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Troper Wall / Bluethorn

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Vandalize to your heart's content.

  • This is the result of years of Vandalizing! ...Okay, obscure references aside, I have vandalized your wall, bwahahaha! -Revaryk
  • This wall is a little empty... I'll help fix that! Hopefully you'll get plenty of nice messages! — CrystalMemoria
  • Hello! I'm from the forum game—QuantumMelody29
  • *crashes in through window* -Zanreo
  • El Hydra waz here.
  • I am not talking to you right now.note  -Totally Not An Alien
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  • Corn flakes. -EeveeGirlChey
  • HELP-I'm stuck inside the wall. QUICK DONATE 600 MILLION TO MY WEBSITE. - Hydraloonie
  • Tell me, would a chainsaw make a good basis for a demon-killing sword? - G2BattleConvoy
  • I'm blue da ba die da ba danote  also sometimes I confuse you for another certain troper but you're pretty nice so -Mvfl G
  • Hello. Help me. -Tropers/Playing_with_boy
  • What's your name / Who's your daddy / Is he rich like me? - Keiron Cioran
  • You say your troper page doesn't give a very flattering image of yourself, but I saw caring, humility, and matureness in it, so HA you're wrong! ~ Elisabel
  • hOI i'm tEMMIE! -Emperor_Ing
  • Omae wa mou shinderu. -Siegfried 1337
  • I just realized that I haven't done a normal vandalism for you yet. So I'm doing it now, even without you posting on the vandalism thread. Hi to you too, buddy! -DrNoPuma
    • Aww... you just made my day. Thank you. 😊
  • Pleased to make your acquaintance. - Larry Mullen
  • Salutations! I look forward to seeing how Bright Eyes and Victor get along. It'll probably be amusing, at the least. -Nine Tailed Cat
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  • If you were Greenthorn you would die. -TheWhistleTropes
  • this isn't even technically a legal vandalism, since it's from the "3 threads below this one" game... I'll make up for it later, I promise —Kung-Fu Cutbug

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