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  • Analyst Bronies React: Thespio pulls out his gun whenever someone says "Glim Glam in the Zim Zam".
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd has several:
    • Excessively long passwords, and using any other key besides A to jump are his two main ones.
    • Games without the pause features, such as Ghostbusters II on NES.
    • Seeing the LJN logo on a game cartridge has also caused him to snap.
      • Which makes it even more funny when he finds out that Spiderman: Maximum Carnage on the SNES, which he considers the only Spiderman game that is good, was also made by LJN. The fact that LJN made a good game practically breaks his mind in the most dramatic way possible.
    • Goddamned Bats!invoked
    • The Medusa Heads in Castlevania have reportedly given him a pathological hatred of wavy lines.
    • Movie sequels that don't follow a logical numbering system.
    • Games with NO CONTINUES!?!? after you die. Turned Up to Eleven if the game combines this with One-Hit Kill or only having one life throughout the entire game.
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    • Game cartridges with no end labels.
    • In Batman Part I, when he explains the utterly ridiculous controls of the SNES Batman Forever game, which was designed with the Mortal Kombat engine. He actually seems to have strained his voice by the end of the review.
    • AC adapters with built-in prongs (which tend to preclude the usage of the two adjacent sockets) also greatly annoy him, as seen in the Sega 32X and Dracula reviews. Related to this, ancient consoles which force the player to make use of an RF connector box for television hookups as opposed to just plugging a cable into a much simpler coaxial converter.
    • Loading times. His annoyance with them is most pronounced in the Superman (Commodore),Zelda's Adventure and Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) reviews.
      • Also seen in the Batman Forever review, which ironically was a cartridge game.
    Nerd: ...Whenever you access a new part of the game, it says "Hold On". Hold on for what? It has to fucking load?!
    • Overly cryptic puzzles, such as in Milon's Secret Castle and Super Pitfall.
    • Any game that has annoying design element that just makes the game more irritating to play—Kid Kool is one example he particularly singled out, where he lists numerous design flaws (fittingly named "Seven Deadly Sins of Game Design") that blatantly hamper the experience, such as "One Way Bullshit" note  "Topside Aquatic Ass" note  and "Two-Gear Diarrhea" note .
    • If you don't think he can be overwhelmed by annoyance in how lacking in depth a game is, jump to 3:03 of this episode and note a problem at that point that got missed. If you're wondering, let's just say it's not exactly a challenge to get a high score in that particular game due to evidence that the game is INCREDIBLY incomplete.
    • Out of his usual complaints, games with bad controls seem to be the chief problem. Generally, he can forgive a game for having bad graphics, obnoxious music, or obtuse clues, but never if it's a chore to actually operate.
    • Games with inconsistent and/or unfair rules really throw him off the deep end. Beetlejuice for NES is notorious for this ("Diarrhetic Diversions"), where you can fall to your death if the floor below is not on screen (the "Bitch Barrier") and yet can be hurt by torches not on screen.
    • As seen with Dick Tracy and Total Recall, the idea of going to the video store as a kid and renting a game that turned out to suck, since it was the one game he could play that whole weekend, thus ruining his weekend.
  • Many of the members of Achievement Hunter have their own Berserk Buttons, usually displayed during Let's Play Minecraft.
    • Ray hates the cake item. He'll smash it on sight and once dug out of his own home when Gavin and Geoff sabotaged his home to shoot cake out of the walls. Also, as a fan of Sailor Moon's Tuxedo Mask, don't mess with the roses. Just don't.
    • Gavin Free is a troll, no ifs, ands or buts about it. But, stoop down to the point where you're cheating and he'll take offence at that. As well, as an Ill Boy, Gavin doesn't entirely enjoy a Groin Attack.
    • Don't ruin something Geoff put a lot of work into. He'll drop his controller and start pounding the shit out of you. In Real Life.
    • Though part of the larger Rooster Teeth family, don't mention Las Vegas to Gus.
  • In GACKT Game Center GACKT's most hated game is Xevious. Just remembering it makes him angry
  • Flocculencio in The Series whenever anyone mentions the name of his nemesis, Justin Pickard. Particularly noticeable considering Flocculencio is usually one of the more laid-back and sedate characters, but this makes him go Ax-Crazy.
  • It might seem redundant to give the Angry Marines a Berserk Button, as they're always angry, all the time. But something that'll really set them off is Heresy. Any mention of Heresy within earshot will have them grabbing their weapons and attacking the nearest object, or the ground if there's nothing else in sight, looking for the source of the Heresy.
  • The Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society:
    • Don't call Akai short or insult one of her favorite characters.
    • Don't take Stephen's hat. Ever.
  • Don't dig up Linkara's old fanfic, force him to listen to you read it, and then have the temerity to insult Doctor Who. When Bennett the Sage pulled this stunt, Linkara escaped the ropes holding him into a chair and started laying a smackdown.
    Linkara: Oh, bucko did you push the wrong button.
    • Apparently, a comic adaptation of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan getting the movie's famous KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!! scene incorrectnote  is enough to cause Linkara to just absolutely lose it.
  • Brazilian blog about home video "Blog do Jotacê" has quite a few, helped by the local distributors being so prone to employing them:
  • Ab3 of The Binder of Shame kills off player characters for making Monty Python references and, after excessive experience with El Disgusto's habit, now twitches every time someone mentions ninjas. El Disgusto himself flies into a rage when someone intentionally or accidentally refers to the time his dog bit his penis, unsurprisingly.
