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When a nice, normal character suddenly goes into a rage, you've hit their Berserk Button.

  • The Adventures of Dr. McNinja: Comparing Dr. McNinja to other doctors upsets him, as seen in "Doc Gets Rad".
  • In this Alan Wake Meme the main character wants to show he's the better man by not beating up a guy, but the moment he mentions his name is a female name, he immediately beats the guy up.
  • Loretta from A Magical Roommate is actually a fairly kind person, though not unreasonably so. If you so much as scratch one of her swords, though...
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  • Awful Hospital: Do not mention Dr. Phage to Dr. Man.
  • Don't try to serve Axe Cop a birthday cake without a candle of him on top. Especially when he's just got a tornado gun as a present.
  • The Bedfellows:
    • Don't touch Sheen's stuff.
    • Don't ask Sheen about Fatigue's gender.
  • Bittersweet Candy Bowl:
  • Jess hates Tess, and especially hates it when other people defend/are nice to Tess. For example, when Daisy tells her to back off and leave Tess alone, she bitterly barks at her to "shut the fuck up". She later punches Lucy when the latter calls her out for trying to manipulate Paulo to dump Tess. This turns out to be semi justified, as Tess ruined her life in the past.
  • In Dubious Company, never, ever call Phred predictable. He will remake reality just to screw you over in a way you never thought possible.
  • Erika and the Princes in Distress : Pita is by far the nicest and most good-hearted woman in the entire comic, but if anyone criticizes the food she makes (with good reason), she will enter a terrifying access of Unstoppable Rage and have absolutely no qualms about inflicting grievous harm to her poor victim, with the only way to snap her out of it being to compliment said food. She also once snapped out of it after Erika made her realize that she almost hurt Prince Aurel by accident in her rage, which seems to indicate that she may not fully realize what she is doing when in this state.
    • The book-only chapter of Volume 1 shows that she inherited this trait from her father, who is just as nice and optimistic, yet reacts just as violently when someone speaks ill of his food.
  • Everyday Heroes:
    • Violet Klein (aka "Shrinking Violent"), is sensitive about the size of her nose. If anyone bumps into it, she undergoes a transformation parodying The Incredible Hulk only in reverse. She shrinks down from 7'2" to 2'7" and goes violent until someone can bring her candy to binge on. This returns her to her normal state but is dangerous, because she's diabetic and could die from the sugar rush.
    • Carrie is a sweet, kind, and loving soul... until you diss her all-time favorite band.
    • Tell Uma to watch where she's going... Stupid freakin' cow ...
  • In Exterminatus Now, Lothar - who's pretty damn badass to begin with - goes into berserk mode when his hat is destroyed. Trying to take his coffee away from him gets a similar reaction from Eastwood.
  • Fake News Rumble has several characters with this trait:
    • Keith Olbermann doesn't like people badmouthing Baseball.
    • And do not mention Yonatan's feelings for Stephanos. Eventually he admits his feelings to himself and Stephanos though.
  • Fate/type Redline: Assassin (Okada Izo) gets murderously angry, throws tantrums, and starts torturing and threatening to kill people if they make fun of him, interrupt his fights, or question his competence.
  • In Fanboys Lemmy goes into a berserker rage (complete with Glowing Eyes of Doom) whenever someone says that "Nintendo is kiddy"; his roommate Paul has used this as a Manchurian Candidate-style trigger on more than one occasion.
  • A few of the characters and authors on now-defunct comic hub Fireball 20XL had one or two of these. Namely:
    • Ruins/Ashes of the Fourth Wall:
    • Do NOT call Jen cute. Ever. She also absolutely hates girly-cute things in general, though this is more like a phobia than a Berserk Button.
    • Don't try to hack Arashi. She'll hack you right back and fry your motherboard. Remotely.
    • Don't call Ivo "Eggman", and for the love of god, DON'T tell him he can no longer drink DP (Doctor Pepper, pretty much the entire cast's Trademark Favorite Food) or that he has to switch to drinking Diet DP.
