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  • Battle for Dream Island: Needle automatically slaps anyone who calls her "Needy".
  • In the Ranger Up military humor series The Damn Few, if you say the word "pirate" around Sealy, he starts blazing away with a submachine gun. (Arguably a Damn You, Muscle Memory! moment, as Sealy doesn't actually get angry.)
  • DSBT InsaniT: For Koden, it's mentioning that disaster of a party.
  • If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device: The Emperor has more than one:
    • Religion. Even if it's worshiping him. Especially if it's worshiping him.
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    • Not fighting in a melee. When he learns that Tau avoid close quarter combat, he's one step from ordering them exterminated.
    • Other characters have their own as well: Kitten gets uncharacteristically furious at any mention of Tau and Marneus Calgar practically starts foaming from his mouth at any mention of his Chapter's flaws.
      • When it comes to Kitten, it gets even better/worse when anyone mentions his relationship with Shadowsun. He gets so furious, even Magnus leans back.
    • Speaking of Magnus, he tends to be Enraged by Idiocy, and has bouts of impressive nerd rage if you start audibly flicking your cards while playing a children's card game, but he truly goes berserk when anyone brings up the Space Wolves, and especially Leman Russ, who he despises.
    • The last one's mutual; mentioning Magnus to Leman Russ will send him into a Warp-shaking Tranquil Fury. There's also pretending (whether you believe it or not) that you're the Emperor in front of him, which will lead to a Megaton Punch.
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    • Don't call Fabius Bile "Bob" even if you're one of the Chaos Gods' greatest champions; he will try to knock you the fuck out anyways.
    • Rogal Dorn will get "slightly infuriated" at the repeated destruction of perfectly good furniture for the sake of shitty slapstick. It doesn't sound like much, but he is massively stoic and the fact he even reacts to this is notable. On a more serious note, dealing with Black Templars (he never really got over banishing Sigismund) is a surefire way to make the Tranquil Fury start building to genuinely threatening levels.
  • OverSimplified: Do not tell the people of Bologna that their bucket is "just a bucket." If you do, you'll be pelted with fruits and vegetables and kicked out of their town.
  • RWBY: If you dare damage Yang's hair, she will kick your ass. Doesn't matter whether you are a bazooka wielding gang leader (sent flying through the window), a demonic bear (punched to death) or the hairdresser for her first haircut (first use of her Semblance: the poor man's fate unknown). A lecherous bandit even attempted to stroke her hair and she punched him so hard he bounced out the building like a tennis ball.
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  • RWBY Chibi: Yang's boisterous personality gets her labelled "tomboy" by other characters. If anyone says it to her face, however, they can expect a Megaton Punch.
  • Smash Kingdom:
    • Don't ever try to continuously fart near Mewtwo, or else, even at the cost of his own job, he will end up mind-wiping you, as Wario learned the hard way.
    • There are 2 things that Ganondorf does not tolerate: Vaati implying that Ganon's time as a villain is up, and villains not getting the hint that they were not accepted into the group. He blows them up to the shock and horror of his comrades.
  • Sock Series: The smoking demon gets crazy and bites a god to death for (unintentionally) putting of their cigarette.
  • Sonic Zombie: Tails would go ballistic should any person use his tacos to summon a giant monster, or say they're hungry for one, it would make him tear them to pieces.
  • Spill: Please don't ask Carlyle a Dark Knight question on ACOCO. He will flame you on air.
  • TOME: Don't call Rockoon a rodent.
    Rockoon: NOT A RODENT! Do I LOOK like a lab rat!? READ A BOOK! Go to a frickin' ZOO! SHEESH!
  • Vision of Escaflowne Abridged: Played for Laughs with Allen.
    Mole Man: That's strange. Usually with these chronic womanizer types, it's the mother they have issues with.
    Allen: My mother was a saint. YOU TAKE THAT BACK, YOU SON-OF-A-BITCH!
    Allen's Men: (from outside) Ha ha, sounds like somebody pushed the Mommy Button.

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