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Tear Jerker / Toonami

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  • The greatest Tear Jerker of all (other than the first finale) is no doubt when the first TOM died...many fans were no doubt shocked and horrified when they saw TOM get liquefied...
    • As of Intruder II, it's happening all over again. First: SARA is almost killed, Then TOM 4 turned out to be killed offscreen and now the Absolution has been destroyed.
    • And then in The Forge, TOM 5 was assassinated, though not after performing a Heroic Sacrifice, to let the the other TOM units get to safety. He even tries to tell SARA how much she means to him but gets fatally shot before he could finish his sentence. Considering how this was the TOM that has been the the host for the majority of the revival block, this could especially be sad for the viewers who only started watching during his tenure.
  • The original closing speech before the revival is a Tear Jerker:
    "Well, this is the end, beautiful friends. After more than 11 years, this is Toonami's final broadcast. It's been a lot of fun, and we'd like to thank each and every one of you who made this journey with us. Toonami wouldn't have been anything without you. Hopefully we've left you with some good memories. So, until we meet again, stay gold.

    • If you ever saw Toonami before it met its untimely end, it's impossible to see that and not feel a tear come to your eye.
    • Steve Blum has stated at a con that recording that speech was among his most difficult to get through in his career.
    • It's made even worse by an archived thread on 4chan's /a/ from the last day of Toonami. The infamously rude and edgy board being reduced to tears from the sudden announcement of the block's cancellation and its final hours is just depressing to look at.
    :-: till a sun rises on a world without toonami....
  • "Don't fear failure". The deep, emotional message and quotes used for this promo along with the Outlaw Star footage used in the promo has caused many a fan to tear up.
  • The April 1, 2012 one night revival on [adult swim] as part of their annual April Fool's stunt. Tears of joy, Manly Tears and tears of nostalgia all flowed freely as "Toonami" played shows from the glory days (including completely unexpected fare like Blue Submarine No. 6), Tom was brought back with new lines voiced by Steve Blum (who seemed to be shedding those nostalgia tears as well) and the previously posted "Broken Promises (Dreams)" promo was aired.
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  • The first motivational speech from TOM since the TOM 2 era, simply titled "Life". It can be seen as a thank-you toward fans who brought the block back.
  • To the fans of Neotoonami, their final farewell is definitely this.
  • TOM trying to get a perfect day in his review of Pikmin 3. You can't help but shed some space dust along with him.
  • The entire treatment of Samurai Jack. Debuts on Toonami at 4AM without even so much as a promo to tell longtime fans of the show where it is and when they could watch it, then being pushed back to 4:30 and finally 5:30, and then being pulled from the block along with the rest of the back end without letting it's final two episodes air. And need I remind you, this is one of Cartoon Network's own shows!
  • The removal of half the lineup on Feb 7, 2015. So man good shows gone, some pulled way ahead of schedule. Their goal is to reduce the amount of reruns on the block to nearly none, ignoring how there are people who haven't seen any of these shows before and those who really do want them to rerun a show they only aired once! The truly tear-jerking part is we may never see any of them again! Plus, this limits the opportunity for new shows to air on the block, with short-run programs limited by the 3 long running Shonen series, while long-running shonen series are similarly stymied.
  • When Dragonball Z Kai had encores at 8 PM hours before the block, Adult Swim wondered if the same would work for the other long-running popular shonen One Piece as well, the most successful shonen anime in Japan and the country's longest-running and bestest-selling manga. .... nope. 5 weeks of encores, and it was taken away. Yet another reminder of One Piece's constant curse of always being second-banana in America.
    • And then it got cancelled in March 2017 due to being knocked to a later timeslot which hurt it's ratings. Despite this, the staff of Toonami were just as unhappy with the decision as the fans were as they loved the series just as much, but circumstances just weren't in the show's favor. They did, at the least, give it a send off a week before it's last episode on the block, and the intro for the final episode also made a tear-jerking allusion to its departure.
  • The death of Clay Martin Croker, the voice of Toonami's first host, Moltar.
    • Then there's the tribute they did shortly after his death. Moltar attempts to call TOM, but the message is scrambled. SARA is luckily able to interpret some of it for TOM. Moltar lets him know that he's returning to his home planet, Moltor, and he won't be coming back. And that he always that he was a better Toonami host than TOM. Rather than getting mad, TOM takes it in stride, and gives him a proper goodbye.
    TOM: Fare thee well, buddy. May your oven stay forever lit.
  • The ending to The Intruder III: Yes, TOM and SARA find out their new base is really an old ship, but Shugo 162 dies and the Sand Worm creatures were really trying to warn them. Moreover, while TOM and SARA take the youngest of their number with them, the rest of the species die with the planet.
  • The ending of Countdown: TOM is now even more badly damaged (he previously lost an arm to the Intruder and now has an imperfect duplicate), and there is a Bad Future where an older version of TOM is stuck drifting in the void of space with the Vindication blown to smithereens and SARA along with it- who had been subjected to The Corruption and had to be destroyed by self-destructing the ship, presumably killing the sand worm baby and rendering its species extinct. And it is not negated, only pushed over to another timeline while our TOM manages to be with SARA on an intact ship.


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