!? US is the only one that ended!? AGH!!!
    • Toonami UK ran for sometime but suffered heavy Network Decay and lacked TOM. So really not very Toonamish at all.
      • TOM 4 made an appearance in a 11/3/12 bump.

SARA is Lilith.

Flash and T share the same AI as SARA, minus her sense of identity/self
I mean, since SARA came back she's actually USED one of Flash's sayings and TOM 4.0 didn't have his own SARA or anything similar to her in sight, and has since been confirmed to be a seperate unit to TOM 3.0/5.0 so SARA couldn't have actually become Flash and T. What if Flash and T played that role for 4.0 just in a very different form?

The TOMs on Cartoon Network's overseas branches are/were robotic clones that haven't been programmed to say much
Or at least South-East Asia TOM was. That's why he gave so little dialogue during the continuity links. Scratch that, he only talked at the start. And possibly the end.

TOM (UK) was obsessed with video games
This is why Toonami UK was reduced to just a the gaming part of the UK's Cartoon Network website. TOM's UK clone got obsessed with video games, so he gave up anime and switched to video games.

TOM (Phillipines) is trying to further Cartoon Network's Network Decay into Cartoon Network Real internationally
This explains why Kamen Rider Kabuto is airing on Cartoon Network Philippines.

TOM 3.0 had his voice chip stolen by a jungle-dwelling robot who stole Toonami's signal and started masquerading as TOM 4.0...
...Which is why he gave no explanation for the new set, robots, or the Brother Chucking of SARA and the Absolution.
  • Jossed. TOM 4 is a different unit. Still no explanation for the switchover, however.

Toonami will be... revived.
  • Says...who?
    • Nevermind. It was a false alarm. Return to your weeping!
    • Says I! We could lead the charge and revive Toonami! Bring Back TOM!
    • Semi-confirmed. [adult swim] brought it back temporarily for an April Fools' Day stunt, but fan devotion has since led them to "look into" a permanent revival.
    • Now completely confirmed!

Alternate theory to the above
Toonami will return in Cartoon Network's darkest hour (like King Arthur and Jesus). Now it's time to wonder what the hell is the darkest hour if CN Real and Hole In The Wall aren't it.
  • Thus it was written, and thus it has happened.
  • I dunno, Adult Swim perhaps?
    • Humorously enough, Toonami's temporary (possibly permanent, as the network is "looking into it") return was on/will be on [adult swim].
  • As bad as CN's live-action stuff is and has been, it hasn't threatened Cartoon Network's place on basic cable just yet. Only when some cable provider is threatening Cartoon Network with removal will Toonami's return be needed. It is to be hoped that such a day will never come, as it will be quite a task even for a revived TOM and SARA to revive Cartoon Network at that point, but with the morons running CN nowadays playing basketball with the Idiot Ball on a regular basis...
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  • Come on, theres a ton-load of anime lying around out there. Its what Toonami used to show on a regular basis.

  • I'm quite surprised nobody suggested this before. I mean, just look at TOM 3.

So, in closing, TOM 4 is his replacement when he went to join the war effort. Since we don't know when or where the show takes place, it may as well be true.

  • One problem with this: Tom predates Halo by several years. So, it would be more proper to say that Master Chief is really TOM, and Cortana is really SARA.

Toonami was canceled because they showed Neon Genesis Evangelion after school.
Think about it: Panty shots, shotacon, and a homosexual relationship that results in one of the people involved killing the other, all in a setting of Freudian Horror? Yeah, like any Moral Guardians are going to let them get away with that. Toonami wanted to see how far they could go, and they pushed too far. Subsequently, they were shot, and nobody on CN will mention Toonami or NGE ever again.
  • The only time Toonami showed Evangelion was during a giant robot-themed event. Even then, it was heavily censored.
  • But what about TOM 3? He was extremely sexy, and nobody complained!

Naruto's venturing into the fillers was the main reason Toonami failed.

  • Naruto was probably one of the, if not THE MOST, successful show Toonami ever had. It had a weekend-long marathon to celebrate a new arc or the end of one (can't remember). It had surprising merch sales for an anime. It could possibly even have been the most popular show on CN at that time. Then the fillers happened and viewership dropped like a rock. This could have been Cartoon Network stupidity. You have an anime that's fanbase could have possibly been compared to DBZ and you keep showing fillers that nobody wants to see. The exact same thing happened in Japan. The Naruto fillers happened and viewership sunk, and when Shippuden aired, it rose again. Cartoon Network kept showing the fillers, despite them lasting for SO LONG and viewership continued to drop. Finally, nearing the end of Toonami, they cancelled Naruto and shortly afterwards, Toonami was cancelled. If CN had any sort of smarts whatsoever they would have urged the dubbers to dub the final Regular Arc episode, then skip to dubbing Shippuden. If that would have happened, Toonami might still be around today with an anime compared to DBZ, though that might be going too far.
    • NOPE! Chuck Testa.
    • No, the reason that Toonami was canceled was that those Naruto fillers were the only new episodes of any series being aired at the time. 4Kids Entertainment had managed to get One Piece canceled, and everything else was reruns. To use a baseball analogy, Toonami was expecting their ace pitcher to pitch a shutout and hit a home run every game because nobody else on the team could throw, bat or field.

The death of Toonami was caused by the same mysterious group who brought about the sharp economic downturn around the same time
Because let's face it, when two things that bad happen at the same time, they've gotta be connected. The most likely theory right now is that Stuart Snyder is acting as one of Those Two Bad Guys (the other being Bobby Kotick) for an Ancient Conspiracy, and killed off Toonami in order to try to eliminate the last strand of hope. Why? To get a politician running on hope and change a certain victory in his campaign for President of the United States, all so said President could push an agenda of increased weakness and moral degeneracy and hasten the coming destruction of the United States of America.
  • Dale Gribble, is that you?!?
    • Compare me to Dale Gribble all you want, but remember, Toonami was born in the Clinton years, died before Obama was elected in 2008, and came back during the lead-up to the Obama reelection campaign in 2012. He wants us to associate Toonami with Democratic Presidents so we'll never vote Republican again.
    • Dude, while I think its a good thing to be observant and not always take everything at face value, there are times when its just coincidence that shit happens, and Stuart Snyder's idiotic move of trying to replace Cartoon Network with CN Real was just that - him being an idiot.

The only way to get Toonami back is to cram CN with so much mail their heads explode!
Listen to this video [1] of Steve Blum on Toonami. It sounds like a longshot, but if enough people caught onand kept doing it for months, somebody would have to listen.

Toonami will end up on Boomerang.
It'll be kinda like The 90s are All-That; Toonami will start airing on Boomerang, complete with a new, cooler model for TOM, the possible return of the ship and SARA, and show almost all of it's old programming. It'll also oust that useless "BoomerAction" block.
  • This Troper likes that idea, but it makes him sad- not because he misses Toonami- basic cable doesn't include Boomerang.
    • Jossed...for now. It's currently on Adult Swim.

Tom's appearance in Fusionfall is to test the waters...
for a Toonami television series and/or block. Of all the characters they could have made a big deal about returning in Fusionfall, it was TOM. Toonami fans flocked to the game as soon as they could. Do the math.

Adult Swim's April Fool's prank is to test the waters, too.
Related to the above. [adult swim] is showing Toonami to test viewers, either on their own or on Cartoon Network's request. In the case of the former, they will use the results to attempt to convince Cartoon Network to bring back the block; the latter, Cartoon Network will use the results to determine whether to bring the block back or not.

If they bring Toonami back, the entire TOM 4 era will only be mentioned as a brief joke.
Straightforward. They just go back to TOM 3 and pretend that Dork Age never happened.
  • Or maybe they'll go back to the last good TOM, TOM 2
    • Hey! I liked TOM 4! Sure showing his mouth and eyes wasn't cool, but he was still TOM!
  • They sort of did. Tom started to do his final speech of Tom 4, only for a record scratch later to show that it was one of the shows that was ending, not Toonami again.
    • As of 11/3/12, TOM 4 has been established as a different unit than TOM 3.

If they bring Toonami back, TOM 4 will be killed alla "The Intruder"
And activate Tom 5, which will look allot closer to TOM 2
  • Jossed. They completely ignored it.
    • Further Jossed in that TOM 4 still exists. It's a different unit.
      • Confirmed, he was killed off screen by said intruder

They will bring Toonami back allot closer to it's original format
As a series, with TOM, Sara, The Clydes, and even Flash and T in a more classic Toonami on the Absolution look. It will have game reviews, continuing plots and even look at current Anime airing in Japan.
  • TOM is backed, the Absolution is back, the game reviews are back so semi-confirmed.
Toonami, in it's early days, fell into the Animation Age Ghetto.
I mean, come on, they had End of Evangelion up for download at one point!

They already lined up to have Toonami comeback before the April Fool's joke
It takes months to schedule things on television. They new the surprise and the "we may get it back if you show enough interest" was just a plan get us to give them loads of free advertising.
  • Well, they had almost certainly had Casshern Sins and Deadman Wonderland ready to air on [as], replacing the shows that have already finished airing. But they may have found that people much preferred the Toonami-based bumpers to the weird crap they had on there before, so they set some up and called it Toonami.

Once Toonami's rating get it more money we'll start getting multi-night events again
With the standard Adult Swim programing, but Tom and Toonami bumpers and the ongoing multi night plots.
  • The first one would be the return of SARA.
    • Jossed. DeMarco said there's no chance of that happening.
      • Not exactly jossed. There's still a chance but it's incredibly, incredibly slim at this point in time due to the cost to re-hire SARA's voice actor and animate SARA. Maybe a few years down the line, but not right now. DeMarco said that if Toonami gets more ratings, CN would be willing to invest more money in the block. They are still interested in doing multi-night promos but that's dependent, again, on money.
      • Confirmed at least on the return of Sara.

