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"We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes."

Snide, contemptuous, and ever-so-superior to coworkers or neighbors, the Rich Bitch is the character you love to hate. She has social position and/or money, and never lets anyone around her forget it, and if she can make you feel like dirt, she'll do it just to amuse herself. She can be especially vicious to suitors pursuing her who are not up to her sometimes impossible standards. Too much money has made her a bitch. If there is a Country Mouse in the cast, she usually reserves the worst of her abuse for them, especially if the Country Mouse is another female.

The Rich Bitch is what the Alpha Bitch and the Spoiled Brat often become when they grow up, and their motto is "Screw the Rules, I Have Money!."

If the Rich Bitch has an Attack Animal, or the story focuses on animals (be they Talking Animals or Funny Animals), then 9 times out of 10, this character will be a Psycho Poodle as a Right-Hand Attack Dog.


A Sub-Trope of Idle Rich and The Upper Crass. See Upper-Class Twit for the usual Spear Counterpart.

Compare Gold Digger, Grande Dame and Bitch in Sheep's Clothing. Contrast Spoiled Sweet, Uncle Pennybags, Mock Millionaire, and The Ojou.

Can be Truth in Television, as the page quote illustrates.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Ayame Yatsuhashi from Ai Kora is obsessed with winning over Maeda, and is willing to use all the money and influence she can bring to bear to get his attention away from the other girls and towards her.
  • All-Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku TV gives us Chieko, Shakariba, no, um... ah! Shirakaba. Oddly enough she goes to a public school, but she sure qualifies from the sheer amount of random wealth and bitchiness. Even her two "friends" sing about how bitchy she is in the Musical Episode.
    "She's right! She's right! What Miss Chieko says is right!"
  • More than one character in Ashita no Nadja, especially Fernando's aunt Simone. Subverted by Marianne Hamilton, who is selfish and blunt but truly cares for Francis and doesn't use her riches to make herself look better than she truly is.
  • Boys over Flowers:
    • Domyouji's mother Kaede is the rich bitch "villain" of the series. She is constantly throwing her money about to ruin the lives of Makino and those she knows to keep her away from the Domyouji family. Also, every girl in Makino's school is a rich bitch, excluding Makiko but including Sakurako, who eventually becomes Makino's friend but does not lose her nasty mannerisms.
    • At the beginning of the series, Domyoji himself could qualify as a male example. Luckily he mellows out a bit.
  • Candy Candy: Eliza Reagan. Screw the Rules, I Have Money!? Check. Being the Alpha Bitch? Check. Constantly abusing Candy, who can be counted as some sort of Country Mouse? Check. Did it all for her own amusement? Big check. Taking joy in all of them? REALLY. BIG. CHECK.
  • Aya Misaki from Dear Brother. Her father is a famous lawyer and she's got money, looks, and a good family, so when she doesn't get a spot in the Sorority, she begins to abuse Mariko and Nanako for getting in instead of her. Slightly subverted in the anime, where episode 30 gives some insight in her train of thoughts, and it's not pretty. She ends up having a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Detective Conan:
    • A slight subversion is Sonoko. Sure, she's flighty and a Brainless Beauty, but she's a loyal friend to Ranl (if bitchy towards Shinichi, whom she believes isn't good enough for her) and doesn't flaunt her riches in a bitchy manner. Besides, she comes to fall for karate champion Makoto, not minding how awkward he can be sometimes.
    • A real example, Reika Yotsui, does appear in a two-part case, in which the Mouris and Conan are invited to her birthday party after they find her lost puppy. Guess what, she's one of the two murder victims in the case, alongside one of the guys in her Unwanted Harem (Youji Nikaido). And they're killed by another member of the bitch's "harem", Takashi Ichieda, since they killed the girl he loved (the Yotsui landlady's granddaughter, Yaeko) to save their own lives some time ago.
    • There's also Asuka Shibazaki and Ema Anzai from another two-part case. They are beautiful (Asuka works as a top model), they come from powerful families and they are really nasty bitches. In the past, they framed a girl named Sakurako Suzuka for the drug trades their families were involved in and destroyed her life in the process. Sakurako, unable to prove her innocence, killed herself by throwing herself off the university's roof. Their actions come to bite them in the ass a few years later when they were killed by her older sister Eri Akechi aka Chieri Aki in the hot springs inn they were staying in.
    • In a more recent case, the Asshole Victim was the very haughty businesswoman Ritsuko Sashibara. She was introduced by being a horribly stuck-up asshole to her Beleaguered Assistant Ayami, the shop assistant Reia note  and a woman with serious allergies, Tomoyo, in front of Conan... and less than an hour later, she was found strangled to death in a changing room. The killer was Ayami, who was sick of Ritsuko's horribly abusive behavior and was trapped as her assistant because of her debts.
  • Kyoko Aoi in Future GPX Cyber Formula is the owner of her racing team. She adopts a "win or else" attitude towards racing by finding only the best racers, antagonizes rival team Sugo Asurada at every turn, and fires her engineers whenever they make a mistake, even if it's a small one. She mostly gets over it in the last 3 OVAs.
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers: A parody example is Switzerland. He's a Miser, as well as being paranoid, Hot-Blooded, xenophobic, and Trigger Happy... though he's still got some Pet the Dog moments when he interacts with his sister, the little girl Liechtenstein (and his memories of his past friendship with Austria, no matter how often he denies it).
  • Highschool of the Dead: Subverted. Though Saya comes from wealth and status, she resented her parents, because she felt pressured to live up to their expectations. Which is the reason she developed such an abrasive personality. It took a sharp slap and a stern lecture from her mother to finally set her straight.