    • Jen (the author and the character) gets really pissed off when people can't tell if she's a boy or a girl.
    • The Rogues Gallery
    • Do NOT, under ANY circumstances, mention that Kitty Navilos looks like Numbuh Three from Codename: Kids Next Door to author/artist Mr. O.M.A. Just don't. The reason for this is that, after he designed Kitty and put her picture online, the first episode of Codename: Kids Next Door debuted, and when he saw Numbuh Three, he flipped out because she looked so much like Kitty and he felt like his design had been ripped off.
    • As Sweet Revenge, another comic by Mr. O.M.A., further elaborates on, do NOT shave Lina Inverse bald. (The actual incident happened in The Rogues Gallery, Sweet Revenge was just an extension of that story arc.)
    • Author Space:
    • Don't ever tell Jen that you've never drank Dr Pepper. This normally lazy, perpetually-sleepy fox-cat hybrid will fly across city blocks in seconds, corner you and force you to drink a can of DP under pain of death.
    • Also, DON'T take away her DP, and especially don't throw it in the sea. When Cream the Rabbit did this in the 100th episode, Jen went Super Mode and beat the living daylights out of Cream in an epic Battle Discretion Shot.
    • Don't mock Blues's whistle.
    • Other Fireball 20XL:
    • Don't call Prismaya "Prisma". It'll drive her nuts.
    • Don't mention Sonic The Hedge Hog 2006 to Psy. Also, don't misspell his name, and especially don't call him Spycho. He also REALLY hates the battle system in Sonic Chronicles.
    • One that occurs with Jen's Author Avatar in multiple comics (and probably one for her in Real Life too): if you want to continue living, do NOT wake her up from a nap.
    • DON'T call Cailen Crow a furry or refer to his comic as a furry comic. It really pisses him off, since his characters are meant to be anthropomorphic cartoon characters à la Looney Tunes. Also, don't refer to his Author Avatar as Daffy Duck. He's a crow.
    • One Played for Laughs: Don't ask Mr. O.M.A. what song Shadow was listening to in Sonic Stereo. It's "This Machine" by Julien-K, a.k.a. Team Dark's theme from Sonic Heroes.
    • If you know what's good for you, don't ever insinuate that Mr. O.M.A. has a transformation fetish, or comment on his TF art with things like "eww" or "that's not right", even jokingly. He's repeatedly stated that his interest in transformation is just that - an INTEREST, not an actual fetish, and the reason he primarily uses females in it is that, by his own admission, he finds females more "flexible" and easier to work with, though he has drawn quite a few TF pictures of male characters, even of himself, on several occasions.
  • In Fite!, the normally calm-to-the-point-of-bored Ricci goes completely nuts whenever anyone even mentions Lucco.
  • The Fox Sister: Yun Hee is very serious in her faith and really dislikes it if her religion is treated like some sort of ren-fair novelty.
  • Freefall: Doctor Bowman is irascible at best and with terrible impulse control, so it's not difficult to provoke him into attacking you. He despises the idea of Direct Orders for AI thoughtframes, however, so much that even the mere words "direct order" within earshot will cause him to actively plan revenge on you. Even his best friend has gotten smacked around from that one.
  • Friendly Hostility: "Fox" Maharassa, when still a minor character in Boy Meets Boy, was demonstrated to react violently to being called by his actual name ("Kailen").
    "The last guy who used the K-name was stripped naked, tied to a chair, and whipped-creamed..."
    "I've been through worse."
    "... then he was wheeled into a Jennifer Lopez concert."
  • Girl Genius:
    • Don't get the Jäger Generals started on Lucrezia Mongfish.
    • The Jaegers are all very, very fond of their hats (a common Jaeger remark is "Hey, nice hat!") and, apparently, take it badly if the hat is mistreated. When Agatha knocks off Maxim's hat (because he was being rude) he's very much about to flip out... except Agatha is currently in her mad-girl mindset and promptly puts him in his place.