TOM 3.5 exists because the goofy looking TOM 4.0 never existed.
  • who?
    • Jossed. TOM 4 still exists. They're different units.

TOM is back in his third body because of time and budget restrictions.
No I'm not being an asshole smarmily using real-life reasons. For the past few years since Toonami was cancelled TOM had no physical body. He was loaded onto a computer all this time, much like Sara. The sudden revival caught him completely off-guard and he had neither the time nor the money to have a fifth body made. Fortunately CN still had his third body laying around collecting dust, so they just refurbished it and loaded TOM back onto it.
  • Similarly, the Absolution isn't fully functional yet. The lighting seemed a bit dim, and of course no Sara or any other crew to be seen. Time restrictions probably meant the Absolution is still being prepared for its full journey and not everything is fully active just yet.
    • Can I just say that I love this WMG?
    • I also love this WMG, b***!

TOM 4 was a temp

  • Something happened to the "real" TOM (TOM 3) so they hired a dude to fill in for him. TOM was missing until he returned on April Fool's Day.
    • who?
  • TOM 4's face is what TOM 3's face is under that helmet! THE HORROR!
    • Jossed. TOM 4 is a different unit.
    • And therefore the original WMG is more or less confirmed, at least in the sense that 4 was a Temp.

TOM 4 was Canada

  • Who?
    • I see what you did there.

Toonami was revived...

To serve as a thank you for all of TOM's work behind the scenes of Cartoon Network. After Toonami was cancelled, the head of CN promoted TOM to oversee development of new original CN television (NOT live-action of course). He spent the last four years traveling through distant places, eyeing for fresh blood to help out the (at the time) struggling network with some success. As thanks for all of his hard work finding quality programming (and having a re-engergized feel from scouring new cartoons while in retirement), the head honcho, for Toonami's and TOM's 15th birthday, offered [as]'s April Fools' Day slot to air, which he happily accepted. When the prank found success from the audience, the head of CN and TOM worked out a new schedule, and the rest is history.

  • The April's Fool Day Prank lends strength to this idea. TOM said he 'got the test results back'. He could have meant he was scanning a distant area of space for the new shows.

T.O.M. downgraded his body because he preferred 3.0 to 4.0.
He only transferred to TOM 4.0 because of Executive Meddling. When [adult swim] decided to revive Toonami, they gave him a choice as to which of his available bodies to use. The choice was obvious: An upgraded 3.0.
  • Jossed. TOM 4 is a different unit.

TOM 4 and beyond..
The Absolution crashed on the jungle planet, forming the wreckage we saw. TOM was broken, badly and Sara was knocked offline. Using pieces of the Absolution, TOM rebuilt himself and created robotic assistants. Despite his more disfigured body, he stayed loyal to the mission (and his viewers) and kept Toonami going. The block ending was because he was running out of energy and the need to fix himself, the Absolution, and Sara outweighed the mission. He had enough energy to send his loyal fans one last transmission, letting us know he'd come back if he could.Now, he's back, having obtained means to rebuild himself, his ship, and reinitialize contact with Earth. What trials brought him back, we may never know... But make no mistake. He came back for us.
  • Jossed. TOM 4 is a different unit.

CN might potentially use Toonami to try and get funding for other weird shows or justify their presence
On wikipedia, it says something about them thinking to bring on their own adaptation of the annoying orange. Similar to Nickolodeons move with Fred (that high pitched screamy kid).

Toonami is soon going to be enslaved to FUNimation if it airs to a lower age demographic.
Have you seen how much anime FUNimation was licensed? Its almost like they're aiming for a monopoly... and then, when you least expect it... they buy out Cartoon Network.

The Tom 4...

  • Was built by the original Tom in order for Tom to avoid a getting a ridiculous and unnecessary "Upgrade". The network wanted Tom to change to a new, more kid-friendly body and ditch the absolution for some reason; and he was bound by contract to obey them. Instead, he built a robot "double" and sent it down to the jungle planet to host the show for him. Then flew off in the Absolution to go do...whatever Toonami hosts do when they no longer host Toonami. At least, until he decided it was time for Toonami to return and did a hostile totally peaceful takeover of Adult Swim's anime block.
    • "Do whatever Toonami hosts do when they no longer host Toonami"? So he was chilling with Moltar, I guess.

  • A hologram. Like the above theory, but with holograms instead of body doubles.

  • Tom's evil (non-identical) twin brother!

  • Hastily assembled at the last minute to host the show after Tom got pissed off at certain changes; and flew off with the Absolution. This robot, however, was upset at being hated by the shows fans and being blamed for changes he had no control over. So after one final show, he left as well.

  • A figment of your imagination. Clearly we all somehow hallucinated that entire era. Makes sense really. Like Tom would ever have a face.
    • Jossing all of these. TOM 3 continued to exist and wasn't upgraded 'til the revival. TOM 4 is a different unit, and is still at his post.

The current incarnation of Toonami exists in the same universe as the current incarnation of Cartoon Planet
Both shows began their first incarnations as spinoffs of Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Both were revived very close together. Both are cashing in heavily on the nostalgia of 90s kids. TOM is probably so far away from Brak and Zoraknote  that a crossover is likely impossible, but that doesn't prevent them from both being in one universe when the two have so much in common.

TOM 4 is Ret-Gone rather than pure Canon Discontinuity
In his final promo, TOM 4 mentioned that the eleven years preceding, including the years from the Moltar era through TOM 3, happened. The current revival also likely shares that backstory, with TOM 3.5 mentioning "if you've been down from the beginning", which implies that the "beginning" still happened. For two shows to share the entire backstory but not exist in the same continuity (as there's been no mention whatsoever of the TOM 4 years), they practically have to be alternate timelines instead of altogether different universes. My guess: whatever never-told event destroyed TOM 3 and forced the regeneration into TOM 4 would also have made it impossible for Toonami to ever come back. TOM 4 knew this, and decided the mission, and the ability of some version of himself to continue the mission, was more important than his own current existence, especially on a timeline where he could no longer continue the mission. When he flew off, what he flew off to do was to research methods of time travel, and he found one. What he ended up traveling back to was the filming of an April Fool's episode, which he managed to shift over to [adult swim] with a teaser of The Room, something that likely made no sense to TOM 3 despite it ending up saving his life. This erased TOM 4 from the timeline, but for the mission's sake, it was worth it.
  • Jossed. TOM 4 still exists. He's a different unit who's still at his post.

TOM is a Time Lord
I said it first!

The 2013 April Fools block will have Moltar hosting

The placement of Sym-Bionic Titan on the block is to test the waters
  • And if it does well, it'll lead to the show getting a second season on [adult swim].

A Toonami video game is being created
  • At the end of one of his Video Game reviews Tom remarked it would be cool if someone made a Toonami Video Game. It's true they are working on one and that was a tease. The game will include characters from past and present series like Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Outlaw Star, Yu Yu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin, Bleach, Deadman Wonderland, Naruto, Cowboy Bebop, and other series. Even adding obscure characters like Ronin Warriors
    • The Story mode will be similar to the Subspace Emissary of SSBB but the characters will be voiced instead of silent.
    • Toonami games have already been made. For the story events such as Lockdown, a flash game was created and put on the Toonami site. No full retail game has come up yet, however.
    • That's what I meant, a video game for the Playstation, Xbox, or Wii systems.
    • It sounds like a great idea, except that securing the rights to produce such a game would be a logistical nightmare.

Code Geass will air on the block
What better way to re-introduce Code Geass than to air it on Toonami?
  • An Edit on it: perhaps it might air the Compilation Films a la Eva 1.11 and 2.22 before showing off Season 3's dub. For all we know it could even be a Broadcast Dub pushed by Funimation.

If Toonami picks up a Gundam series...
I'm going for series that have a chance of export or are recent, by the way:
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Dated animation. Pulled early both on Cartoon Network and [adult swim]. Chance of success: low.
  • Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: One of the most popular Gundam series. Only its dated animation hinders it. Chance of success: moderate.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket: Good story, good animation. Only six episodes, so it can be used as filler. Chance of success: high.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory: Aired on [adult swim], given mixed reviews. Chance of success: moderate.
  • Mobile Fighter G Gundam: Super-robot action. Very popular. Chance of success: high.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team: Short episode count, highly reviewed. Minimal editing needed. Chance of success: high.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Most popular series in the US, banks highly on nostalgia. Chance of success: high.
  • ∀ Gundam: Heavily demanded. Considered creator's magnum opus. Chance of success: high.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: No longer has to worry about Cartoon Network editing it. Needs to catch on after a few episodes. Reputation tainted by Destiny. Chance of success: moderate.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny: Worst-reviewed series until the release of AGE. Killed Gundam US forums. Chance of success: abysmal.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Highly reviewed. Already has an edit from Sci Fi Channel, who no longer seem to want it. Chance of success: moderate.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn: Generally gets good reviews. It's only seven episodes long, so it can be used as filler. It's incredibly well animated and has a superb dub. They could just dedicate an entire hour to airing an episode without any editing whatsoever. Chance of success: high.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam AGE: The least-critically-successful and least-popular Gundam show yet made. Starts off highly-reviewed, dips heavily in the end, which could leave lingering memories. Also not currently licensed by anyone. Chance of success: abysmal.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin: A remake (or, more specifically, a prequel) of the first Gundam with modern animation. Overall impressions veer to the positive side, considering the source material. Chance of success: high.
  • Gundam Build Fighters / Gundam Build Fighters Try: Has received generally favorable reviews thus far. Lighter and Softer than other entries on the list, but its humor and vivid characters could appeal to the Gundam fanbase as well as those who favor more comedic anime. Licensed, has already received official subs in the US and Canada. Chance of success: high.
  • Gundam: Reconguista in G: Overall impressions are mixed, considering that it aired alongside Build Fighters. Chance of success: moderate.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans: So far, has generally favorable reviews. It will also receive an English dub for release in 2016. Chance of success: high.