  • Kanon Mizushiro, protagonist of Jewelpet Sunshine, comes from a rich family, and is arrogant, confident, and snobbish, though her wealth is almost never brought up. She does mellow out a little as the show goes on.
  • Kazutaka Hyōdō from Kaiji, the Big Bad of the series, takes this trope to extreme, disturbing degrees. His favorite thing is to watch the broke and desperate dregs of society squirm, break and give in to despair, so he sets up numerous Absurdly High Stakes Games for people buried in debt, where the punishment for failure is anything from mutilation, to a very short lifetime of indentured servitude in hazardous conditions, to outright death. And he doesn't treat his subordinates much better, either.
  • In A Little Snow Fairy Sugar Greta tries to be this to Saga, except that Saga refuses to pay any attention to her attempts. Or maybe Saga genuinely just doesn't noitce.
  • Eventually subverted by Genevieve Van Heusen from Love Is in the Bag.
  • More than a few minor villains in Magi: Labyrinth of Magic. Especially Abhmad the king of Balbadd. When Abhmad is approached by Alibaba his half-brother and leader of the Fog Troupe, a rebel organization which has been making Abhmad's life miserable he refuses to even speak to him, on the grounds that Alibaba is only half royalty, as his father was the previous king, and his mother was a prostitute from the slums. Even worse, we later learn that Abhmad intends to sell the citizenry of his kingdom into slavery, so that he can keep enjoying his hedonistic lifestyle.
  • Umi Ryuuzaki from Magic Knight Rayearth exhibits this early on the series. But eventually, her situation forces her to mature (including the heartwretching first-season finale), and she ends up as a respectable, formidable Lady of War.
  • Mashiro in Mai-Otome fits this description nicely, complete with Arika, the Country Mouse, being her favorite target. Since this is a rather idealistic series, her heart of gold manifests itself after she becomes a Fallen Princess, meets the very homeless people she used to despise, and learns An Aesop about abusing her position. Awww, how touching.
  • Flay Allster from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED started as a sort-of space version of the Alpha Bitch, but later she manipulated Kira for a good chunk of the series as "revenge" since he didn't save her father, George, from a really nasty death in space. Which she witnessed from the bridge of the Archangel. She eventually did fall for Kira for real and attempted to redeem herself, only to die as a result.)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Dorothy Catalonia starts off looking like a Rich Bitch who gets into ideological squabbles with Relena all while making subtle passes at Heero, Quatre, Zechs, and Relena. Later on it's revealed that she's a Broken Bird with issues, and official sequels depict her as much nicer, but still playful and flirty. She's got her gold-plated limousine, space shuttle, and, in Endless Waltz, transport carrier.
  • Eva Heinemann of Monster, the medical big-wig's daughter, starts out consoling the (surgeon) hero's angst over choosing who lives and who dies by assuring him that human lives aren't equal, and just gets bitchier from there. Though, as the series progresses, Eva evolves into something more along the lines of a Jerk with a Heart of Gold and the viewer begins to sympathize with her. In the end, she's redeemed and the hero reconciles with her.
  • Ayaka Yukihiro of Negima! Magister Negi Magi looks like this at first glance, but it's subverted when it turns out that she's really Spoiled Sweet and simply doesn't get along well with Asuna. At least, not that they would admit.
  • An example of a Rich Bastard is Shute Sutherland from Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu, which could be summed up as a male Eliza... only with more comeuppance in every one of his acts to belittle whoever is of the lower status compared to him.
  • Haru in Ojojojo is a deconstruction. Because of her incredibly snobby attitude, she's alienated herself from everyone around her and constantly has to transfer schools. The worst part is that she only adopted that persona because her original friends refused to associate with her because of her status. She does slowly get better as the manga progresses, but she still calls her friends "commoners" out of force of habit (much to her own frustration).
  • Ouran High School Host Club: Ayanakouji and Eclair (who's also a bit of a Clingy Jealous Girl), but none of the other rich girls surprisingly enough. With some bits of Character Development, Eclaire turns out to be quite a decent person, and ultimately she lets go of Tamaki. She's more of selfish and very naive in regards to love than truly bitchy.
  • Pokémon - Several examples in one-off characters, but perhaps most memorable was Jessiebelle, James' fiancée (and the Identical Stranger of Jessie).
  • Platinum Berlitz from Pokémon Adventures is a little bit of this at the beginning of the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum arc, until she warms up to Diamond and Pearl.
  • Project A-ko: B-ko Daitoukuji is used to getting what she wants, because of her family's status and because she's a super empowered super genius. So she's not about to start taking "no" for an answer now. Which means, A-ko's gotta go since she's keeping C-ko to herself.
  • Ranma ½: While Kodachi Kuno is a snob'', that isn't the problem. She's batshit insane, has no scruples, and will stop at nothing to get what she wants, especially where Ranma is concerned.
  • Slayers NEXT gives us Martina, who starts the show off as this, but then Lina blows up her town and she becomes a poor girl obsessed with revenge. She's still a bitch though. Until almost the end.
  • Ayeka from Tenchi Muyo! also possesses these qualities from time to time, especially when dealing with Ryoko. When not ticked off, she's more like The Ojou.
  • Minto in Tokyo Mew Mew, who is also good at heart, and also gained a snobbier rival in a filler episode.
  • Altessa from Twin Princess of Wonder Planet, although she stopped being so Alpha Bitch-ish later on and became a main character.
  • Sayuri in Silver Plan To Redo From JK used to be a textbook example of this, treating most other people like trash and coasting by on her family's money. This left her completely unprepared for when the money was gone. She ended up homeless and unable to hold on to a job. When she reincarnates into her own younger self, she does everything she can to avert this trope.

