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I am the "who" when you call "who's there?" I am the wind blowing through your hair...

I wish. Being almost anyone in Halloween Town would be fun. :P


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Hello! Please call me Puma. I've been on the wiki since 2015. This page used to be quite large and listed several things about myself, but on June 4, 2020, I just grew tired of it. I just felt like I didn't need to list every single thing I like or detail about myself, so I'm currently working on rewriting this page from scratch to keep it as basic as possible.


In other words, this whole thing is a WIP.

However, I'll still do the "three characters that describe me" thing... eventually. They are Tails (lacks confidence but strives to improve himself), (2), and (3). Oh yeah, "(2)" is best anime character.

Le basics

  • Gender: Male
  • Religion: Christian
  • Nationality: Eagle Land. And now for joke ones:
  • Species: Ha! Like I'd ever tell anyone that I'm actually a velociraptor. Wait-
  • Place of residence: Wherever there is peanut butter.
  • Favorite color: 25.
  • Favorite number: Orange.note 
  • Superpower: Okay, you may have learned my species, but there's no way I would tell you that I have Shock and Awe powers! No way at all!
  • Goal: My goals are beyond your understanding.


Clever title

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    Things from other tropers (Thanks again!) 
"You're the forum's cinnamon roll, Puma."

"We could sit in the living room, telling stories... eating butterscotch pie... We could be like... like a family."
Bluethorn, quoting Undertale in this post that I found really touching. XD

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Video Games

buma why you play babby gaems? you need to schüt. buma pls play the schüt.

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Check out my Sandbox page for some in-progress wiki pages, and some fun stuff!


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