  • boogie2988's character, Francis, has many of these, but the biggest by far is when he thinks that someone is making fun of his weight.
  • Maffew of Botchamania seems to have a minor one, which is misuse of the phrase "Couldn't Care Less."
  • The cartoon reviewer CellSpex is not fan of the over abundance of Romance in media.
    • She absolutely despises the Overprotective Dad trope. Particularly when said dad is the father of a grown woman, which she finds creepy.
    • Touch her bandana and she will bite you.
    • The The Chosen One trope.
    • Jukebox musicals.
  • YouTube commentator Silver despises his very first commentary. Attempting to remind him of it as a form of torture would be a very bad idea, which The Devil found out the hard way.
  • The Cinema Snob has a few berserk buttons...
  • CinemaSins has a lot of Berserk Buttons, but just to name a few:
  • The Great Clement really, really, really hates Sonic '06.
  • Both Cactuar and Tonberry from the Final Fantasy series by Crazy Boris have theirs.
    • Tonberry is eventually pushed to such a breaking point by Cactuar's stupidity that he sets the poor idiot on fire— twice— in "Gil Quest".
    • Cactuar goes ballistic upon being called "Fatty" by a cop in "Final Fantasy: Fugitive", and proceeds to morph into a giant, psychotically violent, needle-throwing version of himself. If a fleet of fighter jets arrive, he turns back to "normal" self, but saying "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" and runs.
    • He also gets really pissed at Aerosmith for misspelling his name in "Resident Cactuar".
    • And whatever you do, DON'T mention Mary Kate and Ashley around him...
    • In another one of Crazy Boris' animations, Dimwit Quest, don't even think about trying to take Jim's bag of Powdered Sugar.
  • In Darwin's Soldiers, a group of thugs at a food court insinuated that Aimee, who has robotic arms, was a cripple. Seconds later, five of the thugs were dead.
  • In Database Ranger's Power Reviews Just as in Power Rangers RPM, never, ever say the word "spandex" around Dr. K, especially regarding the suits' material. Just don't.
  • David Kalla does not like being called Grundler, especially Ella and his friend Sebastian Martinez.
  • In Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues, Simon and his alter-ego the Dark Dragon are enraged by the very presence of police officers, implied to be a result of experiencing Police Brutality in their past. While Simon tries to repress it, Dark Dragon has no such inhibitions and quickly becomes violent while around the police.
  • Do not hug Dracon. He doesn't need a hug. He needs you to stay far away.
  • Don't Hug Me I'm Scared:
    • Tony the clock starts making loud, very angry ticking noises when the other characters start questioning the core concepts of time.
    • Colin the computer freaks out and starts to glitch when touched.
    • Balloon doesn't like his deaths being mentioned.
    • Bill doesn't let ANYONE mention his original name!
    • Averted with Blake. Even though he'll act like he's mad, finding a Game-Breaking Bug is actually something he likes, since it means he has room for improvement.
  • Dude Perfect's Tyler Toney frequently lampshades this trope in the group's videos.
  • Do not compare EmptysAwesome to Josh Peck.
  • Make sure to never play on Cobblestone with Da Nugget of the GI Proz.
  • Anna Demorah, in Felarya, tends to be somewhat cranky, but she'll leave you alone... unless you make the mistake of smoking in front of her. The fact has come up so often in fanfiction that it's rather killed the original humor.
  • In Freddie Wong's short Don't F With My Cream, two robbers who knock over an ice cream parlor learn a very painful lesson when they mess with Freddie's ice cream.
    • The two guys whose fighting ends up destroying the work of the Sandcastle Sensei also don't get out of things unscathed.
  • Gordon Freeman, at least as interpreted by Freeman's Mind, isn't the most stable of individuals by any means, but what really sets him off are bugs, which he will chase while flailing away with his crowbar before pulling out an MP5 or shotgun. He also gets upset when confronted with yet another locked door or dead end.
  • In Dragon Ball Z Abridged, Goku takes Christmas very seriously. Do anything to jeopardize it, and you may not live to see New Year's.
    • When someone refers to Goku as more important/powerful than Vegeta, you have pressed the (as referred to Future-Trunks) Goku Button (Episode 49).
    • Cooler has much the same button in regards to Freeza. He does NOT like being compared (particularly in regards to similarity) to his brother. At. All.
    • Mr. Popo is already a rather unpleasant individual, but any display of incompetence at your job will ensure he hates you. And if you call him "black man" he will likely throw you off the Lookout no matter who you are.
    • Burter is very self-conscious about his self-proclaimed status as the fastest guy in the universe. He gets really defensive whenever anyone points out the various faster entities that exist thanks to their superior power levels, and when Jeice goes so far as to point out that thanks to his time-stopping abilities, even Guldo was technically faster, Jeice starts loudly ranting.
  • The Game Grumps have a few of these.
    • Jon hates it when Arin belches. He yelled at Arin for it in Pokemon Emerald #13, and stormed off for a bit when it happened in Kirby Super Star'' #17.
    • Jon will actually devolve into angry cursing mid-sentence if Arin belches. It almost makes him physically ill in Part 30 of Sonic 06.
