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IMPORTANT: This page is like my own little sanctuary. Do not edit it unless I gave you explicit access to do so. If you notice an error (ex. spelling mistake, misuse of a trope), fix it as you wish, just make sure I know about it.

Jelly Jamm fanon

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    Jelly Jamm: Rhythm of the Stars 

Jelly Jamm: Rhythm of the Stars

A musical adaptation of the series.
Scenes/Songsnote :

Act 1

  • 1. Overture/Morning in Jammbo (Bello, Goomo, Mina, Rita, Ongo, King, Queen, Ensemble)
  • 2. Putting On a Musical (Bello, Goomo, Mina, Rita, Ongo)
  • 3. Medical Drama (Bello, Goomo, Mina, Rita, Ongo, Ensemble)
  • 4. Cooking Show (Bello, Goomo, Mina, Rita, Ongo, Ensemble)
  • 5. Apocalypse Now (Bello, Goomo, Mina, Rita, Ensemble)
  • 6. To The Library (Bello, Goomo, Mina, Rita, Ongo)
  • 7. I'm Not a Freak (Ongo)
  • 8. Brainstorm (Bello, Goomo, Mina, Rita)
  • 9. Right Away vs. Wait And See (Ongo, King, Queen)
  • 10. Fight Song (Bello, Goomo, Mina, Rita, Ongo, Ensemble)
  • 11. Jammbo's Many Worlds (Ongo, Ensemble)

Act 2

  • 12. Morning in Jammbo Reprise (Bello, Goomo, Mina, Rita)
  • 13. We Want You Here (All Bebops, Ongo)
  • 14. Ongo's Missing (Bello, Goomo, Mina, Rita, Ensemble)
  • 15. Inauguration (All Bebops, Ongo)
  • 16. Have You Seen This Jelly? (Bello, Goomo, Mina, Rita, Ensemble)
  • 17. Book Club/Ongo's Realization (All Bebops, Ongo)
  • 18. Have You Seen This Jelly? Reprise/I Could Never Leave You (Rita, Ongo, Shantio, Rasala)
  • 19. Where Is That Boy? (Bello, Goomo, Mina)
  • 19. Ongo Come Home/Welcome to the Show (Bello, Goomo, Mina, Rita, Ongo, All Bebops)
  • 20. Home Again/Last Minute Prep (Bello, Goomo, Mina, Rita, Ongo, All Bebops)
  • 21. Rhythm of the Stars (Bello, Goomo, Mina, Rita, Ongo, King, Queen, All Bebops, Ensemble)
  • 22. What a Lovely Show/Finale: Holding Hands (Bello, Goomo, Mina, Rita, Ongo, King, Queen, All Bebops, Ensemble)
  • Bows: Let's Go Together (Bello, Goomo, Mina, Rita, Ongo, King, Queen, All Bebops, Ensemble)

NOTE: Since Ongo is the primary character, he will be used to describe tropes unless something is specific to Oona and/or Ozzy.


  • Black Comedy: A joke during "Medical Drama" involves Goomo flatlining, which is followed by this exchange.
    Mina: I don't think a medical drama is the best choice.
    Bello: Good. That means we can take these coats off.
    Goomo: (sits up) And I can be alive again!
  • Cool Big Sis: Rasala, the leader of the Bebops, acts as an older sister figure to them. She's all-loving and accepting, as her song might imply.
    If you think you're all alone in the world, we want you here!
  • Dark Reprise: Just before "I Could Never Leave You", Rita briefly sings a reprise of "Have You Seen This Jelly?", lamenting that she doesn't understand why Ongo ran away, and how she wants him to come home.
  • Distaff Counterpart: To uphold the gender balance in lead roles, Ongo was given a female counterpart named Oona, who wears a dress and a bow, and a gender-neutral counterpart named Ozzy, who wears baggy clothing. Actors will have the choice on whether they want to wear the shirt/shorts, the dress, or the baggy clothes, be called Ongo, Oona, or Ozzy, and use male, female, or neutral pronouns.
  • Elective Mute: Ongo, as revealed during "I'm Not a Freak".
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: After "To The Library", we learn that Ongo is offbeat, and he regards it as a horrible defect. This, coupled with the King and Queen's quarrel and his eventual falling-out with Mina influences his decision to run away.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • "Jammbo's Many Worlds" was the name of an episode of the original series. Fittingly enough, the song is primarily sung by Ongo.
    • "Holding Hands" was a song from the original series.
  • Poor Communication Kills: During "To The Library", Bello, Goomo, and Mina find an old, politically-incorrect book that says horrible things about the offbeat. Then along comes Ongo, who happens to be offbeat, walking in at the worst possible time to hear them out of context and think they don't want him on Jammbo.
  • Pragmatic Adaptation:
    • Characters wear fingerless gloves with their character's primary colour (i.e Bello wears red gloves, Rita wears pink gloves, etc.). Female charactersnote  also wear matching nail polish.
    • Instead of Blinding Bangs, Ongo wears sunglasses with heavy eye makeup underneath.
  • Suddenly Voiced:
    • Due to their position as the ensemble, Dodos can now speak/sing.
    • "I'm Not a Freak" reveals that Ongo is completely verbal, but chose to stay silent out of fear of discrimination for being offbeat.

    Jelly Jamm Harmony 

Jelly Jamm Harmony

As the title implies, a Continuity Reboot of the original series.