    Audio Plays 
  • Sakuya from Yandere no Onna no Ko is a rich girl who acts superior snobby to her fellow classmates. The protagonist is an exception (for the most part) since she harbors feelings for him.
  • Sakae from Yandere Heaven is of the rich bastard variety. He boasts about his wealth and what he can do with it. However, he also shows signs of having a heart of gold during his interactions with the protagonist like offering her sleeping pills to help her get some rest and possibly being a Tsundere who doesn't know how to be nice.

    Comic Books 
  • Veronica from Archie Comics, although she's often been portrayed as really having a heart of gold deep down, with enough Pet the Dog moments that a nastier rich bitch character has been introduced by the name of Cheryl Blossom.
  • Lola Palooza from Cherry Comics.
  • Morty Vivente from Mini Monsters is a zombie male example, and mixes this with Jerkass and Alpha Bitch tendencies.
  • The Wasp started out as this (and stayed as this for nearly twenty years of issues) in the original Avengers reality, spending most of her time being flighty and inane. Later writers tried to give her a personality beyond it by having her "grow up" a little, but how much it actually sticks is highly Depending on the Writer. The Ultimate Marvel Wasp fell into the same trap, being written as a classic Asian Airhead. In the Marvel Adventures 'verse, Janet (Giant Girl in this continuity) avoids this entirely, coming off more as a Spoiled Sweet if anything. This is probably why she has a much bigger fanbase than any of her other incarnates.
  • Ava Lord of Sin City takes this Up to Eleven and turns out to be manipulative and pure evil as well. She ends up tricking Dwight into killing her husband so she can not only get his estate but his criminal organization as well.
  • X-Men: Emma Frost started out as a villain, so her bitchiness was from extreme ambition. Now her bitchiness is from being spoiled and bratty.
  • Sonic X: When Milan Ramada and her entourage can't sit at their favorite table at the local ice cream parlor and must either sit elsewhere or wait until the customers at the table leave, she threatens to have her father build another ice cream parlor across the street just to drive it out of business.
  • Mayda Munny of the Richie Rich comic books plays this trope up with her entire household and anyone she happens to cross paths with.
  • Wonder Woman:
    • Wonder Woman (1942): Even before she created the identity of the Cheetah Priscilla Rich was not a nice lady. She tried to murder Wonder Woman the first time they met by sabotaging the escape act she was putting on for charity just because she was furious that Diana's poise and grace were garnering more attention than Priscilla was getting. She was also already gathering as much classified intel as she could to try to sell it to the highest bidder.
    • The Legend of Wonder Woman: Priscilla Rich is a wealthy socialite who has willingly allied herself with the Nazis and thinks hesitating to kill hundreds with an explosion is ridiculous.

    Fan Works 
  • Druscilla, one of District 5's stylists, from Jael.Rice.1's The Hunger Games fanfiction The Bombshell is a textbook example. She's a snide, domineering socialite who holds her position over her junior stylists and her Tributes.
  • The Homestuck fanventure Ever So Slightly has Eliana Harrison. Oddly enough, she is the main protagonist.
  • Katelyn, Molly, and Alison from the Total Drama Nui Kaua Series are all examples of this.
  • Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku! has Alexis Lois "Lexi" Luthor. The granddaughter of the infamous Lex Luthor, she happily shoves a reporter's microphone into his mouth for interrupting her manga reading time. She also has no qualms with threatening Izuku and his entire family and generally treats everyone aside from him and her chauffeur Mercy with complete disdain or indifference.
  • The Discworld of A.A. Pessimal puts quite a few of these into the Assassins' Guild School. The School still prides itself on exclusivity even after expanding to meet changed needs; and it cannot turn down the sons and daughters of the old ruling classes. That would be unthinkable. So fellow pupils and the teaching staff have to put up with people like Cassandra Venturi, Lucinda and Deborah Rust, Pamela Eorle, and many others. and they're only the socially upscale, entitled and sneering girls.

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Bring It On is a mostly typical sports movie — except it's from the point of view of the (usually evil) rich bitch team. Their uniforms even have "RCH" spelled out across their chests.
  • Tess Tyler from Camp Rock.
  • Clueless: Amber is a classic Rich Bitch, contrasted to rich, popular but flawed main character Cher, who's for the most part kindhearted and a very likeable character.
  • Ever After: Rodmilla and Marguerite. Henry may also count as a male example. They all undergo a Break the Haughty process by the end.
  • Melissa from Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood is a spoiled rich girl who's manipulative, vindictive and wants to have Nick all to herself. She eventually becomes an Asshole Victim by getting an ax to her face by Jason.
  • Natalie Sands in Girls Just Want to Have Fun. When she shows up at auditions for a dance contest, she nearly runs the protagonists over. When one of the other girls, Lynne, shows her up for that, Natalie bribes Lynne's partner to ruin the act.
  • All three Heathers in Heathers, although the Alpha Bitch Heather Chandler is the worst of the lot.
  • In High School Musical there's Sharpay Evans. She has parents who own a Country Club.
  • Linda's cousin Seton Cram and his wife Laura in Holiday. Linda goes so far as to obliquely compare them to Nazis.
  • The Hispanic movie La Misma Luna had the main character's mother working for one of these as a cleaning lady. Said woman apparently has a Dysfunctional Family and eventually fires her because "she thinks she ought to try something new", then, when the mother protests, dares her to call the police. She can't because she's an illegal.
  • Team owner Rachel Phelps in Major League.
  • Linda Bucyk in Men with Brooms. Amongst other things, she pointedly reminds her husband that his mortuary business used to belong to her father and unbeknownst to him, she is having an affair with his assistant.
  • The rebellious, stone-cold British socialite Cordelia Winthrop Scott in Monte Carlo.
  • Cornelia in My Man Godfrey.
  • Joanna from Overboard is actually called a "rich bitch." She gets better, though.
  • The Blind Side: Leigh Anne's snobbish salad luncheon friends.
  • The Devil Wears Prada: Played straight by Miranda Priestly.
  • Elizabeth Debicki in The Great Gatsby (2013).
  • In The Parent Trap, Gold Digger Vicky, who intends to marry the girls' father for his money. It may be more accurate to call her an aspiring Rich Bitch, as she never actually qualifies for the rich part.
  • Patrick Winslow's boss Odile Jouvenel in The Smurfs.
  • Peg in Peppermint is from the richer side of Los Angeles, and sets up the situation that gets Riley North's family where they could be gunned down by Cartel thugs. Later Peg gets her comeuppance, receiving the punch that daughter Carly North said she should have gotten five years ago, for being bitchy towards Riley and Carly, and it's revealed that during the interval between the shooting and Riley's return to LA Peg was left by her husband for a Trophy Wife.
  • In The Con is On, Jackie (a former working-class model and phone sex operator) has been become one since marrying her millionaire film director; including a condescending attitude towards the servants, and a Mister Muffykins pet.
  • Jabez's brother Dick in Shortcut to Happiness. A wealthy Wall Street type, he flaunts his wealth in the face of brother, who is a struggling writer. He arranges an extremely expensive anniversary present for their parents — knowing that Jabez will never be able to contribute to it — insisting that he just wants everything to be 'perfect'. And when Jabez writes a token cheque to contribute to the cost, he cashes it even though he must know that doing so will leave his brother broke.