    • One of the Grumps has never seen The Lord of the Rings. This revelation causes the other Grump to cough blood. (Sonic #57)
      Jon: It's just like, "durr, I haven't seen Star Wars..!"
      Arin: What the fu— There's a lot of people who haven't seen Star Wars!
      Jon: FUCK THEM!
      Arin: Corey didn't see Star Wars, and I just showed it to him last night!
      Jon: Corey hasn't seen Star War— (indistinct) GET OVER HERE YOU PIECE OF SHIT! I'm gonna go beat him up!
    • In Pokemon Emerald episode 13, Jon and Arin talk about how one night, they went to Disneyland during grad night and, while riding Star Tours, most of the grad night students were yelling obnoxiously about how awesome they were. At the end of the ride, Jon, who had politely asked them to quiet down before, ends up yelling at them for being rude and disruptive throughout the whole ride.
    • Back in his own show (and on panels related to it), Jon seems to hate it whenever his sleeping habits are criticized.
    I made it past age 18, I pay my bills, I pay my taxes, I'll sleep whenever the fuck I want. Fuck you.
  • In the short lived zombie webseries Hells Paradise, don't suggest the beach as a meeting place to Jarid. Jarid. Hates. The beach.
  • Hoodoo Hoodlums Revenge:
    • Bad Creepypastas, especially Jeff the Killer. Behold
    • Slender Man became this for him in later years, blaming the Hype Backlash caused by its popularity boom in 2014 and fangirls turning the terrifying entity into something not scary. So much so that when the movie of the same name dropped, he opted to review it and every known Slenderman film out there and rip them a new one. Damn.
  • The Hitler Rants videos, particularly the commonly-used bunker scenes, involve Hitler himself melting down over anything, no matter how trivial. He also doesn't take well to the antics of Hermann Fegelein or Jodl's objections.
  • In I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC, Green Goblin is a huge fan of Willem Dafoe, his film portrayer. So when the Joker says "I'm grateful Dafoe didn't play me in the Tim Burton movie," he promptly gets his ass kicked.
  • Jeff, the hero of Ewen Cluney's anime-inspired story "Interesting Times," is a nice guy, if something of a Weirdness Magnet. But that comic collection that he maintains? Don't mess with it. You will not like him if you mess with it.
  • Blogger Joe Mathlete will take a lot of nonsense from Marmaduke creator Brad Anderson, but one thing he will not stand for is an inaccurate depiction of the Moonwalk.
  • KZ The presence of characters he designates "Shit Kids".
  • It's best not to call Pinisu-chan a donut. She's a Large Bagel.
  • Left POOR Dead: Dr. Smedly isn't UNREASONABLE! He's just being a dick!
  • Go on, compare Firestorm to his dad. We dare you.
  • A number of characters have one of these in The Mad Scientist Wars, most noticeably Andrew Tinker. No matter how tempted you are, or how true it is, do not call him 'girly' or refer to him as female''. The last guy got pinned to a wall by his neck.
  • NEVER refer to Super Sentai as Power Rangers to Matoi.
  • Kora, leader of the Media Whorz round table has no tolerance for bad movies using legendary quotes from great movies. When Uwe Boll's Bloodrayne film used a quote from The Godfather, he got angry enough to break.
  • The Mark Remark: After the announcers claimed that Sin Cara stands for "You're eliminated", Martin was very distressed the next episode to find they said it stood for something else. Now whenever they can't decide what it stands for, Martin breaks a pencil.
  • In the Snob spinoff Midnight Screenings, Jake's button is puns.
  • J from Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl hates when people touch her stapler. She ends up being forced to go to an anger management people with other people whose pet peeves include e-mails written in Comic Sans and people who don't let the microwave time run out.
  • Mortal Kombat: Legacy:
    • Fading actor Johnny Cage pitches an idea for a new action show, but the executives turn him down, saying action is no longer in. As he's leaving, he overhears the executives using his idea, but offering it to an actress as the lead instead. Johnny gives the executives and some intervening security guards a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.
  • Matthew Santoro:
    • Whenever someone criticizes Apple, Eugene tries to attack them with a lightsaber.
    • If anyone leaves a troll comment on one of Matt's videos, Big Shine will beat them up.
  • MisterMetokur is usually able to keep up a laid-back irreverent funnyman persona regardless of how bizarre or creepy his subject matter is. When dealing with people who willingly hurt or pose an active danger to children, however, he can barely keep his rage contained. He's especially hateful towards people who somehow managed to get jobs working with the children they actively want/try to harm, such as Howard S. Schneider.
  • MLP Analysis:
    • Do NOT mention A Canterlot Wedding in AnthonyC's presence.
      • More specifically, do not bring up Luna's suspicious absence.
      • He was also quite ticked off by Equestria Girls turning the Mane Six into high school students.
    • Furthermore, don't ever mention Friendship is Witchcraft in the presence of Voice of Reason.
  • Mob Squad:
    • If you're a Player Character, do not look Cameron in the eyes. (Justified - he is an Enderman, after all.) Unlike most Endermen, though, he just gets PO'd, and can easily be pacified by amazing him somehow (which isn't hard to do). It takes two glances to unleash his demonic fury. God help you if you do that.
  • MSF High Forum: Fortunately, Mitchell (as an obvious example) keeps this strictly to real life, never letting it interfere with his duties as a GM. (Mainly, it's people who try to start R Ps over IM while he's working on MSF High, though he often simply logs off and cools down. He has gone into Angrish before, however.)
