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From Toonami on Cartoon Network:

  • When Moltar was still the host, he did a speech about women as heroes opening with "It's the 90s. Women are strong and stable." Immediately as he finishes saying this, a clip of Sailor Moon being beaten to the ground whining that she wants to stop plays causing Moltar to pause for a few seconds before adding "Some more than others."
  • One promo for the Midnight Run opens with TOM-1 greeting the audience with a very cheerful, "Hey, insomniacs!"
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  • TOM-1 promos a Midnight Run marathon of Dragonball Z as "the greatest action cartoon ever made", followed by an offhand "Simple mathematics."
  • The Intruder opens with TOM venting to SARA about an allegedly two-faced newspaper interviewer who insulted him.
    TOM: You know, on the phone they say one thing, but what they write is totally different. "Bobble-headed." They're not even in color!
    • TOM-1 has to equip jetpacks by having them slam into his back. He even grumbles that there has to be a better way to do so.
    • After witnessing another Clyde being eaten by the Intruder, two Clydes look down at a lens, then right at each other in shock.
    • TOM-1, investigating the initial intruder alert, spends the entire elevator ride doing tricks with his laser pistol and doing James Bond-esque poses. As soon as he's in a corridor, he runs and does a front flip, letting out a chuckle.
    • TOM-2's reluctance to blow up part of the ship to jettison the Intruder is countered by SARA bluntly telling him an unusual reason why they have to.
    SARA: We've already lost a TOM and an engine, this is getting costly!
  • TOM's review of Dropship: United Peace Force.
    TOM: It's drivin' me nuts.
  • TOM's reaction to Hamtaro airing on the block.
    • Even funnier is when he admits they are kinda cute.
    • Heck, just the fact that something sweet and innocent was aired on an action-themed block that would later air Kill la Kill is a funny moment in of it itself.
  • Anyone using the 1990s title card in their Fan Vids gets one for Comically Missing the Point.
    This broadcast is intended solely for the enjoyment of our audience. Any rebroadcast or retransmission without the expressed written consent of Toonami and Cartoon Network is strictly prohibited.
  • When Toonami made their promo for Beast Wars, they edited clips together to make it look like Rattrap killed Jonny Quest.

From Toonami on [adult swim]:

