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DrNoPuma and me as a puma and an armadillo.


I first came across this site back in 2009, but it was a bit messy back then and I lost interest a few months later. After being away for years, I slowly got back into reading the articles sometime in late 2015, but I didn't officially become a troper until January 21st, 2018.

I'm interested in video games and would love to make one myself someday. I also have some interest in writing and completed a short novel in 2013, The Armadillo with No Heart.

Here on the wiki, you'll mostly see me on the Forum Games board, but I'm pretty quiet for the most part. There isn't much I can contribute to the articles right now, but I probably will as future things that interest me are released.

According to DrNoPuma, the three characters that best describe me are Yooka, 9-Volt, and Koops. Puma has also chosen the Shipwreck Creek theme from Yooka-Laylee as my Leitmotif. :D

I'm currently participating in several forum roleplays (listed below), and I'm having a lot of fun with all of them!

I have a DeviantArt, though my art isn't very good yet.

Basic information:

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: In my twenties as of this writing
  • Myers-Briggs: INFP
  • Nicknames: Blue, Bluey, Thorn, Thorny

Pages I've started:

Stuff I like:

I'm still planning to add a lot more stuff to this list. :P

Favorite tropes

Tropes that apply to me:

  • The Baby of the Bunch: The youngest in my family. I'm not too fond of all the negative stereotypes associated with it.
  • Berserk Button: If I see you being mean to DrNoPuma, I will get very mad.
  • Big Eater: I have a huge appetite. I've been trying my best to control it lately, though.
  • Blind Without 'Em: My eyesight is pretty bad without my glasses.
  • Eyes Always Averted: I've always had a lot of trouble making eye contact.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: Mostly phlegmatic (quiet, shy, and usually calm). When I was younger, I leaned more towards melancholic (more serious, moody, and prone to anxiety), but I've mellowed out.
  • I Hate Past Me: I was a rather cynical teenager with a low opinion of humanity, even though I lacked the brains or maturity to have an educated opinion on the subject. I can't express how happy I am to have put all that behind me.
  • Neat Freak: Yep. I like having things in order. :P
  • Nervous Wreck: I tend to get anxious easily, though this has gotten a bit better in the past few years.
  • No Social Skills: I've always been like this. A lot of the time, I feel uncomfortable talking to people and don't really know how to have a conversation. I'm a lot more sociable here than I am in real life.
  • Pacifist: Fighting is rarely worth it, so I try to avoid it.
  • The Quiet One: I don't talk very much, especially in real life.
  • Shrinking Violet: It might not show a lot on here, but in real life, I'm extremely shy and have trouble opening up to people.
  • Sweet Tooth: I love all kinds of sweets.

That didn't give a very flattering impression of me, did it?

Some forum games I've started:

My roleplay characters:

A list of characters I'm playing or have played as in the Forum Games here. I also borrowed this idea from Puma, since he has a similar list on his page. :P
Lancelot Victor (art by DrNoPuma) Rex dressed as Dillon Rufus (art by Puma) Peter Professor Diggs Gregory
Rena Byron Murphy Roger Teddy Bucky Gecko Bluethorn  
Mitts Patch  

Leitmotifs for tropers:

An idea I borrowed from DrNoPuma and Revaryk. I still update this occasionally, but I can't promise I'll be able to pick a leitmotif for everyone.

Random stuff that didn't fit anywhere else

  • I'm a Capricorn.
  • This was my first post on TV Tropes.
  • Victor was the name I originally planned to use for my Sandshrew character if/when I joined We Have All Become Pokιmon. However, since I joined We Are All Pirates' Revenge first (and, at the time, I wasn't yet sure if I would join WHABP), I used the name for my character there instead.
  • My favorite Pokémon type is Dark. My favorite Pokémon overall are Charizard, Sandslash, Lugia, Krookodile, Zekrom, and Heliolisk.