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  • Just after the huge Tear Jerker of watching the original TOM die, we watch as TOM 2.0 arrives and kills the monster that did in his predecessor. Also a CMoA.
  • The revival in general, but especially for people who are imaginative. Toonami's Midnight Run is sometimes thought of as the beginning of Adult Swim. Therefore, the revival could be thought of as a son reuniting with his father.
  • Thunder Cats headlined Toonami at its inception and stayed in the top spot for over a year, disappearing as the block made the shift away from old American cartoons towards anime and more current programming. Fifteen years later, it's back—not as we know it, granted, but still.
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  • Given TOM 4's reception, what TOM 3.5 said about him after their first conversation could count.
  • The Toonami Promo Dreams, telling the viewers and those watching it to pursue their dreams and not to fear failure. To make their own destiny. Especially the words "A Boy has the right to dream." It still sticks with many a Toonami fan, ten years after it had aired and they had grown up.
  • The fact that a mere six people are all that's running and maintaining Toonami. Their pay isn't even going from that block- it's going from their Adult Swim duties for Turner- so essentially they're making this block for free. The reason they're doing it? Purely for their love of Toonami. Link here: [1] They started an official Adult Swim Toonami Tumblr solely so they can keep in touch with fans and answer as many questions as they are allowed to, showing more respect for the people who keep them alive than most other networks!
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  • The beginning of 2013.
    TOM: Welcome to 2013, Toonami fans. When I start thinking about everything we've been through together, makes me kinda... blue *cue blue Toonami title cards*
  • TOM 3.5's haters speech.
    TOM: So keep your head up. Keep doing what works for you. Don't be afraid to listen to your critics. But always, always ignore the haters. We all deserve better.
  • SARA's return on April 27 2013. TOM welcomes her back and she is glad to be back; so is the entire fandom.
  • Seeing Toonami air Sym-Bionic Titan and the new ThunderCats (2011), both of which were cancelled after merely one season (the former for lack of toy merchandise and general splitting up of its production crew, the latter for disappointing ratings). At first glance, it may seem like they're only doing this for the sake of variety and having american animation on Toonami. But think about it. It's a way of trying to showcase both nixed series at a more appreciative demographic and bringing them back to full strength. Futurama got this treatment on [adult swim] and pulled in impressive ratings for its reruns, which resulted in the show getting a revival. By airing them, Toonami is essentially giving Sym-Bionic Titan and ThunderCats (2011) a second chance they probably never would have gotten otherwise, though time will tell if the effort will prevail.
  • Toonami bringing back IGPX, which doubles as a CMOA. Seeing the only show produced specifically for Toonami being given a spot on the revived block is very touching.
    • If the Toonami Wiki is to be believed, IGPX suffered the same fate as fellow Toonami show Megas XLR: being written off by Cartoon Network, meaning it cannot air on Cartoon Network, [adult swim], or any of their affiliates. Toonami was able to bring back IGPX due to its complex production, but the same method can't be used for Megas XLR. The heartwarming part? The crew hasn't given up just yet, and are still trying to find a way to bring back Megas XLR.
  • The Equality speech. All of it.
  • SARA using Flash's catchphrase, "in the pipe, five-by-five", showing that the unpopular TOM 4-era hosts still haven't been forgotten.
  • The airing of the Korgoth of Barbaria pilot on November 2 as DST filler shows that, even today, it's still loved and appreciated by many, despite its failure to be picked up for a full series back in 2006.
  • Even if it is airing at the rather inconvenient and ungodly timeslot of 4:00 AM, Samurai Jack's return to Toonami in and of itself is, nonetheless, heartwarming.
  • Even if Toonami lost its rights, Innuyasha was still given a proper send off by T.O.M and Sara, more than Cowboy Bebop got.
  • The Toonami Faithful Podcast giving Star Wars: The Clone Wars a send-off, as well as defending it and other western action shows from fans who constantly bitch about Toonami airing such shows.
  • Despite Beware the Batman getting written off by Cartoon Network, Toonami will marathon the last 7 episodes, ensuring that the show will go out with a bang, and that every episode will have finally aired on Toonami and television in general.
  • Hellsing Ultimate's run on Toonami got cut short due to rights issues with the last two episodes. Despite this, Jason DeMarco said in a Reddit AMA that Toonami won't give up on the show and hopes to air the last two episodes sometime in the future (possibly even rerunning the other 8 episodes as well before doing so). They make good on their word during December 2014 Month of Movies. For the first two nights, the last two episodes of Hellsing Ultimate aired, followed by another movie that night.
  • Toonami's first (and so far, only) original series has been license-rescued for a DVD rerelease.
  • T.O.M.'s Positivity Speech is magnificent both for the nostalgic old school speeches and also because it's poignant without being cheesy.
  • It's not much, but when announcing that Toonami would be losing the 5:00 AM hour and that IGPX and Samurai Jack would be taken off early, they noted that the last two episodes of the latter show would be up on the [adult swim] website for those who want to see the end of the show.
  • On the first night of the reduced schedule in February 2015, T.O.M. started the block by reassuring the Faithful that Toonami wasn't going anywhere.
    TOM: Don't worry, everybody. We're not leaving you.
  • The end of The Intruder II: TOM managed to back up SARA and find a new base, and SARA builds TOM a new arm.
  • In what is arguably a combination Moment of Awesome, Heartwarming, and Funny, there's Jason DeMarco and Gill Austin celebrating the one-year anniversary of Toonami Pre-Flight, complete with a cake shaped like TOM 5.
  • After the passing of C. Martin Croker, the voice of Moltar, Toonami ran a special opening with TOM getting a farewell message from Moltar, his first appearance on Toonami in 17 years.
    TOM: Fare thee well, buddy. May your oven stay forever lit.
  • "You're Not Alone," which features video and audio from loyal allies and best friends from various currently-running Toonami shows, like Krillin and Speedwagon. The latter is even sweeter if you've read/watched farther in Jojos Bizarre Adventure, as Speedwagon's friendship with Jonathan survives long after the two have passed away, with the foundation Speedwagon formed in his name supporting Jonathan's family all the way up to his great-great-granddaughter...and beyond, in at least one universe.
  • While One Piece leaving is ultimately a Tear Jerker, Toonami at the very least sent the show off with a music video. So long, One Piece. We'll miss you.
  • In the aftermath of the tragic arson attack on Kyoto Animation's Studio 1, Toonami had a bumper encouraging viewers to donate to the Go Fund Me campaign to help KyoAni heal from the atrocity.
  • On August 24, 2019 there was a special treat for viewers with the airing of a trailer for Steven Universe The Movie! Not only was this an unexpected and touching honor for a beloved show that never has and never will air on the block but it was also a throwback to when Toonami used to air trailers and bumpers for the cartoons that did air back then, which hasn't been done in over a decade at least.
    • TOM and SARA show that they remember their roots, saying how they miss talking about kids shows like they used to. They're gushing over Steven Universe like they would over the cartoons in the old days and TOM even gets a bit bashful, hoping the viewers like the trailer that's been prepared. It even ends with the old "Kids Love It" stinger from way back when.
  • Toonami's September 2019 promo Making a Difference came at a time when most social media and news coverage was focused on political upheaval, natural disasters, and hardship around the world. A simple message of "Don't despair that you can't solve a massive problem. Take care of yourself and the people around you and it will all add up" rang true with a lot of the Faithful.


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