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Being an action block, it naturally has a few of these.

Line Up related

  • TOM once killed a spaceship hijacker who was also a robotic bodyjacker whose strongest body nearly touched the ceiling of his own ship. With a fork.
  • The audience (with access to the internet) got one by piloting an army of robots to destroy a crazed, titan of a robot to shut down a tractor beam.
  • A lot of the promos for most action shows were pretty downright freaking awesome. As a kid, you couldn't help but geek out every time watching one!
  • This could be considered a Crowning Moment for the fans of Toonami.
    • For more awesome take a look at this.
    • Even now that they're no more, their final countdown was still a moment of sheer awesomeness.
    • Fanvids, eh? How about "Welcome to Toonami"? Bonus points for this now-prophetic lyric:
      Hold tight, 'cause the show is not over
  • TOM cutting off [adult swim]'s traditional April Fools' Day airing of The Room, then proceeding to air an entire block of fan-favorite anime series that haven't been seen on Cartoon Network for the better part of a decade — complete with new TOM-narrated promos!
    • "He's got 99 problems, and these bitches are the main ones." Because [adult swim] lies outside of the children's demographic, different restrictions were in place that night. Bottom line: TOM can now swear. To quote a random 4channer:
      My childhood grew up with me.
    • Tom reviewing Mass Effect 3 was a huge surprise that night, but it's even better than you think: he called the game out on import issues, the lack of characters from previous games being in the party, and the weak ending. Even so, he still enjoyed it and ended up giving it an 8.5, making himself a fairer and more credible game reviewer than IGN, Game Informer, and G4 TV in the process.
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  • May 26, 2012: It's back, bitches.
  • TOM 3.5 in the new Absolution, declaring the block to be "back, bitches" and introducing the new lineup? Awesome, plus classic TOM.
  • TOM personally responds to the haters, while simultaneously thanking the constructive critics.
  • "The Midnight Run is back."
  • The review of the game Fix-it Felix Jr. (based on the film Wreck-It Ralph), a paid endorsement from Disney. Why is this in the awesome folder? Because it was some of the first new animation we've seen since the block's creation, and it was awesome.
    • Hell, it's the first time in the new run we got a new room on the Absolution.
  • This. Not only for bringing TOM 4 back, but for making fans happy and excited about seeing TOM 4 again!
  • Naruto (Part 1) returning to Cartoon Network's channel via [adult swim]'s Toonami on December 1st, 2012: "The prodigal son has returned."
    • And to top this, the announcement on November 6th, 2013 that Naruto: Shippuden is coming to Toonami in January 2014 - UNCUT!
  • At the crack of 2013, Toonami switched the colors of its title card borders from the traditional red to blue to pay tribute to its troubled past and reference this song from Cowboy Bebop- the one song that plays out the credits of the very last episode, where Spike collapses on a stairwell and delivers his Famous: "Bang.", another character played by Steve Blum, TOM's V.A. It acts as a stark reminder of how Toonami befell the same sad fate and collapsed once ... only to come back to life nearly four years later. It's proof Toonami is invested in its fans as much as they are in Toonami and they are grateful to us for helping bring back Toonami.
    TOM: "Welcome to 2013, Toonami fans. When I start thinking about everything we've been through together, it makes me kind of... blue."
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  • The Momocon 2013 Panel. Where they announced Rebuild of Evangelion 1.11 for their anniversary (March 17th), One Piece sometime down the road, and TOM 5.0 and new Absolution.
  • The new incarnation may have a sparse set, a cast of one, a parred-down crew and some money troubles, but all this just makes it more impressive that they have one new video a week and (as of 2013) a new introductory speech each week as well, which is a level of content production none of the older incarnations ever met.
  • Sara, Brent and Jason of Toonami set out to create "the best Evangelion promo ever made". They succeeded.
  • The return of IGPX.
  • May 2013 onward, Toonami is running the Big 3 shonen anime Bleach, Naruto (Part 1), and One Piece all together on the same block. This is the first time it's ever happened in the U.S., and it is awesome.