Season 1

  • 1. Rhythm of the Stars
  • 2. Bello Bot
  • 3. Dress Up Queen
  • 4. Doctor Goomo
  • 5. The Return of Jammboman
  • 6. Explosions!
  • 7. Royal Pain
  • 8. Coach Bello
  • 9. Lost in the Whistle Nut Forest
  • 10. Jammbo Bestseller
  • 11. Nothing to Fear
  • 12. Baby Pictures
  • 13. Ready to Rock
  • 14. Mina's Frog
  • 15. Lean on Mina
  • 16. Skipping Champion
  • 17. Queen's Glasses
  • 18. Visitors From Jazztopia
  • 19. Bello's Cake
  • 20. Golden Whistle Nuts
  • 21. Welcome Lila
  • 22. Teacher Rita
  • 23. Mixed Signals
  • 24. Goomo's Record
  • 25. Runaway Ongo, Part 1
  • 26. Runaway Ongo, Part 2

Season 2

  • 1. Mixed-Up Bello
  • 2. Speak Up, Oona
  • 3. Voice Mystery Voice
  • 4. A Royal Wedding
  • 5. Stitched Together
  • 6. Sitter Jerico
  • 7. Soroya's Sorrow
  • 8. Hermio and Juliet
  • 9. Sailing Sneezes


  • Accidental Misnaming: Bello Bot refers to Goomo as "Mo".
  • Adaptational Intelligence:
    • The King is less childish and more reliable than in the original.
    • While her overall intellect is the same, in Harmony, Mina (and by extenstion, the rest of the cast) now has the sense to wear proper safety equipment when doing experiments.
  • Adaptational Modesty: Unlike in the original series, Bello wears pants in Harmony.
  • Alliterative Name: "Royal Pain" mentions an Earth celebrity called Lizzie Lennon.
  • Artificial Jelly: "Bello Bot" confirms Oona to be a clone Jelly created by Mina.
  • Babies Make Everything Better: In "Welcome Lila", a baby Jammbonian (the titular Lila) is born.
  • Bilingual Bonus: "Kinoko" means "mushroom" and "hime" means "princess" in Japanese.
  • Birthday Episode: "Bello's Cake" takes place on Mina's birthday.
  • Braids of Action: Mina wears a long braid en lieu of her loose hair in the original.
  • Brought to You by the Letter "S": As of "The Return of Jammboman", Bello's Jammboman outfit now includes a cape with the letter "J" on it.
  • Color-Coded Characters:
    • Main cast:
      • Bello: Red
      • Goomo: Magenta
      • Mina: Blue
      • Rita: Pink
      • Ongo and Oona: Purple
      • King and Queen: Lavender
    • Bebops:
      • Rasala: Pink
      • Hermio: Orange
      • Jerico: Yellow
      • Kiraka: Blue
      • Shantio: Green
      • Soroya: Red
  • Companion Cube: In addition to Princess, there are two more; Goomo carries around a plush pillow in his helmet which he calls his "Confidence Pillow", and Ongo has a blanket that he often clings to.
  • Cool Big Sis: Rasala acts like this towards the younger jellies.
  • Cute Bookworm: Ongo, as always. This actually works in peoples' benefit sometimes; in "Doctor Goomo", it turns out all Goomo had to do to help him feel better is read him his favourite story.
  • Cute Mute: Ongo and Oona. The former turns out to be an Elective Mute.
  • Distaff Counterpart: Oona, who was originally created for the musical as a female counterpart to Ongo. Here, she's a joke character mainly used for background fodder.
  • Distinguishing Mark: Offbeat Jammbonians are identifiable by their sparkly, heterochromic eyes, a crescent moon shape on their shoulder, and a star shape on their forehead.
    • It's worth mentioning that Oona does not have these marks like her male counterpart, since Mina was not aware he was offbeat during the cloning process.
  • Dressed to Heal: In "Doctor Goomo", Goomo mentions that no doctor is complete without a lab coat. He also tapes a red cross shape cut out of construction paper onto his helmet.
  • Dress-Up Episode: For unknown reasons, Rita spends the entirety of "Queen's Glasses" in a Gorgeous Period Dress.
  • Eating Contest: Part of Goomo's mountain training involves him going against Ongo to see who can eat the most whistle nuts. Big surprise, Goomo wins.
  • Elective Mute: In "Runaway Ongo", it's shown that the eponymous character can indeed speak; he chose not to out of fear of giving away his offbeatness.
  • Embarrassing Old Photo: In "Baby Pictures", there is a photo of Mina wearing a pan on her head and a giant vest.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: "Explosions!" is about the kids blowing stuff up in Mina's lab.
  • Excited Episode Title!: "Explosions!"
  • Exotic Eye Designs: Offbeat Jammbonians have brightly-coloured, mismatched, sparkly eyes.
  • Expository Hairstyle Change: After the events of "Runaway Ongo", Ongo wears Peek-a-Bangs instead of Blinding Bangs.
  • Family Theme Naming: The Bebops all have three syllable names ending in 'o' (boys) or 'a' (girls).
  • Fictional Disability:
    • Falsetto Flu, an illness that causes its victim's voice to be pitched up to high heavens.
    • Downplayed with being offbeat, as its effects are purely cosmetic.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: Oona makes a cameo in each episode.
  • Good Morning, Crono: After the "Previously On" segment in "Runaway Ongo, Part 2", the episode proper begins with Ongo waking up in the Bebops' hangout.
  • Guinness Episode: In "Goomo's Record", Goomo tries to break the record of highest trampoline jump.
  • Leitmotif: Goomo is associated with a mandolin, and Ongo is associated with a flute.
  • Lower-Deck Episode: "Mystery Voice" focuses on the secondary forms of the main five (Bello Bot, Hugging Goomo, Mini Mina, Dollita, and Oona).
  • Metalhead: "Ready to Rock" focuses on Bello becoming this.
  • The Musical: In "Rhythm of the Stars", the kids put on an eponymous musical.
  • Musical Episode: "Rhythm of the Stars", in the literal sense; it's about the kids putting on a musical.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • "Rhythm of the Stars" is an episodic adaptation of Jelly Jamm: Rhythm of the Stars.
    • From "Royal Pain":
    Mina: We're getting another Earth signal. Something about some celebrity named Lizzie Lennon.
    Bellonote : Lizzie? Never heard that name before.
  • Not Listening to Me, Are You?: This exchange from "Rhythm of the Stars":
    Mina (to Ongo): We need you to be on the right for your cue in the middle of the song-
    (She realizes he isn't listening.)
    Mina (irritated): we can throw you out the window.
    (Ongo snaps his head up and looks at her like "what?!")
    Mina: I see that got your attention.
  • Poor Communication Kills: In "Runaway Ongo, Part 1", Ongo hears Bello and Goomo reading from a book containing hateful remarks towards the offbeat out of context, and believes they secretly hate him.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: The Bebops, a gang of offbeat Jammbonians who take Ongo in after he leaves his home in "Runaway Ongo".
  • Real Men Wear Pink: In "Dress Up Queen", Rita puts Goomo and Ongo in pink clothing. They seem to enjoy it.
  • Rule of Symbolism: Look at the Bebops' colour scheme. They're rednote , orangenote , yellownote , greennote , bluenote , and pinknote ; an incomplete rainbow. And indeed, the Bebops are missing something; a connection to Jammbo's society. Notice that Ongo, whom they take in, is purple, and he's from Jammbo's society. He's the connection, therefore completing them.
  • The Runaway: "Runaway Ongo" focuses on Ongo leaving his home.
  • "Shaggy Dog" Story:
    • "Golden Whistle Nuts": Whistle nuts are golden before they're ready to eat. They are not particularly valuable.
    • "Speak Up, Oona": Because Mina wasn't aware that Ongo was offbeat during the cloning process, Oona is really nonverbal and will not be able to speak.
  • Shout-Out:
    • This line from "Bello Bot":
  • Sick Episode:
    • In "Doctor Goomo", Ongo has Falsetto Flu.
    • In "Sitter Jerico", all the kids have Falsetto Flu.
  • Sickness Equals Redness: Played with in "Doctor Goomo". Purple skin + red blood = magenta blush.
  • Similar Squad: In "The Return of Jammboman", the kids try to make up new superheroes to play as, these being Muscle Man, Helmet Boy, Chemi-gal, Sakura Pompom, and Kinoko-hime.
  • Suddenly Speaking: In "Mina's Frog":
    Ongo: (points at frog) Fwog.
  • The Team:
  • Transformation Sequence: Parodied in "The Return of Jammboman":
    • Bello turns into a freakishly huge muscular man.
    • Goomo turns into a pile of helmets.
    • Mina turns into a shapeshifting hunk of chemicals.
    • Rita turns into a whirlwind of sakura petals.
    • Ongo turns into a giant human woman.
  • "What Do They Fear?" Episode: "Nothing to Fear". As shown in the episode, Goomo is nyctophobicnote , Mina is thanatophobicnote , Rita is trypanophobicnote , and Ongo is astraphobicnote .
  • Whole Episode Flashback: "A Royal Wedding" shows the night King and Queen got married.
  • Within Parameters: Somewhat. According to "Royal Pain", Earth exists in the Jelly Jamm universe, but the Jammbonians don't care for it.