    • Gil has a button of his own. If you value your face, don't mistake his kindness for weakness.
    • And Bangladesh Dupree hates mind control. Slaughter entire cities? Destroy civilizations? She thinks it's fun. But no mind control, not if you value your life!
  • El Goonish Shive:
  • A good amount of characters in Heartcore have specific things that pisses them off to no end:
    • Ame will not stand for having her entertainment insulted.
    • Teo will hammer the point in that she doesn't like the fact that she has the smallest breasts in the cast.
    • Volaster will not take it easy if anybody interrupts his stories or claims that Royce doesn't love him. Ame learned it the hard way.
    • Unless you're a masochist like Goristro who likes to get punched in the face, don't call Emerald fat. Also, don't ignore her in favor of Ame.
  • Heartcore: For Ame, her choice of television viewing is serious business. Insult her favorite shows at your own peril.
  • Homestuck:
    • Do not fuck with the mail while the Peregrine Mendicant is around. She doesn't carry around that sword just to look cool.
    • Doc Scratch isn't too fond of getting Out-Gambitted by others.
      • He also isn't pleased when his clock gets destroyed, and proceeds to beat the snot out of the culprit.
    • Jack Noir was once forced to try on harlequin outfits by his queen. Within a matter of hours the queen's dead and he's ravaging two universes with powers just short of a god. This is attributable to two separate berserk buttons being pressed: Jack hates frivolous things with a passion, and he has an overwhelming hatred of authority.
      • After Becquerel's self-prototyping, Jack gains all of the "devilbeast's" powers as well as his adoration and loyalty to Jade. Unfortunately for the Courtyard Droll, killing Jade with a shaving cream bomb before Jack's eyes (even though it was on Jack's orders, which he sent because he couldn't muster the will to kill her himself) wasn't the best thing he could have done.
    • Sollux doesn't like people trying to get inside his mind. As Clubs Deuce finds out.
    • Ironically enough, Gamzee's Berserk Button seems to be the "Miracles" music video.
    • Meenah flips out when she discovers her post-Scratch self was being manipulated by Lord English rather than just rocking out as an evil bitch-empress and begins screaming vows to gild his skull and keep it as a trophy.
  • Since the 'Universes and Unrealities' arc of Housepets! saw King be used as a literal Cosmic Plaything, after it ends he reacts very negatively to any suggestion that he get involved with any of the comic's more fantastic elements.
    Maxwell: Why me and not someone who's already mixed up in all this? Like King?
    Tarot: King said, and I quote, "No, no, absolutely not, never again, no," followed by a crescendo of creative profanities.
  • Youtuber/Deviantartist idol334 (aka idol) hates it when she is told to put other things on her hamburger instead of just ketchup.
    idol3341: Lately are more and more idiots in the streets and i was so angry that i draw this with all my fury XD
    • This comic also has idol's many other berserk buttons such as hating the flute. Also, as idol says in one of her facts, don't come near her when she's mad.
  • I'm the Grim Reaper: It seems insulting Chase's beloved cat, Lightstalker, in any way, is a surefire way to piss him off. He vows to defeat Ashenfall in Fatecraft after he mocks his character avatar (which is modeled after his cat) and gets irritated with Brook when he calls Lightie a dog and something else that's censored.
  • Apparently, it's a bad idea to bring up Monopoly to the creators of Irregular Webcomic!.
  • JoJopolis: Don't refer to Johnnie Newt's prawns as shrimps. Sonny makes that mistake, and Johnnie responds by first chewing him out in a Ghiaccio-style rant, then unleashing the power of his Stand on him and the group.
  • In Knights of Buena Vista, Game Master Walter punished Dick for calling ABBA "the Nickelback of The '70s".
    Walter: Did you just compare a good band to Nickelback?
