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Jun 10th 2019 at 8:05:34 AM

73. bomb

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75. Tree

I am about to hee-hoo-hoo your fucking wallet, kid.
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76. temple

Pls protecc this lizzo
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77. Punching dagger

Mankind is unlovable. No more kindness!
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Jun 10th 2019 at 9:48:50 AM

78. Cory Matthew Johnson

October 21st is Eli Ayase's birthday!
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Jun 10th 2019 at 12:21:58 PM

79. evilly

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81. Gaston

Art for the sake of art.
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83. eye

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84. roommate

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85. Bugs Bunny

Where I once would fear the cost of truth, now I only ask: "What is the cost of lies?"
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Jun 10th 2019 at 2:34:44 PM

86. bag

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Jun 10th 2019 at 3:15:49 PM

87. Coconut Gun

Art for the sake of art.
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89. Encircled

Mankind is unlovable. No more kindness!
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90. clickbait

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    Brief Recap 

The 3000 Colonies of Mundungus are ruled by the Ri, who passes on their Ri-ship genetically. The Yazawas, the original Ris, were overthrown and exiled by Greg Universe, who took the Sofa at the capital city of Riís Cyberbully as his own. Once Ri Greg is accidentally killed, his dame, Timmy Turner, made sure that his family took charge through Natsuki, Greg and Timmyís daughter. However, Gregís ďArmpitĒ (second-in-command), Carol Danvers, found out that Natsuki was not Gregís daughter. Carol and her son Phineas are captured by the Turners and Carol is killed by Natsuki, causing Danversí family back home to secede, and Gregís brother, Finn, to declare war as well.

All the while, in the separate country of Blitznak, the last remaining Yazawa, Sosuke-Bosuke, gained power among the Shat people, and began the march back toward the 3000 Colonies to take his rightful place on the Sofa.

For the full context, hereís the first season.

A Clash of Ris

    EPISODE ONE: The North Remembers 

In Riís Cyberbully, the ruling Turner family faces opposition from several different claimants to the Sofa of Mundungus. To Timmy Turner's dismay, his sister Kumatora takes up her post as the acting Armpit of Ri's Cyberbully, joining the Riís Council of ďBrad SpargadĒ, Kyubey, and Flowey.

At the same time, Ri Natsuki orders the soldiers to punch all of Greg's terrible children, one of whom, named Pastor Jerome, manages to escape Ri's Cyberbully by joining the Talisman Watch, along with Gibbilygook and a disguised Ferb Danvers.

On the island of Axolotlpen, Finn Universe, the rightful Ri of Mundungus, worships the mysterious god, lays public claim to the Sofa, and claims that Natsuki herself is terrible. As part of his religion, he could have been. note 

Having won several victories, Phoenix Danvers offers the Turners peace in exchange for the independence of the North, several colonies surrounding Bananaslipped, and his brother Phineas's return. He sends the Danvers familyís janitor, Dia Kurosawa to gain the support of her family, and sends Kris to seek alliance with Butthead, Finnís frenemy who also vies for the Sofa.

Beyond the Merry-Go-Round, the Talisman Watchmen Misako, Ridley and Deadpool find shelter with the chef Julie who cruelly keeps her consorts as rivals.

In the country of Blitznak, as the Shat people are slowly killed while journeying through the Crimson Bread, Sosuke-Bosuke sends out riders to conduct reconnaissance.

    EPISODE TWO: Julie's Keep 

Returning to her home of Inertal after nine years as the Danversí janitor, Dia is reunited with her brother, Sans, and her father, Bill, who despises Dia for her Northern ways and intends to win the Sofa for the Kurosawas.

Timmy rejects Phoenix's terms of truce, while Kumatora exiles the head of the SCP Foundation to the Merry-Go-Round, and promotes her psychiatrist Chad to take his place.

Out on the Risroad, Ferb reveals his true identity to Pastor Jerome, and the two fugitives become closer as a result.

In the Crimson Bread, Sosuke-Bosuke receives the severed ring finger of a rider, a troubling sign.

In Axolotlpen, Jimmy Olsen, Finn's henchman, recruits robbers to Finnís side, and Finn throws down with his mysterious mother, Stan Dup, for good luck.

Beyond the Merry-Go-Round, Deadpool is approached by one of Julie's consorts, Wilhelm, who is expecting and fears for his unborn son; Ridley Danvers is reluctant to help him despite Deadpool's pleas. That night however, Ridley discovers that Julie sacrifices her brothers to the Goblins; Julie sees him spying and assists Ridley unconscious.