    Jammbo Quest 

Jammbo Quest

Set 6 years after the original series, this series follows most of the main cast traveling to different music-themed planets around the galaxy after music on Jammbo runs out.

Can be read here.


  • 1. Jazztopia
  • 2. Country County
  • 3. Blueland
  • 4. Rockius
  • 5. Technobubble
  • 6. Funkytown
  • 7. Hippenhop
  • 8. Classifia
  • 9. Popajam
  • 10. Reggaelia
  • 11. Discon Territory
  • 12. Your-Soul
  • 13. Indigigio
  • 14. Skadowski
  • 15. Grunge Garage
  • 16. Grassazul
  • 17. Baroka
  • 18. Electroshock


  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Rita does this in the first chapter, saying the audience last checked in on her and her friends when they were younger.
  • Butt-Monkey: Mina often gets kicked around for a gag.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: Mina gets annoyed when girls on other planets flirt with Bello.
  • Color-Coded Characters:
    • Bello - red/green
    • Goomo - magenta
    • Mina - blue/purple
    • Rita - pink/magenta
  • Demoted to Extra: King and Queen are absent from the main story and only appear through passing mentions.
  • Expository Hairstyle Change:
    • In contrast to their original hairdos, Rita has grown out her hair, while Mina has chopped hers off.
    • Bello's hair has grown out a bit, and he dyed some of it green.
    • Goomo's hair is now sticking out from under his helmet.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: Mina is the Phlegmatic, Goomo is the Sanguine, Bello is the Choleric, and Rita is the Melancholic.
  • Girliness Upgrade: Mina is dressed more femininely than in the original series, and is described as being "boy-crazy".
  • Noodle Incident: Something terrible happened before the Core 4 escaped...but whatever it was, Rita can't bear to talk about it.
  • Pink Means Feminine:
    • Rita, as always.
    • Queen Jazzmine wears primarily pink.
  • Plucky Girl: Rita, who is the most determined to find all the music samples and save Jammbo.
  • Silver Fox: Obviously a kid-friendly example, but Rita once mentions in passing that Queen is "very pretty, even though she's going gray".
  • Theme Naming: Jazztopia has everyone have "Jazz" in their name (Jazzmine, Jazzica, Jazzton).
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: In contrast to the original series, Rita is now the tomboy to Mina's Girly Girl.
  • Tragic Keepsake: Because of the Noodle Incident mentioned above, Rita always wears a red scarf.
  • True Blue Femininity: Mina, as always.