    • This occurrence is made even better with Naruto: Shippuden's Toonami premiere in January 2014, despite replacing Naruto (Part 1) in complementing Bleach and One Piece.
  • The return of Sara at the very beginning of the April 27th Broadcast. Her design is a throwback to the Oracular Head appearance she had in the TOM 2.0 era, a budget-saving move compared to her expensive full body design in the 3.0 era.
  • The debut of TOM 5.0, a blend of his 2.0 and 3.0 designs. He has the forearms lights of 2.0 but the build of 3.0. In a sense, he looks like a Darker and Edgier TOM, which is exactly appropriate for him, considering that he swears and talks maturely to the grown up audience from yesteryear.
  • The announcement at Anime Boston that Toonami will premiere Sword Art Online in August (later moved to July 27 to coincide with The Big O Season 2), not only because of the show itself, but also for diversity reasons. As of this writing, most of the shows Toonami has been airing are owned by either VIZ Media or Funimation, or leftover Bandai shows. The fact that Toonami will premiere Sword Art Online, which is licensed by Aniplex USA, proves that they're willing to work with companies other than the aforementioned VIZ and Funimation.
  • When Toonami launched its new website, they also released a new Better Cartoon Show promo announcing that TOM will interview Guillermo del Toro on Pacific Rim. July 6th will be a good day for chicks to dig giant robots (Nice).
  • The week of July 15, 2013 saw One Piece outdo both Naruto and Bleach in the ratings.
  • If you thought the promo for Evangelion 1.11 was awesome, then take a look at the promo for Evangelion 2.22.
  • The way Toonami handled the IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix finale. To coincide with the finales of two other shows (The Big O and Cowboy Bebop) shows that night, Toonami aired two episodes of IGPX (albeit taking Star Wars: The Clone Wars off of the lineup for one night), effectively making it the biggest and most epic finale that night. A fitting end for Toonami's first (and so far, only) original series.
  • The October 25th 2013 tumblr announcement basically divulged several upcoming CMOAs…
    • Toonami would be handling the world premiere of the anticipated Space Dandy in the U.S., on January 4th, 2014, before it airs in Japan.
    • On January 4th, 2014, the block will be expanding by half an hour with Space Dandy kicking off the expanded block at 11:30 PM. Whether this expansion is permanent or is simply for Space Dandy's premiere isn't known, but for now, we'll eventually be getting an extra half-hour of Toonami.
    • Starting in December 2013, for four weeks in a row, Toonami will be airing a movie to start the block off. The movies they'll air that month are AKIRA, Summer Wars, Fullmetal Alchemist: Conquerer of Shamballa, and Trigun: Badlands Rumble.
  • The Respect Video.
  • The announcement that Blue Exorcist will air on Toonami in March 2014.
  • November 22, 2013: The Clydes return.
  • On November 30, 2013, Toonami threw viewers an unexpected (and totally awesome) curveball... by airing the first ever English-language Toonami promo for Space Dandy.
  • 12/7/13; AKIRA aired, and debuted the return of the Toonami Hyperspace Movie systems from the old Tom era, cooler than ever! The trailer they made for it, is probably the very best Toonami promo ever made.
  • Not only did Space Dandy world Premiere on January 4th, but both Bleach and Shippuden were given classic Toonami 30 second bumps!
  • Samurai Jack returns! Too bad the show is being aired at 4:00 AM...
  • The announcement of The Intruder: Part 2 where Tom and Sara will once again do battle with The Creature who tried to hijack and destroy The Absolution. And not only that, the fans tagging their tweets with #intruder2 (in order to support how big the event will be), caused the tag to trend worldwide.
  • The first March 2014 Music video. Instead of an emotional conversation/story, it was nothing but action to epic music.
  • May 3rd, 2014: The Titans have come.
  • Are you behind? Don't worry. Toonami is having an Attack on Titan marathon on Labor Day 2014.
