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One of my cats, Luna
Hello, My name is Tabby Girl 4, you can just call me Tabby or Tabs for short. I'm Active user on the forums and you can find me in Forum Games and maybe Yack Fest. I normally go on this site when I'm bored or have weird ideas.I'm a sophomore who just procrastinates a lot and don't have a lot of IRL Friends due everything changing when Middle School came around and aren’t very interested about the things I'm passionate about; Some people drop by to say hi and that my art is great.I also do have a lot of original characters with their own stories and quirks. I have both a surreal sense of humor which is why shitposting is usual hobby of mine.

I have High Functioning Autism and I own two kitties named Stella & Luna.

You can find me on these sites:

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    Basic Info 

     Pages that I'm responsible to help develop/created 


  • 5 Worlds: Page Creator. A very good graphic novel series I would definitely recommend.
  • Cookie Run: Help Developed, especially The Characters and YMMV Pages.
  • El Deafo Page Creator



     Tropes About Me 
  • Animal Motifs: Cats, I have a liking of cats and my star sign is a lion, which is a big cat.
  • Asperger Syndrome: I have a milder form of it, it's kinda unrecognizable but I do some actions of a typical autistic person.
  • Berserk Button: I don't get offended a lot but there are some things that can cross the line easily:
    • Anyone making crude or mean jokes about Autism or using the R-Word to describe me or a friend are bound to get an ass-kicking from me.
    • Saying any offensive stereotypes about Bi People or just not liking them because they are attracted to someone who has different genitals than you like is fucking bullshit. Jesus Christ, I just hate Biphobia in general.
  • Beware the Quiet Ones I am mostly quiet IRL and all hell will break loose if you piss me off.
  • Brainy Brunette Double Subverted,I am a mostly B student.
  • Curtains Match the Windows: I have naturally brown hair and dark brown eyes.
  • Deadpan Snarker I'm pretty sassy in real life and on the internet.
  • Girls Love Chocolate: Especially Dark Chocolate.
  • Girls Love Stuffed Animals I do have a You Tube Channel where I just do skits with stuffed animals and I do own a lot of them.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: I'm a asshole most of the time but I am sweet once you get to know me.
  • Ms. Imagination I spent most of my time brainstorming about my original characters and other things.
  • Plucky Comic Relief I am normally like this in my group of friends and most of my Roleplay Roles are this.
  • Sir Swearsalot: I normally only swear when I'm feeling strong emotions.
  • Spoiler Hound: I normally don't mind spoilers unless it's a work I really want to experience blind.
  • Starving Artist: Averted; I have limited supplies and the best supplies I have are alcohol based markers and a drawing tablet note  I got for Christmas. Most of my digital art is drawn with a trackpad or my finger. I still do pretty well.
  • Tomboy: I don't act like proper and girly and I wear normally, t-shirts and some of my close friends are male.
    • Tomboyish Voice: I have a deeper voice in real life that makes me sound like a pre-adolescent boy, One time when I was on a video chat, someone mistook me for a boy because of my voice.
    • Tomboy with a Girly Streak
  • Womanchild I am a teenager but I do act immaturely most of the time and I'm mostly out of the intended demographic for my interests.

     Threads/Forum Games I Started 

    Roleplay Characters 
Tabby, my Author Avatar who is a frequent nominator who is a mage. Tabby, unlike her HGS incarnation, is a Plucky Girl who frequently drops a joke or two and is a skilled ax-wielding warrior as well.

    Favorite Works: 

     Works that this troper plans to create 
  • The Seven Seasons: Takes place in the fantasy and magical world of Tempus that has 6 seasons instead of 4 and is about 3 teenagers and a kid with seasonal theme naming(Autumn, Spring, Summer & Winter) on an action and humor packed adventure to take down The King of Darkness, Wolfgang and his underlings. Has a lot of mystery and secrets hidden in the four main characters backstories.
  • Walkman Waltz This is about a preteen girl (or boy but the canon protagonist is female)named Bailey who finds a mysterious walkman given to her by two mysterious men as it is one of the only hopes to defeat an evil organization with brainwashing robotics. She also meets a spunky young boy with a radio and an older woman with a ukelele and pet budgie whose music players have the same tech as the Walkman.
  • Mama Cat Rescue A 7 part series about some cats dealing with lost children and dark magic, possibly a bunch of platformers.
    • 1: A single mother, Nana gets her children kidnapped by a demonic toddler and goes to find them with multiple obstacles
    • 2,Legend of The Wish Crystal: Nana's good friends,Regina,a treasure hunter who was born into a rich family,and Camille,a bisexual plucky pun teller and journalist go onto a family vacation to a utopia island to relax and do some research until it's interrupted by Villainous Ship Captain who has also come to island to find the 6 fragments of the crystal so he can use it for ignoble purposes. It's up to this duo to stop him from causing wrong.
    • 3, Daddy Cat Rescue: A widowed father, Gunther, who's wife was murdered by the corrupt royal guard has a grudge about the government. The straw that broke the camel's back was when his 4 children were taken away by the monarchy. Now, he wants vengeance.
    • 4, Curse of Pandemic (title pending): A retried Army soldier named Tulip wants to spend time with her kids until a great epidemic has spread throughout the nation, turning its victims into mindless slaves of the Hive Mind, a crazy moth named Pandemic. Along the way, she meets a bat named Petunia who caught a minor version of the illness which turned her into this. The only way to free the victims from the plague is to destroy the core once and for all which houses on Sweet Sugar Island. Takes place before the events of the third installment.
  • Pie Fight: An fighting game I want to create in the future about some ideas I had of pie gjinkas with leather jackets everywhere.