The Octonauts fanon

    The Octonauts Stormy Sea Adventure 
This musical adaptation follows the Octonauts as they are forced out of the Octopod into an undersea storm and must find their way in the sea to get home.

Act 1

  • 1. Overture/Life in the Sunlight Zone (Barnacles, Kwazii, Peso, Shellington, Dashi, Inkling, Tweak, Vegimal Ensemble)
  • 2. A Storm is Brewing (Barnacles, Kwazii, Peso, Shellington, Dashi, Vegimal Ensemble)
  • 3. Octopod Overboard! (Barnacles, Kwazii, Peso, Shellington, Dashi, Inkling, Tweak, Vegimal Ensemble)
  • 4. Somewhere Very Far Away (Barnacles, Critter Ensemble)
  • 5. Out of the Trench/Like a Pirate (Kwazii, Pete, Mia, Lulu)
  • 6. Picture Perfect Momemt (Dashi, Critter Ensemble)
  • 7. Reef Exploration (Vegimal Ensemble, Critter Ensemble)
  • 8. Inkling's Manifesto (Inkling)
  • 9. Peso to the Rescue/Medic's Thesis (Peso, Critter Ensemble)
  • 10. Worth It (Shellington, Azula)
  • 11. Octopod Blues (Tweak)
  • 12. Make it There (Barnacles, Kwazii, Peso, Shellington, Dashi, Inkling, Tweak, Vegimal Ensemble)

Act 2

  • 13. Nightmare Scenario (Tweak, Jane)
  • 14. Coming Together/Who I Was, Who I Am (Kwazii, Shellington)
  • 15. Finding Home (Peso, Dashi)
  • 16. What Comes Next (Barnacles, Inkling)
  • 17. Follow the Leader (Kwazii, Shellington, Vegimal Ensemble, Critter Ensemble)
  • 18. Come Back, Little Seahorse (Peso, Dashi, Little Seahorse)
  • 19. Gone (Barnacles, Inkling)
  • 20. Together Again/Operation: Octopod (Barnacles, Kwazii, Peso, Shellington, Dashi, Inkling, Vegimal Ensemble)
  • 21. Here Come the Octonauts (Barnacles, Kwazii, Peso, Shellington, Dashi, Inkling, Tweak, Vegimal Ensemble)
  • 22. Back to the Octopod/Let's Work Together (Barnacles, Kwazii, Peso, Shellington, Dashi, Inkling, Tweak, Vegimal Ensemble, Little Seahorse)
  • 23. Come Back, Little Seahorse Reprise (Barnacles, Peso, Shellington, Dashi, Little Seahorse)
  • 24. Home Sweet Octopod/Finale: Walking on Water (Barnacles, Kwazii, Peso, Shellington, Dashi, Inkling, Tweak, Vegimal Ensemble, Critter Ensemble)
  • Bows: Creature Report/Octonauts Theme (Barnacles, Kwazii, Peso, Shellington, Dashi, Inkling, Tweak, Vegimal Ensemble, Critter Ensemble)


