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Hi,JTT Wlover here!

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     About me 

  • Asian and Nerdy:Yes,I’m nerdy.
  • Catchphrase: I have SEVERAL.
    • “How many sarcasm have you put in a single phrase?”
    • “Wait, WHAT?!”
      • “MY SHIP IS DEAD!!!” (in Nuzlockes).
    • “Newton, I demand an explanation!” (when I see something that defies the laws of gravity).
  • Chandler's Law: Tips for writers:
    • If you have trouble with something in the plot, use a JTTW reference.
    • If you have a problem with a name for a girl, name her either Emma or Jade.
      • Seriously, if you have female Chinese character, Jade is a great name. If you don’t use it then use Something-Red (the Alice of China) or just a Chinese flower like Plum (Plum is good because Plums blossom in winter and you can use it for a Tomboy).
      • BehindTheName is a good site.
  • Fangirl:Sometimes.
  • Geek:Yep.
  • Giver of Lame Names: Sometimes.
  • Meaningful Name:I love Journey to the West.
  • Nerd:Yep.
  • Smart People Wear Glasses: Yep.
  • Spoiler Hound: Gimme spoilers! I really don’t care about them, given out that usually I can’t finish or even WATCH a film I want…

     I like 

I also wrote Classical Power.

Troper wall here: JTT Wlover

     Avatar things 

My current avatar is Poseidon from Overly Sarcastic Productions.

Past avatars:

Threads I’ve started: Which one of your avatars is reacting to the statement above?

Inspired by DrNoPuma, I have started a Sandbox. It's here. JTT Wlover.


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