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Hi,JTT Wlover here!

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     About me 

  • Asian and Nerdy:Yes,I’m nerdy.
  • Catchphrase: I have SEVERAL.
    • “How many sarcasm have you put in a single phrase?”
    • “Wait, WHAT?!”
      • “MY SHIP IS DEAD!!!” (in Nuzlockes).
    • “Newton, I demand an explanation!” (when I see something that defies the laws of gravity).
  • Chandler's Law: Tips for writers:
    • If you have trouble with something in the plot, use a JTTW reference.
    • If you have a problem with a name for a girl, name her either Emma or Jade.
      • Seriously, if you have female Chinese character, Jade is a great name. If you don’t use it then use Something-Red (the Alice of China) or just a Chinese flower like Plum (Plum is good because Plums blossom in winter and you can use it for a Tomboy).
      • BehindTheName is a good site.
  • Fangirl:Sometimes.
  • Geek:Yep.
  • Giver of Lame Names: Sometimes.
  • Large Ham: Sometimes in the forums I just start SCREAMING BECAUSE REASONS.
  • Meaningful Name:I love Journey to the West.
  • Nerd:Yep.
  • Smart People Wear Glasses: Yep.
  • Spoiler Hound: Gimme spoilers! I really don’t care about them, given out that usually I can’t finish or even WATCH a film I want…

I decided to make myself a Author Avatar just like Agent Kirin and Spotted Leaf did.

     Here is it 

Journey To The West Lover, real name Jade West (Yu Xi, surnames first in Chinese) is the youngest daughter of the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother of the West and sister of the Seven Heavenly Inmortal Maidens. She lives with a foster family in Spain just because she wants to have a normal life in the 21th century and spend time on the human realm.

Tropes associated with her:

     Some of my OT Ps (not complete!) 

DC Comics



  • Burningleafshipping (Red x Leaf).

  • Silver’sbrothershipping, Sonatashipping and Fatheringdestructionshipping. The Big Bad x Protagonist’s Mom ships of Firered&Leafgreen, Black&White and X&Y.

  • The female protag x male protag ships of all regions, except Hilbert x Hilda.

  • Calmmindshipping (Gardevoir x Alakazam).

I’m gonna put more later bye.

     I like 

I also wrote Classical Power. It’s an Old Shame until I get back at it, so it’s dead and please don’t watch it.

Troper wall here: JTT Wlover


     Avatar things 

My current avatar is the JL8 versions of Solomon Grundy and Poison Ivy.

Past avatars:

Threads I’ve started: Which one of your avatars is reacting to the statement above?

Inspired by DrNoPuma, I have started a Sandbox. It's here. JTT Wlover.


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