  • The host of The Music Video Show has a genuine hatred for the Paul Brothers, flat out stating, "They should suck a cock and rot in Hell." Episodes featuring them are filled with Tranquil Fury. To a lesser extent, Drake.
  • Austria 2002 is a very touchy subject on Mystery Science Theater F1.
  • Do not admit that you liked Fallout 3 or Brotherhood of Steel on No Mutants Allowed.
  • British Youtuber Tear of Grace has many such examples, most of them while playing The Binding of Isaac:
    • Whenever the game decides to rendomly drop Bob's Brain, an item he considers utterly useless.
    • Whenever the game decides to spawn The Haunt, especially while he's playing as The Lost and getting a lot of good items beforehand, since The Haunt is a rather difficult enemy and he tends to die a lot to him.
  • Don't tell The Nostalgia Chick that she has to only review "girly" stuff.
    • More in a Felony Misdemeanor fashion, she (the egotistical character, not the nice actress) really hates being called a nerd.
  • The Nostalgia Critic does not appreciate Batman & Robin creating the Bat-credit card BAT-CREDIT CARD!!! The full rant is available here.
    • The "Bat Credit Card" and Doug drive him to psychopathic rage. By Christmas With The Kranks/Bunny Boobies, both still make him angry, but he's more pissed off and upset that people keep wanting him to do both freak outs over and over. (Doug said in a 2012 interview that the former meme has given him a twitchy eye.)
    • Since the show began again in 2013, the Critic despises TMZ.
    • Even after the reboot, he hates it when people bring up Doug. In the "Disney Afternoon" episode, when Malcolm said how good Doug was, there was a cut and Malcolm nursing a black eye and couldn't feel much in his mouth.
      • Additionally NEVER, ever sing or play the Doug theme song (Nick version) in front of Doug Walker or he will murder you.
    • If a movie has heavy-handed symbolism and religious metaphors, the Critic will show it no mercy.
    • He would also kindly like you to not say the proper name of DT because the theme song finally got out of him.
    • Despite him lampshading that they ended in a sweet place at To Boldly Flee, a little girl gets beaten to death (offscreen) because she mistook him for the Nerd.
    • Anyone but himself bringing up Demo Reel. Dr Hack at the end of Sailor Moon got a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown for saying the show's concept would make him money, and Yo in Pop Quiz Hotshot uses it to intentionally make him Change the Uncomfortable Subject.
    • He never really enjoyed it, but Testosterone Poisoning seems to genuinely anger him in reboot. Even when he's into it he feels guilty and complains that he doesn't want to fit into his gender.
    • Ever since Hyper kidnapped him, he hates people being too calm about being held hostage. A lot of The THIRD Animated Titanic Movie is him getting loudly upset about it.
    • Don't tell Ma-Ti that Heart Is an Awesome Power.
    • The best way to have Channel Awesome virtually obliterate you from existence? Talk smack about "dodging a BJ from Lindsay", as ThatAussieGuy apparently learned the hard way.
      • Apparently though Dan Rizzo was doing a bunch of corrupt things behind everyone's back and abusing his admin powers, so he was already skating on thin ice at that point, that was just the final straw.
    • Doug is furious with the very idea of the "State Home For The Ugly" from The Garbage Pail Kids Movie, as shown here. Apparently the anger shown in the NC review wasn't played up for laughs, since he goes into a legitimate boiling rage while discussing the film after remaining relatively calm when discussing the other ones. He then delivers an especially brutal "The Reason You Suck" Speech at the film by saying it was worse than Manos because at least that was made by a farmer with no budget and wasn't intended for kids. He further goes on to say that the only good thing about the movie is that because there is nothing remotely good about it that it'll be quickly forgotten.
    • In general, Nostalgia Critic also gets upset when he feels that a movie or TV show has been half-assed. His hatred of not putting effort into things is so great that it spawned a 10-minute rant at the end of his review of The Christmas Tree because he believes that Christmas requires genuine thought and effort to truly be special and joyous.
    • He massacred the cast of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog after being told that he could learn something from a sloth(?).
  • Obscurus Lupa really, really hates "All Just a Dream" endings. And Gerry.
  • The characters of Off the Page and into Life have a couple:
    • Gail: Terrence and being told her birth parents didn't love her.
    • Terrence: Gail, short jokes, and being called "Terry."
  • In Paw and Co's review of Dragonball Evolution...Y Ruler Of Time, didn't take Emo Teen Goku too well, he especially didn't appreciate referring to Energy Blasts such as "airbending".
  • Pie Guy Rulz and sharp objects have an...interesting relationship.
    I jump straight onto a thumbtack sticking up. I am terrified of needles. This was a very bad experience for me. If he (his roommate) had been there, he would have heard my wrath.
    — Pie Guy describing an incident in college.
    Especially for someone like me, whose terrified of needles and sharp objects, seeing the very real pain of getting a splinter on SpongeBob is just so agonizing.
  • DesuDesBrigade
    • Professor Otaku is prone to bringing himself to the brink of sheer breakdowns, but more often than not reigns himself in. However, MD Geist and Sorcerer Stabber Orphen Revenge have seen him lashing out at his hated foes of Moe and stupidity rather loudly.