I only compiled this list because Tenchi GXP is on Toonami, so there's a chance other older series could make it. Unless of course Bandai, idiots they are, ask too much for it.

  • Bandai Entertainment ceased production in the US in January 2012, which further complicates this, as well as knocking ∀ Gundam completely off the possible list (as of 2015, it's released sub-only).
    • G-Reco, Turn A, and AGE are pre-emptively jossed, as they lack US English dubsnote . SEED and SEED Destiny could work if the Remastered editions had the dubs synced up with them (since Toonami is playing Tokyo Ghoul and will likely air the much disliked Root A, odds are that SEED Destiny's reputation won't bother them). 00 would be most likely after the second season of Iron Blooded Orphans airs, although it's anyone's guess if Awakening of the Trailblazer will air.
    • While Build Fighters has a dub, the odds of Toonami airing it are almost non-existant; said dub was recorded in Hong Kong, and those dubs leave a lot to be desired, to say the least. Odds are that if Toonami was to air a series dubbed in Asia, they would have to put up with fans of Kamen Rider who would demand that the block air the English dubs of series such as Kabuto and Fourze. The possibility is too great that KR fans might want to see Goku and Vegeta fight Goku Black alongside Shinnosuke Tomari's battle against the Roidmudes.

The Joker virus was a result of the New Years Eve-il scores.
Remember the New Years Eve-il schedule? It seems to have took place at the very end of 2001. Here were the results.Considering he lost to anime villains with the Dragon Ball Z villains dominating the results he was angered by this and sent the Joker virus to the Absolution's data banks and played 4 episodes of Batman back-to-back-to-back-to-back not only as revenge, but as an brilliant April Fool's joke, because he's.. Well... The Joker.
Toonami will get a massive ratings boost now that Naruto is back on the block
It pulled most of the ratings for the block before, only makes sense that Naruto will do it again, especially since it is now uncut!
  • Especially if they both get the rights too and get too Naruto Shippuden
    • They can't. According to the tumblr Disney has the rights to Shippuden and aren't letting them go.
    • So their basically sitting on a Cash Cow and refusing to do anything with it aside from airing a random episode every two weeks or so at three in the morning?
    • Does this really surprise you? Screwed by the Network exists for a reason after all.
    • Disney XD doesn't air Naruto Shippuden at all, not even at four in the morning. There's no reason for them to still sit on the rights.

Toonami will bring back One Piece.
So that no longer will 4Kids Entertainment be held in eternal derision for ruining it.

[adult swim]'s past anime shows will eventually air on Toonami
So far, at the time of this guess, Toonami is currently airing Bleach, Eureka 7 (which required relicensing), Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Cowboy Bebop, and Inuyasha. They've also partially aired both seasons of Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. (until it was taken off in favor of Inuyasha, but it has been confirmed to come back sometime in the future), and on the night [adult swim] pulled off their April Fool's Day joke, they also aired Trigun and Astro Boy (the original 60's cartoon, not the 2003 remake that also aired on Toonami back in 2004). To top it off, FLCL and the second season of Big O (two popular [adult swim] shows, with the latter also being a classic Toonami show, albeit only the first season) are confirmed to air in the future. Though Trigun and Astro Boy easily could have been just filler to pad out the AFD stunt (despite the fact that there were plenty of other shows in Toonami's past library to choose from... then again, licensing issues... ), it's not unlikely, at least to this troper, that some of [adult swim]'s other anime shows (including, but not limited to, Code Geass, s-CRY-ed, Blue Gender, Kikaider, the dubbed episodes of Lupin III Part II, Pilot Candidate, the previously mentioned Trigun, and Samurai Champloo) could end up on Toonami at some point in the future.

Toonami will bring back MÄR and The Prince of Tennis.
Because if One Piece deserves another chance, why not them?

Toonami will eventually expand to seven hours, eight hours, and then finally nine hours.

When the show reaches that point, Toonami will completely skip over Naruto's infamous filler arc
Regardless of whether or not you think Naruto killed Toonami, there's no denying that Naruto being in its filler arc at the time of Toonami's death did not help. Once the show reaches the filler arc, Toonami will replace Naruto with either A] Naruto Shippuden, assuming the rights for that are available by that point or B] a different show altogether.
  • Confirmed.

Toonami will help promote Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim is a love letter (or as Guillermo del Toro puts it, a beautiful poem) to Kaiju films and giant robots... the latter of which Toonami has a thing for. Also, we've seen promotions for Wreck-It Ralph (Toonami made a game review for Fix-It Felix Jr.) and Oblivion (Toonami had a TIE that spanned across a week), so why not Pacific Rim?

Plans are being made for a Weekday time slot
This might just be wishful thinking and hoping but with the shows they have gotten as of late such as Naruto and One Piece brought back and Sword Art Online airing in August they are making plans to air on weekdays since they got so many and won't have the time to air them, possibly a two hour run like they did before from 5-7 PM or 10-Midnight.

TOM 4 was one of TO Ms original bodies
When the Absolution MK1 was destroyed one of TO Ms other bodies survived. When TOM 2 was reduced to a head a signal was sent out activating the original TOM 3, who had crashed onto an alien world with the remains of the Absolution. He used the remains of the Absolution to make the base and his assistants. Then there was an accident and he was rebuilt into the TOM 4 we all saw.

Toonami Rizing Sun will return
As an early morning hour long block between when AS ends and CN begins. It'll be aimed at people getting up and ready for work. But because of increased risk of kids seeing it it'll be m ore PG.

Toonami will air another American cartoon
While both shows are victims of getting Screwed by the Network and desperately in need of second seasons, Toonami can't exactly air Thunder Cats 2011 and Sym-Bionic Titan reruns forever. Sooner or later, they'll have to acquire a new show to replace them. Some likely choices (a few of which are also victims of getting Screwed by the Network) are...

Motorcity, Transormers Prime, Tron Uprising, and G.I. Joe: Renegades are highly unlikely if not impossible because The Hub and Disney XD hold the rights to these shows. Jason Demarco personally Jossed Young Justice because it's a Warner Bros. Property, not Cartoon Network. The same would go for Beware the Batman if it were to flop. Generator Rex may have a chance since Cartoon Network owns it.

Black Dynamite will air on Toonami by 2014. Whether it's rerunning season 1 or premiering season 2.
Think about it. Toonami has a dearth of Western Animation action shows since Thunder Cats 2011 and Sym-Bionic Titan (taking a hiatus) are leaving the block at the end of July. Black Dynamite, as hilarious as it is, is pretty action packed so why not air it on Toonami? It's already on [adult swim] and it would prevent the block from being all anime.

When Megas XLR and Motorcity are brought back...
... Toonami will air them, one after the other in the same hour.

Toonami is working to get to the rights to the following programs....

Not same guy who asked about Prime and Rex, by the way I do support the idea of getting them, Young Justice, and Green Lantern: The Animated Series

  • I think Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt is too hot for Cartoon Network, even on the [adult swim] block.
    • Confirmed for Naruto Shippuden, but the odds of them airing Sekirei are non-existant due to how much nudity that has - if Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine has too much, there's no way that Sekirei could airnote . Panty And Stocking seems like a better fit for Adult Swim in general, and I haven't heard anything about Beast Wars.

TOM will take a few potshots at Legends of Chima
Regardless of whether or not it's Hate Dumb, Chima is considered a Replacement Scrappy for Thunder Cats 2011 (as well as Ninjago, but that's beside the point) and is accused of both ripping off ThunderCats (it's gotten to the point where even the art director himself considers it a knock-off) and supposedly killing any chances of the 2011 show getting a second season. While he wouldn't outright insult the show (that would just make him look hypocritical), I can imagine TOM taking a few subtle "jabs" at Chima for "replacing" Thunder Cats 2011, and possibly Cartoon Network as well for making the show in the first place (especially after Warner Bros. decided to take away the airing rights for Thunder Cats 2011), maybe even resorting to the Damned by Faint Praise method.

At some point they'll show a hour and a half of Toonami in the middle of the week
In which it'll play encore episodes of Bleach, Naruto and One Piece.

The currently unannounced show coming to the block will be Eureka Seven AO.
The timing is just too perfect— the dub was recently released, and Toonami's re-airing of Eureka Seven is, as of this writing, a mere two episodes away from completion. Something is going to replace it, so why not the sequel?
  • Seems possible, though considering that AO is a Contested Sequel and 3:00 AM is not an adequate timeslot for premieres (unless they decide to move IGPX down to 3:00 AM and premiere AO at 2:30 AM, but even that's pushing it), it's not exactly likely.
  • Secondly, why would you want to do that?

Bleach and Naruto will kill Toonami
  • Bleach is currently Toonami's headliner. However, it will soon enter Fullbringer. By the time that is over, Naruto will be approaching the dreaded year of filler. One Piece will not be able to bear all of their burden, and Soul Eater will also be nearing the end of its life. If Toonami does not get a proper will die again because the Japanese got lazy with the Bleach Anime
    • This troper isn't so sure about that. By the time Bleach ends, One Piece will be in the most heated parts of the Enies Lobby arc, one of the most beloved arcs in the series so far. It's possible that because of this, One Piece could take over as headliner.
    • Or maybe the Bleach anime will be Uncanceled by then, based on its international performance. I mean, come on, is Viz really going to allow the #2 selling shonen series in the world to just fade away like that? Even if they don't broadcast it in Japan, they could go direct to DVD in Japan while producing the episodes for export.
  • Quite jossed with Shippuden coming in and likely able to replace Bleach as the frontrunner

TOM will give another speech when The Clone Wars airs
Like with Thunder Cats 2011 and Sym-Bionic Titan, Toonami is getting flak from anime fans for putting another western cartoon, specifically Star Wars: The Clone Wars, on the lineup. I believe it's getting to the point where TOM might make a speech about giving things a chance, as well as why Toonami isn't just about anime.
  • He is due for one
  • Jossed

Toonami will air the 2003 version of Fullmetal Alchemist
After the Brotherhood rerun is done, they will put on the original FMA anime to replace it. Tom will then make a comment about it 'being familiar'
  • Whether or not that could happen would depend on whether or not they still have the rights.