  • May 10th, Toonami is coming to Gotham City as Toonami's first post revival super hero series. What makes this especially awesome is that DC Comics shows were thought to have been ineligible choices for Toonami for unknown reasons. The announcement for Beware the Batman more or less proves that theory wrong.
  • Right out of left field came the schedule for May 24th, with the movie Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge.
  • Dragon Ball Kai: Coming soon this fall to where it belongs.
  • The return of Cowboy Bebop!
  • The Intruder is back. And from the looks of things, TOM remembers it and is terrified.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is coming. ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWA!
  • One Piece being given Toonami's third arc specific trailer (After Bleach's and the one for IGPX's first finale) is this.
  • Guess whose coming in September? Oh, You know. A REAL FUCKING VAMPIRE!
  • Space Dandy world premiering at 11:30 PM again on Labor Day weekend.
  • Hellsing being the fifth highest rated show on Toonami on its premiere on Sep 13th, beating out One Piece, Gurren Lagann and Beware the Batman, which aired before it.
  • When Toonami aired the episode of Gurren Lagann where Kamina dies, Kamina began trending on Twitter worldwide.
  • Inuyasha: The Final Act is set to air on November 15th. A grand sendoff to one of the most prevalent series adultswim has shown through reruns over the years. After never getting around to the big finale in all that time, they've finally gone and done it.
  • The Month of Movies will not have just one but TWO Movies every Saturday
  • These bumpers:
  • Dragon Ball Z Kai, in addition to it being awesome having it back on Toonami, has brought two firsts to it: it's the first show not just on Toonami, but on Adult Swim, to be aired in 4:3 instead of being stretched to widescreen (even the Japanese broadcast was stretched out), and keep the eyecatches with it. Time will tell if they spread to the rest of the block's shows. And they've become the first to show it properly uncut.
  • The return of one of Toonami's initial shows when it was revived on [adult swim].
  • Don't lose your way: Kill la Kill is coming. Somewhat lessened by the change in schedule plans (it was originally slated for 11:30, but that changed when it was announced that Toonami would lose the 5:00 hour), but still awesome.
  • Kirito comes back online, March 28th.
  • A very slight one, but 2/21/15 had the unexpected appearance of the full Kai opening.
  • When it was discovered and confirmed by Jason DeMarco that Dragon Ball Z Kai would be airing encores at 8:00 PM outside of Toonami starting 2/21/15, sketch of the Toonami Faithful Podcast made a call towards the fans to tweet #DBZKai when said encore aired, recognizing that, being the first instance in a long time that anime has aired on prime time on Cartoon Network or [adult swim], this could benefit Toonami greatly and was essentially a do-or-die moment for both the block and anime on the network in general. When the time came and the episode aired...
  • The very fact that Dragon Ball Z Kai and now One Piece have gotten encore timeslots during [adult swim] prime time.
  • Toonami and Sentai Filmworks finally join forces to bring Akame ga Kill! to the block.
    • The Sentai train keeps going with the (unintentional) announcement that Parasyte: The Maxim will also be coming to Toonami.
  • Kill la Kill is returning in October!
  • The announcement that Samurai Jack would be returning with a new season on Toonami (with Genndy Tartakovsky back on board as executive producer). Say it with us: Jack. Is. Back.
    • In Episode 178 of the Toonami Faithful Podcast, the hosts, especially Paul Pescrillo, go in-depth as to why Samurai Jack coming back with new episodes on Toonami (produced by Cartoon Network Studios, no less) is not only awesome, but also important for the future of the block in many ways, including acquiring more western cartoons for the block, regaining the 11:30 PM timeslot, and being a sign that Cartoon Network in general is starting to regain faith in action shows.
  • Toonami broadcasting the Funimaiton Broadcast Dub of Dimension W.
  • The return of Samurai Champloo!
  • The announcement that FLCL would be getting two new seasons from Production I.G. Why? Because they're also being co-produced by Toonami, in their first original production since IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix!
