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Nightmare Fuel / Toonami

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Spoilers are unmarked

  • Some of the bumpers have unsettling music and images. A good example is the "Blood" bumper, which is a wave of CGI red blood cells passing by to dark, brooding music while the Toonami logo fades in, followed by the Cartoon Network logo (yes, this was actually from the block's days on Cartoon Network) popping up accompanied by a minor Scare Chord.
  • Swayzak's Uncanny Valley appearance. Just... what is that thing?
    • Swayzak admitting he's going to cause the Absolution to crash into Earth at hyperspace speeds for fun.
    • The shots of the Absolution hurtling wildly out of control through Hyperspace during Day One's bumps.
  • TOM's review of Slender. Though TOM not being able to beat the game and give it a rating due to being too scared is funny, the idea that not even TOM is safe from the Slenderman, who may or may not be stalking the Absolution, is actually quite disturbing.
  • The Teaser Trailer for The Intruder II, showing The Blob returning much to Tom's shock and horror. His tone of voice has fear in it. In the teaser, the Intruder was only glimpsed once, dropping something. It's the laser-pistol TOM-1 wielded in episode two of the original.
    • In the original Intruder, Tom woke up in the TOM-2 body with no memory of his demise, suggesting his AI was backed up. Here Tom reacts with fear, which means not only are TOM-1-3.5 and 5.0 are truly inhabited by the same AI, implying a last second transfer into the Absolution's computer, it also means that at some point Tom started to remember dying.
  • The prequel comic that shows Tom 4 facing off against the Intruder has it display a malevolent sentience as well as robot-controlling powers.
    • As of episode 3 of Intruder II, not only is the Intruder intelligent like the tie-in comic, but it's adapted an outer shell from the surviving pieces of TOM's original body.
  • The promo they made for Hellsing Ultimate, quite possibly the most gory and violent show that Toonami has aired so far, makes it clear that there's a reason why the block now has an hourly Content Warning.
  • One of the new Clyde bumpers shows one of the new Clydes going about and doing its business out in the open. Then it's shown that there's a giant creature in the background burrowing through the planet.
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  • The sixth Total Immersion Event, The Intruder III, brings us a giant sandworm that causes earthquakes. We're left on a cliffhanger as TOM begs SARA to unlock the Vindication's door.
  • The seventh Total Immersion Event, Countdown brings us to the fact that something invaded SARA's AI matrix, infecting her, and it's up to TOM 5 to stop her. Or it.


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