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Old school soul

"In a bookstore lit with orange hues, a puffy-haired black person is reading a novel about a motley crew of space mercenaries. We zoom out from them and their book to find that the table next to his comfy chair, and the can of root beer next to him, are both floating, with the drink streaming into the air. It's a serene moment, and the camera pulls away from them through a window to the outside of the bookstore, parked on top of a moon."
- Tre

"I recognize in thieves, traitors and murderers, in the ruthless and the cunning, a deep beauty - a sunken beauty."
- Jean Genet

For the best effect, listen to this while reading.

Hello. My name is Keiron Cioran (pronounced keer-awn see-or-an). I am black, gay, autistic, non-binary, an anarchist, a furry and a Pogues fan. Make of that what you will.

Alignment: True Neutral with very Chaotic tendencies.

Since some tropers i like did this i am going to do it too. Three characters that best describe me are:

1. Klaus Hargreeves (unnecessarily flamboyant at times, queer, asocial)

2. Evie Frye (intuitive, precocious, arrogant)

3. Jacuzzi Splot (anxious, worrisome, not good in a crisis)

     Tropes I'm associated with 

Tropes (and works) I am fond of

  • Favorite artists include:
    • Félicien Rops (NFSW)
    • Zdzislaw Beksinski
    • Théodore Géricault
    • Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec
    • Jim Steranko
    • Yves Chaland
    • Rumlocker (NSFW)
    • Angelbert Metoyer
    • Jean Cocteau
    • Ivan Kramskoi
    • Akseli Gallen-Kallela
    • Hirohiko Araki
    • Gustav Klimt
    • H.J. Ford
    • László Moholy-Nagy
    • Alex Maleev
    • Frank Frazetta
    • Norman Zammitt
    • David Tibet
    • Marccus / Rnarccus (NSFW)
    • Darwyn Cooke
    • Frederic Leighton
    • Wangechi Mutu
    • Jean-François Millet
    • Aubrey Beardsley (NSFW)
    • Roberto Matta
    • John William Waterhouse
    • Steve Dillon (NFSW)
    • Adam Hughes
    • Ilya Repin
    • Gengoroh Tagame (NSFW)
    • Wally Wood
    • Franz von Bayros
    • Egon Schiele
    • Sovonight
    • Jack Kirby
    • Alfred Steglitz
    • Sidney Nolan
    • Winsor Mccay
    • José Ferraz de Almeida Júnior
    • Diego Rivera
    • Absolum
    • José Clemente Orozco
    • David Alfaro Siqueros
    • Alphonse Mucha
    • Alvin D. Loving
    • Francis Picabia
    • Eikoh Hosoe
    • Helena Almeida
    • Snartles
    • Clint Langley
    • Yudoridori (NSFW)
    • Carl Andre
    • Ramon Casas
    • Gina Pane
    • Tamara de Lempicka
    • Wassily Kadinsky
    • Ron Mueck
    • Edmund Dulac
    • Renee Cox
    • Walker Evans
    • Constatin Brâncusi
    • Takaku Nozomu (Neyukidou) (NSFW)
    • Yves Klein
    • Maurice Sendak
    • Amedeo Modigliani
    • Edgar Degas
    • Lee Bermejo
    • Juan Luna
    • Titian
    • Francisco de Goya
    • Artemisia Gentileschi
    • Jacques Tardi
    • Luerstine
    • Bob Thompson
    • Joseph Mallord William Turner
    • Katsumi Enami
    • Gustave Courbet
    • Evelyn de Morgan
    • John Singer Sargent
    • Frida Kahlo
    • Bernice Bing
    • El Greco
    • Christopher Moeller
    • Kenneth Jeong (RONO 1848)
    • Bill Sienkiewicz
    • Vince Price (Immp)
    • Jean-Michel Basquiat
    • Gustave Doré
    • David Roberts
    • Eugene Delacroix
    • Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis
    • Pieter Claesz
    • Ernst Haeckel
    • Leonardo Manco
    • Gordon Parks
    • William Holman Hunt
    • Kaloust Guedel
    • Marcelo Frusin
    • Joseph Wright of Derby
    • Paul Klee
    • Jason (Norwegian cartoonist)
    • David Mazzucchelli
    • Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale
    • Odilon Redon
    • Greg Smallwood
    • Thomas Hart Benton
    • Rembrandt van Rijn
    • Greta Van Vechten
    • Max Bill
    • Larry Bell
    • Klaus Janson
    • Oscar Römer
    • James Rosenquist
    • Naim June Paik
    • Adolf Wölfli
    • Hugo Simberg
    • Nadar
    • Paolo Rivera
    • Caravaggio
    • William Meritt Chase
    • Hasui Kawase
    • David W. Mack
    • Balthus (NSFW)
    • Kara Walker
    • Peter van Dongen
    • Ai Weiwei
    • Juan Gris
    • Ivan Shishkin
    • Geof Darrow (NSFW)
    • Dante Gabriel Rossetti
    • William Morris
    • Madge Gill
    • John H. White
    • William-Adolphe Bouguereau
    • Maxfield Parrish
    • William Johnson
    • John Romita Sr.
    • Mœbius (NSFW)
    • Viktor Vasnetsov
    • Jacob Lawrence
    • Alex Ross
    • Vittorio Giardino
    • Romare Bearden
    • Chris Ware
    • James Abbott Mcneil Whistler
    • Spookeedoo (NSFW)
    • Herbert Bayer
    • Allan Kaprow
    • Tim Bradstreet
    • Felix Gonzalez-Torres
    • Henri Matisse
    • Paul Cadmus
    • Kentaro Miura
    • Chris Samnee
    • Pierre-Auguste Renoir
    • Jason Lutes
     Fairy Tales, Fables & Folktales 