  • The long-awaited English dub of Hunter × Hunter will be premiering on Toonami. note 
  • The Turner press release (and confirmation from Jason DeMarco on Twitter) announcing that Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans is coming to the block. This makes it the first time a Gundam show has aired on Toonami in 12 years since the Cartoon Network block aired Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. Time to Raise those Flags.
    • What makes this more impressive was that, like with IGPX coming to the block, the chances of a Gundam show airing on Toonami seemed slim to impossible, since the entire franchise is being handled state-side by Right Stuf (a company that was thought unlikely to make any deals with Toonami) and whenever fans asked if Gundam could return at all, the answer was usually something equivalent to a firm "no". With Iron Blooded Orphans making it onto the block, almost any Gundam show with an english dub (including highly requested favorites like Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn and Mobile Suit Gundam 00) is now fair game.
  • The announcement that the entire block would be moved back on June 4th, starting at 11:30 PM and ending at 3:00 AM, which essentially means that Toonami has managed to once again acquire the coveted 11:30 PM timeslot.
  • Say it with me now. ONE PUUUUUUUUUUNCH! Confirmed to be replacing Samurai Champloo July 16!
  • Intruder III, November 2016.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure comes to Toonami, October 2016. ZA WARUDO!
    • Jason DeMarco stated on Toonami Pre-Flight that many fans have asked whether or not the Toonami broadcast of the show would keep "Roundabout" as the ending theme. His response? Show off the official promo, which uses Roundabout as the promo music.
    • The sheer fact that Toonami managed to expertly cover up the major plot twist that occurs in the middle of the series that transitions it from Phantom Blood to Battle Tendency in which Jonathan Joestar dies and the series shifts to his grandson, Joseph Joestar, which comprises the real meat of the first anime season and did not dare overlap scenes from Part I and Part II while airing bumpers, which would have given it away.
    • What, you thought the fan-favorite "Stardust Crusaders" season wouldn't air on Toonami too? Good grief. It officially took back Attack on Titan's time slot after the conclusion of Season 2. Even better, Toonami closed out their San Diego Comic Con 2017 panel by streaming the first episode live on the lawn, giving the audience an early introduction to Jotaro, Holly, "Old" Joseph Joestar, and Mohammad Avdol.
  • The airing of Children Who Chase Lost Voices, which will be the first movie Toonami has aired since the lineup for Month of Movies 2014. The movie aired during the end of Daylight Savings Time in 2016- however, because the movie lasted up to 4:30 AM after the fall back took place, it felt like 5:30 PM (and at this point, the block now ends at 3:30 PM), and this meant for a lot of people that they'd be dealing with some serious red-eye.
  • The announcement that Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn (specifically the UC RE:0096 version that was re-edited for television) would be coming to the block in January 2017, keeping the Gundam train going even after the end of Iron-Blooded Orphans.
  • The announcement of Dragon Ball Super is good and all (especially since almost everyone saw it coming to the block anyway), but what makes the announcement especially awesome is its premiere timeslot: 11:30 PM. Yes, Toonami is getting the 11:30 PM timeslot, this time without having to move itself up like last time.
    • Not only is Super now being aired and apart of Toonami, but also they've announced The Final Chapters of Kai, meaning that we'll finally get to see The Buu Saga aired in English.
  • The announcement that Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex will return to Toonami for the first time in almost two years, replacing One-Punch Man .
  • On Toonami Pre-Flight, Jason noted that [adult swim] aired a bump announcing that the new season of Samurai Jack would premiere on March 11th at 11:30 PM. He then made one correction: it would actually be airing at 11:00 PM, meaning Toonami is expanding yet again!