    EPISODE THREE: The Five Ris 

Kris arrives at Butthead's camp to negotiate an alliance, where they watch the jock warrior Kai winning the right to join Butthead's guard. Butthead has recently married into the Dragon family. However, he doesn't consummate the marriage with his new wife, Hooktail, due to his feelings for her brother Gloomtail.

In Inertal, Bill makes a plan to attack the North, led by Sans. After much contemplation, Dia re-joins the Kurosawas, betraying the Danvers family.

In Ri's Cyberbully, Kumatora crafts a plan to find which of her fellow councilors is feeding information to her brother Timmy; she finds it is Flowey and imprisons him. Kumatora assigns her friend, Emily Heartman, as a handmaiden to the captive Phineas Danvers.

Beyond the Merry-Go-Round, Julie demands the Talisman Watchmen leave her home. Ridley finds out that Misako already knew about Julie's dastardly deeds.

On the Risroad, the Talisman Watch recruits are attacked by Turner soldiers, searching for Gregís last terrible child. Gibbilygook is killed in the attack, and Ferb and Pastor Jerome are taken prisoner. Ferb saves Jerome by claiming that he was a boy the soldiers had killed.

    EPISODE FOUR: Danglydoo 

Kris tries to convince Finn and Butthead to abandon their feud and unite against the Turners, but Finn demands Butthead submit to his command. Brad Spargad visits Kris and offers a trade of the captured Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man for Phineas and Ferb. As this happens, outside Buttheadís camp, due to some mysterious ritual and Finn throwing down, Stan Dup gives birth to a rocket fuel creature.

Phineas is evolved by Natsuki in revenge for Phoenix's victories. Kumatora intervenes and in return, Natsuki is offensive to the cockatrices Kumatora sends her as "gifts". Kumatora releases Flowey from prison, but fires him from the Riís Council. Kumatora also finds out about the obnoxious relationship between Timmy and their cousin, the King of All Cosmos, and forces the King to spy on Timmy by threatening to reveal the relationship to Natsuki.

Ferb and Pastor Jerome are taken as captives to the cantonment of Crumblemumble, where prisoners are defeated until death. The Lotus arrives, stops the defeating, and picks Ferb to be her servant without knowing his true identity.

After his exhausting journey through the Crimson Bread, Sosuke-Bosuke arrives at the gates of the    EVIL    colony of Danglydoo, where Jesse Pinkman, a member of the Council of 720,720, uses his status to let Sosuke-Bosuke enter the colony.

    EPISODE FIVE: The Ghost of Crumblemumble 

When Ferb saves three prisoners from a fire, Meta Knight, the most intuitive of the prisoners, pledges to kill three people of her choosing in order to repay his debt to her. She accepts and first chooses the sadistic man who mortally defeated the captives.

Stan Dup's rocket fuel baby sneaks into Buttheadís camp and murders him. Kris and Kai, who witnessed the murder, are soon accused and forced to flee from the camp. Excluding the Dragons, all of Butthead's forces submit to and join Finn. While on the lam, Kai swears loyalty to Kris.

Dia sails from Inertal prepared to prove that she is a true Kurosawa, with plans to capture Bananaslipped with a small militia while Phoenix and Kris are absent.

Kumatora learns from the King about ďYearlyfireĒ, a burning substance being mass produced for the oncoming siege by Finn Universe. Kumatora begins concocting a scheme.

In the Talisman Watch, Misako allows Ridley to join a team led by a zombie apocalypse survivor named Halfhead, set out to kill the leader of the enemy chefs.

In Danglydoo, Jesse proposes marriage to Sosuke-Bosuke in exchange for providing him with the wealth to conquer the 3000 Colonies. Lloyd convinces him to gain the support of the people of the 3000 Colonies instead.

    EPISODE SIX: The Vassals 

Kumatora sends Kaitlyn, Timmy's only daughter, away from Ri's Cyberbully, as part of an arranged marriage. Timmy, unable to change anything, resents Kumatora all the more for it.

Dia manages to capture Bananaslipped and executes a well-regarded troper for insulting her. Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, three loyal vassals of the Danvers family, help Carolís fuck-buddy Mehmet and her youngest son Aku escape.

Beyond the Merry-Go-Round, Ridley captures a chef named Chad, but gets separated from his patrol when the chef tries to escape and he is forced to chase him.

While out in the street, Natsuki incites a riot at Ri's Cyberbully, in which she is forced to evacuate. Phineas is nearly RKOíd in the riot, but Natsukiís personal guard, ďthe ScorpionĒ, saves his life.