  • Peter Quill / Star-Lord is on the autism spectrum. Reasons why are:

    • Stims by listening to music and dancing (music and the Walkman and, eventually, the Zune, itself is also his special interest, given his response to having them taken away; i.e. becoming fiercely protective to the point of putting himself in harm's way)

    • Although he doesn't associate with the Ravagers, he keeps on the jacket because it is somewhat of a pressure/familiarity stim (the same goes for his mask, as it's clear that he doesn't necessarily need it for space travel).

    • Although he likes familiarity, he does not like being controlled. Which is why he left / doesn't really identify with the Ravagers in the films continuity. The main reason he sticks with the Guardians (and Richard Rider / Nova in the comics) throughout and post the Annihilation Wave (Nova, then) and the Phalanx Invasion (Rocket, then) is mainly because they stick to themselves most of the time and they kind of fit with each other. They don't really have or expect him to follow any rules, considering they barely have any themselves.

    • Is very possessive when it comes to his personal belongings (his Walkman, his Zune, the Milano)

    • Is very excitable when talking about the things he likes (the casette tapes his mother made and the music on them, that time when Ego explained what he could do with his powers and the first thing that came to mind was a giant Pac-Man statue

    • In the films continuity, it is shown he cannot handle difficult or intense emotional situations (which is, by proxy, the reason he is so emotionally immature). When his mother died, he would not hold her hand because that would have meant accepting (and succumbing to) those emotions and making the moment all the more real to him (forcing him into a meltdown). As he did when Ego broke his Walkman and it is revealed he put the tumor in his mother's brain. After a guard at the Klyn took his Walkman. And is pretty much the reason he reacts the way he does to Gamora's death at Thanos hands
Solid Snake and Big Boss, respectively

  • Naked Snake (Big Boss) and Solid Snake are on the autism spectrum. Reasons why are:

    • Solid actually inherits his autistic traits from Naked. This is a given considering he is his clone son. This is one of the reasons why he specifically was considered an imperfect clone. He had what Les Enfants Terribles considered to be the undesirable traits of his donor / father.

    • Naked Snake (Big Boss) doesn't like touch. In any scene with EVA or really any person (the only exception really being The Boss, his maternal figure), he gives very obvious signs that he hates touch. Not all touch, he has to crawl in mud and dirt, but human touch. When EVA touches him, he seizes up and it's incredibly obvious the sensation is very strange and unpleasant for him.

    • Naked and Solid also both share a special interest and stim in cardboard boxes. As shown as this clip, Naked feels a kind of safety and euphoria akin to that of a child when inside of it. Solid has his own variation of this, in which, he considers them very important to stealth missions.

    • Naked and Solid experience echolalia; the unsolicited repetition of noises and sounds from outside sources, usually other people. It's usually considered nonsense word repetition, but in the games in which Naked / Boss and Solid / Old Snake are depicted it's shown as a way they communicate with others and understand the world around them.

    • Naked and Solid have a need for commonality and a want for peace and (initially) find it in the solidarity between soldiers / mercenaries in the games. They truly do not want to be seen as other and their preference for stealth is another way they avoid / descalate conflict. Even Big Boss's forming of Outer Haven is effectively him coping with the fact his own government has othered him for and by forcing him to make harsh snapshot decisions in critical situations (i.e. the entire situation surrounding Shagohod, The Boss and the Philosopher's Legacy).

      • Solid, although better at coping with this (probably because of the support from his friend / handler / lover Otacon. Yes, they are together and raising Sunny by the end of MGS4, anyone who disagrees with this will be put to the sword), He still measures his actions to the world around him and wonders if it's really worth it in his days as Old Snake.
  • Hellboy (specifically Guillermo del Toro's version, played by Ron Perlman) is a allegory for transmasculinity.

    • Hellboy removes his horns despite them being strong masculine signifiers because they're a glaring reminder that he isn't human. He cares more about signifiers of human masculinity. He wishes to transition from a demon with male traits to a male human.

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"I look around at you, and you know what I see? Losers. People who've lost something. Friends, family, normal lives. One might say life takes more than it gives, but today, it's giving us a chance."


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