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TOM 5 is going to die.
Think about it. TOM 1 died when the Intruder came around the first time. TOM 2 died when Oedipus Rex tried to steal SARA. We have no idea what happened to TOM 3/3.5, and TOM 4 is still out in space somewhere. TOM 5 is under circumstances that killed 2 TO Ms before him.
  • As revealed in Part 5, TOM 4 is actually dead. So that makes this circumstances that killed 3 TO Ms.

This special will tie into the previous Toonami specials
Sara identified the Intruder's new found intelligence as familiar. Perhaps we'll learn more about the mysterious alien ship from Toonami: Lockdown.

The Intruder isn't just "wearing" TOM 1.
SARA said the Intruder's intelligence is familiar right before we see that he's incorporated pieces of TOM 1 into himself and is voiced by his original VA. The Intruder probably
integrated TOM 1's mind into its own, which is why he wants SARA. TOM 1 wants his girl back.

  • The Intruder murdered SARA. It's pretty safe to say that this is Jossed.

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