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Many YouTube Poop characters can be driven mad if just one thing goes wrong...

  • Don't deny Luigi of his spaghetti.
    • Also, Luigi is getting tired of being called gay.
    • Don't tell Mama Luigi that he made a stone instead of a football.
  • Don't throw a brick at The King, say it was nothing, and then say "no.". You'll probably find yourself spontaneously gaining several hundred pounds in the following seconds.
  • If you fire SpongeBob, he will burn down your workplace.
  • Never call Patrick "Tubby" or "Rick".
  • Never mention free food around Mr. Krabs. He will kill you.
  • Don't call I.M. Meen gay. It will lead to a whole lot of trouble.
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  • You better tell Yoshi a bedtime story if he asks you to.
  • Cookie Monster won't react kindly when you give him veggies instead of cookies.
  • Don't forget your umbrella or else Sagwa will bug you.
  • As revealed in IOU A YTP, Scrooge McDuck will kill you if you mistake him for a can of juice.
  • Peter Parker/Spider-Man from Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy has several.
    • Insulting, threatening, refusing to eat, refusing to give, or anything that would defile pizza is a one way ticket to get Peter to beat you up. Also, Peter never forgot the time he hurt his back, so attacking or threatening it will cause Peter to yell "NOOOOAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!". Harry triggers both in Pizza Never Lies, with predictable results.
    • Asking Peter for rent. To quote Peter; "You'll get your rent when you fix this damn door!". Pizza Never Lies has Peter shoot Mr. Ditkovitch after he asked for rent.
    • Asking Peter for forgiveness. He'll say "You want forgiveness? Get religion".
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    • Peter will slap you in the face if you tell him that he's 'such a nerd'.
    • Peter will slam you against the wall if you call him a boy scout.
  • Peter Parker isn't the only one with triggers. Just ask Harry Osborn.
    • Harry will kick your little ass if you threaten/steal his Nobel Prize, his strawberry(s), his bread and butter, and/or (according to Peter the Park ranger) his Frisbee. Alternatively, he'll slap you in the face. Attempting to reason with him will earn you even more slaps.
    • Touching Harry in any situation. Best case scenario, all he'll say is "Hey, don't push me!".
  • If you call Dr. Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus 'a hack', you better take it back while you're still alive.
  • Several times in the Star Wars prequel videos, Anakin Skywalker proves that he needs to relax and take a deep breath.
    • Anakin doesn't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating, and it gets everywhere. However, Anakin Hates Obi-Wan and Revenge of the Sand/Rise of Darth Sand/The Tragedy of Darth Sand avert this by having Anakin love sand.
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    • Refusing to grant Anakin the rank of Master doesn't do wonders to your health. As Anakin Hates Obi-Wan puts it;
      Mace Windu: It's settled then. You are not on this Council. We do not grant you the rank of Master.
      Anakin: NO!
      (Anakin chops off Mace Windu's hand)
  • In the Star Wars prequel videos, the mere presence of Jar-Jar Binks, whom Qui-Gon describes as 'a thousand terrible things' in Obee Wang Force Feeds Queer Gong Gin his Man-Saber, is a universal berserk button. Anakin Tries To Kill Jar Jar focuses on Anakin's Irrational Hatred for Jar-Jar, as well as his obsession of killing him, something that Yoda shares.
  • In Terminator Loses His Patience!, if you make a statement, as in any statement whatsoever, the T-800 will say 'Wrong!' and shoot you. The same will happen if you mistake him for Kyle Reese.
  • The mere presence of other pitchmen (especially Anthony Sullivan and Vince Offer) will cause Billy Mays to go on a rampage.
  • Do NOT call Percy "dirty Percy", as he will yell at you for it.
  • As Spock is Emotionally Compromised and Nero Fires Everything shows, showing flippancy towards tests while Spock is around will earn you a punch to the face. So will sitting on the captains chair, asking if Spock's frustrated, not backing away from him when he orders you to, keeping important information from him, refusing to party, and mispronouncing 'Vulcan'. Also, Star Trek Into Pengwings shows that informing Spock that the ship's equipment isn't working properly will get you beaten up. Even though you didn't cause it to malfunction.
  • In [YTP] Batman Is Not the Hero Gotham Deserves, Batman sees Batman Forever as an (In-Universe) Old Shame. So, when The Joker tells him that he reminds him of the film, Batman goes from slamming his head on the desk to throwing him against the wall and a table, slamming his head against a window, and punching him repeatedly. By the end of the scene, The Joker, out of all people, pleads for him to stop by saying he hated the film.


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