  • Lackadaisy:
    • Please, whatever you do, don't give a gun to Lackadaisy's normally mild-mannered Freckle - unless, you know, you like murderous rampages or something. (He'll be pretty embarrassed about it afterwards, though.)
    • Do not touch the pearl necklace that Atlas gave Mitzi. Virgil learned this lesson the hard way.
    • Also, Mordecai was probably planning on killing you anyway, but you just made the last moments of your life so much worse with your blatant disregard for symmetry.
    • Mordecai is also upset by anything dirty or unhygienic (bloodshed notwithstanding). He shot his driver, Sniffles, because Sniffles was getting snot all over the car. While stealing arms from the Lackadaisy armory, he felt compelled to dust off the shelves, and was horrified when he found hordes of rats.
  • The Last Days of FOXHOUND:
    • Whilst Raven's not Compensating for Something, claiming he is will often earn you a one way ticket to a world of pain...
    • Mentioning Solid Snake or Liquid's "inferior recessive genes" will throw him into a rage. Weaponized by Psycho Mantis: "If anyone can verbally assault Liquid cruelly enough to save him, I can.''
    • Psycho Mantis has quite a lot of them. Women, sex, stupidity, ghosts, stealing his coffee... For him and Revolver Ocelot, their berserk buttons are each other. Berthold will rip out your lungs if you bother Sniper Wolf. Naomi goes nuts if you say anything bad about Gray Fox. Raven goes nuts if you say anything "racist" around him. Most named characters have berserk buttons.
  • Manly Guys Doing Manly Things:
    • Commander Badass worships Marlon Brando. Literally. And he does not approve of the latter being compared to Chuck Norris.
    • He's also proud of his charcoal and wood-burning abilities, so don't imply that he uses propane.
    • Sten gets irate when the subject of cookies is brought up. Ironically, this doesn't stop him from being obsessed with Cookie Clicker.
    • Kratos has a list of things that aren't Berserk Buttons. Things recently stricken from the list include, but are not limited to: Roombas, LOLCats, frozen yogurt and bubble tea.
  • MegaTokyo
    • If he's around, try not to bring cameras around Nanasawa, especially if you aim to get upskirt shots. He will not react kindly, and said camera will shortly be pulverised.
    • Ping is usually the nicest and most cheerful member of the cast...but do not call her a sex toy. There's also her crazily violent "rejection" reactions, applied to Largo for humor.
  • Muh Phoenix: Implying that Namor is homosexual.
    Namor: This is what you get when you provoke my insecurities! Sure I might dress a little provocatively and sure, my hair is always silky and fabulous, but that's no reason to assume anything! I'm Namor the womanizer supreme! The prick with a huge dick!
  • Referred to in the Narbonic fanfic "A Brief Moment of Culture":
    There are some things you can't say to people around here without having them come completely unglued. With Helen, it's, "Well, it looks like those fools at the institute were right after all!" All it takes with Dave is, "Bad news, all they had left was menthol." And Mell? Well... "Your weapons are useless against it!"
    • Naturally, Artie doesn't tell us what, if anything, is his own Berserk Button. After all, he is superintelligent.
  • Nerf NOW!! had "Revengineer" story. She was just a level ONE!!!
  • Nightmare Factory: Emai's is the color blue, for apparently no reason at all. At first it's Played for Laughs as one of her many quirks, but actually becomes a plot point and foreshadows her actual identity as Ylantis.
  • Noblesse: Frankenstain has a soft berserk button set off by messes & property damage. Rael's berserk button is anyone but him flirting with Seira. Regis can trigger anyone's berserk button by describing at length how inelegant they are. Lastly the Clan Leaders have a shared berserk button set off when Karias addresses the Lord casually, like calling her "Nunim."
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • Also trying to match Xykon in arcane power and getting sort of close. This irritates him so much that... he stops goofing around and will roflstomp you, even taking advice from subordinates in order to make sure you die.
    • Causing Xykon to lose control of the situation will make him furious, to the point of dropping all acts of politeness and trying to outright kill you.