At Crumblemumble, the Lotus sends Brad Spargad to seek the allegiance of the Dragons, as they have yet to ally with Finn. A Turner officer suspects Ferbís true identity, and so he has Meta Knight kill the officer right before he can report Ferb to the Lotus.

Phoenix receives news of Dia's betrayal and sends men to retake Bananaslipped.

At Danglydoo, Sosuke-Bosuke tries to procure a boat to take his people to Mundungus, all the while keeping Jesse at bay. However, he soon realizes that his manticores have been stolen.

    EPISODE SEVEN: An Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man Without Honor 

The Lotus begins searching Crumblemumble for her officer's murderer in Crumblemumble.

Chef Chad attempts to sleep Ridley and, after a momentary lapse in Ridley's concentration, the chef escapes and leads him into a trap.

Still shaken from the riot, Phineas is horrified when he realizes he may bear Natsuki's children. Timmy visits his room and warns Phineas to love no one but his children, not even Natsuki.

In Phoenix's camp, a failed escape attempt by Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man leaves a man dead and several Danvers soldiers seeking retribution.

In Danglydoo, the dwarf Danny reveals to Sosuke-Bosuke that he stole the manticores, but gives Sosuke-Bosuke the opportunity to reunite with them, if he enters the House of the Yeet. Later that day, Danny slaughters 720,719 of the Council of 720,720 and establishes Jesse, the remaining councilor, as the Ri of Danglydoo.

Dia presents to Athos, Porthos, Aramis and the rest of her subjects the charred corpses of two boys, claiming that she has tracked down and killed the escaped Mehmet and Aku.

    EPISODE EIGHT: The Prince of Bananaslipped 

Phoenix learns that Kris has secretly freed Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man, now escorted by Kai, in a plot to ransom him off for the return of Phineas and Ferb; Phoenix has Kris captured and sends men to find the fugitives. He also enters into a romantic relationship with Pamela.

Sans arrives at Bananaslipped to try bringing Dia back to Inertal, criticizing her for her half-measured actions.

The Lotus leaves Crumblemumble to attack Phoenix, which leads Ferb, Pastor Jerome, and their fellow prisoner ďFrench FriesĒ to escape with the help of Meta Knight, who agrees to help them in place of a third man to kill.

In Ri's Cyberbully, Timmy attempts to blackmail Kumatora by abducting a cockatrice whom he believes to be Kumatoraís secret friend. In actuality, the cockatrice is a spy working for Councilor Kyubey.

On the way to Ri's Cyberbully, Finn promises Olsen he'll make him his Armpit of the Ri.

Beyond the Merry-Go-Round, a pack of chefs lead Ridley and the similarly captured Halfhead to the Ri of the chefs. Nearby, the non-captured Talisman Watchmen find a hidden cache of axolotlglass.

In Danglydoo, Lloyd agrees to accompany Sosuke-Bosuke into the House of the Yeet to retrieve his manticores.

In Bananaslipped, Mehmet and Aku are revealed to be alive and hiding underground with the assistance of Athos, Porthos, and Aramis; the charred bodies were decoys.

    EPISODE NINE: Graywater 

Olsen leads Finnís fleet into Graywater Lake. Flowey solemnly gives Timmy a bomb to use should Finn take the city. Chad the Psychiatrist and the Scorpion nearly get into a fight; their tension is interrupted when alarms indicate that Finnís fleet has been spotted. Kyubey brings Kumatora a map of tunnels beneath Ri's Landing, and the nobles who cannot fight, such as Timmy, Phineas and Emily, are interned at a temple under Spyroís watch. Timmy evilly mocks Phineasí innocence, warning that he will be RKOíd should the colony fall.

Finnís fleet is confronted by a single unmanned palace floating in the lake, which Olsen realizes too late is a trap; the ship is rigged with the explosive Yearlyfire, which Chad the Psychiatrist sets alight with a flaming tree. The explosion kills scores of Finnís men, blowing Olsen away. Seeing the explosion, the robbers abandon the cause, but Finn orders his remaining soldiers to attack. The defenders are routed; the King is injured in the fight, and retreats to the temple, while the Scorpion succumbs to his childhood fear of fire and deserts the battle. Finn himself storms the battlements as his men employ punching daggers.

Back in the temple, to his horror, Phineas realizes why Spyroís there: to kill all the templeís residents if the colony falls. Timmy orders the King to bring Natsuki to safety; frightened, Natsuki orders Sir Cory Matthew Johnson take command. Though morale is depleted by the Ri abandoning her people, Kumatora rouses the defenders and leads them through a tunnel from Kyubey's map, flanking Finnís forces. The King demands the Ri return to battle, causing Timmy to kick him and depart with his son, Gaston. In the panic, Phineas is convinced by Emily to flee to her quarters, where the hiding Scorpion offers to flee and take Phineas back to Bananaslipped; Phineasís decision remains unclear.