    • Vixen wound up in such a rage that she denied her traditional Chill-out Food a mere 10 minutes into New Moon. The terror that was wrought on the universe will never been erased.
  • In Project Million, Diamanda Hagan is not pleased when Critic TV dismisses her invasion of Channel Awesome as nothing special.
    • Cin Wicked blows a fuse over the Canadian music groups on display at Disneyland.
  • Most Protectors of the Plot Continuum agents have a Berserk Button of some form or another. Common causes are messing with favourite characters, breaking the English language, trivialisation of child abuse, or misogyny, which offend the PPC community as well as in-setting.
  • It's well known that ProtonJon of Let's Play fame hates Invisible Coin Blocks. Naturally, people sent him tons of Mario Rom Hacks with egregious levels of invisible coin blocks being used in tedious ways. Initially when he's angry he sounds like Ren from Ren and Stimpy, but over time it gets less comical and more like Regan from The Exorcist. Eventually Jon got so ticked that he responded by creating an incredibly tedious rom hack level himself with nothing but invisible coin blocks, and promised to make more levels with other things that irritated him if people didn't lay off some of these tricks. Here's a video of another Let's Player going through the level. To quote a youtube comment:
    The way Proton Jon's insanity drove him to make a level full of invisible coin blocks is similar to how Jack Torrence typed all those pages of "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy".
    • Do not mention his Superman 64 LP to him, especially if asking when the next episode is coming out. He has gone on 20-minutes rants about it whenever it gets mentioned during his streams.
  • Levelengine has also hated invisible coin blocks ever since his tool-assisted walkthrough of Hammer Brother.
    • Another one is overpowered custom bosses. See Super Mario Kollision 2 and Mario Endgame for examples.
  • Rather Vocalized Illusion. The mere mention of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic sends Bhaalspawn into a frenzy.
    • Also, mentioning love around the Psychosocialist has a similar effect.
  • While Hellsing920 is normally a pretty cool, calm and collected person, if he goes through a movie in his Reaction & Review series and someone gets their junk mutilated somehow, he will go off.
  • Red vs. Blue has a sequence where Caboose intentionally pushes his own Berserk Button.
    Caboose: My name is Michael J. Caboose and I hate babies!
    • Epsilon has two: being called "a thing", and the mere sight of Agent Washington.
    • You can call Tex many things, but for the love of God, don't call her a shadow. In context, Tex is an AI copy of the human Allison Church, hence Agent Connecticut (who found out the connection), calling her a shadow of the real Allison.
    Tex: What did you just call me?!
    • Um... Nice Tex? Good Tex?
    • Also, don't mention Tex to Carolina. That's guaranteed to get you a smackdown for the ages.
  • LPing a game slowbeef likes is a good way to get him on your bad side. He seemed a lot more irritated at the videos of Contra III, Snatcher, and Policenauts.
    • More specifically, LPing them badly. Or any game he especially likes, for that matter. That goes for reviewing as well.
    • Slowbeef also dislikes people who read out character dialogue in "silly" voices and people that chew the scenery way too often. Which is ironic given his decision to LP Phantasmagoria with his forum superior Lowtax, who has built a history of those very things.
    • He also seems to have quite a dislike for people who think adding crafting to a game (in particular, RPG games) makes it better. He gets quite indignant in a number of the "Kickstarter Non-starter" videos involving games decides to throw in a crafting element.
  • The cast of Rocher Hotel have a few, with one example being Luke's supposed addiction to amiibo.
  • All three members of The Runaway Guys have one:
  • Sonia, from The Saints, hates the in-universe book and film series Bone Eclipse.
  • Sam & Mickey: The phrase "Dijon mustard" flies Barbie into a rage, because it reminds her of when a perfect dinner party with Midge and Alan went downhill due to a lack of the condiment.
  • SCP Foundation: SCPs are not immune to this:
    • SCP-076-2, code-name "Able" is Ax-Crazy nearly all the time, but if he ever sees the symbol on SCP-073's (code-name "Cain") head, he goes utterly berserk and drops everything to attack Cain.
    • SCP-096, code-name "Shy Guy" is normally passive and no threat to anyone. However, if anyone sees it's face, in person or through a photograph or video footage, it enters a screaming fury and runs towards the viewer at breakneck speed intending to tear the unfortunate person limb-from-limb, and nothing will stop it. It doesn't flinch at high-power weapons and will tear through concrete to get to you. Because of this, 096 is a huge threat to the public if it escapes; if an image of it's face was put on the news...
    • SCP-261, a sentient and multiversal vending machine, will try to poison you if you use counterfeit money with it. The coin-on-a-string trick is also a way to get on its bad side; it used to cause the machine to simply give you food that you'd puke back out instantly, but it got so tired of that it dispensed a live grenade and killed several of the testers involved.
    • SCP-457, the so-called "Burning Man", hates water.
    • SCP-516, the "Intelligent Tank", despises traitors to its country, and will blow them up without its usual restraint.
    • SCP-682, code-name "The Hard-to-Destroy Reptile", has pretty much all Earth life as its Berserk Button.
    • Finally, SCP-953, code-name "The Polymorphic Humanoid", doesn't appreciate being called a kitsune: she's a kumiho. Also, furries piss her off, and she once killed 27 attendees of a furry convention.
