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You just clicked a troper page, you just clicked a troper page! You just clicked a troper page, I wonder whose it is?

It's arimothereindeer's troper page!

I.... am Arimo!

Here's a little somethin'-somethin' of an introduction'.

'Round and 'round these nets I go by the little name of Arimo, or Arimo the Reindeer, if you will. Or heck, even アリモ will do, too. To avoid Viewer Gender Confusion, let me say I am in fact a woman or a lady or a person of the non-male gender. Also, I am only a mere 18 years of age.

I've been reading TV Tropes for quite a while, and one day, I decided to sign up with the sole purpose of adding a page for Tensai Bakabon. However, I am enjoying the massive community a lot, so I am here to stay! You can see me around the forums in the Anime, Forums Games, and Yack Fest sections, but if you're lucky, you might find me someplace else. Feel free to talk to me, I don't bite, uhyo!

You may know me as that weird weeb who likes old children's anime and the Showa era way too much.


60s through 80s Japan was so cool....

(In interest folders, things with / actually should have more than are listed, and I am just too lazy to list them at the moment.)

Last updated: June 12, 2019

arimothereindeer's interests include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • The Energizer Bunny.
  • Karl Ojisan, from Meiji's Karl cheese curls.
  • Peko-chan from Fujiya, as well as Poko-chan and Dog.
  • The two Unagi Inus from Tokyo Gas.
    Anime and Manga 
    Asian Animation 
    Films (Animated) 
  • Big Hero 6 - Ah. I love Fred and Baymax.
  • Toy Story - I love all of them to bits for the concept, plots, and humor alike.
    Films (live action 
  • Korede iinoda: Eiga Akatsuka Fujio - It's an Akatsuka movie. So yeah.
  • Battle Royale - Kawada is best boy. (I've seen the movie too, and it's....alright, I guess)
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Book series of my childhood and my teenhood, too. I own every single book and I have been buying every new one each year since the fourth one came out. Periphery Demographic indeed.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya - I'm not done with the series yet, nor have I seen the anime, but these books are very good. I find them an ideal balance of humor, slice of life, and sci-fi.
  • Daft Punk, especially the Discovery and Human After All albums, and Alive 2007.
  • Giorgio Moroder, especially the From Here to Eternity album
  • Scha Dara Parr, especially their first album (スチャダラパー大作戦) and the song Konya wa Boogie Back.
  • Italo Disco in general.
I want to get more into Vaporwave.
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     Web Original (animation, comics, etc.) 
     Western Animation 

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Akatsuka Side Characters

These are characters from Akatsuka manga or anime that are one offs, whose stories I decided to continue, extend, or in some cases, completely create!
    The Hatabous 
  • Hitman "Jo" Hatabou

One of The Hatabous, Jo is an intelligent assassin. Unlike the rest of the Hatabous, he can suppress his "dajo" verbal tic, although sometimes he may let it slip on accident. He finds the tic infantile and cutesy, which is why he tends to avoid using it. Although he is rather tough compared to most of the gags from Akatsuka Town, he tends to overestimate his power. He tends to act like as much as a badass as he possibly can to separate himself from the rest of the overly cute Hatabous. His text color is black.

  • Frank Hatabou

The second Hatabou, Frank is an "American" singer who uses his nationality as a marketing technique in Japan. In reality, he knows very little about American culture, as much as he pretends he knows. As you may have guessed, he is not actually American either, he just finds it a fun thing to pretend to be. Just like the normal/default Hatabou, his favorite foods are hamburgers and American dogs. His text color is green.

  • Parabou

The third Hatabou, he is a bit of an outcast and is only classified as a Hatabou due to his hairstyle and facial features. However, unlike a normal Hatabou, he does not wear a flag on his head, but a beach parasol instead. He doesn't naturally have a dajo tic either; he just pretends to, and occasionally forgets to add it to the ends of his sentences. He is actually less familiar with the sextuplets than he is with close neighbor Bakabon. Parabou lives on a beach resort and wears only swim shorts. His hobbies include sunbathing, collecting seashells, swimming, surfing, and making sand castles. His text color is blue.

  • Robomatsu

Robomatsu is a clone of the sextuplets built by Iyami. Despite having independent thoughts, he never goes against orders given to him by his Master Iyami. Robomatsu's purpose was to wreak havoc across Akatsuka Town, putting blame on the sextuplets because he looks exactly like them. He has a rather warped idea of what the sextuplets are like, due to how Iyami describes them to him. Whenever describing them, Robomatsu tends to describe the sextuplets as the most vile, wretched, disgusting creatures ever. He is nearly mute and can only say "pika", but he is very thoughtful. After his combustion and repair, Iyami forgot all about him and threw him in the closet, but he still lives. His text color is gray.

  • Usomatsu

Usomatsu is a foul-mouthed Osomatsu lookalike from the Kansai region. Commonly mistaken for Osomatsu, Usomatsu has taken an absolute hatred to him and the rest of his brothers. Usomatsu also has a twin brother [who I have yet to name] that is a doppelgänger of Choromatsu. Usomatsu, similar to Robomatsu, also mimicks the real sextuplets, but in this case out of spite, not from orders. It is somewhat easy for him and his twin to be differentiated from the real deal, though, because they both have incredibly thick Kansai dialects! His text color is red.

    Bakada University 
  • Kashitaro

Kashitaro, also known as I-Borrow, is a Bakada University graduate and one of Bakabon no Papa's kohai. Back in his college days, he made a lot of loans to friends, and now he's on a never ending quest to retrieve 700 yen from anyone he ever lent money to. It seems he has forgotten who he has loaned to and tends to claim to literally everyone that they owe him money. Good thing he doesn't charge any interest! His text color is purple.

Mascot Headcanon Voices

Headcanon voices for mascots, mostly yuru-chara.

    Mascot Headcanon Voices 

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