  • Adaptational Sexuality: Some throwaway lines mention that Shellington is bisexual (with a preference for women)note .
    Barnacles: We're going to need something straight to hold the Octopod up.
    Shellington: Don't look at me.
    Tweak: I assure you, we were not going to use you as a support beam.
  • Adaptational Name Change: Since the Octonauts are portrayed as more human in this musical, they were all given a human surname rather a than Species Surname.
    • Barnacles Bear - Barnacles Bradford
    • Kwazii Cat - Kwazii MacDougall
    • Peso Penguin - Peso Dunsworth-Sancheznote 
    • Shellington Sea Otter - Oliver Shellingtonnote 
    • Dashi Dog - Dashi Seymour
    • Inkling Octopus - Thelonious Inkling
    • Tweak Bunny - Tweak Hoffman
  • Call-Forward: A part of "Inkling's Manifesto" contains the same notes as the post-finale number, the Creature Report.
  • Darkest Hour: "Gone" is this in song form, in which Barnacles sings about how he may never see the rest of his crew again.
    I'll never hear another of Kwazii's stories, or see Peso make his rounds
    Never have Shellington talk my ear off about something that he found
    Everything I swore to protect with my life has washed away
    They're gone...gone away
    Never see another of Dashi's photos that she risked life and limb to catch
    Or have Tweak chew me out for the umpteenth time 'bout getting caught in a seaweed patch
    Never thought I'd see the day where I'd be left on my own
    They're gone...and I'm alone...
  • The Eleven O'Clock Number: "Here Come the Octonauts", a strong number about taking the ocean by storm to rescue Tweak and find the Octopod.
  • Embarrassing Middle Name: Tweak finds a birth certificate during "Octopod Blues":
    Tweak: "This certificate is to confirm and welcome the birth of Oliver Quincy Shellington"...Quincy?note 
  • Gender Flip: Some versions feature a female Peso (Perdita) and/or a female Shellington.
  • Hive Mind: The Vegimals all blindly agree with whatever Tunip says. They also unanimously refer to Shellington as "The Mother"note .
  • Homesickness Hymn:
    • "Make it There". Everyone is having to find a new place to sleep, and they all sing about wanting to go home.
    • In a sense, "Octopod Blues". Although the Octopod is still there, it's been damaged so badly, it hardly feels like home anymore.
  • "I Am" Song: "Who I Was, Who I Am" is both this and a sendoff to both singers' rough childhoods.
    But who we were when we were young isn't who we are today
    We may have thought we'd never win until we found our way
    We made a change, we're stronger now, and we both get to say
    That we're not gonna let our painful pasts affect today
  • Last-Name Basis: Oliver/Lucinda Shellington and Thelonious Inkling.
  • Leitmotif: A variant; each Octonaut is associated with a different style of music. Barnacles has nautical-sounding music with an accordion, Kwazii has softcore rock, Peso has a xylophone/flute piece based on his leitmotif from the show, Shellington has low-pitched, melancholy music, Dashi has upbeat pop-sounding music, Inkling has 50's-esque rock'n'roll, and Tweak has twanging country music.
  • Meaningful Name: Azula the bluefish. Doubly so; when she's introduced, she's feeling blue.
  • Melancholy Musical Number:
    • "Worth It" starts out as this before evolving into a confident "I Am Great!" Song.
    • "Octopod Blues", where Tweak laments all the damage down to the Octopod, and the disappearance of her teammates as she mulls over the lost belongings she retrieved.
    • While "Octopod Blues" was melancholy with a twang of hope, "Gone" is just downright depressing. Barnacles has reached his Darkest Hour, and he's ready to not just give up on finding his crew, but also completely resign as captain.
    Inkling: Nothing's impossible, Captain. I'm ready to turn this whole ocean upside down to find them.
    Barnacles: Do it without me. I resign.
    Inkling: What?
    Barnacles: What kind of captain lets his entire team get washed away in a storm?
    Inkling: I've seen you lose teammates and gain new ones before. Organizations don't keep the same members forever, and we can't spend the rest or our lives mourning.
    Barnacles: Well, I can.
    Inkling: Captain, please-
    Barnacles: Don't bother! The team we had was irreplaceable! No crew in the world would be better than them!
  • The Nameless: Outside of Mia the crab, Lulu the lobster, Azula the bluefish, and Jane the dolphin, none of the various sea creatures are named.
  • Pirate Song: "Like a Pirate".

    Junior Officers 


Captain Underpants fanon

    Captain Underpants and the Malicious Mischief of Miss Mucus: The First Epic Musical 
This folder is currently under construction.

Act 1

  • 1. I'd Rather Make Mischief (Narrator, George, Harold, Krupp, Melvin, Erica, School Ensemble)
  • 2. Krupp's Office/The Rules (George, Harold, Krupp, Miss Anthrope)
  • 3. Holy Cow, It's Miss Mucus!/The Plan (Miss Mucus, Sneeze Henchman)
  • 4. Assembling the M.I.S.F.A.R.T.S/M.I.S.F.A.R.T.S Forever Prologue/We Still Need Muscle (George, Harold, Erica, Gooch, Dressy, Jessica, Sophies, Stanley)
  • 5. The Art Room/Book Covers (George, Harold, Bo, Sophie One)
  • 6. M.I.S.F.A.R.T.S Forever (George, Harold, Erica, Dressy, Gooch, Stanley, Jessica, Sophies, Bo)
  • 7. The Library (Miss Mucus, Melvin, Miss Interpret, Heidi, Beau, School Ensemble, Sneeze Henchmen)
  • 8. Here Comes Captain Underpants! (George, Harold, Krupp, Captain Underpants, Miss Interpret)
  • 9. To the Rescue!/With My Power (George, Harold, Captain Underpants, Miss Mucus)
  • 10. The Dirty Truth (George, Harold, Captain Underpants, Krupp, Melvin, Erica, Gooch, Dressy, Jessica, Sophies, Bo, Stanley)

Act 2

  • 10a. Let's Recap, Shall We? (Narrator)
  • 11. Back Home/Hweemuths Stand Strong (Bo, Sophie One, Mr. Hweemuth)