    • SCP-2513 is a bridge that, when crossed from North to South, will cause you to utterly despise Carthage and anything associated with it, and react violently when presented with anything of the sort; praising Carthage, Hannibal or anything related in front of someone who's crossed the bridge this way will make them try to kill you. Even being aware the city doesn't exist anymore will not abate it; the specific area of Africa it used to be in and anyone from there will get the same hatred. Crossing it South to North will reverse the effects, thankfully, leaving the affected ones very confused.
    D-29632: Uh, sorry. You just said the word "Carthage" and I felt like I needed to beat your brains in.
  • SF Debris has a few of these:
    • He has a low tolerance for 'zany' scenes of childbirth. His "Annoying Character" award for "The Begotten" went to everyone involved in the childbirth B-Plot. Everyone.
    • He absolutely hates Good Old Ways aesops, pointing out how technology has improved our lives. He can tolerate scientific flubs and technobabble, but insinuating that cavemen are morally superior really grinds his gears, to say the least.
  • Slender Man has two: When people claim he doesn't exist and when people make fun of his suit.
  • On any of Sky Williams' videos, whenever Sky or someone else mentions the phrase "Dunkey beat Sky in Smash," Sky gets really ticked off and stops joking immediately.
  • Smosh's SHUT UP! Cartoons had this in episode 3 of "Zombies Vs. Ninjas." One part had Tanzy trying to stop the haters from hating ninjas, but when the man said, "We hate you," Tanzy went on a cursing rampage, cursing the man out with every swear word she has.
  • It's best not to give Mutahar of SomeOrdinaryGamers under-cooked chicken. He will not appreciate it.
    • Considering that he also reads and gives thorough critiques of various short horror fiction and Creepypastas of varying quality, there are of course a few Pet-Peeve Trope's he has that he would really like to see less of. creepy dolls, Tears of Blood, Hyperrealmism, to name a few.
  • The end of the Something Awful WTF D&D article about very immature mature content in Exalted has Zack Parsons flip out spectacularly upon seeing the (admittedly atrocious) Lillun comic, declaring that everyone working for White Wolf should be "fucked with sticks of dynamite" and that anyone who donated to the third edition kickstarter should "burn in hell"...apparently not realising that nearly all Exalted fans, and the entire current writing team, absolutely despise that part of the Infernals book, sometimes to the extent of ripping those pages out of physical copies.
  • Oh, yeah, and don't praise any Sonic the Hedgehog game past 1999 on Sonic Retro. You will be trolled.
  • Soviet Womble has a pretty distinctive Berserk Button for someone who is an internet personality: He hates Product Placement. A good example was this moment in the Random Arma Bullshitery (Part 7) video, where he got angry after he returned back (he went AFK for a while) and found out that almost everyone in the server starts to plug Ubisoft games, Electronic Arts games, and pre-ordering in general when he went AFK; with his partner Cyanide even plugging his Twitch channel and Twitter account as well.
  • Don't tell The Spoony One that he is in your spot. He will go crazy. He couldn't handle living with Sheldon Cooper.
  • Stuart Ashen has a few things that tend to draw out his ire in reviews, the biggest ones being lanyards and "MOTHER! FUCKING! REPAINTS!" of figures. The latter one was so bad that in one video, he refused to burn them himself, instead giving them to a friend to (ahem) dispose of them in more creative ways.
  • SuperMarioLogan:
    • NEVER mess with Black Yoshi's Call of Duty or ask him to play 2 Player. If you know what's good for you, you won't destroy his Xbox One, either. And don't even think of pranking him, as if you do, he'll definitely shoot you.
    • Don't eat Shrek's cheesecake. You'll be sure to have a bad death, as Toad found out in "Toad's Mistake 3".
    • If you're playing trains with Bowser Junior, don't ever play with Thomas, even if he has more than one, as he always wants to be Thomas. He'll make you play with another train, most commonly The Ugly Red One note . Also, don't ever say anything positive about Big Hero 6 around him.
    • Bowser hates it when people call him while he's watching Charleyyy and Friends.
    • One thing that irritates Cody the most is Junior telling him the Sun is a planet. This has gotten so bad that Cody actually shoved Junior down a set of stairs when he said it. Cody also doesn't like not appearing as a playable character in Mario sports games, especially if the game has room for alternate forms of certain characters (Metal, Baby, Cat, etc.), but not for a Magikoopa, as seen in "Cody's Missing!".
    • Jeffy's obnoxious behavior is a big button for Mario, even more so than that of any of Mario's friends. Mario's also driven to an almost Ax-Crazy state whenever he sees turtles.
    • Don't ever call Tyrone Calvin by the N Word or by the F-word (the other F-Word). You'll be sure to suffer Amusing Injuries, as Bowser Junior and Mario both found out in "Bowser Junior's YouTube Channel!", and "Jeffy's Bad Word!", respectively.
    • The bad treatment from Bowser and Junior is a big one for Chef Pee Pee. It got so bad at one point that he ended up quitting. Also, tricking him into believing that a family member died will result in a huge rant from him.
    • Jeffy does not like being called "Bad". Also, giving Jeffy dollars when he loses his teeth will result in a swearing fit from him, as seen in "Jeffy Loses His Teeth!". Jeffy will also fly into a rage at the mere sight of green beans.
