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(Picture of how I appear in Tropers: The Series)
Some of my favorite characters chilling in the woods, courtesy of shackwave

Hi. I'm ridiculously passionate about the things I love. My username is taken from my favorite character in Warrior Cats. I enjoy roleplaying, writing, and musical theatre. Oh, and I'm a gal, if you were curious. Because way too many people have called me "he" recently, it bears repeating that I am, in fact, a woman.

Some info about me that doesn't fit under tropes:

  • Hogwarts House: Slytherin

  • Patronus: Leopard

  • Bending Element: Water

  • Zodiac: Leo/Tiger

  • Myers-Briggs Thingy: ISFP

  • I have Asperger's Syndrome, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and ADHD.

  • I prefer cold weather to hot weather, as I'm better at resisting the former.

  • I am a Roman Catholic.

And since everyone else seems to be doing this, the three characters that best describe me are: Caitlin Snow (intelligent, blunt, a bit ambitious, typically nice so long as you don't get on my bad side, rather pessimistic, a big nerd, and very unlucky in love); Newt Scamander (eccentric, socially awkward, better with animals than with people, and not that great in terms of self-esteem); and Audrey Fulquard (a hopeless romantic, fairly innocent in terms of overall outlook, and addicted to sweet and cute things.)


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    Tropes About Me 

  • Asexuality- My sexual preference is "nope!" To be precise, I'm heteroromantic asexual.
  • Berserk Button- Mentioning Autism Speaks in a positive context, or implying autism is caused by vaccines, or using it as an insult.
    • Saying "real parents" instead of "biological parents", implying adoptive parents aren't good enough.
    • On a lighter note, mentioning the Evil!Spottedleaf AU in a positive light is bound to tick me off, as Canon!Nice!Spottedleaf is the character in Warriors I relate to most (and a major comfort character to boot) and I'm sick of how popular the AU has become- seriously, I can't even Google her without it coming up. Just...It's fine if you like the Evil Spottedleaf AU, but please don't bring it up around me.
    • In general, don't bash characters I'm a fan of unless you're stating something that's actually valid. Saying you dislike Bellatrix because she's cruel? Fine and dandy, and accurate. Saying you hate Caitlin Snow because SnowBarry shippers are annoying? Not fine, and a pathetic excuse for hating her.
    • Shipping Caitlin with Amunet Black. And really, Amunet Black as a character in general.
  • Excessively bashing religions you're not a part of. Having issues with a religion one thing, but mocking someone else's faith- something important to them- leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  • Camp Straight- I guess I could be a rare female example, whatever you'd call that. I've thought of getting a boy-short haircut, I don't like wearing skirts most of the time (my fashion sense usually ranges from unisex to slightly masculine), and I frequently gush about how beautiful other women are- but I'm only attracted to men.
  • Cat Girl- Haha, I wish. I do sometimes joke that I'm part cat, though, since I can see in the dark pretty well and I get along well with cats. And occasionally I'll wear fake cat ears.

  • Cloudcuckoolander- I'm known as the weird one in my friend groups.

  • Cowardly Lion- While my anxiety can be debilitating and sometimes I genuinely can't handle the pressure, I usually find some way to power through whatever's scaring me.

  • Creepy Loner Girl: Moreso in my younger years than now, though my loud (and somewhat monotone) voice, Messy Hair, and blank expression do still leave some people uneasy. This was probably part of why I had very few friends until high school.

  • Does Not Like Shoes- I basically only wear shoes if I'm in a public place or if I have to go outside. I don't like the way they feel. They're feet traps.

  • Does Not Like Spam/ Picky Eater- My Asperger's comes with taste sensitivity, which leaves me with a lot of different foods I can't eat- but my worst are stuffing (I hate how inconsistent the texture is), most potato products, and peppers (their spiciness makes them physically painful to eat).

  • The Empath- I feel a lot of empathy for basically everyone. It's not quite on superpower-levels, but it can be very overwhelming and it's both a blessing and a curse. It also makes it hard for me to watch sad movies for long periods of time because I get overwhelmed by how much the characters are suffering. (This is why, despite the fact that Les Mis is one of my favorite movies/musicals, I rarely watch it.) Sometimes it even extends to inanimate objects.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: As far as I'm concerned, the Split-Personality Merge Caitlin/Killer Frost went through at the end of Season 3 of The Flash (2014) actually stuck.

  • Fragile Flower- My feelings can be pretty delicate.

  • Friendless Background: I was a social outcast for much of my adolescent years- my best friends were my cats. Luckily, things have improved since then and I have a steady friend group.

  • Good Cannot Comprehend Evil- or at the very least, Nice Cannot Comprehend Jerk. I will never understand why anyone would intentionally want to be cruel to someone else when being kind is so much easier.

  • Glurge Addict- It is EXTREMELY rare for me to find something "too cutesy" or "sickeningly" sweet. As such, unless the cutesy thing is masking darker intentions, like ableism or other bigotry, there's a good chance I'll latch onto it no matter how cheesy it may be. It's the reason I can't outright hate things aimed at little girls or are over-the-top inspiring- heck, I even kind of like some Lisa Frank merchandise.

  • Happily Adopted- The reason for my second Berserk Button. My parents are amazing and I resent the idea that they're "not real parents" just because they didn't make me.

  • Innocently Insensitive- Sometimes.

