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"It's like a comic book... But not."
Brat Pack: Saving the world... Right after practice.

LessThanThree comics is a group of ongoing super-hero based serial novels.

Set out much like a real comic company, <3 Comics have two titles, Brat Pack, the flagship 'comic', and <3 Comics Presents ,a platform for new titles, based on which heroes (or villains) the Author wishes to write about in a given month. In July 2010, a third title was added, LessThanThree Legends.

Brat Pack documents the ongoing adventures of a teen super-hero team in California (the eponymous 'Brat Pack'), as well as further exploring the '<3-Verse'.

<3 Comics Presents has presented a number of heroes, including The Shadow, Thunderbolt and Perdition.

Less Than Three Legends reveals the history of the <3-Verse, chronicling the major events.

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