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Hello, it's NoonboryKedabory. Thanks for finding my page.

I want to be a preschool show writer/creator, so you can probably find my edits on shows of the sort.

I am the creator of a preschool show project known as Hugs From Isabelle. I'm hoping to one day pitch the idea to a studio.

I am friends with Excelsior 123. We are admins on the RJG wiki and are partners in space-crime.

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  • Some other stuff that I don't remember.

Confirming trivia

This is just to confirm any trivia placed in Trivia pages for my fics.
    Confirmed Trivia 
Junior Officers Everything is accurate.
  • My bugling was the one who suggested the name change for Melvin Mule.
  • The fourth chapter in the Sarabi Arc was the hardest because every subject I could think of didn't have enough info available for research.
  • "Valentine's Day" was published as a standalone because I kept procrastinating and then didn't have time to write the original planned version.
  • Yeah, I wrote fanfiction for a grade, what about it.
  • All of the hometowns were chose because they're all close to bodies of water.

Home Sick Everything is accurate.

  • Had to change Mary's name when I named a different one Rosemary.
  • I switched around the names of the Sassy Sisters to make their connections with The Golden Girls more clear (ex. had to swap around Barbara and Stella).
  • Come on, Sandman would totally yell at the boxers (especially Aran) to shut up.

Let Me Warm Your Heart Everything is accurate.

  • I chose specifically Joe as sort of a tie-in to Ma Fille, since he acted fatherly towards Narcis.

Ma Fille Everything is accurate.

  • I also used "Little Katrina" as a placeholder title.
  • I don't think I'm ever gonna publish that Smash Bros. fic...

Rise of the Save-Ums Everything is accurate.

  • I imagined a badass "hero montage" set to "Back in Black" for the original Dan Clark cut.

Fragile; Handle with Care Everything is accurate.

  • I put the title up to a vote in a Discord server I'm in, and the votes were almost unanimously for Fragile; Handle with Care.

The Panda Chronicles Everything is accurate.

  • That's on me for not fact-checking before I post.

Strong and Steady Everything is accurate.

  • I needed to give my poor, battered account some space to breathe.

Tropes about my fanfictions

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