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Known as Everybody's Golf in Europe and Japan, this Sony-exclusive arcade-style golf series has been around since 1997, and is a popular title on the PSP. In contrast to the realistic PGA Golf series from Electronic Arts, this ClapHanz creation is known for its cartoony characters and pick-up-and-play gameplay, with a wildly varying art style.

This game provides examples of:

  • Art Evolution: The first two games were released for the PlayStation, so technical restraints prohibited full 3D models from being used. Instead, the character models were made à la Donkey Kong Country, giving them a 3D-ish, spritey look. The first game was more anime styled, but the players were obviously adults. Interestingly, the second game was more influenced by Western Animation (just look at Mel) in the West, with had a more varied cast, but retained the anime-styled characters from the first game in Japan (although the Japanese characters were unlockable bonus characters in the Western version). The third and fourth games were released on the PS2, and kept the Western style while benefitting from the more powerful technology. However, when the series hit the PSP with Open Tee!, an animesque style took over and all the characters turned into children.
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  • Character Customization: A major selling point of Everybody's Golf PS4 to truly make it, well, "Everybody's Golf". Apparently there's even a large community dedicated to making anime characters with it.
  • Developers' Foresight: The entry for the PS4 includes "tornado cups", which makes the holes suck the ball in when it gets close. If you putt the ball just right, it can enter a stable orbit around the hole. Once the game figures out this has happened, it'll just stop the ball dead eventually to prevent a softlock.
  • Guest Golfer: The second game featured Gex, Sweet Tooth and Sir Daniel Fortesque.
  • Hidden Depths: Despite the cartoonish veneer, the series has garnered critical praise during its lifespan due to its rock-solid golf physics.
  • Market-Based Title: "Hot Shots Golf" in the US, "Everybody's Golf" in Japan and Europe.
    • Eventually averted as of the PS4 release as it is now called "Everybody's Golf" in all regions.
  • Unexpectedly Realistic Gameplay: Despite a well-earned reputation for pick-up-and-play accessibility and presence of beginner-friendly settings, you have a surprising amount of control over your shot, the game's physics are consistent and fairly realistic, and the games include quite a lot of correctly-used golf rules and parlance that are invoked when you might not expect it (for instance, if you botch a shot, the game can tell if you're close enough to a man-made obstruction to invoke a relevant rule that exists in real golf, automatically offering a drop with no penalty).
  • Victory Pose: Different ones depending on whether your character scores a Par, Birdie or an Eagle or better. Inverted too, with lose poses when you get a Bogey or worse.
    • Conditions can also vary them; in Open Tee, a character celebrating with a parasol will get blown back to the ground if she opens it on a windy hole.
  • Weird Crossover: The PS4 game had a crossover event with Final Fantasy, featuring a Final Fantasy tournament that gave away Final Fantasy-themed clothing and a golf cart. There's also DLC to replace your golf cart with a Chocobo.

Alternative Title(s): Everybodys Golf


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