  • Adaptational Nice Guy: Jessica is much less of an Alpha Bitch compared to the series.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Female!Bo's name is short for Bonnie.
  • Age Lift: In the series, all of the kids were in fourth grade together. Here, the Sophies are in kindergarten, Gooch and Dressy are in second grade, Stanley is in third grade, George, Harold, and Jessica are in fourth grade, Erica is in fifth grade, and Bo is in sixth grade.
  • Ascended Extra: The Sophies are much more developed compared to the series; Sophie One in particular with how close she is to her brother Bo.
  • Berserker Tears: Bo cries these after finding out why everyone was so afraid of him.
  • The Bus Came Back: Harold's sister Heidi, who was absent from the series, is brought back.
  • Canon Foreigner: Miss Interpret the new librarian and Beau Stevenson are new to the musical.
  • Fun with Homophones: This exchange:
    George: Guys...we have to talk to Bo.
    (all freeze)
    Harold: S-surely you're talking about B-Beau Stevenson, that sweet little k-kindergartner who's obsessed w-with unicorns?
    George: No, Harold. I mean Bo.
  • Gender Flip: If needed, the script can accommodate a female Gooch, a female Bo, or a male Dressy.
  • "I Am" Song: "Here Comes Captain Underpants!", sung by the Captain himself.
  • Missing Mom: Downplayed. Bea Hweemuth (Balthazar's wife and mother of Bo and Sophie One) is mentioned, and at one point, her voice is heard, but does not physically appear.
  • Mythology Gag: During "M.I.S.F.A.R.T.S Forever", Stanley is placed sixth and Bo is placed seventh. They first appeared in the sixth and seventh episodes, respectively.
  • Named by the Adaptation:
    • The Sophies are given surnames: Sophie One is Sophie Hweemuth and Other Sophie is Sophie Wieners.
    • Mr. and Mrs. Hweemuth, who were unnamed in the series, are named Balthazar and Bea.
  • Odd Name Out: Sophie One is the only member of the Hweemuth family whose name doesn't fit into the "behemoth" Punny Name or begin with with a B.
  • Parental Love Song: "Hweemuths Stand Strong" has shades of this.
    You are my son/daughter; my hero, my warrior, my everything
    And I'm not gonna stand by and let others take you down
  • Pragmatic Adaptation: Bo has Peek-a-Bangs instead of Blinding Bangs so the actor can see what they're doing.
  • Related in the Adaptation: Bo and Sophie One are siblings.
  • Suddenly Voiced: The Sophies get to talk/sing in this adaptation.

    Captain Underpants and the Daring Disasters of the Devious Doppelganger 
In this fic, an incident with one of Melvin's inventions brings Captain Blunderpants into the main realm, and it's up to the M.I.S.F.A.R.T.S to catch and stop him.

ALL SPOILERS ARE UNMARKED. You have been warned.


  • Adaptational Angst Upgrade: Harold's anxiety is put on full display in this story. It starts as doubt and nervousness about finding Captain Blunderpants, and culminates in Broken Tears near the end.
  • Adaptational Badass: In this story (and the subsequent stories), Dressy has magic powers.
  • Affectionate Nickname: In a few instances, Bo refers to Gooch as "Stevie".
  • Banging Pots and Pans: Dressy does this in "The Monstrous Monday Morning at Cavendish's Convenient Cabin" to wake the other M.I.S.F.A.R.T.S up.
  • Big Damn Reunion: "Enough", when Captain Underpants finally finds the boys again.
  • Broken Tears: In "Enough", after the journey finally proves to be too much for Harold to bear.
  • Catch Your Death of Cold: After nearly being drowned on a rainy day, Gooch is severely weakened by the cold.
  • Cuddle Bug: In addition to the muscle, Bo is also the M.I.S.F.A.R.T.S' designated hugger.
  • Deus ex Machina: Cavendish's Convenient Cabin always appears exactly when it is needed.
  • Don't Wake the Sleeper: In one chapter, George and Harold need Gooch for a middle-of-the-night patrol, but have to pry him out of a sleeping Bo's grip without waking the giant (so to speak). They achieve this by tickling the back of his neck to make him move his arm, then shoving a duffel bag into his arms as a decoy.
  • The Food Poisoning Incident: At one point, Bo is temporarily taken out of commission after ingesting a gas station chili dog that then makes him very ill.
  • Lampshade Hanging: Frequently regarding Cavendish's Convenient Cabin.
  • Nasal Trauma: In one chapter, Bo punches Blunderpants in the nose, drawing blood.
  • Papa Wolf: Upon hearing that George and Harold are missing, Captain Underpants's first instinct is to crash through the ceiling of Jerome Horwitz Elementary, determined to find his boys.
  • Suddenly Speaking: Sophie One gets to talk in "The Surprise Soprano on a Starlit Sunday".
  • Vomit Discretion Shot: The narration is gracious enough to spare the details about the toll that gas station chili dog had on Bo's digestive system.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Blunderpants is not above physically harming the kids (including trying to drown them).
  • You Are Fat: Blunderpants directly refers to Bo as "a fat kid in a beanie", which earns him a punch in the nose.

    The Bonnie saga 
Combining the cartoon and the musical, the M.I.S.F.A.R.T.S meet their musical counterparts, one of which comes back into the main dimension with them.


  • Added Alliterative Appeal: Chapter 3 has the Hweemuth family eating a meal of "pork, potatoes, and peas".
  • Blob Monster: Picrusho is a blobby creature made of watercolour paint. In the final chapter, Claylossus, a blobby creature made of clay, makes a return to the series.
  • The Bus Came Back: Claylossus, a villain not seen since Season 1, returns to fight Picrusho.
  • Color-Coded Eyes: Picrusho has black eyes when she is in control of her actions, and red eyes when the Picrusho Parasite is taking over.
  • Distaff Counterpart: Deconstructed. A major factor of Bonnie's character is that she doesn't just want to be the female version of Bo; something Melvin preys on.
  • Go Out with a Smile: Picrusho smiles as her paint swirls away and she turns back into Bonnie.
  • Out Sick: The third chapter focuses on Bonnie being on her own at school because Bo is home sick with the stomach flu.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Picrusho has these when the Picrusho Parasite takes over her mind, which becomes more and more frequent until her battle and eventual defeat at the hands of Claylossus.
  • You Are Too Late: The M.I.S.F.A.R.T.S rush to the ceramics room to save Bonnie from Melvin, but they're too late; when they get there, Bonnie has already been transformed into Picrusho.

    Super Spy M.I.S.F.A.R.T.S 
In this series, the M.I.S.F.A.R.T.S become spies to dig dirt on JHES to get it investigated by the school board.