    • Do not call Vaarsuvius a Warlock unless you want a quickened lightning bolt to the face.
    • Don't screw with Mr. Scruffy while Belkar is nearby.
      • Also, don't call him short. Really. We mean it. Seriously. If it's "make fun of Belkar's height" vs. "the worst thing Genghis Khan can think of," go with Genghis Khan. We really aren't kidding.
    • Having been on the receiving end of this trope several times from Xykon, A villain not remembering their deeds is one for Roy.
    • Not following the narrative structure that General Tarquin approves of:
      Tarquin: I'm sorry, Elan, but you brought this all on yourself. I tried to give you a dramatically significant death scene to swear vengeance over, but you seem to prefer this... this disjoined anarchy. There's no unity of theme here at all!
      Elan: Didn't we... already do the scene... where you try to convince me to do things your way?
      Tarquin: (grabbing Elan, face twisted with rage) Yes, and it didn't go right, so we are DOING IT AGAIN. And we will CONTINUE to do it until you understand that it is in your best interest to...
    • Also implying in any way that he isn't more than just a Arc Villain and not the Big Bad to his son.
  • Pacificators:
  • In this Penny Arcade strip, Tycho flies into a rage when Gabe insists that Warhammer Online is a ripoff of World of Warcraft.
    • In an earlier strip, Tycho mocks the Star Wars Expanded Universe... and Gabe responds by shoving a book in his mouth and punching it so hard that it rips off the top half of Tycho's head.
    • In this strip, Gabe tells Tycho he's bad at sports and everything else. You won't be seeing Gabe's pelvis again anytime soon.
  • Platypus Comix wrings some Hypocritical Humor out of this concept during a comic where Mulberry Sharona (and eventually, Oprah Winfrey and her followers) go ballistic and bloodthirsty over a comedian who once called women overemotional.
  • In Plume, Corrick almost strangles Dom for implying that he's a slave. As he describes it (growling and with his fingers trembling near Dom's throat), the necklace carrier owns the amulet, not him.
  • In Rascals, Charlotte when she deals with any female with a larger chest than her as seen at the start of this page here with Kyoko and Reiko.
  • Thanatos K'al Hamaad, a renegade drow from Prime of Ambition. An elf tries to kill him on sight? Understandable, old enmity runs deep... barely deserves a comment and only because it helped him to make a point. The guy with whom he's lost in an unknown area seems to hate his guts? Would be curious to guess the reason of such insistence. He is referred to as "it"? Doesn't even roll the eyes. One annoyed threat to "convince" his bird out of silly practical jokes? Announces that messing with her would be a reason enough to kill.
  • In Real Life Comics, the character of Mae Dean owns a replica Master Sword, and while the author Mae Dean owns a number of swords, the Master Sword is not one of them. So don't ask. It's even mentioned in the FAQ!
  • In Red's Planet, stranded on an alien planet, Red finds that even aliens think anyone with red hair gets dubbed Red. She's furious.
  • In this strip from Skins Captain Tyr, normally the most restrained of the werewolf soldiers, smashes in a recruit's face for making a crude remark about Jordan, with whom Tyr is deeply in love.
  • In Slightly Damned, Buwaro is the most innocent person in Hell until you take away his star pendant. However we later learn that he was born with (Not So) Unstoppable Rage and the amulet suppresses it thus the trope is actually inverted.
    • Damaging their horns seems to be universal one for demons, as Azurai kills an angel in anger after his boyfriend cuts off one of his horns despite his orders to take them alive and later the demon Dakos flies into a murderous rage and attempts to kill the captive angels after Rhea breaks off one of his horns. Even Buwaro is sensitive about them but instead of rage he just bursts into tears after the tip of his horn is cut off to make a potion.
  • Sluggy Freelance
    • Oasis from two of these. Identify yourself as a HeretiCorp employee or the object of Torg's love, and she will kill you painfully. The first is the result of extensive brainwashing, but the second is pure jealousy.