  • A few characters have at least one in Survival of the Fittest. For example, in v3, Darnell Butler has his protectiveness towards women extend towards being compelled to attack anyone he sees severely mistreating one, and Bobby Jacks becomes uncontrollable when called a murderer, causing a fight at the senior year's bonfire and, eventually, driving him to murder Tyson Neills. Especially notable since this seems to be the only thing that can make Bobby actually snap or get angry at all.
  • The crew of Talk Radar does not appreciate people who call them biased, or ones who imply that they've accepted money for review scores. Many of them went to journalism school and see lying to their readers and listeners one of the worst things they can do.
  • In Tech Infantry, Erich Von Shrakenberg has a bit of a thing about aliens, and about rebels who compromise humanity's unity in the face of the alien threat. And then there's Hex, who alternates between flipping his lid whenever someone calls him "Hex," and flipping his lid whenever someone calls him anything but "Hex."
  • In There Will Be Brawl, Mario gets angry when anyone insinuates that he is/was/will be a plumber.
    "There is only one fist that bruises the face of my angel!" *Cue a screaming Oh, Crap! from the two henchmen as Falcon does his thing.*
  • Several mistakes in cooking will set off Titli Nahaan, but none is more unforgivable than improper preparation of schwarma.
  • As Mr. Prick found out in To Boldly Flee, never make short jokes to 8-Bit Mickey. You'll find yourself on the business end of a weed whacker.
  • "EENIE MEENIE MINEY MO LOVER?!?! How stupid do they think I am?!"
  • Danny, the The Tourettes Guy, has a fair number of Berserk Buttons. When it comes to Danny...
    • Do not wrinkle his Randy Travis poster, piss the toilet sear, or hide his keys. Or all three.
    • Do not talk shit about Total cereal.
    • Do not mess with his tomatoes.
    • Do not talk about his dick without his permission.
    • Do not blare loud music.
    • Danny's father has a big Berserk Button of his own: he will kick your ass if you compare him to mall Santas.
  • Ghost of True Capitalist Radio has so many of them, ranging from: Stupid Statement Dance Mixes, "audio splicing," anything to do with My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, playing Christmas music, insulting his family (especially his granny), etc.
  • TV Trash: Chris "Rowdy" Moore (the character, at least) has gotten pissed off at a lot of bad TV. He finally went over the edge during his review of "Road To The Multiverse", in which a Disney styled sequence turned into a stab at Walt Disney's rumored Anti-Semitism, by having Mort BRUTALLY assaulted. He goes into the other room to scream, and he comes out with a rant that makes "The Reason You Suck" Speech he gave to Seth MacFarlane just two episodes later seem MILD by comparison.
  • Derek the Bard has a laundry list of them: Damaged library books; stupid weaknesses; Adaptation Decay; deus ex machina abuse; lazy writing...
  • The Large Beetle from Water-Human takes rather poorly to being called "little".
  • ''The Whiskey Vault': Hosts Daniel and Rex repeatedly make clear that while good-natured ball busting among their friends and fans is allowed and even expected, the one thing that neither of them will abide is genuine whiskey snobbery, i.e. actually putting people down for their preferences.
  • Nolan North's presence in a game is something that will easily earn the ire of Yahtzee. He claims to not hate the man himself however, just his voice.
  • Any abridger hates being nagged when their next episode will be. No really, they DON'T like it. They'll even have the characters deliver the aesop of patience in the abridger's stead if it gets out of hand.
  • YouTube "Top Ten" writer peanut3423 (a.k.a. "The Autarch of Flame") does not like it when people reference his double top 5 countdown, which he views as his worst countdown to date. So much so, his first episode of "Hades Riffs" is about that very list.
    • Whether it has to do with that countdown or not, he seems to take issue with pros who make rookie mistakes in their work. Like a voice actor in RWBY checking his mic on the job.
      Hades: "You left the sound of an adjusting microphone in your PROFESSIONAL, SOLD-ON-BLURAY WEBSERIES!! *sigh* We'll tolerate you..."
  • YouTube microwave guru Kenny Irwin (known also as "dovetastic", "dove" for short) is generally very cordial and accepting of dissenting viewpoints, even thanking people for taking the time to watch his video that clearly disliked it. And if you find his dislike his narration, he won't argue with you since he dislikes his own voice. He also supports other microwave shows. However, there are two ways to push his berserk button. The first one is by claiming that he's copying Is It a Good Idea to Microwave This?, a show that started almost a year and a half after his did. The second one is to insult his religion. Any comments about destruction of the Qu'ran or hateful comments about Islam in general will also draw his ire. Repeatedly insisting that he's copying the other major microwave show or insulting Islam will result in being permanently blocked. He's stated repeatedly that it's not Jon or his microwave show that he dislikes, it's the fanboys that spam other microwave shows with hateful comments.
  • You better drink Julian's Hot Kool-Aid.
  • The Shadow of X really hates lag. And it is prominent in his Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne and his Digital Devil Saga 1 and Digital Devil Saga 2 videos.
  • From the Yogscast, as well as the Yogscast Minecraft Series:
    • Lewis Brindley can sometimes go into a rant when he gets annoyed by a certain religious aspect. Simon Lane calls him out on this. Similarly, repeatedly RDMing someone in Trouble in Terrorist Town or Garry's Mod Murder! note  appears to set him off. After Turpster kills him one time too many this way, Lewis resolves to hunt him down and kill him in the next round, regardless as to whether or not either of them are innocent. Turps clearly didn't expect Lewis to actually go through with it, and Lewis threatens to extend the vendetta further.