Toonami will air Pokemon during either its time slot for Brotherhood or Bebop from Episode 1 onward
The length of the series will help fill up the lowest rating zone, and will be fueled in great part by Nostalgia. They will also use that as an excuse to do their first Pokemon game review for X and Y
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but Pokemon (all of the seasons, including Best Wishes, are considered to be part of the same show) is currently airing on Cartoon Network's regular schedule, which means they can't air it during [adult swim] hours due to the risk of young kids being exposed to age-inappropriate content (they're having a similar problem with Samurai Jack, which currently airs on Boomerang). Also, even if they did air Pokemon, they wouldn't use it as an excuse to review Pokemon X and Y since they don't need an excuse.

Toonami will air DC animated movies after the Warner Brothers right problem is solved
And the films will either be Under the Red Hood or Flashpoint Paradox

Toonami will create a new original program specifically for the block
That will be based on the Fusionfall MMO, but Darker and Edgier with all sorts of drama that they couldn't get away with on daytime TV. After all, how many old CN cartoons are on? They could even add IGPX references slash appearances.

Sword Art Online will switch places with Soul Eater if it does well enough
On August 10th, Sword Art Online managed to beat both One Piece and Soul Eater in ratings. While One Piece being bumped down is unlikely, Sword Art Online might move up above Soul Eater if it manages to keep getting high amounts of ratings like that.
  • That isn't a guarantee. The two series, at this point in time, have about the same amount of episodes remaining. It would have to be a few weeks in a row for that to be done
    • Jossed. Soul Eater was pushed back a half-hour for the Blue Exorcist premiere, just after SAO was taken off.

When Bleach ends Fullbringer
It will rerun on the block for a while starting from episode one.

When Sailor Moons Remake comes out, Toonami will air it
He will refer to them as old friends, wish Goku was there as well, and maybe make a comment about 'first ThunderCats, now Sailor Moon. Wonder where that Reboot, er Reboot is coming'?
  • With the approaching new versions of both coming along, one can only hope

Toonami will get the rights to the Hellsing OVA
And one of the lines will be 'Real Vampires don't sparkle'

Toonami will obtain Toriko after Sword Art and Soul Eater...
And shortly after it, air the crossover between Toriko, One Piece and Dragon Ball Z as a huge hyped event
  • That could work... if Toonami was actually able to air Dragon Ball Z.
    • And if that crossover actually gets to Funimation and if it's dubbed!
      • well, doesn't Funmation dub all three?
      • Yes, but the CROSSOVER OVA needs to be dubbed in order to air.
      • Jossed - it's 2017, and Toriko has yet to appear on the block.

Now that Sunrise is rescuing their shows...
Toonami will help out by advertising the DVD rereleases for old shows that were provided by Bandai, such as Big O and Outlaw Star.

Toonami's surprise broadcast after 2.22....
Will feature a return of something from Toonami's past, be it a Clyde, Tom 4, Flash and D, or perhaps Toonami is previewing a Toonami original series like IGPX.
  • Jossed, Kick Heart was aired as a special

Toonami will pick up a show from Sentai Filmworks
I've heard rumors that Toonami and Sentai Filmworks have some bad blood between each other, stemming back from when Toonami and ADV Films had problems with Giant Robot Week that resulted in a tarnished relationship between the two. Jason DeMarco has said otherwise and that there's nothing wrong, but probably the best way to dispel those rumors would be for Toonami to pick up a Sentai Filmworks-owned show when they're able to, with the following being possible choices...

The Big O will be a key element in the relationship between Toonami and Sentai Filmworks
When Sunrise announced that some of their shows were rescued, both seasons of The Big O were handed to Sentai Filmworks. If Toonami wants to start over from the first season after the first run, they'll have to talk with Sentai first.

Toonami will air Neon Genesis Evangelion as a filler anime
The Rebuilds are doing well, and they have to take Bebop off eventually, right?
  • While I agree that Bebop would have to go, that depends on whether or not whoever owns the show is willing to let Toonami air it (and personally, I think Trigun would be a better replacement for Cowboy Bebop).
  • I guess it deserves a bit of air time after being part of April Fools

The reason they are airing two Innuyasha episodes each week
IS to allow them to get to the point where they can air Final Act as a replacement for a front runner
  • They did say that they're interested in airing The Final Act, so getting through the original series quickly first could be what they're doing by airing two episodes (it'd be the only possible explanation as to why Inuyasha is the only show airing two episodes right now, assuming they aren't being biased towards it and giving it special attention).

Future Diary or Michiko & Hatchin will be added to the lineup in October
Both of these shows come out (at the time of this edit) in a couple of days. The Big O ends its run in October (specifically on the 26th). Assuming that they don't keep The Big O on for a second run, IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix will be moved to 3:30 AM so that either Future Diary or Michiko & Hatchin can premiere at 2:30 AM (or 2:00 AM, if they decide to move Sword Art Online as well). This guess is for two reasons...

  1. Much like with Deadman Wonderland, it would help promote the DVD releases.
  2. IGPX hasn't been doing terrible, but if one looks at the ratings (particularly the instances where Sword Art Online does very well), a noticeable drop occurs between Sword Art Online and IGPX. As much as I hate to say it (since the show is very underrated, deserves more attention, and by all rights should be doing slightly better than it is now), IGPX would probably do better at a later timeslot where a drop in ratings isn't as bad.
  • Confirmed for the latter, though it took two years longer than expected.

The Rights to Naruto: Shippuden will revert to Toonami
If Thundercat's rights can be lost out of nowhere, same goes for Disney and Naruto. They may even just be nice after Toonami did that Ralph thing for them. I myself believe that Toonami's starting trio will end up being Shippuden, One Piece and either Fairy Tail or Final Act.

Toonami will license and air both Samurai Champloo and Michiko & Hatchin...
... and they'll make a promo with TOM apologizing for losing the rights to Cowboy Bebop, and that hopefully both shows (Champloo especially, since it's often considered Bebop's Spiritual Successor) will serve as worthy substitutes.

Toonami will air the Star Wars; The Clone Wars film, as well as One Piece and Bleach movies as part of their December movie lineup.
Due to where Naruto is at story wise, the movie's would be badly timed. Though I suppose I might as well guess the Brotherhood and Bebop movies are a possibility.
  • If timing is an issue, then the opportunity to air the Star Wars: The Clone Wars film and Cowboy Bebop: The Movie are already long gone, since the former actually takes place before and leads into the Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series, and the latter is a midquel that takes place in the middle of Cowboy Bebop.
  • Not exactly, there are some season 1 episodes of Star Wars that do take place around the movie; Hidden Enemy for one. I don't know where the series is on that, so forgive me for temporal errors.
  • Jossed, though a Original Fullmetal Anime movie is playing

[[WMG: Toonami aired Korgoth of Barbaria and King Star King during Fall Daylight Savings Time as a response to those that say that "TOONAMI IS JUST ADULT SWIM BUT WITH TOM." And then Toonami airs two shows that could have been on Adult Swim, but lost their chances.

When Sword Art Online runs out of episodes, it will be replaced with Accel World.
It is a sequel, in a manner of speaking.
  • I'm feeling its being replaced with Blue Exorcist myself timeline and company wise
    • Jossed.

Toonami will air Beware The Batman when the show returns in January
With the show going on "hiatus", I think it's become clear that Cartoon Network doesn't want to air Beware the Batman anymore, at least not on DC Nation. Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series were also put on "hiatus", and they ended up getting cancelled. Plus, there's Cartoon Network's current infatuation with Teen Titans Go!, the other DC Nation show, which they seem to be favoring over Beware due to the fact that it airs on Tuesdays as well and gets a lot more advertising. However, Beware the Batman hasn't even finished a single season. If it really does return, it might end up moving from DC Nation over to Toonami. It helps that Toonami handles action shows like Beware a lot better than Cartoon Network, and that Toonami is currently hard-pressed for western shows (the only ones they can air right now are Sym-Bionic Titan and Star Wars: The Clone Wars).

Toonami will air Pokemon: The Origin

It's too bloody for Cartoon Network, would attract many older fans, and is BLOODY AWESOME!

  • Jossed.

The first December movie will be one of the Naruto movies.
The show will be leaving on November 30th, and despite the vast amount of characterization and pacing problems (as well as the infamous "filler arc" that is widely despised and would most likely murder the ratings, regardless of whether or not the crew acknowledges filler as a concept), it's held in very high regard by the crew. It'd make sense if they wanted to give the original Naruto series one last hurrah before Shippuden officially starts.
  • If so, I'm betting on the last original Naruto film that has not aired on Toonami; the Moon one.
    • Jossed

Naruto Shippuden should start at the Beginning in hour long intervals
Some people are discussing the idea of having Naruto start later, like One Piece, but it should start from the initial point because it had never been shown on Toonami before, unlike One Piece's episodes that were skipped. Like Innuyasha, it should be done in an hour long lengths to give time to speed up.
  • No. There's really no reason to have Naruto Shippuden air two episodes a night. InuYasha at least has the excuse of The Final Act (they're airing two episodes so that they can get the show over with and air The Final Act). And even if there was, they couldn't do that right now because there's simply not enough room to air another show with encore episodes without taking another show off the lineup. Besides, seeing as how Shippuden is taking the place of the original Naruto, it's most likely going to air in the same timeslot of 12:30.