  • Kij Porter in A Brother's Price. She looks down on the protagonist's family because they are not nobles. Her sister seems to be in the habit of telling everyone their whole family history, lest anyone forget that they are important. Hilarity Ensues when Kij asks the protagonist's sister Corelle: "do you know who I am?", as Corelle repeats everything Kij's sister just told her about the family.
  • Ebert, in David Wingrove's Chung Kuo.
  • Harry Potter: Draco Malfoy and his parents Lucius and Narcissa.
  • Older Than Radio: Blanche Ingram in Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre.
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Veruca Salt, infamous Spoiled Brat. She eventually gets her comeuppance and goes down a garbage chute. Her mother Angina, who usually gets Adapted Out in adaptations, is just as bad.
  • Lavinia from A Little Princess.
  • Esme Squalor from A Series of Unfortunate Events. Later, her adopted "daughter" Carmelita Spats, who was originally a nasty Alpha Bitch, becomes this as well.
  • Pride and Prejudice:
    • Caroline Bingley and her sister Louisa Hurst are prime examples; condescending and haughty, they're full of snide, superior put-downs to the society they find themselves in, and in Caroline's case Elizabeth Bennet in particular (which isn't helped by the fact that she's Darcy's Clingy Jealous Girl). It's implied they're almost the eighteenth-century equivalent of nouveau riche, and are making up for their recent good fortune with excessive snobbery.
    • Lady Catherine de Bourgh is a widow of Blue Blood with a vast fortune and huge income. She's nosy, haughty, and extremely meddlesome. She thinks everybody will do what pleases her.
  • Clarissa from the Bloody Jack series.
  • Hannah St. Charles from Samhain Island, but it depends on the person. Though she is nice to mostly everyone she meets, it doesn't negate from the fact that she wanted to watch her brothers cut off Sky’s finger.
  • Jennifer the Jerk Is Missing: Eight-year-old rich girl Jennifer, nicknamed Jennifer-the-Jerk by her classmates, kidnapped for ransom, along with the driver paid to take her to camp. Jennifer's busy making her captors' lives miserable with her brattiness and is so bratty, she acts like a bitch to her rescuers, one of whom says he prefers her tied and gagged.
  • Massie Block from The Clique series.
  • Dame Olga and her daughters Olive and Hattie from Ella Enchanted.
  • Tyburn in Rivers of London. Likes to boast about her political friends, her connections, and dinners at the Houses of Parliament. An utter Jerkass whose own family applauded when the hero slaps down her "Reason You Suck" Speech with his own "No More Holding Back" Speech.
  • In Death: A number of characters, murder victims and murderers are very much this. Pandora in Immortal In Death becomes an Asshole Victim early on. Winnie and Moriarity are murderous, rich bastards in Indulgence In Death.
  • Ellen Salpakari in Väinö Linna's Täällä Pohjantähden alla.
  • The Chalet School series has Thekla von Stift, Marie von Eschenau's cousin and one of the main characters in Exploits of the Chalet Girls. As a member of the Junker class, she expresses horror at having to be educated alongside 'the daughters of shopkeepers', and looks down on most of the other students, such as Sophie Hamel, whose father is a self-made businessman. Her arrogant and childish behaviour makes her greatly unpopular amongst the other kids, and although she does thaw out a tiny bit - this being the Chalet School - after her petticoat catches fire, she still has a cruel streak and is eventually expelled in A Rebel at the Chalet School.
  • Ruahkini from The Quest of the Unaligned repeatedly insults Laeshana, calling her entire family traitors for moving to Tonzimmiel and rubbing in that Ruahkini is the royal councilor while Laeshana is only a peasant.
  • Rachael from Fort Hope seems to be a good example of this at first. Arguably, deep down, she has a heart of gold.
  • Shan Elariel from Mistborn: The Original Trilogy. Abrasive, snooty, rude, and the fiancée of Vin's Love Interest. Vin ends up killing her when she tries to murder said Love Interest and gets into a duel with Vin in the process.
  • Tom from The Great Gatsby is a male version. Daisy can sometimes come off as this, though she's more miserable and hopelessly naive than truly cruel. Jordan is rather nasty as well, but at least she's funny.
  • In Making Money there's Pucci Lavish, who's not only mean, but dumb as a sack of rocks (and at that, let's hope rocks don't complain) and probably wouldn't have survived without money. She has a serious case of It's All About Me, tries to put on a better show than Moist, and at one point tries to pull a Honey Trap on Moist despite being morbidly obese and not even having a very pretty face. Cosmo Lavish, Pucci's brother, is a borderline example as well, though he's more notable for being absolutely insane.
  • Isaac Asimov's "Satisfaction Guaranteed": Gladys Claffern is always prepared for a social barb to subtly insult our protagonist, an insinuation about her lack of class, or simply an opportunity to laugh at her.
  • King City: The murderer of one of the plotlines ultimately comes across as this. She throws a fit when being driven back to the police station in the slum that the victim (her maid) came from, saying she isn’t one of those people and he can’t keep her there, and physically resisting his efforts to take her to that station.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Bewitched: Sheila Summers is one of Darrin's rich, snobby former girlfriends. She invites Darrin and Samantha to her house for a posh dinner party, then tries to steal him away from her. Samantha uses her powers to put Sheila in her place.
  • Servalan from Blake's 7. Alexis Carrington meets Big Brother and gets fashion tips from Anna.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Cordelia. After the first season, her character developed into the Lovable Alpha Bitch. By the time she was introduced in the spin-off, she was a Fallen Princess who got even more character development by the time the spin-off was cancelled.
    • Halfrek was this when she was Cecily.
  • Desperate Housewives is made of this. Edie, Gabrielle, Katherine, and Renee all qualify at various times in the series. It may be quicker to just say Lynnette, Susan, and Mrs. Mc Clusky are the only ones who don't fit the description.
    • Averted with Bree, who is rich but has used her wealth for good causes such as helping her friends out with money problems over the course of the series.
  • Doctor Who: "Rise of the Cybermen" presents an Alternate Universe version of Jackie Tyler, Rose's mother, who chews out her secretly-estranged husband for petty details, flaunts diamond-studded accessories and withholds wages from well-meaning employees if they accidentally offend her. And since this is Jackie, she offends easily.
  • Lady Mary of Downton Abbey. A self-admitted not-"nice" person, inflexible, and fiercely protective of her opulent lifestyle. She is very much her father's daughter, while her sisters are a smidgen more in touch with the people. That being said, she isn't uncaring or unfeeling, but mostly stubborn and contrary — and she comes to actually love and care for Matthew enough to marry him (despite seeing him as embarrassingly middle-class at first).
  • On an episode of Elementary, the prime suspect in the murder case is one of these, but then it turns out she's been in a coma after a suicide attempt. She really did commit the murders because she did not want to share her massive family inheritance and used a medically-induced coma to create her alibi. Her next victim would have been her own twin sister had Sherlock had not figured it out in time.
  • Niles' vicious, hysterical, snobbish wife Maris from Frasier. She uses her money to hire an army of lawyers to thoroughly torture Niles out of spite during their messy divorce.
  • Gilmore Girls: Emily Gilmore. Classic blue blood snob with a sharp tongue, she frequently makes her daughter Lorelai feel about two inches tall. A running joke is her inability to keep a maid; they either quit over her treatment of them or she fires them for failing to live up to her ridiculous standards. She does show a softer side at times.
  • Gossip Girl has Blair Waldorf and Georgina Sparks. Towards the end of the series run, Lily van der Woodsen can be added to the list.
  • Traci Van Horn from Hannah Montana, who, among other infractions, frequently tells Lola, to her face, no less, how uncool she thinks Lola is. This despite being friends with Hannah, who publicly humiliates herself just as often as Lola. Hannah Montana herself also qualifies from time to time.
  • Hemlock Grove: Good lord, Olivia Godfrey. She's snobbish, haughty, shamelessly elitist, and controlling and manipulative to the point where even her own relatives hate her. But as the richest woman in town, she can usually get away with a lot of crap. When her husband died, the newspapers even called her "the most beautiful and despised woman in Hemlock Grove".
  • On The Joe Schmo Show, a parody of reality shows in which all characters except the chosen schmoes were actors playing according to scripts, all of the characters were intended as archetypes, such as "The Schemer" and "The Grizzled Veteran." In the first season, the archetype of Ashleigh was specifically described as that of "The Rich Bitch" and she showed it too, regularly bad-mouthing other contestants and being generally manipulative while flaunting her wealth.
  • In an episode of Lucifer, the murderer turns out to be an Entitled Bitch, who was annoyed that a surfer was ruining the view of "her" beach. In fact, California doesn't have private beaches, so all her "keep away" signs are illegal.
  • The Nanny: C.C. Babcock is Maxwell Sheffield's business partner, with whom she's obsessed with, and she's not fond of the Sheffield children (despite working in their home).
  • Stephanie Vanderkellen on Newhart, although her parents have "cut her off", which is why she's working as a hotel maid. In the show's first season, the maid was Leslie, Stephanie's equally rich but non-bitchy cousin who took the job to see "how the other half lives".
  • In a flashback in Power Rangers RPM, we learn that Yellow Ranger Summer was like this in the past, albeit of the Jerk with a Heart of Gold variety. In the year leading up to the show's proper start, she had undergone a massive attitude shift and is very reasonable and personable, however.
  • All Margaux Kramer on Punky Brewster has to do to flaunt how rich she is: just call everybody a "peasant".
  • Celia on Weeds. The obsession with her daughter's weight alone qualifies her, but is just the tip of the iceberg. Even after going through incredible amounts of Break the Haughty, she still manages to keep this attitude.
  • Poppy Meldrum from You Rang, M'Lord?. Over the whole series, she treats every character she meets like crap: throws a tantrum when her father refuses to give her money, hates her fiance and her sister Cissy, toys with James the footman's feelings for her, treats Ivy the maid badly because of her feelings for James and is cruel for the servants in general.