    • To add to that, keep in mind these are not the old episodes of the show, it's a tour-de-force ten-episode fifth season that sees a Tone Shift into Darker and Edgier territory and doesn't hesitate to add real blood, cursing, and mature content. And furthermore, it's the long-awaited conclusion of the series! Yes, after thirteen years stuck in Development Hell, Genndy Tartakovsky finally pulled through! This is the buildup to Samurai Jack's Grand Finale, and he owes a lot of its very existence to the presence of Toonami, because due to Cartoon Network's staunch focus on comedy lineups, it never would have seen the light of day as a hardcore and action-oriented cartoon. And what better place to send it off then a block that itself came back with a matured fanbase in mind? Not only have fans brought back Toonami, but Toonami has in turn worked to recover and resolve lost pieces of viewers' childhoods.
  • The Titans return, Season 2 begins April 22nd.
  • Lupin III: The Italian Adventure coming to the block, marking the return of an [adult swim] classic.
  • A Toonami classic makes its way back- Outlaw Star returns to the block for the first time since 2002 on August 19!
  • Speaking of Toonami classics- Cowboy Bebop will be joining it at the 3:00 hour starting September 9th! Not only that but the entire black gains another half hour as Attack on Titan moves to 3:30 AM which means Toonami now ends at 4! Fans of classic anime everywhere are now shedding tears of joy!
  • Season 2 of Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans begins, October 7th!
  • Black Clover debuts on December 2nd. Not only that, but that same night Toonami starts at 10:30!
  • Jason DeMarco confirming that Episode 23 of Outlaw Star ("Hot Springs Planet Tenrei") would finally air on the block, after it was skipped over during the show's Cartoon Network run due to the amount of heavy editing required.
  • Space Dandy returns to the block on Jan 27, Baby!
  • My Hero Academia makes its debut, on May 5th!
  • A double dose of awesome: Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Diamond Is Unbreakable AND Attack on Titan Season 3 are both coming to Toonami on August 18!
    • Now it's a triple, because on that same night Toonami will start at 10 PM!
  • Boruto hits Toonami on September 29! And it'll be airing alongside Shippuden! Father and son unite!
    • On top of that, DBZ Kai and Samurai Jack return that same night, and Toonami expands to 7 hours,note  its longest length ever!
  • Coming December 8, Megalo Box joins the lineup!
  • But even sooner than that, Mob Psycho 100 finally joins on October 27!
  • Toonami and Crunchyroll are partnering up to make a Blade Runner anime!
  • Sword Art Online Season 3 arrives February 9!
  • The Promised Neverland premieres April 13!
  • On June 15, Lupin the 3rd makes his grand return!
  • Gundam returns to Toonami with Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin on July 6!
  • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba premieres this fall!
  • gen:LOCK premieres August 3rd!
  • The new hit Fire Force premieres July 27!
    • Another new hit, Dr. Stone premieres August 24!
  • Toonami will be airing the world premiere of the new Uzumaki anime!
  • One-Punch Man Season 2 premieres October 12!
  • Stand users, rejoice! JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind arrives on October 26!note 
  • Satoshi Kon's stone cold classic Paranoia Agent premieres April 25!

Ratings Related

  • The ratings were nothing special the first night back, with the highest-rated show on the block only scoring 10% higher than what had been their the week before Toonami relaunched. Week two, however? Toonami broke a million in its first hour, 900k in its second, and the tail end's ratings were those of the first hour the previous week. Plus both weeks won their timeslots overall.
  • Since 2012, Toonami has given [adult swim] the best ratings it's had in over 12 Years!
  • When ThunderCats (2011) was still on, it sustained over a million views for some nights in a row, being the only western show to do so so far. It even surpassed Naruto in ratings once.
  • August 10th, 2013. Not only did the first four shows get over a million viewers, but so did Sword Art Online, marking not only the first time that the show got over a million views, but also the first time that five shows on the block garnered over a million. Even more impressive, Sword Art Online managed to beat One Piece and Soul Eater in ratings. And did it TWICE in a row.
  • On the same night as the IGPX, Big O, and Bebop finales, Sword Art Online manages to gain a slight one; getting a near 70,000 viewer jump over the two programs before it and nearly 200,000 more viewers than the week before.
