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— Tippy - Earl Of Tippingdale

Left POOR Dead is a series by Propah Job Studios documenting two posh British aristocrats andtheir adventures in a zombie apocalypse. Due to their quiet and cut off aristocrat lifestyles they end up with no knowledge of the doom going on around them, so when they leave their house to go to the country club they are in for a big surprise.

Reginald and Tippy (the aristocrats) end up in a town nearby and are puzzled when they come across a member of the infected... being morons they deduce that he is in fact a tramp who has wandered out from his hiding place. Before the zombie can rip them to shreds a man called Toby runs out and saves them.


This series provides examples of:

  • Berserk Button: Dr. Smedly isn't UNREASONABLE! He's just being a dick!
  • Big "NO!": Reginald has not one but two of these during Tippy's 'death' scene
  • Breakingthe Fourth Wall: Frequently, examples include Dr. Smedly refering to himself as the antagonist and Tippy knowing Toby's name from seeing it in the opening credits
  • For the Evulz: Smedley released the virus because he's a troll.
  • Friend Versus Lover: Tippy hates Sylvia because he distracts Reginald from their friendship.
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  • Ghost Town: What Tippy and Reginald are greeted with thanks to them being unknowing of the apocayplse.
  • Glass Cannon: The zombies are clearly dangerous, but never seem to manage to do any damage and are felled by even a gentle push.
  • High-Class Glass: If you couldn't tell that Tippy's an aristocrat, his monocle is there to pin that down.
  • Improvised Weapon: Rolling Pins, violins and walking sticks.
  • Killer Rabbit: In this case Mr. Snuffles who counts as a Killer Teddy Bear.