    Myths & Religion 
  • The Bible: The prophet Amos doesn't have any pleasant words to say about the wealthy women of Samaria who oppress the poor, crush the needy, and demand for their husbands to always bring them drinks, referring to those women as "cows of Bashan" and saying that God will bring out every last one of them with fishhooks for judgment.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase's motto was that everybody had a price. He regularly bribed the crowd to pop for him by showering them in dollar bills. (This gimmick was picked up by Miss Elizabeth during her heel run in WCW, though apparently it was more economical to have her peel off $1 bills and hope the cameras didn't catch it — a vain hope, as it turns out.) Sherri Martel managed DiBiase for a while in the WWF, playing the Ivanna Trump to Teddy's Donald. Formerly just a vanilla heel, she evidently came into some money after winning the women's title, much like Teddy before when he adopted his now-famous gimmick. She also dated Randy Savage during his feud with "Common Man" Dusty Rhodes and took umbrage when Dusty invited a round woman in the audience to be his valet.
    Cewsh: The idea being that he’s just a common man, so he should have a common valet. Martel and Macho take offense at them, for some reason, and Sherri spends some time yelling about what a peasant Sapphire is while I admire her sexy, sexy ass. (Rest In Peace, Madam.)
    • His son, who goes by the same name, is repeatedly trying to state now that he's a very different person than this father, all while stuffing dollar bills in people's mouths, buying people off, and carrying the Million Dollar Belt around due to being unable to win one himself.
  • One of the facets of Ric Flair's "Nature Boy" gimmick was that he had enough money to get away with being a jackass sometimes.
  • When he first arrived in the WWF, Triple H was Hunter Hearst Hemsley, American blue blood from Greenwich
  • For that matter, the entire McMahon Family have played up this trope, but especially Stephanie. Her nickname is the "Billion Dollar Princess".
  • Prince Nana, who used the taxes of Ghana to buy lavish gifts for his Embassy in Ring of Honor. However, the straightest if shorter-lived examples were "The Lovely Lacey" and Becky Bayless of Special K, an entire stable of rich blowouts. It is where Lacey got her first "lady" of ROH moniker from, even though she was predated in the promotion by Allison Danger, Simply Luscious and the like.
  • After he invested heavily in a popular energy drink whose stock dramatically rose in 2004, former APA (for "Acolytes Protection Agency") member Bradshaw transformed seemingly overnight from a beer-swilling, Texas trailer park brawler to a fabulously wealthy Wall Street tycoon known by his real name of John Layfield (or, to be more specific, John "Bradshaw" Layfield, or "JBL" for short). JBL turned his back on his Texas roots, billing himself from New York City and entering arenas in a beautiful white limousine. In the ring, however, he was still just as tough as ever - only now he was a bully who enjoyed beating up on smaller wrestlers, particularly Rey Mysterio. JBL did manage to defeat WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero (in controversial fashion, it is true) and become the longest-reigning world champion in the history of SmackDown!, but this was thanks to the constant interventions of his "Cabinet" (Orlando Jordan and the Basham Brothers), who gladly put their own asses on the line so their ultra-wealthy boss could weasel his way out of defeats.
  • Somewhat subverted with Wade Barrett, who was introduced as someone who will do anything for money, but aside from that mention, that hasn't been a part of his gimmick.

