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Hello, I am GoldenCityBird, but GCB can do. I'm 18, from Britain, male, and I have Autism and Dyspraxia. I write fanfiction on Archive of Our Own here, and I am also planning on making a webcomic.

Three characters who resemble me would be Vera Misham, Peanut Butter Sandwich and Resasuke.

    Works I'll check out when I can 

    Work pages I plan on making 

  • Webcomic/TheWorldInDeeperInspection
  • Webcomic/WhatNonsense

Stuff I like:


    Anime and Manga 

    Western Animation 

    Comics, print and otherwise 



    Web video 


My tastes in music are rather broad, to say the least. Here's a small selection of artists:



    Tropes I don't like 

  • Cringe Comedy - half the time, the cringe is non-existent and I symphasise with the supposedly-cringy character. The other half, the cringe is so bad I can't watch.

  • Extreme Doormat - not all the time, but when they don't develop out (mainly used for sex appeal), I just hate it. Seriously, make them question something.

  • Feather Fingers - yes, birds have wings instead of hands. No, they cannot grab stuff with them. If you're designing an avian character, please take some time to tackle the task creatively.

  • Non-Mammalian Mammaries - seriously, if you need a visual difference between your male and female birds and reptiles, use colour palettes (duller for females 90% of the time) or the waist.

  • Take That! - if your comedy depends on insulting real-life things that are sidenotes (or less) in your work, then it'll get dated and boring within a week.


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