Fairy Tail can't appear until Bleach moves or ends
It's too long to be put in Soul Eater's spot, so it needs one of the top three (and Space Dandy) spots. Bleach is coming to an end well before Shippuden or One Piece will, and it's also coming up to the end arc. Thus, if Toonami adds Fairy Tail, Bleach either has to be removed from 12:00 with Shippuden and One Piece moving up a spot with Fairy Tail taking One Piece's, or Bleach moves to Soul Eater's spot while the same process occurs
  • Well, Bleach is gone, but still no Fairy Tail. It could just be that they're waiting for 2 things to happen: a slot to open up (realistically, Dragon Ball Kai: The Final Chapters leaving is the most realistic scenario), and for the final season adapting the manga to air which will happen in 2018.
    • Considering that the only other thing I could see them replacing Dragon Ball Z Kai The Final Chapters with (Attack on Titan S3) won't be available for at least 5 weeks after the end of The Final Chaptersnote , Fairy Tail has a better chance now if Toonami wants to keep DBZ Kai's slot for long-running shounen anime, since doing so would allow them to air all of Fairy Tail in one go (especially since by the time they do get to the final season, it would already have been dubbed). Diamond is Unbreakable hasn't had a dub announced yet, so it's unlikely they'd jump straight into part 4 after finishing Stardust Crusaders, meaning it's likely Attack on Titan S3 will replace that (since, assuming they don't do another marathon, Stardust Crusaders will finish airing in early August).

To help promote the release of Justice League: War
Toonami will air reruns of Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series. More western animation is always a plus, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, while a great show, really needs another western show or two to compliment it so that it doesn't feel like the black sheep of the lineup (it helps that both The Clone Wars and Green Lantern: The Animated Series are both animated in CG).
  • Sadly, apparently DC programs are not eligible, but then again we thought the same of Shippuden and Clone Wars, so let's not loose faith too soon

The Absolution will be decked with Christmas decorations during the month of movies

Toonami will still be around by the year 2015 and will have these as its first three hours of programming
11:00 Naruto: Shippuden

11:30 One Piece

12:00 Fairy Tail

12:30 Bleach (A new series based around the final arc, sort of like the Inuyasha one which would have aired on Toonami by this point)

1:00 A New Pokemon Series (Based on the popularity and acclaim of the Origins special, Pokemon will be convinced to make a more mature version of the anime for older fans while keeping the regular Pokemon anime for kids, however due to Japan's current trend away from Darker and Edgier material it will aired first in America, then in Japan, as America is where Darker and Edgier material is more popular)

1:30 Deadman Wonderland (I predict that Adult Swim will be convinced to aid in financing addition seasons in junction with Funimation)

  • You were right about them still being around and playing One Piece and Naruto, but other than that, jossed. Deadman Wonderland still has yet to get a season 2 (and would probably get a reboot instead, as Studio Manglobe no longer exists), Fairy Tail, while not out of the question, has yet to debut on the block, and Pokemon is still nowhere to be seen.

If Toonami somehow gets the airing rights to the original Dragon Ball Z
… they will air the 1996 Saban dub (i.e. the English dub that was syndicated for a while before becoming a hit on Toonami, not unlike Sailor Moon) instead of the mainly uncut FUNimation dub, for two reasons…
  1. People only want to see Dragon Ball Z air on the new Toonami for nothing more than nostalgia value (let's face it, you're lying to yourself if you say you want it airing for any other reason). When the show started airing on the old Toonami back when Moltar was still the host, it was the Saban dub that was aired first, which in essence paved the way for the FUNimation dub, as well as the popularity the show has now. Not to make a bizarre analogy, but it'd be the equivalent of putting Bad Box Art Mega Man in Street Fighter X Tekken (in other words, you can't get anymore "classic" and "old school" than that).
  2. At 291 episodes long and airing one episode a week, the FUNimation dub of Dragon Ball Z is way too long to air (yes, Bleach is longer at 366 episodes, but it was already well into its run when Toonami came back. I'm also aware that the Dragon Ball Z Kai recut is shorter, at 98 episodes, but people have been clear that they want the original, not Kai). The Saban dub only lasts 53 episodes, which is a much more manageable length, even if it sacrifices a very large portion of the original show.
  • Yeah, no. Toonami can't afford to have low quality material.
    • They can if they air it at an appropriate timeslot (I.E. around the 3:00 - 5:30 range).
    • Hmm, well they will probably have a slot open, see next WMG Post
      • Not gonna happen, since Toonami is airing Dragon Ball Kai.

Toonami will announce that Final Act will be airing sometime in March alongside Blue Exorcist
Just did the Math and it appears that there are less than 30 Innuyasha's left to air. It fits the timeline right, and if they put it up early it would be replacing Soul Eater (As oppose to Fairy Tail as I hoped). Funimation will have its additional headliner program with Space Dandy, so they shouldn't object that much, though that would lead to an hour of space to fill up, though the Saban dub of DBZ is probably unlikely considering how its Sponge Property at the moment]]
  • Unless you're somehow referring to how Nicktoons holds the airing rights to the Dragon Ball franchise (which is currently the only thing preventing it from airing on Toonami), "Sponge Property" makes no sense whatsoever.

Some time after the January 4th lineup change, Star Wars: The Clone Wars will eventually move back up
On January 4th, Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be bumped down to the horrible timeslot of 5:00 to make room for Naruto reruns, which are scheduled to air its timeslot of 3:00. FLCL is only scheduled for one more run, and with a short length of six episodes, it won't be long before it leaves its spot at 2:30, allowing The Clone Wars to take its place. And even if that doesn't happen, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is also nearing the end of its second run. Once it leaves, The Clone Wars can either take its place at 3:30, or preferably, take back its spot at 3:00 and bump the unnecessary Naruto reruns down to 3:30.
  • Its possible it's only until FLCL's second run ends. Though with the return of Samurai Jack, it could have some competition.
    • That doesn't mean it can't move up. Again, FMAB is nearing the end of its current run. Once its over, the 3:30 AM spot (and hopefully the 3:00 AM spot, if Naruto gets moved down) is fair game.

Toonami will help promote 47 Ronin
  • So far, Jossed

Tiger and Bunny will air on Toonami
With Adult Swim apparently unable to show Superheroes from DC, Toonami is low on options for their heroes, and its incredibly popular.

The airing of Trigun: Badlands Rumble will lead to the Trigun anime airing in the future
Especially since Trigun is often considered one [adult swim]'s best classic anime shows in the same league as Cowboy Bebop, and along with the original 1963 Astro Boy, it did air during the April Fools Day 2012 Toonami broadcast despite not having aired on the old Toonami on Cartoon Network (though it was originally meant to air on Toonami on Cartoon Network).
  • Well, that was already discussed, and who knows what will happen after Ghost in the Shell is done with its run

If Space Dandy is a success, Toonami will air more simulcasts and world premieres
The anime industry and fandom will be entering an awesome new frontier if this becomes a reoccurring practice.
  • And Toonami will have more longevity because of it. Alls to hoping for it

Toonami will simulcast Sword Art Online II
The crew are happy with how the first season of Sword Art Online is currently doing, and as stated by the WMG above this one, Space Dandy doing successfully increases the chances of it happening.
  • I would like that.

Toonami will simulcast the world premiere of the 2014 Sailor Moon anime
Of course, it would have to be licensed for dubbing first (preferably by FUNimation, though either Aniplex of America or Sentai Filmworks would be fine as well).
  • Assuming Space Dandy's rating stay good, they can pull that off and probably would want to.
    • Jossed. The odds of them adding Sailor Moon to the line-up were incredibly slim anyways (in general, the current Toonami line-up is too dark for Sailor Moon), and it wasn't licensed by the time it premiered.

The Naruto reruns will get low ratings and eventually be taken off
Unless they plan on airing any episodes after 52, there's really no point in airing the show anymore now that Shippuden is airing, as it's essentially taking up valuable airtime.
  • Its linked to the deal that allows Shippuden to removing it could be problematic.
    • Not if low ratings necessitate doing so.
    • Again, there is the very possible legal issue of removing the original Naruto, and also loosing Shippuden as well. Having it take up the 4:30 time slot, however, is possible.

Black Lagoon will have its episodes rewritten for the Toonami broadcast
The show contains huge amounts of cursing that would obviously require bleeping, so much that it makes Deadman Wonderland look (or sound, in this case) like a Saturday morning cartoon. And speaking of which, Funimation did it with that show in the middle of its run. They could do it a second time for Black Lagoon.
  • Jossed, according to the crew on their tumblr.

Toonami will have a movie night for the block's 17th birthday, with possibilities being…
  • Evangelion 3.33: You Can (Not) Redo - They've already aired the first two Rebuild of Evangelion movies, so the chances of them airing 3.33 down the line are pretty likely (though personally, I'd rather they air a different movie, such as the suggestions below).
  • REDLINE - Not only is Redline a fantastic and awesome racing movie, but Toonami being able to air it would basically add another distribution company (said company being Manga Entertainment) to the list of companies that Toonami could pick up shows from, opening up the doors to shows and movies like Noein, Blood: The Last Vampire, Tokko, Read or Die, and Street Fighter II V.
  • Cowboy Bebop: The Movie - Considering how much the show is loved by both [adult swim] and Toonami, it's both surprising that they haven't aired this movie yet and guaranteed that they will air it sometime in the future.
  • One of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies — Ignoring the nonsensical bullshit preventing Toonami from airing the DC Comics shows, there's nothing really holding back Toonami from airing the movies. Some of the block's best shows in its younger days were based off of DC Comics properties (Batman, Superman, Justice League), so airing one of the movies would be a nice little throwback. Also, the movies by themselves are very well-made and certainly meant for older audiences.
  • A film from Studio Ghibli — Assuming that they can get any issues with rights and such sorted out in time, there are some good Ghibli films out there that they haven't aired, such as Porco Rosso and The Cat Returns. Of course, they could alway re-air one of the movies they did air during Month of Miyazaki.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack - Currently, fans want to see Toonami air something from the Gundam franchise, not even specifying what. Char's Counterattack did air on [adult swim] Action, but didn't air on Toonami before, so it'd definitely be a good choice since it would be considered new to the block.
  • Mardock Scramble - Toonami has yet to air something from Sentai Filmworks as of this WMG. The most likely way they'd establish a relationship with Sentai would be picking up a show, but airing a movie could be good as well. The only problem is that the Mardock Scramble movies are pretty short (they're only about an hour long each), though that could easily be rectified by airing it with something else, such as an OVA or two (Coicent and Five Numbers!, for example).
    • Toonami didn't air this movie, but they did end up picking up Parasyte and Akame Ga Kill! from Sentai.