ALL SPOILERS ARE UNMARKED. You have been warned.


  • Carrying the Antidote: Melvin had the Killmanator antidote on hand. However, his downfall is not keeping it on hand; he instead opted to lock it in a cabinet, which Erica, Jessica, and Captain Underpants later broke into.
  • Demoted to Extra: Bonnie, a key character in the previous arc, has minimal appearances in this arc.
  • Freudian Slip: In a late chapter, Melvin, in a fit of rage, accidentally lets it slip that he was indeed the one who poisoned Bo.
    You big, stupid oaf, I knew I didn't give you enough Killmanator!
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: Dressy's singing Verbal Tic disappears when she is under false accusations.
  • Red Herring: Dressy Killman is falsely blamed for poisoning Bo because the poison in question was named Killmanator. The real culprit was Melvin.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Suddenly Speaking: While Sophie One had been shown speaking since the first arc, this arc is where we finally hear from Other Sophie.

Grossology fanon

    Grossology: The Musical 

Act 1

  • Prologue: Define "Loser" (Andy)
  • 1. First Period (Andy, Ty, Abby, Paige, Kate and Grace, Naomi, Pinkeye, School Ensemble)
  • 2. Upcoming Events (Abby, Paige, Kate and Grace, Teacher, Principal (voice only), Grade 7 Ensemble)
  • 3. Into the Lair (Andy, Lance Boil, Blackhead Widow)
  • 4. Nosy Naomi/Speak For Those Who Can't (Ty, Abby, Naomi, Pinkeye)
  • 5. To the Gag Lab (Ty, Abby, Lab Rat, Ginger)
  • 6. Charity Drive (Andy, Paige, Kate and Grace, Naomi, Pinkeye, School Ensemble)
  • 7. The Plan (Lance Boil, Blackhead Widow)
  • 8. Test Victims (Ty, Abby, Lance Boil, Blackhead Widow, Adult Ensemble)
  • 9. What if We Get Caught?/Stick By You (Naomi, Pinkeye)
  • 10. Zit-tastrophe! (Ty, Abby, Lance Boil, Blackhead Widow, Ensemble)

Act 2

  • 10a. Recap (Andy)
  • 11. Our Army (Lance Boil, Blackhead Widow, Mutated Ensemble)
  • 12. Cure for Mutant Zits?/What We're Gonna Do (Ty, Abby, Lab Rat, Ginger)
  • 13. Setup Disaster/Dream School (Andy, Paige, Kate and Grace, School Ensemble)
  • 14. Cure (Lab Rat, Ginger)
  • 15. Into the Shadows (Andy, Ty, Abby, Mutant Ensemble)
  • 16. The Truth (Ty, Abby, Naomi, Pinkeye)
  • 17. Take Down the Zits (Ty, Abby, Lance Boil, Mutant Ensemble)
  • 18. Kidnapped!/Understand/Rescue (Blackhead Widow, Naomi, Pinkeye)
  • 18a. Rescue (Ty, Abby, Blackhead Widow, Naomi, Pinkeye)
  • 19. The Last of Them (Ty, Abby, Mutant Ensemble)
  • 20. Gross Revenge (Andy, Ty, Abby, Paige, Kate and Grace, Naomi, Pinkeye, School Ensemble)
  • 21. Finale: Don't Mess with the Best (Andy, Ty, Abby, Lab Rat, Ginger, Paige, Kate and Grace, Naomi, Pinkeye, Lance Boil, Blackhead Widow, Ensemble)
  • Bows (Ensemble, Naomi, Pinkeye, Paige, Kate and Grace, Lance Boil, Blackhead Widow, Andy, Lab Rat, Ginger, Ty, Abby)


  • Adaptational Nice Guy: In the animated series, Pinkeye was a conniving sneak who at one point was The Dragon for Lance Boil. Here, he's the school's resident shoulder to cry on. In addition, his motivation has changed. In the animated series, the reason he wanted so desperately to be a Grossologist was to prove he was a worthy detective/scientist to Abby. Here, it's because he needs their help in exacting Laser-Guided Karma on Paige for all her bullying.
  • Adapted Out: The Director from the animated series is absent.
  • All-Knowing Singing Narrator: Andy.
  • Canon Foreigner: Blackhead Widow.
  • Canon Immigrant: The Director is replaced with Ginger Vitis, a character from the video game.
  • Fallen Princess: Pinkeye. He was once a popular kid in elementary school, but a humiliating sabotage forced him into social exile.
  • Friendship Song: "Stick By You", sung by unlikely friends Naomi and Pinkeye.
  • Gender Flip:
    • Grace, one of Paige's cronies, can be swapped out for a boy named Wade.
    • Roger "Pinkeye" Hamilton can be exchanged for Millie "Pinkeye" Rogers.
  • High School Is Hell: The opening number is about how much Ringworm Junior High sucks.
  • Vomit Discretion Shot:
    • While the audience is visually spared from a younger Pinkeye vomiting in front of a crowd, it's still painfully described.
    • The stage goes dark as Paige vomits all over the crowd.

    Grossology: Squeam Team 

Grossology: Squeam Team

Set a few years after the original, the Bureau is expanding as more, grosser villains pop up.


