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Whether or not this can happen isn't the biggest danger here.
His headset's lifespan was shortened when a vacuum cleaner sucked it in.

I could do a quote, but I feel more like I wanna use a song.

SomeLibre here. I first visited the site in 2018 when a commenter on a Puyo Puyo Tetris cutscene video pointed out the tropes Satan/Dark Prince played when he was accused of merging the Puyo and Tetris worlds together.

I hop into a work page in TV Tropes because to me, it's a method of finding out stuff in media without actively expending money, which I prefer.

Indonesian, which means I'm most likely active on opposite timezones to many tropers here (They're asleep, I'm active on the wiki)

Age at account creation (10 December 2020): 16

Username Context: Stardream Studios and StrixSF2 are websites/individuals dedicating to create libre soundfontsnote  for the music community to use commercially and noncommercially. Libre is a word from the Spanish language meaning "free", which refers to the object being easily available or free of any restrictions. A "libre" soundfont would be easily available to anyone on the Internet, and doesn't pose any restrictions for whatever commercial purpose or relicensing of music made with the soundfont the consumer intends.


Some Libre Soundfonts

    Stuff that applies to me in this website, and others 
  • all lowercase letters: downplayed in that i'm taking advantage of the fact that most of the site's forums are basically communication zones to forgo typing a capital first letter in a sentence.
  • Berserk Button: More of a "close enough" to a berserk most i'll usually get a bit passive-aggresive.
    • Just saying "SCP" when you're supposed to refer to the SCP Wiki, the website whereupon SCP's are written. [1]
  • Gosh Dang It to Heck!: Whilst i default to this when swearing (frick, freak, crap, derp, heck), the various circumstances in this wiki outside of Forum Games would have me zigzag this trope a bit wildly. Most commonly is me using the word "hell" whilst averse to greater swearwords (fuck, shit, bitch, dick, etc)
  • Surprisingly Good Foreign Language: This is what happens when an Indonesian joins an English extracurriculum in early elementary, then exposed to Indo-subbed english language TV shows such as the ones from Discovery Channel and National Geographic.
  • Common Forum Habitats: Forum Games, Projects: Long Term/Perpetual
    Fav stunfs[sic] in Forums 

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By Amada44 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, [2]

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