    • Simon Lane has a Played for Laughs variation. Bringing up the Bees in Minecraft attached to the forestry mod gets him screaming mad in just a few seconds. He blames them for the Jaffa Factory series getting the hatchet (even though there were more legitimate reasons).
    • After Sjin betrays Kim Richards for Sips and blows her up, she understandably develops a hatred for SipsCo and angrily reminds Sjin about it on a frequent basis.
    • Rythian is really tired of being asked when the next episode of The Blackrock Chronicles will be out.
    • In The Little Wood gets very defensive over Lapis Lazuli, and so much as saying anything bad about it is a prime way of getting your butt kicked.
    • Suffice it to say that Turpster's car giving out in the Heroes And Generals miniseries, plus Lewis, Simon and Duncan Jones prank-calling him and pretending theirs had (to deliberately annoy him), left him fairly hacked off.
  • Killerbunnies has Jemima's being called a "fatass" considering that she's injured twelve children for doing that.
  • In the youtube series Pokemon Pals, if you mention Brock's eyes, he get super pissed.
    • When Ash and James are in a fight, James is kicking Ash's ass, until he steals Ash's hat. Then Ash loses it... He essentially become and animal that latches on to James' leg with his teeth.
  • Random Assault: Don't insinuate that Drew likes dubsteb, don't call Kate a man, and don't talk about anime around Alex.
  • Don't Hug Me I'm Scared:
    • Don't question the existence of time or Tony the Talking Clock will yell at your ears bleed and then rot you alive.
    • Don't touch Collin or he'll trap you in an alternate universe where all you can do is open doors over and over agin for eternity.
    • In the fourth installment, the ordinarily calm Red Guy rudely tells Collin to "shut up" and then slaps him when Collin deliberately avoids answering his questions.
  • Don't mention any anime, jrpg, or even the word anime in Top Hat and Champagne's chat. He'll just go berserk.
  • Matt from The Bowlingotter Show absolutely hates first-person platforming and will rapidly start spouting Angrish when he encounters it.
  • Spoof reporter Jonathan Pie gets angry whenever he feels he is being pressured to spin the news. So he's usually angry.
  • A few moments in particular races have sent Matt from Mystery Science Theater F1 over the edge. Camera Abuse also tends to make him very irritated.
  • In a Foil, Arms and Hog sketch,Christmas Party 2012. Foil receives presents from Arms and Hog, and promptly loses his shit after it's revealed that it’s the symbol from their live act and tickets to their own gig.
  • Hunter Reviews:
  • Never say that you hate Mudbray in front of CaptainConco. Chipflake's mention of them hating Mudbray cued Conco's appearance, leading him to mention Pokémon worse than Mudbray, with one opinion countering another one's opinion.
    • Conco also does not like his hairstyle being stolen.
  • Don't ever call Slient Rob "Penny Gadget", one user had learned the hard way after doing this in one of Asalieri's stream.
  • The three hosts of the main channel in Outside Xbox all have their bugbears: Andy flies into a rage at historical inaccuracy, Jane has little tolerance for scientific inaccuracy, and if you don't get the details of cars right Mike will end you. Andy's tends to get the most play, with jokes like forcing Luke to come up with some explanation of how For Honor could be historically accurate while Andy glares at him, or having him get mad enough to take a sick day when Mike thinks the Spartan way of war was to kick the s*** out of everything.
  • TB Skyen doesn't like pointless sexualisation in character design, particularly stuff like a Chainmail Bikini; he makes it clear that he doesn't object to sexualisation or sexiness in concept, just that if you're going to have a pretty lady in a bikini she should be like that for a reason. Riot Games's trashfire corporate culture also pisses him off a great deal.
  • A couple characters have these in Worm.
  • Calling Liu Bei the hero eventually becomes this for Cao Cao in Farce of the Three Kingdoms. He doesn't mind so much at first, but when every character keeps insisting on it despite Liu Bei doing nothing heroic and several evil deeds, he gets quite fed up.
    • Eventually, calling Liu Bei the hero becomes this for Cao Cao.
    • Many battles and sieges reach a deadlock until one side finds the opposing general's Berserk Button. These range from childish (mooning) to understandable (telling Lady Zhurong to make you a sandwich) to bizarre (watching wrestling in the presence of Zhang He.)
  • Mahu: In "Frozen Flame", prince Arius is often calm and collected. Hearing others praise Baron Ishizawa though breaks his cool demeanor. This is quite understandable. After all, it was under Ishizawa's command that the revolution took place and Arius' whole family was executed.
  • Well There's Your Problem: All three hosts (particularly Liam) despise transphobia and do not take kindly to TERFs and misgendering. Liam also hates and disrespects fish, including several fish-adjacent sea creatures like octopi.
  • Trolled!: Don't call Fletty "Fatty" by mistake, or else he'll troll your arse off.
  • Few things annoy Urinating Tree more than sports teams absolutely loaded with talent that fail to live up to their potential. Not even his own hometown teams are safe from his wrath in this case, as he ended up creating an entire separate video series on the 2018 Pittsburgh Steelers and how their off-field drama and poor coaching completely derailed their season.
  • Halloweenie from Halloweenie hates fun-sized candies. In-fact, anything remotely "fun-sized" causes him to fly into a rage.


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