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I have a page now! But not a non-shameful username. It comes from a purported medieval variant of Elisabeth/Isabel (one of those is my middle name) back before they had quite split into separate names. It's appropriate because I love looking at etymology, but not really appropriate because it sounds so amazingly frou-frou. (Nothing against amazingly frou-frou people! I just don't happen to be one myself.)


Reddit and Tumblr have bigger slices than TV Tropes in my Revolving Pie of Internet Obsessions (says who that's mixing metaphors?), but you have to take a lot of care on those sites not to fall in with nasty people. TV Tropes and its inhabitants are for the most part ridiculously friendly and welcoming, so I'm happy to be a Troper, even though I only visit intermittently, and make terrible edits when I dare to interfere with the wiki at all.

I'll jump a little late on the "describe yourself in three characters" bandwagon with Bilbo Baggins, Stephen Maturin, and Lady Sybil Ramkin. They differ from me in age and setting and abilities, but there's lots of stuff I relate to in their temperaments and worldviews.

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    Tropes That May Describe Me 
  • Ambiguous Disorder: For a long time I thought I might be autistic (it runs in the family and I have several traits in common with autistic family members), but after some research that idea doesn't fit as well as I thought it did, and I won't be pursuing a diagnosis. So I'm not sure what all's causing my weirdnesses (aversion to eye contact, face/voice veering between expressionless and cartoonily overexpressive, difficulty "piloting" my body, inability to read social subtext - the list goes on).
  • Bookworm: Zig Zagged Trope. I didn't start to read till the late end of normal. But I read almost continuously from then till age 15, and got told by my dad that at age eleven I wrote better than most college students (that gap has certainly closed now, if it existed). But now I'm obsessed with visual media instead. But I do still read a lot. But it's mostly on the Internet not in books ...
  • Homeschooled Kids: With mixed results. I wound up kind of fitting the "ignorant awkward homeschool kid" stereotype, and now that I've "graduated" the holes in my knowledge have become more apparent, but most other homeschoolers I've met were way cooler and less stereotypical than me.
  • Pop-Cultural Osmosis Failure: With many media, but especially video games, since I never had any consoles growing up.
  • Raised Catholic: Currently trying to walk the line between the old scrupulosity and cafeteria Catholicism.
  • Stop Being Stereotypical: I'm a homeschool graduate who's religious and sheltered and has social troubles, a girl who's subhuman at math, and a young nerd Troper, so people can very well have this reaction.
  • Team Mom: Am not this by a long shot, but aspire to be someday.
  • Writer's Block: For the past two or three years! I can crank out a poem once in a while, but all my stories get stuck in the research-headache stage.

    Tropes I Like in Stories 
  • Adorkable: Come on, there's nothing wrong with loving loveable people! I'm instantly biased towards people like this in both real life and fiction.
  • Antiquated Linguistics: I've got this "illustrated natural history of the world" book from 1922, written by some Ernest Protheroe, F.Z.S. It combines Seldom-Seen Species with Antiquated Linguistics and it's the purtiest thing, look at it:
    The Nightjar is also called the Goatsucker, but it does not suck goats, although various superstitions to that effect are current in most European countries. Notwithstanding its owlish face, the bird is not related to the owls; but it frequents bracken, and hence another name, "Fern Owl," is more appropriate. The title "Nightjar" fits the bird excellently, for its habits are rather nocturnal, its flight is noiseless, and its cry is a long-drawn jarring or churring sound, not unlike that produced by drawing a hard substance across a large-toothed comb.
  • Battle Couple: I don't get invested in Will They or Won't They? stories, but I love stories where They've Already Done and can casually show their love for each other while advancing a badass plot. (It's also fun when there's an Action Spouse and a Peace Spouse and each looks out for the other in his/her own way, but I'm not sure there's a trope article for that.)
  • Cuddle Bug: Wish fulfillment, because I'd be like this in real life if I had the guts (and the social awareness to make sure I only hugged people who wanted to be hugged). Rgh, I just ... feel so much affection for people!
  • Elemental Powers: Never, ever think this is too cliche to use. About the only way you can go "wrong" with it is make the Earth elementals good with plants and animals as part of their power because simply moving earth is not pretty. First of all, living creatures need air and water, and have much more of those in their bodies than earth (ideally). Second of all, it's even more awesome when you take the creativity to make earthbending visually appealing and powerful by itself.
  • Pretty much everything in the Gender Dynamics Index is fascinating - several are unfortunate when Played Straight, but I love to see them discussed.
  • Knight In Sour Armor: I mean Sam Vimes ...
  • Seldom-Seen Species: Tree kangaroos, caecilians, numbats - you can't get tired of these.
  • True Companions / The Not-Love Interest / Platonic Life-Partners / Heterosexual Life-Partners ... and everything in that vein, actually. Wish fulfillment ahoy!
  • Unlikely Cute tropes in general: A recent development. I used to find not even babies cute, but now I quietly go insane over robots, skeletons, scarecrows, good orcs, things with teeth (not usually vampires, though, because of the "let's extract people's vital bodily fluids without asking them first!" thing), and adult human people if they have certain personalities. It's sorta weird.

    Tropes That Annoy Me 
  • This Is Something He's Got to Do Himself: Because it usually doesn't make sense; that a good thing gets done is the important thing, and letting your team be your team and help you makes it likelier to get done. This makes you look as if you care more for your pride than for succeeding, which is annoying since (in fiction) the thing the character's trying to do alone is usually something really important with lives or the world at stake.
  • Ye Olde Butchered English: Even if done intentionally it's just not to my taste. (If you like Info Dumps, that second-person pronoun goes like this: "Thine eyes are dim, thou canst not see, thou hast not brought thy specs with thee.")
  • You Bastard!: You hate the tendencies of this genre, so you write a work in it and deliberately load it up with these perversions that you hate, in order to call all your fans monsters for enjoying your work? That was a lot of time and work you could have spent on something more enjoyable for everyone concerned.

    Favorite Fiction 

    Other Websites I Like 
  • The Public Domain Gang (Wikisource, Internet Archive, Libri Vox, Project Gutenberg).
  • Semi-Social Media (Reddit and Tumblr).

Two of my siblings have Troper Pages too now! - older brother Ninja Caracal, and younger sister Sapphire Roses.


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