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this image is semi-obsolete unless you're talking about the guy with the hammers

"Life's a bitch and then you die."
Na S - Life's A Bitch

Hiya! I'm Emvee, and I have no relation to the similarly-named Pokémon.

Wait, I still gotta explain who I am? Damn.

Name Wira P note 
Age Old
Gender Male, mostly
Pronouns He/him, they/them
Nationality Indonesian
Ethnicity Asian
MBTI/Enneagram INFP, 4w5 sx/so
LEAP note  L45, E34, A34, P37
Character Alignment Chaotic Good
Hogwarts House Slytherin

Going back to my forum roots, I'm going to re-use the trend I started - the three characters that describe me are Chara, Charles Boyle, and... Felix Ungar.
(Ha, you thought I was going to go for the Added Alliterative Appeal? This is a free country, baby.)

I also run a troper Discord server, so just shoot me a DM if you want in!
(On that note, my Discord handle is Procrastidēity#2730 or something similar to that. Just a heads up.)


I have the same MBTI and Enneagram type as Acuddle, but I meme more. Remember that.

     Descriptive trope-thingies 
     Author thumbprint-thingies 
Like a lot of people, I have a good number of Creator Thumbprints. Expect them to pop up in my works.
     Special interests over the years 
Mind if I just, y'know, show my Aspie side over here? Thanks.
  • Flowers: (???) - 2004. That was what made me start talking, I shit you not.
  • Bananas in Pyjamas: 2004 - 2006. The live-action version will always be superior.
  • The Magic School Bus: 2006 - 2008. Actually, science shows in general, but I was particularly obsessed with this series.
  • Franco-Belgian Comics, especially Tintin: 2008-2011. My whole fixation on them made me get into comic writing and art.
  • Hugo: 2011-2012. I liked it so much I made a whole-ass work ripping it off. Martin Scorsese, I am so sorry.
  • Nikola Tesla: 2011-2014. Thanks a lot for deifying him, Matthew Inman!
  • Sherlock: 2012-2013. Those were dark times.


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