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I oughta edit this page more often. I've really gotta got enough information to launch the pages in the bottom two folders. :P

hi idk

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    Description of my gallery (WIP) 
Based on posts like this.

So, my gallery contains...

  • Page 1: furry furry furry Ghost furry furry furry scalie furry scalie(?) furry furry furry weird-looking-humanoid weird-looking-humanoid(?) CLOWN furry(?) furry Ghost weird-looking-humanoid weird-looking-humanoid furry furry dude furry CLOWN CLOWN furries weird-looking-humanoid weird-looking-humanoid furry scalie(?) CLOWN/furry CLOWN/furry CLOWN/furry(?) scalie furry furry CLOWN furry furry
  • Page 2: dude furry furry dude furry furry furry furry(?) skeltal furry furry scalie furry furry(?) Ghost furry furry furry weird-looking-humanoid MAD SCIENTIST scalie furry monster dude furry skeltal monster furry(?) monster plant plant furry girl furry furry weird-looking-humanoid monster CLOWN furry furries furry plant
  • Page 3: CLOWN/scalie dude Ghost/furry furry(?) dude furry bois furry monster furry scalie furry skeltal furry/girl furry scalie(?) furry furry scalie dude furry furry monster monster bois dude furry/dude/monster dude CLOWN furries furry dude dude dude furry furry CLOWN CLOWN CLOWN furry furry CLOWN/furry
  • Page 4: furries furry furry furry furry furry CLOWN/furry Ghost Ghost furry/scalie furries scalie dude furry skeltal skeltal furry furry furry CLOWN/furry weird-looking-humanoid furry scalie furry furry dude poyo poyo 🅱OI girl furry dude dude dude dude dude bois furry furry weird-looking-humanoid furry o c e a n
  • Page 5: furry Ghost girl dude furry scalie dude scalie(?) furry furry furry furry furry furry thing thing CLOWN furry girl girl CLOWN girl dude dude girl dude furry furry furry furry furry CLOWN Candy Cadet dude monster furry furry dude furry poyo dude skeltals
  • Page 6: dude CLOWN/furry scalie dude dude furries thing thing furry(?) furry furry furry dude poyo furry furry CLOWN/furry furry furry CLOWN/furry furries furry dude furry CLOWN/poyo poyo furry furries furry CLOWN/furry furry furry furry CLOWN/furry monster monster dude furry furry furry weird-looking-humanoid girl
  • Page 7: girl dude scalie monster girl scalie(?) furry scalie dude dude dude weird-looking-humanoid dude girl furry furry furry dude furry monster monster furry scalie scalies scalie(?) CLOWN furry furry furry furry monster monster furry/Ghost scalie skeltal dude/Ghost furry(?) poyo dude dude dude weird-looking-humanoid
  • Page 8: furry furry scalie Ghost dude CLOWN dude girl scalie furries dude dude-or-maybe-girl dude dude girl dude-or-maybe-girl dude scalie scalie scalie scalie dude monster scalie/monster CLOWN/monster furry/monster furry/Ghost furry dude dude furry furry monster furries furries furry furry CLOWN furry furry CLOWN CLOWN
  • Page 9: scalie furry furry furry scalie/furry weird-looking-humanoid CLOWN(?) CLOWN

Final count:

  • furry/furries: 160
  • dude: 55
  • CLOWN: 33
  • scalie: 32
  • monster: 21
  • girl: 16
  • weird-looking-humanoid: 14
  • Ghost: 11
  • skeltal: 7
  • More to come later

Recorded on 5/21/18. If I delete any of my avatars now, updating this is going to be hard. :P


    Random stuff that I wrote here simply because I can MUAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 
  • Guten tag, eferyboty! I am wrrriting zis in a terrrrible Gerrrman Funetik Aksent! Vhy? Who efen carrrez?
  • Why did the chicken cross the road? Because he was running from narwhals. They're scary.
  • Hey, everyone, I'm going to say Candle Jack! Candle Jack is my favorite Freakazoid! character. Candle Jack is a cool name because I like candles and I like the name Jack. Try singing "Chopsticks" with Candle Jack's name. Can-dle-Jack-Can-dle-Jack-Can-dle-Jack-Can-dle-Jack-Can-dle-Jack-Can-dle-Jack La la-la lCandle Jack is too lazy to kidnap people today, so he sent me instead. Sincerely, Bowser.
  • I like pie. Yay.
  • Once upon a time, there was a little mousie. IT DIED!!! The end. :3
  • In the dark of the night I was tossing and turning
    And the nightmare I had was as lit as can be
    It scared me out of my briefs
    I was wearing nothing but leavesnote 
    Then I opened my eyes, because I had to pee!
  • My super awesome strategy for Super Smash Bros.: Spam Sonic's side taunt. It doesn't do anything to help you win, but it's hilarious! "YOU'RE TOO SLOW!" "YOU'RE TOO SLOW!" "YOU'RE TOO SLOW!" "YOU'RE TOO SLOW!"
  • Time to experiment with large text.

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! You are now all under my power! NOBODY is safe from my wrath!!!

    Fun with red links 

Actually useful stuff

    Future Playing With pages 
PlayingWith/Warm-Hearted Walrus

Basic Trope: Walruses portrayed as lovable, benevolent creatures.

  • Straight: ???
  • Exaggerated: ???
  • Downplayed: ???
  • Justified: ???
  • Inverted: ???
  • Subverted: ???
  • Double Subverted: ???
  • Parodied: ???
  • Zig Zagged: ???
  • Averted: Wily Walrus
  • Enforced: ???
  • Lampshaded: ???
  • Invoked: ???
  • Exploited: ???
  • Defied: ???
  • Discussed: ???
  • Conversed: ???

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    Future work/creator pages 
Future page for Marc Jungermann

Marc Jungermann is a Swedish composer who specializes in instrumental, world, and fantasy music.

He is primarily a YouTube user, and his channel can be found here. However, he also has his own website as well.

On December 29, 2016, he announced that he was composing the soundtrack for an upcoming video game titled Aegis: Innocence, and posted one track from the game on Youtube.

Tropes relating to Marc and his music include:



Circus Funk

When you think of circus or carnival music, you probably imagine something old fashioned, like a calliope or a brass band. While these instruments are still very common in circus music, sometimes creators want to give their circus setting a more modern edge. To do that, they need a more modern style of music.

Enter funk. It's cool, it's fun, it's bouncy, and it's often very catchy. The nature of funk music fits surprisingly well with circus or carnival settings, or with characters such as clowns.

May or may not overlap with Creepy Circus Music, although that trope usually borrows from the more "traditional" circus music.

Not to be confused with Circus Punk, if there ever was such a thing.


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