The "Next Time" ad bumpers for Samurai Jack will air on Toonami.
They did it for IGPX why not Samurai Jack?

Possibilities for Toonami's first acquisition from Sentai Filmworks

Bleach will end sometime around October or November and will be replaced by either Fairy Tail or Final Act

Sym Bionic, Big O, IGPX and Samurai Jack will become semi permanent on the block as filler

Bleach will be replaced by Toriko

The Upcoming Intruder 2 event
Yes The Intruder 2 will be happening spread #intruder2 more it trends more money to make it, anyway lets compile wmgs about it
  • An intruder possessed TOM 1 voiced by Sonny Strait will be the Big Bad.
    • Or TOM 1 will be alive, heavily damaged but having vital information. His body will finally give out, but not before merging his AI with TOM 5, providing that information.
    • Confirmed, and it's frightening as hell.
  • Toonami bumpers will air everyday
  • Will introduce an upgrade to the Absolution
  • Will include TOM 4 in some way
  • Will include Moltar in some way
  • Will Kill TOM again, the outcome being either:
  • Will tie into Lockdown and Trapped in Hyperspace and go into the origins of the mysterious aliens and Swayzack.

To help promote the upcoming Godzilla movie...
Toonami will do two things...
  1. TOM will get a distress signal and show off a sneak peek, like he did with Oblivion.
  2. Premiere the english dub of Attack on Titan, which will also present to them an opportunity to shuffle around the lineup, with this being a good result...
    11:30 - Space Dandy
    12:00 - Bleach
    12:30 - Naruto Shippuden
    1:00 - One Piece
    1:30 - Attack on Titan
    2:00 - Blue Exorcist
    2:30 - Black Lagoon
    3:00 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars
    3:30 - Samurai Jack
    4:00 - Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C.
    4:30 - IGPX
    5:00 - InuYasha
    5:30 - Naruto

Black Lagoon will actually premiere at 2:30 AM...
... because Naruto will move up to 2:00 AM once Soul Eater is done. It wouldn't be surprising, considering how much favoritism the crew is currently showing towards Naruto (having both the original and Shippuden on, as well as moving two other shows to later timeslots so that Naruto can stay on the lineup and gradually move up earlier until it's airing side by side with Shippuden).
  • Nope, so far its at 2:00.

Toonami will air a Shippuden Promo
it has to eventually

Bleach will be replaced by Attack on Titan
Because we all know it's going to happen.
  • It did, but with Attack replacing IGPX and taking Space Dandy's 11:30 spot

Bleach will be replaced by Fairy Tail....
Attack will replace Black Lagoon/Blue Exorcist, and Final Act will replace Black Lagoon/ Blue Exorcist
  • And jossed - Bleach was replaced by Dragon Ball Kai.

Toonami will eventually expand another half-hour to 11:00
Which would be another result of Space Dandy doing well. And with that half-hour, a recent show such as Attack on Titan, Psycho-Pass, Btooom!, Future Diary, AKB0048, Kill la Kill, or Michiko & Hatchin will air.
  • Btooom and AKB0048 are way too niche for Toonami. Everything else would probably be fine.
    • So was Sword Art Online, more or less. Didn't stop that show from airing. Besides, the terms that the Toonami crew set for whether or a not a show could air (it has plenty of action, and the distributor is offering a good deal for it) are already pretty broad anyway.
      • The big difference there is that SAO was a huge success across both Japan and America, AND was generally an action show about something the viewership liked, that being MMO's. Don't think you could say the same for either of those shows.
      • You're right, I can't say the same thing for either of those shows... neither can I say the same for Deadman Wonderland (which was originally a ratings bomb in Japan, by the way), Casshern Sins, Samurai 7, or Tenchi Muyo! GXP. Yet, Toonami still decided to air those shows.
      • Samurai 7 is an animated remake of one of the most universally acclaimed Japanese films of all time added with robots. Tenchi Muyo GXP shares the same franchise with one of Toonami's first anime shows. Deadman Wonderland was a huge hit in the US even before airing on Toonami. That doesn't explain Casshern Sins, but it does not make AKB0048 or Btooom more likely. One is based on real-life idols that practically no one in the US is aware of and the other is one that barely anyone in either Japan or the US even paid attention to. Neither of them are even close to being on Toonami's radar.
      • Whether or not Deadman Wonderland was popular in the US before it aired on Toonami (something that I've yet to find evidence for) is irrelevant. It was virtually an unpopular failure in Japan, where being popular would make or break the show. Tenchi Muyo! GXP may be part of a classic Toonami franchise, but it's been around since 2002, and Toonami didn't air it until 2012, nearly 10 years after it aired in Japan (granted, that could be chalked up to content issues, but the Tenchi Muyo! OVAs also had explicit content, and they still managed to air on the old Cartoon Network Toonami in an edited form). By that time, it would've made more sense for them to go for the more recent Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar (though granted, at the time, Funimation had just announced their acquiring of War on Geminar's license, so the dub might not have been ready). And speaking of Cartoon Network Toonami and shows that failed in Japan, let's not forget Outlaw Star and The Big O (the latter of which was, coincidently, license-rescued by Sentai Filmworks, the same company who licensed AKB0048 and Btooom!), both of which were ratings failures in Japan (though to be fair in The Big O's case, the creator intended it to be more popular with American audiences, even if it meant the show wasn't popular with Japanese audiences), and yet were still picked up by Toonami.
      • And yet none of that makes the two aforementioned shows more likely to be picked up by the network. The main difference between that and things like Outlaw Star and Big O is that they had aspects that appeal to Western Audiences (Space Westerns and Noir/Sci-fi, respectively). AKB's subject matter would only appeal to the most niche of anime fans, and Btooom's only link to the US is it vaguely resembles Hunger Games and Battle Royale, but with a main character that has nearly none of the redeeming qualities as the protagonists of those stories did.
      • If they were going to air Btooom!, they would've done so while the Hunger Games movies were in theaters. That time came and went, so the odds of Btooom! airing are extremely slim. As for AKB0048, if Toonami was to air that show, this would only result in fans of Love Live! demanding that the block broadcast that show. The possibility is too great that fans might be willing to sit though AKB0048 if it meant they might see Maki Nishikino and Nozomi Tojo on the same block as Kudelia Aina Bernstein.

Toonami will eventually get the rights to the first season of The Big O...
... and will bring the show back onto the lineup to air both seasons, replacing the Naruto reruns and reshuffling the lineup a bit into this...
11:30 - Space Dandy
12:00 - Bleach
12:30 - Naruto Shippuden
1:00 - One Piece
1:30 - Blue Exorcist
2:00 - Black Lagoon
2:30 - Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C.
3:00 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars
3:30 - Samurai Jack
4:00 - Sym-Bionic Titan
4:30 - Big O
5:00 - IGPX
5:30 - IGPX
  • Jossed. The Big O didn't air a single episode while Space Dandy was on, and it hasn't been seen since then.

Toonami will gain the rights to air reruns of Transformers Animated
Hear me out here; Transformers Animated has a lot in common with Star Wars; the Clone Wars. They both were partially produced by Cartoon Network, both whose rights were/are tied up in franchise based issues (Transformers with Hasbro's new channel and Star Wars being bought by Disney), and both are both extremely popular within, and divisive within, their respective verses. Plus, both series made previously despised races (Humans and Gungans) actually popular.

Black Butler will replace Blue Exorcist or Black Lagoon this fall
Black Butler would be good for Toonami to air.
  • YMMV if it's a good fit, but jossed. It hasn't been on the network yet.

Toonami will air the Madoka Movies
As a sort of interesting counter play to the Evangelion movies.

Beware the Batman will eventually move to a higher timeslot
The show is currently slated for airing at 3:00 AM, which is understandable because not only is Toonami currently running thin on room for new shows, but also because Beware the Batman already aired some of its episodes on DC Nation. Once it gets to where the show was when it was put on hiatus, Beware the Batman will move up to an earlier timeslot, as the unaired episodes are technically premieres.
  • Confirmed, Black Lagoon and Beware the Batman switched time slots so it's now airing at 2:30.

Beware the Batman will be renewed for additional seasons on Toonami
Has it technically been cancelled?

Toonami will have new programs announced at Momocon that will cause rejoicement, surprise and at times depression
  • Confirmed? They announced that Dragon Ball Kai is coming to Toonami, but I'll let you decide if it will cause "rejoicement, surprise and at times depression".

Toonami will premier Battle of the Gods if Cooler does well
It's the only logical course of action
  • There's nothing really "logical" about airing Battle of Gods after Cooler's Revenge, should the movie do well, and there isn't anything they could do after that that could be considered "logical". And keep in mind that Battle of Gods doesn't have a dub yet, and that Toonami isn't airing subbed shows and/or movies anytime soon.
  • Jossed, Battle of Gods got a theatrical release.