  • Almost all rich characters in Survival of the Fittest seem to fall into this stereotype, regardless of whether they are male or female. Two particularly notable examples are Olivia Swan and Charlie Burchman, both of V3, both being thoroughly nasty pieces of work. In SOTF, most disliked characters wind up getting their comeuppance. Kill 'Em All and that... This also tends to overlap with Alpha Bitch.
  • A notable example from Survival Of The Fittest Mini is Brittany Chesterton, from The Program V3 Prologue.

  • Subverted in the musical Fame where everyone believes that the new dancer is a Rich Bitch, with Tyrone even singing lyrics to that effect (I don't need no Rich Bitch/to tell me which/fork to use) only for her to angrily confide in him that actually, her dad is a limo-driver who drops her off on his way to work and that she's barely middle-class.
  • Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mama's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feelin' So Sad has the incredibly wealthy, impossibly snobbish and cruelly domineering Madame Rosepettle.
  • Linda Monroe from Black Friday most certainly qualifies. Doubles given the fact that she's also an abusive wife, a murderer and a cult leader.

  • Cleo De Nile, the mummy princess from Monster High. However, while she acts stuck up and rude like most portrayals, she has been shown to be pretty nice, if not out of touch.

    Video Games 
  • CD-I Zelda thinks it's GOOD to kill people, and constantly denies that Link saved her from Ganon. Alma is worse, though, spending most of her time looking at herself in a mirror.
  • Street Fighter:
    • Karin Kanzuki. In Sakura and Rainbow Mika's paths in Street Fighter Alpha 3, she does show some hints of softening up, but you wouldn't be able to tell that from her win quotes.
    • In the first two versions of Street Fighter 3, Dudley was a more or less straight example of this, only entering the tournament to get his father's Jaguar back, and calling all his opponents sissy men and cowards in his win quotes. In Third Strike and Super Street Fighter 4? Why, he's one of the most charming gentlemen to ever exist in a fighting game, to the point where his win quotes in his first two games seem hilariously out of character.
    • Dudley's snobbish attitude was already greatly diminished by Capcom in Third Strike, giving him classy win quotes like "Fight like a gentleman... Live like a gentleman!". Plus, there is actually a pretty reasonable reason why he wants that car back.
  • Elite Beat Agents has the Carrington sisters, who appear to be parodies of Paris and Nicky Hilton. With a little help from the Agents, they manage to survive on a deserted island by sweet-talking the wildlife into helping them find food and build shelter. And by "sweet-talking", we mean going "Hey guyz!" while blowing kisses and Gainaxing at them. The sisters seem to consider their stranded status an impromptu vacation (and given Commander Kahn's wearing a Hawaiian shirt when he calls the Agents out, he doesn't take it too seriously either); at level's end, they get off the island by flashing a diamond credit card at a passing jet. The level's song? "Material Girl", by Madonna.
    • And those animals are not their first victims of their "Sweet talking". The first victim is the dog Sam in the previous level, whom they 'Sweet-talked' to get it for a ride (which thankfully, goes along with its purpose to get back home).
    • For crying out loud, they Gainax at some poor animals to help them eat fruit.
    • There's also the wife of oil tycoon Colonel Bob. The main reason the man needed the song was that she went completely overboard buying diamonds, erasing his billions in one go.
  • Bully: Pinky, the only girl in the Preppies clique, is a Rich Bitch Classic... except for when she's being Spoiled Sweet. She swings between bitch and sweet so quickly and suddenly it's almost like she has a split personality.
  • Etoile Rosenqueen from the Marl Kingdom games tends to come off as one of these, even hiring out Mooks and heavy weaponry to win a beauty pageant. She * does* become a lot more of a sympathetic character later in Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, though, and she's definitely one of the Heart of Gold Rich Bitches.
  • Joe Chin from Parappa The Rapper. He's got the money, the car, and the looks. He's practically got it better than Parappa and he doesn't let anyone forget it.
  • The DS remake of Dragon Quest V introduces Debora, a third candidate for The Hero's bride, who may or may not have a golden heart under all that jewelry. She spends about 90% of the marriage being an ungrateful, insane slave-driver not unlike those that imprisoned the Hero earlier, but by the time she witnesses for herself the final major tragedy in his in-game life, her tune changes and she vows to make Nimzo pay for what he did to her husband.
  • Bianca de Saint-Coquille in the Harvest Moon spinoff Rune Factory. She lives in the largest house on Kaldia Island, and is utterly unimpressed by anything you try to give her, be it strawberries or sapphires. This makes her the only marriage candidate out of the lot where it's easier to just sweet-talk her.
  • Subverted in Fatal Fury: Mark Of The Wolves. Bonne Jenet is a rich girl per family rights, but hates mooching off and prefers to make her own money... as a pirate queen Action Girl.
  • Sumire Kanzaki of Sakura Wars. Rich? Check. Heiress to the company that makes the Kobu-Kais? Check. Jerkass? Double check.
    • Her French counterpart Glycine Bleumer meanwhile, is more "rich" and less "bitch", centering more on heir-related pride and willingness to protect it quite fiercely, which can manifest in a rather pompous way of speech.
  • Super Macho Man from Punch-Out!!, Wii version. In one of the in-between round breaks, he tells the reporters "Oh, these sunglasses? You can't afford these sunglasses! And get your hands off the ropes!" When you score a TKO on him, the last blow animation shows him having money fly out of him as he collapses.
  • Bioshock: Some of the lady Splicers act like this. The setting has degenerated way past the point where money means anything, and the Splicers are batshit insane to a man, but still.
  • If a female Ventrue PC in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines declines to give money to a bum, he'll call her one of these.
  • Night Trap has Lisa, though she's more vain than bitchy.
  • Ultimately averted with Ai Ebihara in Persona 4. She initially comes off as beautiful but cold-hearted, but it's revealed that her family used to be poor and she, in her own words, was a "stinkin' fatso", making her prone to mockery. When her father struck it rich in real estate, Ai decided to change her image so she wouldn't be mocked anymore.
  • Fire Emblem:
  • Subverted with Algus from Final Fantasy Tactics. Algus is a classist, violent douchebag through and through, but because of cowardice and treachery on the part of his grandfather, his family's aristocratic status has been revoked. This gives Algus' an ambition which parallels that of Delita and Ramza. Delita wants to rise above his birth-station, Ramza wants to live up to his and Algus wants to regain one he himself never got to experience.
  • Viscountess Danielle in Pokémon X and Y. She makes fun of your clothes, saying that they came from a trash can, even if you're wearing the expensive Lumiose Boutique outfits.
  • Lady Selphy in the remakes of Pokémon Red and Blue. She doesn't recognize you after rescuing her from the Lost Cave, gives you only 250 steps to show her a Pokemon before she gets bored, and her name itself is a pun on "selfish."
  • Advanced Variable Geo has Reimi, the young heiress of the Jahana Group, the Mega-Corp responsible for running the V.G. tournaments. She becomes a much nicer person in the second game.
  • Story Mode in the console port of The Sims has Mimi or Dudley Landgraab (the Landgraab's gender will always match the player Sim), who asks you to move in with them to a pretty nice house. The problem is, Mimi/Dudley doesn't quite understand the difference between "roommate" and "maid", leaving the player Sim to do all the cleaning and a lot of cooking, in addition to having an actual job, which Mimi/Dudley refuses to do themselves. She/he often insults you as well. Thankfully, the next level of Story Mode is achieved by moving out with one of the nicer friends.
  • Alouette from Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale turns this into a positive aspect (for the player anyways) since she's willing to buy high and sell low from Recette's shop just to show off that she has money to burn. That, and she secretly wants to be Recette's friend and feels that helping to alleviate her debt problems is the best way to do so.
  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! has Lady Aurelia Hammerlock, Sir Hammerlock's evil sister, as one of the playable characters. She's wealthy enough that she bought an entirely new mansion after accidentally dropping the keys to the old one on the ground, and the only reason she's tagging along with Handsome Jack's band of Vault Hunters is that she's bored and hoping to kill things. Fittingly enough, her class name is The Baroness, and two of her three skill trees fit her character to a T: Contractual Aristocracy centers around using another player as your servant, while Cold Money focuses on Cryo damage and her ice-based Action Skill to complement her frosty personality.
  • Vampyr: Aloysious Dawson is the richest businessman in London and an ally to the Ascalon Club hoping to one day cheat death by becoming a vampire. When Jonathan is charged by Lord Redgrave with turning Dawson into a vampire as a reward for his services, Dawson makes it clear that he will use his newfound condition to do pretty much whatever he wants and crush those that stand in his way. He also looks down on Jonathan's humble position as a doctor, letting him know that even though he would be his progeny, Dawson will not refer to him as "master" (he is too high class to do such thing).