    • Bun-bun the mini-lop can be set off just by being. Period. However, if you really want to make him go so far as to take over a spy organization just to hunt you across half the world so that he can kill you, just mess with his Baywatch tapes. His button was probably pushed and then broken off about the time he was born.
  • One berserk button that steers into major Narm territory is the button for Sonichu's Rosechu: hit her with a pickle, and she'll strip out of her clothes and face rape you. Yes.
  • In Sonic the Comic – Online! after the Kane arc mentioning Sonic's name in front of Amy makes her go somewhat ballistic, reapeated firing her crossbow at a target with a picture of Sonic and when she meets Sonic after Kane arc she quickly pulls out a gun on him.
  • The Specialists:
  • Spinnerette:
    • The eponymous six-armed hero hears cracks about her deodorant bill several times a month and responds with anger when they bring it up, insisting that they should be more original.
    • From the same comic, Tiger has several: being called Black Tiger, implying that his muscles were gained through steroids instead of training and protein shakes, and his blind hatred of Canadians. Though he has gotten better about the last one.
  • In Supernormal Step, Derry, as a Mood-Swinger, gets angry at the mere mention of Henderson Security, but he loses it completely when Fiona mentions that the Hendersons made her an offer, and he gets even angrier when Hall rescues her.
  • In Three Jaguars, coupons for Marketer. A betrayal of the trust between customer and seller.
  • Waterworks: The protagonist, Connie, is fairly germophobic, and she goes for an off-screen Extreme Mêlée Revenge after being splashed with what she thinks could be toilet water.
  • Weak Hero:
    • Gray is usually a terrifying individual, but he's frozen with fear when he's taken to a rooftop (his personal Trauma Button) to face Wolf. Things looks bleak as Wolf gives him a thorough beating without Gray fighting back at all. Then Wolf makes the dreadful mistake of threatening to throw Gray off the roof, the same thing that happened to Gray's best friend and left him with his trauma. Wolf doesn't stand a ghost of a chance after that.
    • Messing with Teddy's backpack. When his teacher in middle school touched it, Teddy beat the shit out of him and ended up suspended because of it. You can imagine how pissed he got when Gray stole it and left it out in the rain.
    • Throughout most of his introduction, Jack is stoic even in the face of a violent battle. Then Ben shows up and he absolutely flips his lid, screaming like a madman and threatening to break his arm.
    • Stare at Wolf for longer than three seconds and he'll beat you into a pulp. This has become known as 'Wolf's 3-Second Rule' in-universe.
  • Simon, from When Heaven Spits You Out, is shown to be a highly volatile man due to his alcoholism, and frequently unleashes his rage upon his wife and children.
  • Doc from The Whiteboard is a stickler for proper equipment usage, safety, and maintenance. Given some of the inane or outright stupid customer requests he's had to deal with over the years, it's an understandable peeve, but it does seem kinda strange coming from a guy who's shop explodes several times a week. But then again, there's probably a good reason Doc's hobbies haven't killed him yet.
  • The Head Maid of the Astarte Manor in White Dark Life is a violent and bitter woman at the best of times. But saying her real name changes her from merely abusive, to outright murderous.
    • The repeated attempts of various characters to get Uma to like Matthew slowly turns the poor kids very existence into something that irritates the five year old harpy into attacking him on sight.
  • xkcd:
  • Yamara as a halfling and thief seems to be accustomed to some people's disdain, but ones who miss her multiclassing while showing it provoke her to make a point. It isn't Unstoppable Rage, but they just earned a ticket to the world of hurt, one way or another.
  • Zebra Girl: Don't tell Sandra that she's lonely despite herself. She's likely to drop you from a great height and hiss at you.
  • In Zeus' Godly Goodtime, Parappa flies into a rage when he hears the Donkey Kong Rap, going as far as beating up Diddy Kong for dancing to it.
  • In Zodiac, if you value your health, DO NOT call Taurus fat.


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