More DC Nation shorts will air on Toonami in the future

Sword Art Online II will get the same simulcast deal as Space Dandy.
Because a series this popular needs to be in the heart of the order, and Toonami probably played a key role in it being Uncancelled.
  • Considering how popular it was before being on Toonami, it getting a second season likely had nothing to do with the block.
  • Jossed, it's airing as of this writing and it's not on Toonami.

Dragon Ball Kai will start with the Buu saga.
The series has been played to death through the end of the Cell saga, plus with the CW abandoning its Saturday Morning lineup, Toonami seems like the logical place to put the new episodes.

Toonami will air Code Geass
Funimation recently rescued its license and has yet to release it. Now, how does one advertise anime for a re-release these days? They re-released the rescued Erueka Seven after it ran on Toonami after all.
  • Or R3.

Bleach will be replaced by Free!
And it will be hilarious.
  • And TOM will make bewildered remarks about it on the commercial bumpers before it airs, mirroring his reaction to the equally unfitting Hamtaro years before.
    • Jossed, it was replaced by Dragon Ball Z Kai.

Toonami will air the upcoming Pacific Rim animated series
Assuming the show will be released via airing on television and will be aimed towards more mature audiences a la Sym-Bionic Titan, Thunder Cats 2011, Beware the Batman and the DC Universe Animated Original Movies, Toonami would probably be the only feasible outlet to air the show on.

Dragon Ball Z Kai will be replacing Bleach.
First, it's confirmed that Kai is coming in the Fall, and Bleach's run is set to be completed in October. Second, they need a high-value property to headline in Bleach's place. Shippuden or One Piece may take the midnight slot, but Kai is going to be in the heart of the order.
  • Confirmed.

Toonami will start picking up more gory and violent shows like Hellsing Ultimate
As said by someone in this forum thread, they tested the waters with Deadman Wonderland, and provided Akira, Black Lagoon, and Attack on Titan as examples. With Hellsing Ultimate coming to Toonami, we can expect to see other violent shows if it does well.

possible choices for new and returning Toonami shows
This is for speculating what shows will air on Toonami in the near future

Toonami will air Terror in Resonance
Not only could it make for an interesting non-action show for Toonami, but it's made by Shinichiro Watanabe. That alone practically guarantees a spot on the lineup, if their constant airing of Cowboy Bebop and their world-premiering of Space Dandy is any indication.

Suggestions for the 5:00 AM transition into regular Cartoon Network hours
  • Inuyasha. They were willing to get Cowboy Bebop back, and there's the possibility that they'd want to finish the original show before airing The Final Act.
  • Thunder Cats 2011. If it could get a ratings boost when it was aired on Saturday mornings before DC Nation, it might net Toonami a slight boost for the back end.
  • The original Naruto. Yes, it was removed thanks to Hellsing Ultimate, but it could've been a good choice, and there's always the chance that they'll bring it back some time in the future.
  • The Powerpuff Girls
  • Astro Boy
  • Gigantor
  • Beware the Batman, assuming they get to keep the show after its first run.

Toonami will premiere an original DC Comics show created for the block
With the influx of live action TV series based on DC Comics properties (Gotham, Arrow, The Flash (2014), Constantine, etc.), there's a possibility that we might be seeing more animated shows meant for mature audiences a la Young Justice and Beware the Batman, and Toonami would be the perfect place for said shows to air.

Toonami will air one of the Batman-based DC Universe Animated Original Movies on Nov. 8th
November 8th is when Beware the Batman airs its final episode. Airing the final episode at 11:30 PM and following it up with a Batman movie (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Year One, or Batman: Under the Red Hood) would be a very appropriate way to send off one of Toonami's biggest staples.
  • Partially Jossed due to Cartoon Network being dicks and writing off Beware the Batman, though we might still get a DC Comics movie in the near future.

Cartoon Network writing off Beware the Batman and Sym-Bionic Titan was meant to be a Take That! towards Toonami
Writing off Sym-Bionic Titan and Beware the Batman at this point because they didn't make enough money doesn't make sense, because they could've easily done so right after either show stopped airing initially. Why else would they decide to write off both shows now, now that they've found a home on Toonami on [adult swim]? It doesn't help that Cartoon Network, with its actions regarding shows like Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series, has established that it has some sort of unexplained grudge against action shows.
  • If they start doing that to anime, then we might have a serious problem on our hands.
    • Except that the anime they get are not produced in house by Cartoon Network (with one exception that was circumvented rather easily).

Possible american action cartoon choices, both new and returning

Toonami will attempt to bring back Beware the Batman via a loophole a la IGPX
As stated on the Fridge page, they were able to bring back IGPX because it was co-produced by Cartoon Network and Production I.G., meaning that while Cartoon Network could write off the show, [adult swim] could still air it after a little talk with Production I.G. Beware the Batman was produced by Warner Bros., not Cartoon Network, which means that if they wanted to bring the show back, all [adult swim] would have to do is have a little talk with Warner Bros...

Toonami will be able to air Transformers Animated and Transformers: Prime
With Hasbro deciding to premiere Transformers: Robots in Disguise on Cartoon Network instead of The Hub, Toonami could possibly benefit (especially now that the block is short on western shows).
  • Prime is Jossed by the official Toonami Tumblr; they said it's flat-out impossible.

The 2014 Month of Movies will have five movies this year
Assuming that it doesn't get pre-empted again, Hellsing Ultimate ends November 22nd, leaving one last night with an empty hour to fill before December. Toonami could take advantage of this and add in an extra movie, extending Movie Month into November.

Rurouni Kenshin will return to Toonami.
Not sure which series, or maybe just a movie, but Kenshin's bound to return.
  • The TV series, the Trust & Betrayl and Reflection OVAs, and the animated movie are licensed by Aniplex of America, which gives them a chance of airing (assuming that the OVAs and movie have an english dub, of course), possibly once Gurren Lagann finishes airing. There's also the New Kyoto Arc OVA that was licensed and released with an english dub by Sentai Filmworks.

A Certain Magical Index, original or Railgun, will air on the block
I don't know why...I just have that sort of feeling

Toonami will air Don't Hug Me I'm Scared as a music video
It'd be a good fit, considering that Toonami has a penchant for the bizarre and surreal when it comes to airing music videos like they did during Month of Movies 2013 or the extra-long episode of Hellsing Ultimate.

Toonami will air Kill la Kill at 11:30 PM
They'll need something to fill in that timeslot once Attack on Titan finishes its current run (assuming they aren't planning on rerunning the show at 11:30 PM like they did with Space Dandy), and not only is Kill la Kill one of the most requested shows for Toonami, it's also popular to the point of being memetic, and the fact that it's an action-comedy makes it a better transition between the regular [adult swim] lineup and Toonami than Attack on Titan.
  • Confirmed! It starts 7 February, though due to a scheduling change, it's at 12:30 instead.

Hellsing Ultimate will return to Toonami in the future to air its final two episodes
In fact, Toonami could take advantage of this and air both episodes back-to-back as a movie night.
  • Confirmed, though they were aired on separate nights.

Cartoon Network hates Toonami.
They can't cancel it again because of the backlash, but that doesn't mean they intend to put forth a serious effort supporting it. This is why they do things like cancelling Beware The Batman or failing to procure all ten episodes of Hellsing Ultimate.

Toonami will air the original Hellsing anime
Despite being arguably inferior to the Ultimate OVA series, it's still an effective show on par with the likes of Cowboy Bebop and Trigun that would fit Toonami like a glove. It'd also work for giving fans their Hellsing fix after Ultimate gets cut short.

The Toonami broadcast version of Dragon Ball Z Kai will use the Over 9000 line
On the uncut DVD and Blu-Ray releases, the line is faithfully translated as "over 8000". However, when the show was broadcast on Nick Toons (edited for violence and language, of course), the line was changed to "over 9000" as a reference to the infamous 1996 dub by The Ocean Group, FUNimation and Saban Entertainment. The Toonami broadcast version including the line as well (despite being completely uncut) would probably be even more appropriate than with Nicktoons, as back in its days on Cartoon Network, Toonami aired the Saban dub of the original Dragon Ball Z before FUNimation decided to dub the rest of the show in-house.

Bleach is only re-running as filler before Movie Month.
Toonami will pick up something new for the 2:30 timeslot in the new year, but they don't want to start anything else right now only to go on a four-week break after only three weeks.
  • If that were the case they would probably just use Fooly Cooly to fill that slot.
    • Bleach doesn't seem like a show that Toonami would simply remove from the block after airing the finale. Even if they're just briefly using it as 2:30 AM filler, they could always move it down to a later timeslot (best case, they move it down to 4:00 AM and finally give Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood its long overdue removal) once they have a new show ready.

One of the movie "repeats" for Month of Movies 2014 will be Vampire Hunter D
Toonami already made a very subtle reference to it with TOM's comment about being a vampire hunter way back, and it was part of "Night of the Vampire Robots", an experiment to see if anime could do well on Cartoon Network. Add in Toonami being able to get away with more graphic content than before (which would allow them to air the movie uncut, as opposed to the heavily-edited version known as the "TBS cut") and the fact that they're willing to air older movies (they wouldn't have aired AKIRA if that weren't the case), and Month of Movies 2014 would be the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to one of the first airings of anime on Cartoon Network.
  • Jossed for now, it's not been announced for the Month of Movies in 2014, but it is possible it could air on the 2015 Month of Movies or on Halloween, since it falls on a Saturday in 2015.

Toonami will eventually air Vision of Escaflowne, Slayers, and Magic Knight Rayearth
All three were shows that Toonami was interested in licensing and airing back when the block was still on Cartoon Network, but never got the chance to do so due to Fox finding out and buying the rights to said shows for airing on Fox Kids before Toonami could do so (ironically, the only show that ended up airing on Fox Kids at all was Escaflowne). Since then, the shows have been relicensed by new companies (Escaflowne and Slayers by FUNimation, and Rayearth by Discotek Media). Not only that, but with Toonami now airing on [adult swim], they can air the shows completely uncut (or at least with very little editing).