  • FLCL may have been the big debut for the 26th of October, but Star Wars: The Clone Wars got awesome points for managing to gain about 50,000 over FLCL, despite being on the 3:00 'dead zone'.
    • In fact, closer inspection shows this to be just the tail end of it. After debuting just 3,000 viewers behind IGPX, Star Wars: The Clone Wars has gotten more views than the program before it, (Bar movie nights and double IGPX finales) three weeks in a row, and had another streak for the two nights before IGPX's finale. True, between the two streaks was a back to back period when this was not true, but two of those weeks were not the block's best viewer wise.
  • December 14th. Not a single thing, overall, dropped below 600,000 that night (keep in mind that it's currently the holiday season, a time when television ratings start to dwindle). Summer Wars managed to maintain an average of 1,362,000 viewers, even more than Akira. There's also FLCL and Star Wars: The Clone Wars both maintaining 845,000 (which makes the decision to move the latter down to 5:00 AM even more confusing).
  • Blue Exorcist beating One Piece, its lineup predecessor at 1:00, TWICE. And in doing so only differing from its premiere night by 4000 viewers.
    • That same night, IGPX managed to pull over 500,000 viewers. Might not seem like much, but considering that IGPX usually pulls about 400,000 or less...
  • The same night as the first March 2014 music video; for the first time in ages, the first five series on the line up (at the moment Space Dandy, Bleach, Naruto Ship, One Piece and Blue Exorcist) pull over 1 million views, with Soul Eater just 4000 views from making it six. In addition, Naruto the original had over 90000 views, while Samurai Jack and Star Wars: The Clone Wars gained over 100000 views from their general amount, with Clone Wars in particular having only 38000 less than Samurai Jack, a program an hour before it during the low end of the block's general view ratings.
  • The ratings for November 22nd 2014 had SIX shows over one million. Everything from Attack on Titan to Inuyasha: The Final Act. This came right after DISH finallynote  brought the Turner channels back.
  • While not technically Toonami, reruns of DBZ Kai at 8:00 PM have brought [adult swim] the best ratings it has ever seen in that slot.
  • DBZ Kai, Kill La Kill, Naruto, and Inuyasha getting over a Million viewers for 3/21/15.
    • DBZ getting over a million and a half viewers that week.
  • April 25th: Over a million viewers for every program from Kai to Shippuden, a total of 5 million watched programs!
  • 8/8/15 saw Toonami bring in over 2 million viewers for the first time.
    • Akame ga Kill! made its debut with 1.8 million viewers, the highest debut ever.


  • When questioned on whether or not Toonami would eventually air Dragon Ball Super, Jason had a few things to say via Twitter, one of them being this...
    There are multiple streaming services out there who have already made it their business to outbid us and secure exclusive rights to shows Toonami has expressed interest in. It's happened several times already. We are now leverage for licensors to go get more cash.
  • This video made by Kaptain Kristian shows just how much Toonami has influenced how anime was viewed in the west back then, and how they respect the show's source material.
  • The Toonami crew doing their 2017 SDCC panel in cosplay: Dana Swanson as SARA, Steve Blum as TOM, Gill Austin as Kenshin Himura (a nice treat for old-school Toonami fans), and Jason DeMarco as "Old" Joseph Joestar, complete with light-up Hermit Purple on his arm.
  • You know how hyped Steven Universe: The Movie gets you when even Toonami promotes it. This is a rare example of a Cartoon Network show being promoted on Adult Swim's Toonami. But why, may somebody ask? It's because all Toonami crew members are huge fans of the show.
  • After his previous shell gets destroyed by the Forge’s commander, TOM is once again uploaded into a new body, dubbed TOM 6.
  • The ending of The Forge is a glorious one for SARA in particular. After TOM dispatches the commander, SARA hacks into all of the commander's fleet ships and makes them all explode, uttering only one line: "Omae wa mou shindeiru."


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