  • Kindhearted Cat Lover- I'm a pretty nice person, and I do love cats.

  • Loon with a Heart of Gold- Even though I'm the "weird one" in my friend group and am pretty eccentric, I'm usually pretty nice.

  • Nervous Wreck- I'm a fairly anxious person, and I catastrophize quite a bit. This is partially due to my Generalized Anxiety Disorder, but stressful situations only make it even worse.

  • Nice Girl- I'm a pretty kind person.

  • No Social Skills- A side effect of my Asperger's syndrome.

  • Not Good with People- I still like people, but cats are much easier to understand.

  • Older Than They Look: I have a "baby face" and I'm not particularly curvy, so I sometimes get mistaken for a teenager. In actuality, I'm old enough to drink.

  • Promoted Fangirl- A minor example: I wrote a Harry Potter crackfic, titled A Flock of Wolves, out of love for the trope it was named after. Imagine my delight to find that it had been added to that very trope page!

  • Super Senses- A side effect of my Asperger's syndrome. Contrary to what fiction may suggest, it mostly sucks.

  • That Came Out Wrong- To the point that some have compared me to Felicity Smoak from Arrow.

    Tropes I like 

BONUS: Favorite Villain Tropes

It feels weird categorizing these under "tropes I like" because I feel like that may suggest some semblance of approval, but here are some of my favorite tropes for villains.

     Tropes I hate 

  • Cats Are Mean- It's overdone, ESPECIALLY in animation, and it's simply not true (I've met far more mean dogs than I have mean cats.)

  • Cessation of Existence- It's literally my worst fear.

  • Draco in Leather Pants- To me, this one reeks of lazy writing. I'd much rather read a true redemption story than one about how (insert reasonably attractive villain here) is just a poor misunderstood little baby.

  • Hollywood Autism- If you're writing an autistic character, PLEASE do your research. And said research should include more than just the textbook definition.

  • Predators Are Mean- Even as a kid, this one annoyed me. Animals like hawks and cats have to eat meat to survive because they can't produce their own taurine. It's not their fault, and that shouldn't automatically make them villains. (There was a Powerpuff Girls episode that especially annoyed me due to portraying a hawk in this manner.)

  • Ron the Death Eater

  • Scavengers Are Scum: I understand this one a bit more than I do Predators Are Mean- there's admittedly something squicky about eating carrion, particularly if it's rotten- but I actually find a lot of scavengers really cool. Vultures, in particular, can actually be downright cute. Gotta love those majestic chickens.

  • Stripperiffic- I don't mind if outfits are a little sexy, but this is usually too much for me. Unless you've got a really good explanation, like how Black Canary's fishnets are part of her rockstar ensemble and she uses the same outfit for both, I'm gonna find it cringeworthy. Huntress's exposed stomach and Power Girl's boob window are the worst offenders for me, which is a shame, because I actually really like both of them as characters.

    Works I like 

...and many, many others that will be added later.


    Guilty Pleasures 

Media that I don't consider "good" from a technical standpoint, but still enjoy, include:

  • Animorphs- While it's extremely low-budget and fails to capture the gritty war story the books told, it's still fun on its own. It falls under Narm Charm for me, and many of the actors give good performances.

  • Batman & Robin- Mainly because Arnold Schwarzenegger and Uma Thurman actually gave pretty good performances. I also don't mind the cheesiness, as it manages to be entertainingly cheesy.

  • Christmas with the Kranks- I can't hate this movie. It's indecisive about what it wants to be, but it definitely succeeds in delivering humor. I get why people dislike it, but for me, a lot of the jokes are pretty darn funny.

  • The Star Wars prequels- There is a lot of cheese, wooden performances, and weird dialogue in these movies, but there's a certain charm to all of it. I genuinely like the romance between Anakin and Padme even if it struggles to be compelling, the special effects are pretty darn good, and it's a joy to watch Yoda in a lightsaber duel. (Also Padme is a total fashion icon and I want every single one of her dresses.)

    Ships I like 

  • Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street:
    • Sweenett (Sweeney Todd/Eleanor Lovett): Honestly, it's hard for me to NOT ship these two. Mrs. Lovett's affection for him is somehow creepy and adorable at the same time!
    • Johanthony (Johanna and Anthony): So pure! Anthony just wants to give this pretty girl a good life! How could I disagree with that?

  • The Flash (2014):
    • Westallen (Barry and Iris): These two are so adorable! I've always shipped them, but I became an even bigger fan of them after Barry proposed to her by singing a song he'd written.
    • Killervibe (Caitlin and Cisco): I started shipping these two towards the end of Season 2. I'm okay with them being just friends, but I also think they'd make a very healthy couple due to just how supportive they are of each other.

  • The Phantom of the Opera:
    • Raoul and Christine: Seriously, these two set the standard for what I want in a relationship. I want to find my Raoul, someone who'll guard me and guide me and all that. These two are so healthy and sweet and I LOVE them. (Love Never dies is not canon fight me.)

    Work Pages I launched 

     Troper Leitmotifs 

Most of these are from musicals.

     DC Villains as Vines 

Because I don't have anywhere else to post this as of now and I don't want to keep spamming people with it. Just a silly project I'm working on. When I figure out how to edit video clips together, I'll make it a reality. I hope to cover both some well-known characters and some more obscure ones.


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