Toonami will air promos for Hellsing Ultimate XI and Hellsing Ultimate X
In the case of the former, it'd be the only thing they could make a promo for that night (Summer Wars is a repeat, so there's no point in making a promo for that), unless they decide to either just make a general promo for Month of Movies 2014, or forgo promos entirely until the week before The Sacred Star of Milos airs.

Another hour-long show a la Hellsing Ultimate will air once Gurren Lagann ends
If neither show ends up being pre-empted, both Gurren Lagann and Deadman Wonderland will end on the same night, leaving the 2:00 AM hour open up for a show with hour-long episodes.

The Intruder II will allow audience participation, possibly through a flash game
The Intruder, Lockdown, and Trapped in Hyperspace all allowed audience participation, with the latter two being part of a Toonami-based flash game on the website. The production crew have stated that they're all for possibly having a Toonami flash game made by [adult swim] Games, and assuming that they're gonna allow audience participation again, The Intruder II would be a good opportunity to do so.
  • Jossed

Toonami will eventually have an adequate budget to produce original shows like IGPX
The possibilities they could produce are endless, with one potential idea being a third season of The Big O, rectifying [adult swim]'s mistake of leaving that show hanging.

Toonami will air something from the Lupin III franchise
Lupin III is something of an [adult swim] icon (the Pioneer dub of the second TV series having aired on the channel back in 2003), and airing either the movies (specifically, The Mystery of Mamo or The Castle of Cagliostro, the latter of which was the very first film directed by Hayao Miyazaki) or the latest TV series (The Woman Called Fujiko Mine) would provide a good nostalgia trip for long time [adult swim] viewers.

Kill La Kill will boost ratings back up, and with it return the lost hour
Toonami cannot loose it's programing time, to King of the Hill of all things!
  • We got a half-hour back, but it looks like it was DBZ Kai or Hunter x Hunter that brought the ratings back up.

After Deadman Wonderland ends, Toonami will continue bringing back past shows for reruns
The reason that Month of Movies 2014 was filled with reruns was because Toonami acquiring Attack on Titan and Dragon Ball Z Kai (as well as Hellsing Ultimate, possibly) put a dent in their budget. Granted, the recent acquisition of Kill la Kill implies that they no longer have any issues with budget, but it wouldn't be surprising if they decided to play it safe a bit more. That, and some of the shows Toonami aired such as Samurai 7 and Black Lagoon are good enough to warrant a rerun.
  • Probably not, since the block will be shortened 7 February, with no more room for reruns of past shows save for Deadman Wonderland. The same announcement also mentioned "several" new shows, though, so it's likely that when DW is over, something entirely new will take its place.
    • 3:00 AM, the timeslot that Deadman Wonderland is currently occupying, is not a good time for premieres. Most likely, either another rerun will take its place, or an hour long show will replace both it and Gurren Lagann, since both shows will end on the same night.

Samurai Jack will return once Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig ends
The production crew has made it clear that they're not an anime block. Samurai Jack reruns are the least they could do to spite the "fans" that are constantly pestering them to make Toonami into an anime block.
  • Not likely, given that the part of the block that both shows used to occupy has been cut.
  • Jossed. There's STILL no confirmed release date for Jack, and the closest we got was a deleted and refuted Tweet.
    • Reruns aren't returning, but we are getting more Samurai Jack - and we're getting a better deal. SEASON 5.

Toonami will air Lupin III Blue Jacket
It will be another dub premiere a la Sword Art Online II, and it will air at the 11:30 PM slot, being the type of show that would deserve such a timeslot (absolutely new, and part of a franchise that's both incredibly famous and has some history with [adult swim]).
  • Confirmed.

The Clydes will play an important role in The Intruder II

Ghost in the Shell's writer, an old Toonami show, recent release by Funimation, seems like a sure thing.

Toonami will air Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods on August 8th
FUNimation just released a teaser trailer for their limited theatrical release of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F, which will last from August 4th to August 12th. August 8th is the one Saturday between those two dates, and Toonami airing Battle of Gods on that date would be a good method of advertising for the Resurrection F theatrical release.
  • This one was Jossed likely before it was even written. Toonami will premiere Akame ga Kill! on August 8th, and a special preview for "Resurrection F" will air the week before, on August 1st.

One day, Toonami will pick up original shows for the first time since IGPX
Happening in 2017.

Toonami will air Legend of Galactic Heroes
The show has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks, and as noted on that show's trivia page, releasing that show without some sort of television deal is practically suicide for whoever is distributing. Even if it would require dubbing it into english first, Toonami airing the show would help at least a little bit.
  • Two problems: the show has a huge cast (FUNimation would likely have a hard time dubbing it, and Sentai Filmworks puts less effort into dubs than FU Ni), not to mention the animation is very dated. If someone buys the rights to Space Battleship Yamato 2199 and Toonami airs it uncut (as in they air the show as Yamato 2199, not Star Blazers 2199, they MIGHT air the 2017 continuation, but the original? Not a chance.

If Toonami gets the rights to air Franchise/Transformers
Specifically a series featuring Peter Cullen as Optimus, they'll get him to announce the show as Big Red himself.

The block's next dub acquisition will be Durarara x2
The original series aired not too long ago, just prior to the rebranding as Toonami, and seemed to be pretty well-liked on Adult Swim. Plus Sword Art Online got its sequel aired, so there's a precedence.
  • Okay, next next acquisition, since we now know that the newest is Dimension W.
    • Jossed - after Dimension W finished, Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans was the block's next dub acquisition - it wasn't immediate (an episode of DB Kai took the place of Dimension W the week after that show finished, and the week after that, there was a Samurai Champloo Marathon), but still.

SARA and TOM will be/are in a relationship!
All the other robots are their "children" through a device on the Vindication.

The Intruder is Baloney Man.
Both are fleshy monsters that go around killing people. It wouldn't be a surprise to find out that they're the same being.

When Swayzak returns, he'll infect TOM.
If SARA gets a full body soon, Swayzak will get a full body.

The shows that aired on the Kids WB Toonami that weren't action-themed were other shows that TOM liked during that period.
The real reason they aired shows like Generation O! is because TOM liked those shows. I could totally see TOM being a fan of Letters to Cleo.

The Intruder III will involve the planet blowing up
If anything, it would be a good excuse for TOM and SARA to get back into space on another Absolution.
  • Absolutely confirmed, though the new ship is called the Vindication.

Possibilities for when Dragon Ball Z Kai ends its run
  • Toonami immediately follows up with The Final Chapters. Funimation has been mum about it for a while regarding its release (other than the fact that they're dubbing it), so having it premiere on Toonami would be a pleasant surprise.
  • Toonami instead replaces it with Dragon Ball Super. Even less likely than The Final Chapters, but one of Funimation's VAs made a tweet implying that they're dubbing it, so it's not impossible.
  • The show simply ends and Toonami puts another show in its place, possibly either...
    • The new season of Samurai Jack, which is still supposed to premiere late this year, and Dragon Ball Z Kai happens to be ending in December.
    • Either JoJo's Bizarre Adventure or Hunter X Hunter, depending on which could potentially garner more ratings at the start of the block.

  • Bizarrely, BOTH of the top two answers turned out true; Dragon Ball Super and The Final Chapters are running concurrently. JoJo had already been running before it ended.

When Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans ends, it will be replaced by another Gundam show
A couple weeks ago, Sunrise paid Williams Street a visit, and there's been speculation that they could be potentially trying to sell some shows for airing on Toonami. It's likely that we could get another Gundam show right away, or at least another show by Sunrise.

One Piece will return someday

It did so several times, so why not again? This is of course the optimist in me who assumes that the reason isn't because of rights or Adult Swim being idiots. Perhaps after they aren't running two Dragon Balls's at once....

As an April Fools joke at some point in the future, Toonami will air a Gag Dub of a Kamen Rider series
Why not? As noted in one of the above WMGs, they are aware of the franchise (surely some of the higher ups know about it), plus, aside from it being not animated, it would fit right in with the other action shows.

Once it finishes airing, Tokyo Ghoul will be replaced by either My Hero Academia or season 2 of Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans
My thinking for the former is that by the time Root A finishes airing, the second season of the former will have finished airing, and Funimation has already dubbed the first season - combined with the fact that the second season's dub is a broadcast dub, surely the second season's dub would be finished within the time it took them to finish airing the dub for the second. As for the latter, it's already confirmed to have a dub, and Toonami already played the first season.

In a future event TOM will be uploaded into a computer and SARA will get a body
Reversing their rolls and alterin their dynamic.

Toonami will air Grand Blue

Toonami will get their timeslot extended, either by a few slots, or even to more days, after Adult Swim Loses Family Guy in 2021.
A major timeslot filler on all days for Adult Swim is Family Guy, but they are slated to lose Family guy in 2021.They are gonna have ALOT of empty slots to fill due to their overreliance on Family Guy, this will likely lead to several shows being brought back (Indeed, 12 oz. Mouse of all things is being brought back for a new season.) and Toonami being extended just to fill the empty slots.If there is a particularly large number of slots to fill (Which is somewhat likely, Family Guy was a good percentage of their overall airings in any given week.), they might even Expand Toonami to more day much like it did in the days of old on Cartoon Network.
  • A rerun period perhaps, and more hours slots...but anything more is hard to guess at the moment.
    • Indeed, until we get close to the date in question, it's only speculation. But HOO BOY will this effect be doubled in 2023 when they also lose Bob's Burgers, where Original Content and Anime will be almost ALL the content they will have left, with the possible exception of American Dad (Not sure about if they get to keep that or not.) and Final Space. Gonna have quite a few more slots to fill then too.


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