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Hi, JTTWlover here! I'm a Spanish-Born Chinese girl who likes classic literature, mythology and comics. Troper wall here: JTTWlover.

Inspired by DrNoPuma, I started a Sandbox here. JTTWlover. I also started a Sandbox of my future DC Comics Project called Earth-108 here (thanks, helpful dude): Earth 108
Not very accurate me, but at least it’s something.

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     Tropes that describe me 

     Some of my OT Ps (not a complete list) 

DC Comics

  • Batwonder/Wonderbat (Batman x Wonder Woman).

  • John Jones (the Martian Manhunter) x Diane Meade.

  • Coldfrost (Captain Cold x Killer Frost). Crystal Frost version, Silver Age-like universe.

  • Mirrorglider (Golden Glider x Mirror Master). I know it's canon in the Rebirth universe, but I really prefer it in a Silver Age-like universe. The Scooby-Doo! Team-Up comic is good.

  • Ra's Al-Ghul x Circe. I call this a SOON, which means "Ship Out Of Nowhere". I saw the issue 7 of Trinity and thought it would be a nice Evil Counterpart to the afore mentioned Wonderbat.

  • Riddlecat (The Riddler x Catwoman). Another SOON. Saw Harley Quinn (2016) #61.

  • Ivyfreeze (Poison Ivy x Mr Freeze). SOON, thought it would be cool (no pun intended).

  • Harleytool (Harley Quinn x Red Tool). Harleypool (Harley x Deadpool) is nice, but if we can't have it, this is the closest thing we have (it's good too).

  • Apache Chief x Giganta. Which I was pretty sure it was kind of canon.

  • Black Manta x Cheetah (Priscilla Rich version, Silver Age-like/Super Friends universe). SOON.

  • The JL8 versions of Solomon Grundy and Poison Ivy.

  • Rising Sun x Little Mermaid. And yet another SOON. I doubt they had any interaction outside of being on the same team.


     Works I like 

     Current and past Avatars 

My current avatar is Peridot in her flower girl outfit.

Past avatars:

  • Spider-Man from Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Captain Marvel - Lunchtime Mayhem.
  • DC Super Friends Aquaman.
  • Lil Char and his bro.
  • Me, OC creator.
  • Pretty flowers.
  • Toshio Eto, Samurai.
  • An emotionless Amazing Fantasy #15 Peter Parker.
  • My Ponysona, Shining Wave.
  • Toshio Eto, Samurai from Super Powers (1986).
  • Spidey either from Marvel Adventures comic, Spidey, or a Daily Bugle Funnies from the Marvel Super Hero Adventures things.
  • The Mer-Boy/Bird-Boy/Wonder Girl Love Triangle from the 80-page Silver Age special.
  • Deadman from his DC Nation shorts, referred now as Deadboy since he looks too young.
  • Lego Aquaman drying out in the dessert.
  • Something supposed to be a drawing of the Metal Men, represented as a bunch of lines.
  • Me, using an OC creator.
  • The Tiny Titans Blue Beetle.
  • Diane Meade, J’onn’s personal Lois Lane.
  • El Dorado, Samurai and Apache Chief from the Lego Batman movie.
  • Doctor Light from Tiny Titans.
  • The JL8 versions of Solomon Grundy and Poison Ivy.
  • Bat-mite and Mxy from the DC Super Friends comics.
  • A drawing of myself shipping.
  • Sinestro from Super Powers 2017 (same continuity as Superman Family Adventures).
  • The original Peter Parker from the comics.
  • A random drawing I did (let’s call her Drasna, short for Drawing).
  • Pusheen the cat.
  • Poseidon from Overly Sarcastic Productions.
  • Emmet from The LEGO Movie.
  • Charmaleon from Lil Char and the Gang.
  • Loki from Overly Sarcastic Productions.
  • Asian girl that looked something like this (o_0) Her name is AA or Auth for me (short for Author Avatar). I may or not may use her again.
  • Sandy from Journey to the West as shown in Overly Sarcastic Productions.


     Threads I've started 

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