  • 1. Welcome to the Gag Lab
  • 2. Don't Have a Cow
  • 3. Cold Snap
  • 4. The Last Rotbender
  • 5. Hair, Hair Everywhere
  • 6. Clash of the Titan Arum
  • 7. Fly By Night
  • 8. Blackhead-ish
  • 9. Boot Scootin' Booger
  • 10. A Bloody Mess
  • 11. Hor-Mona Lisa
  • 12. No Sweat
  • 13. We're Off to See the Lizard
  • 14. Reader's Digest
  • 15. Don't Rat Me Out
  • 16. Phlegm-Flam
  • 17. Drink, Drank, Drunk
  • 18. For Your Pinkeyes Only
  • 19. Guess Who's Rotting to Dinner?


  • Age Lift: The kids are now in high school rather than junior high.
  • Bait-and-Switch Comparison: When meeting Missy and Lauren's sister Daisy...
    Ty (greeting Lauren's sister): Hey, Missy.
    Daisy: I'm Daisy, she's Missy.
  • Bilingual Bonus: When it's mentioned that Pinkeye is taking French classes.
    Pinkeye: Yes, I'm in French Immersion. But that won't distract me from the rumour that un rhumeTranslation  is spreading through the school.
  • Call-Back: The Director alludes to the events of "Pinkeye's Revenge" when queried on why he's apprehensive about Andy and Lauren.
    Director: The last "new member" of ours was a traitor working fo-
    Ty: Oh my GOD, that was one time!
    Director: He still betrayed us!
  • Canon Foreigner: Lauren and her family did not appear in the original.
  • Color-Coded Characters: In terms of slime suits:
    • Abby - yellow
    • Ty - orange
    • Lab Rat - blue
    • Andy - silver
    • Lauren - red
  • Cool Big Sis: Lauren to her younger siblings.
  • Downer Ending: "The Last Rotbender": The rot parasite is free and on the loose, and Chester is comatose.
  • Darker and Edgier: Unlike the original, there's onscreen excretion of waste/vomiting, more rude humor, and a few mild swears.
  • Face Your Fears: In "Don't Have a Cow", Andy is basically forced to pry at cow dung with his hands to solve the mystery. It helps with his Grossology career in the long run.
  • Five-Man Band:
  • In-Series Nickname: When around other people, Ty, Abby, Andy, and Lauren refer to the Bureau of Grossology as "The ABCs".note 
  • Manipulative Bastard: Roger preys on Lauren's naivete/pacifism to get her on his side.
  • Naïve Everygirl: Lauren is a full-on pacifist and firmly believes that "everyone has a little speck of good in them". Unfortunately, this makes her easy to manipulate.
  • Named by the Adaptation:
    • During roll call in "Welcome to the Gag Lab", Andy's surname was revealed to be Carr.
      • In this same scene, Roger's surnamenote  was revealed to be Hamilton.
    • In "Hair, Hair Everywhere", Chester's surname was revealed to be Sullivan.
    • Naomi's friend with the odangos is named Shania Wolff.
    • The portly girl in the aqua sweater is named Gwendolyn Porter.
    • The brunette girl in the red dress is named Portia Freeman.
    • The boy with the buzzcut is named Truman MacPherson.
    • Paige's two cronies are named Kate and Grace.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Mac is rarely called Maxwell.
  • Over-the-Shoulder Carry: Lauren does this to Pinkeye in "Cold Snap" when fleeing the school while it gets consumed by the massive viruses.
  • Shout-Out: The title of a few episodes reference other shows and movies.
  • Sickness Equals Redness: Used on anyone infected with the virus from "Cold Snap".
  • The Sixth Ranger: The core group has expanded; Andy and Lauren are now spies for the Bureau.
  • Wounded Gazelle Gambit: Downplayed. While Roger is picked on for his eye infection, he exaggerates it to toy with Lauren and use her kindness against her.

The Save-Ums! fanon

    Rise of the Save-Ums 

Mr. Men fanon

    Another Day in Misterland 

Numberjacks fanon

    Numberjacks Advanced 

Punch-Out!! fanon

    Home Sick 



Jelly Jamm Harmony

  • What Could Have Been:
    • Falsetto Flu was originally called Falsetto Fever.
    • The original plan of "A Royal Wedding" was that Queen would tell all five children about her wedding while they were all sick with Falsetto Flu. This was later changed into her telling it to Rita for a bedtime story, while the "all the kids are sick" bit went to another episode, "Sitter Jerico".
    • "Sitter Jerico" was originally going to be about Hermio.

The Octonauts: Stormy Sea Adventure

  • Cross-Cast Role: If the situation calls for it, Peso and/or Shellington can be played by a female actor.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The plot was originally going to be about saving a dying coral reef.
      • During this stage of development, Shellington's song was titled "Don't Mind Me", and was about feeling neglected and that his problems aren't heard.
    • Another idea for the plot was the Octonauts exploring a river and its creatures, both on land and in the water. This story was called "River Riding Adventure".

Grossology: Squeam Team

Captain Underpants and the Malicious Mischief of Miss Mucus: The First Epic Musical

  • Cross-Cast Role: If needed, shows can cast a female Gooch, female Bo (Bonnie), or male Dressy.
  • Dawson Casting: Due to him needing to be much larger and stronger than the other child characters, Bo, who is about 11-12, is usually played by an older teen or an adult.
  • What Could Have Been
    • Originally, the show was not a musical.
    • One scene in Act 2 involved Bo making a Heroic Sacrifice to protect Gooch from the villain, and later needing to be saved through The Power of Friendship. This was cut once the show was changed into a musical.

Punch-Out!! Switch

  • What Could Have Been: One of the suggested fighters was Young Student, a former protege of Von Kaiser. She was scrapped because of concerns with fighting children, and replaced with Heike Kagero.






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