Kumatoraís men defeat the surprised Universe forces before facing a larger group of Finnís men. Sir Cory Matthew Johnson unexpectedly turns and whacks Kumatoraís eye open, but he is killed by Kumatoraís shy roommate, Bugs Bunny, before he can kill Kumatora. On the Sofa, Timmy tells Gaston a story. As Kumatora falls unconscious, she witnesses a surprise cavalry assault on Finnís army, led by the Lotus and made up of Dragon soldiers. Finn unsuccessfully orders his men to stand their ground as he is dragged to safety. Timmy, about to mercy kill Gaston with the bomb, is startled by Gloomtail, wearing Buttheadís armor, and the Lotus, who declares they have won.

    EPISODE TEN: The Journey Onward 

Phineas, who has stayed in Riís Cyberbully despite the Scorpionís offer, is both relieved and horrified to find out that Natsuki plans to marry Hooktail instead of him. Kumatora fears for her and Emily's safety now that the Lotus has replaced her as Armpit and relieved Chad from his command of the SCP Foundation.

Kai and Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man are spotted by three Danvers soldiers, whom Kai kills. Kris tries to dissuade Phoenix from marrying Pamela, as Phoenix is to marry a child of the Lord Luna. Phoenix is undeterred.

In Danglydoo, Sosuke-Bosuke ventures into the House of the Yeet and successfully retrieves his manticores, who kill Danny. He then uses his people to force Jesse inside a bag, leaving him there to die.

In Bananaslipped, Dia tries to convince her men to fight Phoenix's army, but they knock her unconscious and leave, wounding Aramis as he tries to save Dia. Mehmet, Aku, Athos, Porthos, and their charmanders find Aramis fatally wounded. Aramis tells them to go to the Merry-Go-Round, where they will hopefully be safe. As they start to leave, Athos mercy kills Aramis beyond Mehmet and Akuís view. Mehmet, Aku, Athos, Porthos, and their charmanders leave Bananaslipped and head to the Merry-Go-Round.

Ferb, having escaped Crumblemumble with French Fries and Pastor Jerome, receives the gift of a valuable coconut gun from Meta Knight, who magically changes his torso.

Beyond the Merry-Go-Round, Halfhead forces Ridley to fatally encircle him in order to gain the trust of the chefs.

Elsewhere, an army of Goblins marches through the uncaptured Talisman Watchmen, including Deadpool, who hides and watches them in clickbait.

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Got a mad lib ready. Hopefully this one isn't too hard.

  1. Adjective
  2. Noun, something that spreads quickly
  3. Supernatural entity
  4. Adjective
  5. Abstract noun
  6. Adjective
  7. Crime
  8. Adjective
  9. Abstract noun
  10. Crime
  11. Crime, related to [10]
  12. Bad thing that can happen to you
  13. Synonym or related word to [2]
  14. Body part, preferably internal
  15. Feeling
  16. Adjective
  17. Tool
  18. Something that you lose if [7] is commited on you (e.g. money for theft, dignity for slander)
  19. Synonym of [17]
  20. Adjective
  21. Synonym or related word to [2]
  22. Verb, something you can do with [17]
  23. Adjective
  24. Verb, synonym of [22]
  25. Synonym of [17]
  26. Verb
  27. Synonym of [17]
  28. Body part
  29. Body part, preferably far from [28]
  30. Something that should be kept inside
  31. Something that should be kept inside
  32. Verb
  33. Verb, rhymes with [32]
  34. Verb, related to [7]
  35. Adjective
  36. Verb, related to [35]
  37. Adjective, opposite of [35]
  38. Adjective, related to [2]
  39. Bad thing
  40. Phrasal verb
  41. Something that should be kept inside
  42. Something that should be kept inside
  43. Container that can store [42]
  44. Something that should be kept inside
  45. Liquid
  46. Adjective
  47. Noun, something you can do with [17]
  48. Adjective, preferably "stronger" version of [46]
  49. Verb, something you can do with with [17]
  50. Abstract noun
  51. Something you can do with [17]
  52. Feeling
  53. Abstract noun
  54. Type of creature
  55. Verb
  56. Noun

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1. obnoxious

"...or maybe not. Jimin's coming for 6k1, and Ich and I have bounties on our heads..."
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3. poltergeist

Pls protecc this lizzo
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4. death-defying

"...or maybe not. Jimin's coming for 6k1, and Ich and I have bounties on our heads..."

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