    Visual Novels 
  • Gilgamesh from Fate/stay night fits this perfectly. He owns everything in the world including (in his twisted POV), the people. His main attack is to spam Public Domain Artifacts at the target (most Servants have one or two that they treasure), 'cause he owns all of them, and all the prototypes. He also is a massive Jerkass who wants to marry and/or rape (doesn't care which) Saber.
  • Eva Ushiromiya from Umineko: When They Cry might not be any richer than her siblings, but she has no problems fitting the trope, to the point where she considers herself the only one worthy of Kinzo's estate. And just look at the way she treats Natsuhi.

    Web Animation 

    Web Comics 
  • Emil from Stand Still, Stay Silent underwent a Riches to Rags period a few years ago, and has yet to completely shake the rich guy attitude off. That loss of wealth included moving from being a Homeschooled Kid who could tailor his own curriculum to being in the public school system, where his grades dramatically dropped. Could his expensive private tutors have been too complacent with him? Nope, the school system had it out for him as far as he is concerned. An extra hint of the complacency is that people in Emil's original academic career path should be learning Icelandic in this universe, yet Emil only speaks his native Swedish.
  • RAIN: Chase Brenton is a Rich Idiot With No Day Job at best and this trope practically every other time. Because of his family's wealth, he spends all his time charming women, getting drunk, and just generally being a sleazy Jerkass. In his first appearance, he gives alcohol to minors at a Halloween party because he thought it would make it less boring. Really, it's not hard to see why Emily broke up with him. Not that she really liked him anyway. Her mother was the one to talk her into it, likely only because of Chase's status, and Emily was desperate for her approval. And because of him, she's pregnant, making Chase a legitimate sex offender.

    Web Original 
  • Whateley Universe: Solange (Tansy Walcutt). She was an ugly, chubby, pimply (but filthy rich) victim of other rich kids until she got her mutation and transformed into a gorgeous blonde bombshell.. who treats everyone the way she was once treated. She definitely doesn't have a heart of gold. The difference between her and some other rich bitches on this list is that she also uses her superpowers to hurt and degrade other people.
  • Toki. Some stories by Amoridere has her as this but not a much she did Giselle, explaining why the latter was evicted. To elaborate more on the latter, it's been implied Giselle's bitchiness is just flat out jerkassery, considering that she's most likely taken advantage of Toki's mental illness, once pushed Doki down a flight of stairs, and constantly did much to antagonize the other residents of the house on the grounds that she felt like it, using her wealth as an excuse, while the former has been bitchy anyway.