  • "You humans sure are paranoid about robots taking over. We would never do anything like that." *cue Casshern Sins*
  • For Tenchi Muyo:
    TOM (referring to Tenchi): He's got ninety-nine problems. And these bitches are the main ones.
  • The 2012 opening theme, #ToonamisBackBitches. It's actually a fan piece composed by nerdcore rapper, Richie Branson, that [adult swim] liked enough to run on TV by his permission. Overlaps with Awesome Music.
    • "Wait, did you say 'Toonami's back, bitches'?"
  • TOM's Catherine review. He did the review before ever finishing the game because the puzzles are so hard!
    • The Stinger that TOM sends us out on after the review is also hilarious, giving the cut-scenes it's layered over and TOM's suggestive tone that he reads it in:
    "Baa, baa, black sheep. Have you any wool?"
  • TOM's Slender review. Something about a robot being scared out of his wits is hilarious, and what seals the deal is the ?/? out of 10 rating.
    • On a related note, during one of their Q&As, someone asked if the Slender Man himself was seen around the Absolution after the review.
  • TOM's review of Dawnguard, the first The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim expansion pack, gets an 8/10. But at the end of the review, TOM briefly mentions that Skyrim proper got 100/10.
    "Good boy, Shadowmere."
    • This becomes funnier when you remember TOM & SARA's review of Morrowind, and how TOM was completely dismissive towards it. ("...if you care.") Ten years can change a robot.
  • TOM announcing the departure of Deadman Wonderland.
    (music from the original 2008 Toonami finale)
    TOM: Well, all good things come to an end.
    (cast of Deadman Wonderland gasps complete with Record Needle Scratch)
    TOM: No no no, it's not Toonami this time.
    • Can also be seen as a gentle ribbing of the more....Paranoid, aspects of the Toonami fanbase.
  • It's a coincidence, because the content warnings air hourly, but there was a time during which they aired immediately before Sym-Bionic Titan and ThunderCats (2011)—two shows that aired on Cartoon Network (albeit with TV-PG ratings instead of the standard TV-Y7-FV ratings) and didn't contain anything to warrant a TV-14 rating or higher.
    • On a related note, most of the IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix episodes that have aired since the first one so far are rated TV-Y7-FV (with the exception of one episode that aired with a TV-PG rating). It's especially amusing when you consider that the 2013 promo for IGPX advertised the show as being rated TV-14-DSV.
  • TOM apologizing about airing the pilot and Episode 2 of Thundercats out of order by mistake during its planned rerun. "Sometimes I really AM just pushin' buttons." And then goes on to subtly reference Dexter's Laboratory, another Cartoon Network original cartoon, with "what does this button do?"
  • On the One Piece page on, [adult swim] added the intro used for the 4Kids dub. A token of nostalgia for the people who enjoyed the 4Kids dub, or [adult swim] just being their usual selves? You decide.
  • The promo for Star Wars: The Clone Wars ended with the line "Filler never felt so good", as a jab at the fans complaining about shows that are currently airing filler episodes.
  • The review on Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection. Guess what was said at the end of the review.
  • In the review of Splinter Cell Blacklist, TOM calls Sam Fisher a "total dick".
  • Toonami announces The return of Dragon Ball Z!! April Fools!
  • The May 31st intro which has TOM complain about getting cut off by what SARA reveals to have been a comet.
    SARA: Shh. Toonami's starting.
  • At one early point in Black Lagoon's run on the block, one of the lead-in bumpers that was used after the April 2014 rebranding made use of one of Rock's more badass lines.
    Rock: YEAH! YOU GOT *bleep*!
  • "Is it wrong to root for the Titans?"
  • From the bumpers used during November 1st (which was Daylight Savings Time, resulting in an extra hour which Toonami used to rerun Cooler's Revenge), there's TOM's explanation for the extra hour.
    TOM: Goku punched the clock so hard, it made an extra hour.
  • The night Space Dandy aired it's Series Finale, the Toonami Crew decided to create a Dandy-themed teaser parodying one of their most iconic promos, Broken Promise, as a sendoff.
  • One of the TOM videos on Adult Swim's website was named "I Don't Have Hands".
  • Similar to the Black Lagoon example above, one of the bumpers for Michiko & Hatchin contains this gem...
    Get out of here, or do you want me to blow a hole in them tig ole' bitties?!
  • The Fall Out 4 review includes SARA giving TOM grief for hoarding. "If you want to have 8 missile launchers that you will never ever use, this is the game for you."
  • At the beginning of The Intruder III, it's revealed that TOM tried to use a karaoke machine the night before. Based on what TOM says, it insulted his singing.
    TOM: I have a beautiful singing voice!
  • In their review for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, TOM and SARA's views on the game can be compared to a gamer that has suffered from Hype Backlash and a Fangirl, respectively, with SARA chastising TOM for cherry-picking for flaws in what many see as a perfect game.
    • Sara mentions that the game is on both Switch and Wii U, only for TOM to say "C'mon, for the Switch".
  • In the opening bump for Stardust Crusaders, DIO comments that he feels someone is watching him. Cue TOM and SARA glancing at each other.
  • TOM's review for Nioh has many funny moments.
    • The review itself is basically him swearing at the game intercut with insisting to SARA that, despite appearances, he's having fun. The angrish is funny too.
    • When TOM is confused about whether or not William is Irish, and whether Saoirse is his girlfriend or spirit guardian, SARA asks if he's been paying attention. He admits he wasn't, but is now, and then blames the subtitles.
    • When comparing the game to Dark Souls, SARA reminds TOM that he Rage Quit the latter, which leads to a nervous chuckle from TOM.
  • The ending of Countdown, where the future TOM discovers the Bad Future is now worse and his ship is destroyed, switching places with his past self... stuck floating in the void of space. Pure Black Comedy.
    TOM: ...?
    TOM: ...AW, SH-[BLEEP]!
  • April Fools 2018 just so happened to be the week scheduled to show a rather meme-famous episode of Jojos Bizarre Adventure (an episode of the "Bastet's Mariah" two-parter), exposing viewers who have only been exposed to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure through Toonami to the Japanese dub of the episode. What might be even funnier is that two out of three of the bumpers were memes (the Dirty Old Woman doing an upskirt on Joseph, and Joseph's weirded-out "HMM? HMM?!?!" reaction to Mariah's sudden Gag Boobs).
  • From the marathon of FLCL leading up to the premiere of its sequel series the week after.
    Sara: "FLCL" or "Fooly Cooly?"
    TOM: Eh, tomato, tomahto.
    Sara: "Tomahto" is clearly superior.
    TOM: Are you trying to start Tomatogate?
    Sara: ...Tohmahtogatè.
    TOM: You just wanna watch the cosmos burn.
  • On June 30th, Dragon Ball Z Kai will depart the block, making room for, of all things, Pop Team Epic!
    SARA: Welcome back to round two of Pop Team Epic!
    TOM: Or the most fun reoccurring nightmare you'll ever have...
    • One bumper has SARA notice TOM's tone and ask if he's upset. Without missing a beat, he replies that "I'm not upset."
  • In order to avoid possible lawsuits, several Jojo Stand names are changed. In the case of Josuke Higashikata's Stand, it changed from Crazy Diamond to Shining Diamond. TOM on the other hand gives no fucks about copyright and in one bump outright calls it Crazy Diamond.

From Toonami Pre-Flight:

  • Any instance where Jason and Gill reference the background image.
  • For October 30th, Jason and Gill decide to discuss one of the most frightening things in regards to Toonami: the airing of Hamtaro.
  • For April Fools Day 2016, Jason and Gill dedicated an entire episode of Toonami Pre-Flight to talking about one of the greatest legends of stage and screen: Gary Busey... butthorn.
  • One episode had the question of "What is your favorite short film?" When it came time to see the favorites picked by the [adult swim] and Toonami Facebook followers, the former picked Willow as one of the five favorites note . Definitely a YMMV example, since Jason and Gill themselves were less than amused.
  • The episode on July 21st, 2015 (which was a live episode hosted at San Diego Comic-Con and the first live episode of the podcast) gave us the reveal of TOM 6, A.K.A. Steve Blum with a cardboard box over his head.
  • The November 25th, 2016 episode revolves around Jason and Gill talking about their favorite moments from Love Actually, resulting in golden responses from the Toonami and [adult swim] Facebook pages (one of which in particular was declaring that Jason and Gill had run out of questions) and "Die Actually", Dennis Maloney's negative review of the film.
  • During the 2017 live outdoors Pre-Flight at San Diego Comic Con, TV network FX ran a loud trailer for one of their shows, projected on a stream of water. Cue Jason DeMarco encouraging the audience for a rousing chorus of "SHUT UP, FX!"


Apparently, back when [adult swim] first acquired Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Jason De Marco almost got into a fist fight with Mike Lazzo (the overall boss of [adult swim]) after spending half an hour yelling over which aspect ratio to broadcast. note 

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