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No, you won't get context for this.

HIKIKOMORI ZEKKAI JUSTICE! It's a special moment locked in time! For me, myself, and I!

Ahoy! Call me Geek. I'm a geek artist.note 

I'm more active in the Forums, but I do fix the main wiki every once in awhile. Usually for typos, grammar mistakes, and some linking.

I stumbled upon this site when I was searching for the script of the Greece episode of Geography Now. I made an account to add something in a Headscratchers page, but I decided to stay. Here we are now!

So, uh, I have to describe myself, eh? Sure.

I'm a middle school student from Indonesia. I speak fluent English and Indonesian, and I am currently learning Javanese and Japanese. Outside of TV Tropes, I draw. Like, a lot. I also write every once in awhile.

If anyone's curious, my Troper Types are the Trope Editor, Trope Browser, and the Eclectic Troper.


Tropes That Applies to Me and My Life