    Web Videos 

    Western Animation 
  • All too present in both The Fairly OddParents and Danny Phantom. Due to high school experiences, series creator Butch Hartman does not particularly care for rich kids. Except for Sam in Danny Phantom, who is down-to-earth and hides her affluence so that she doesn't get any special treatment. Her parents may qualify, although they're really just Jewish WASPs who are overly concerned with their image.
  • Angela Anaconda: Nanette Manoir isn't just a rich bitch, she's the queen of all rich bitches. Sweet and polite towards the adults (especially the teacher), she exercising all her worst traits on Angela, her friends, and anyone unlucky enough to be considered beneath her (which is just about everybody). She uses her family's wealth and status to assert her bitchiness.
  • Muffy Crosswire from Arthur. Although she's not as bad as most examples on this page, she is still snobby and not afraid to lord her family's wealth over her classmates. It also doesn't help that she's constantly resorting to and putting her friends up to overly eager get-rich-quick schemes despite already being fabulously wealthy.
  • Bianca Dupree in Beverly Hills Teens. The funny thing is that most of the other cast is also filthy rich, so she just fills the bitch part, although she seems to be slightly richer than them.
  • Doug: Averted by Bebe Bluff for the most part... but a possible male version in Roger, a Jerk Jock bully who won the lottery in the switch to Disney, adding a permanent case of Acquired Situational Narcissism to his already abrasive personality. He does show a few signs of maturity at times, though.
  • Ducktales: Scrooge usually isn't this, though his miserly nature shines through from time to time. He plays it up intentionally in "Rumble for Ragnarok", playing a Heel who takes taxes from the audience and seemingly stabs his family in the back to win.
  • Edgar & Ellen:
    • Stephanie Knightleigh, the mayor's daughter, is snobby and pretentious, and she picks on the twins a lot for not being rich or popular like her (of course, sometimes they do something to deserve it). Averted with Stephanie's brother Miles.
    • In "Nuggets of Stupidity", Edgar and Ellen find gold on their property and become even bigger jerkasses than they already were. They use the money to buy things other people want or need so that the other people can't have them, pay to have the town reconstructed in a way nobody likes it except them, and cruelly mock the other townspeople for being poor. Even Stephanie is horrified by the way they're acting.
      Stephanie: I knew you were selfish and heartless, but I didn't think you'd sink this far!
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara. Both come from rich families and they often tease Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle because they're "blank flanks."
    • Rarity encounters Jet Set and Upper Crust in Canterlot. They're not only preppy rich bitches, but they're also the nauseatingly smug couple you love to hate.
    • As bad as Diamond Tiara can be, her mother, Spoiled Rich, is much, much worse, treating everypony she considers to be beneath her (and there are very few who she does not consider to be beneath her) like dirt, and her own daughter not much better.
  • Pacifica Northwest from Gravity Falls. Though in season 2, she gets better. A lot of her bitchiness is due to her parents, who are far worse Rich Bitches than she is and actively encourage her to go down the same way as them.
  • Hey Arnold!: Rhonda has a tendency to be this, although it's not as bad as other examples on this page.
  • On Horseland, the series based on the horse-raising computer game, we meet the Stilton sisters...oooh, how clever. Yes, they act in keeping with the pop culture stereotype perpetuated of Paris and Nikki Hilton too. Interestingly, the younger redhead sister Zoey looks like Lindsay Lohan while the older one, Chloe, still looks like Paris dead-on.
  • Jem:
    • Pizzazz has a multimillionaire for a father. She really wants attention and hates that Jem is a more popular band.
    • Eric Raymond, The Misfits' manager, doubly so. The guy (and his proteges by proxy) can get away with pretty much anything because he's rich. His catchphrase?
      It's amazing what lawyers can do. If you pay them enough.
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius: Eustace Strytch is a male version of this - constantly using and abusing everyone, including his own father, and focusing all his resources on one goal - SMASHING NEUTRON. Oh, and possibly using Cindy, too, just for the hell of it.
  • Jimmy Two-Shoes gives us Jez, Lucius' gold-digging girlfriend.
  • Kaeloo: The main four's rich annoying neighbor, Pretty. She's incredibly mean to everybody, especially Kaeloo and Stumpy, and looks down on people who aren't rich.
  • Lily from Kappa Mikey, though in her case she's like this as a knee-jerk reaction to Mikey swooping in and stealing her perceived status as the biggest star in town.
  • Alexis in Legion of Super-Heroes is a bit complicated. She really is a Lonely Rich Kid, but as Phantom Girl puts it, "She takes the 'privileged but misunderstood' act to a whole new level." Bitchy to everyone but Superman, she has a pretty unforgiving jealous streak.
  • The Biskit twins from Littlest Pet Shop (2012). Coming from a rich family the twins are naturally spoiled, such as have a bunch of laptops in case one happens to get angry enough to break their current laptop. They only think for themselves and have no problem criticizing others for their fashion or friends, with seemingly no intention to apologize or take the comment back.
  • A rare male example: in Ned's Newt, the teenager Rusty McCabe. He sometimes randomly receives luxurious gifts in the middle of his classes and invokes Screw the Rules, I Have Money! something fierce. He also competes with the awkward protagonist for a girl's affections.
  • Princess Morbucks from The Powerpuff Girls definitely deserves a mention. Insanely jealous of the Girls' superpowers, she whined to her father until he got his company to build her a "super-suit". She's such an utter bitch, she literally traveled to the North Pole and put herself on Santa Claus' Nice List...and everyone else on the Naughty List, for no reason other than pure spite. Once Santa found out, he got angry and carved her name on the Permanent Naughty List.
  • Aria of Rollbots is the mayor of Flip City, is rich and can't even remember the names of the people she knows.
  • Gem Stone from the Sabrina: The Animated Series. Paid fellow students to do everything for her (Even be her friend) and seemed to be unable to understand that they only tolerated her for her money (Even in the Christmas Carol episode where she was shown even her parents hated being around her and her nanny screaming in glee that she was finally free when Gem died).
  • Wendy Winkle from The Cramp Twins easily comes across as one. Hating pretty much anyone but Wayne (who she is in love with), spending all of her money on attracting Wayne and still asking plenty of stuff from her dad just to get him for herself.
  • The Kids From Room 402: Jordan is afraid of being seen as one because of her wealth.
  • Tiny Toon Adventures:
    • Montana Max is a male version. He's obscenely wealthy but uses his fortune as an excuse to pick on the other characters and make their lives miserable.
    • Roderick and Rubella Rat, as well as all the other students of Perfecto Prep. TTA really likes this trope.
  • Sasha Caylo of Titan Maximum certainly qualifies - she looks proudly smug when Palmer calls her a raging bitch.
  • Cornelia Hale from W.I.T.C.H., in stark contrast with her down to earth nature in the original comics. Take a shot every time Cornelia throws back her long blonde hair and insults her friends' fashion sense and lack of popularity. Double-up if she sticks out her chest while she's doing it.
  • Rated "A" for Awesome: Chet Flickman. His father runs the biggest company in Glickersville, and as such, he's constantly lording his money over everyone, and being a generally unpleasant Jerkass.
  • Claire Brewster from Beetlejuice thinks she is universally loved, being rich and all that. Outside of her school clique, she's actually quite hated.
  • Lady Richington from Sheep in the Big City, as her name may indicate, is a very wealthy woman. Fulfilling the "bitch" part of the trope is how she has an unreasonable hatred of Sheep and keeps beating him up with her wig unprovoked whenever she sees him, not noticing or caring that Sheep loves her poodle Swanky and Swanky loves him back.
  • Chloé Bourgeois in Miraculous Ladybug. Her father is the mayor of Paris as well as a prominent hotelier, and she treats all her peers as if they are beneath her.
  • Sally Fishlips and Momma from Scaredy Squirrel of both of which are already part of the show's Terrible Trio. The former is an Alpha Bitch Piranah-like Kaiju that nobody is terrified of while the later is The Igor of the Big Bad.


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