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"Bird magic, duh."
-Ing, repeatedly.

Apparently, some pages start out with a fitting song. So have the song that I named my profile after. More info on that can be found... nowhere. All you need to know is that I’m named after the song and not the boss. I actually found out about the boss, and by extension the entire Metroid series, through the song.

Well... this page is a thing.

I’m Emperor_Ing, or just Ing if you’re okay with that. I exist, and so does the sun. Just... felt like I should mention that. I’m really only editing this to prove that yes, I do exist, and this page does too.


Extra stuff below.

    Music Swaps 
Swaps are categorized like below:

  • Boss
    • Phase
      • Song
      • Alternative song if applicable

Or, if it's a one-phase fight,

  • Boss
    • Song
    • Alternative song

  • Star Dream

    • Phase 1

      • Faraway Voyage Of 380,000 KM

    • Phase 2

      • Dark Area (RTDL)

    • Phase 3

      • Metroid Prime Essence

    • Phase 4 (Story)

      • Star Allies Sparkler

    • Phase 4 Part 1 (Arena)

      • U.N. Owen Was Her

    • Phase 4 Part 2

      • Vs Emperor Ing B

  • Queen Sectonia

    • Phase 1

      • Pierrot Of The Star-Spangled Banner

    • Phase 2

      • Tonight Stars An Easygoing Egoist

      • Pure Furies ~ Whereabouts Of The Heart

      • I Am Octavio (Splatoon)

    • Phase 3 (Both)

      • Pandemonic Planet

    • Phase 3 (Soul)

      • Chykka Adult Battle

    • Phase 3 (Hypernova)

      • Calamari Inkantation (Splatoon 1)

  • Nova

    • Path Segment

      • Final Magolor Race (Kirby's Dream Collection)

    • Boss Fight

      • Big Boss Confrontation (Ridley/Draygon)(Super Metroid)

  • Naval Piranha

    • Castle Version

      • Darkness Returns (Planet Robobot)

    • Bonus Version

      • Escape From Frigate Orpheon (Metroid Prime)

  • Galacta Knight

    • Duel Of The Fates

  • Wham Bam Rock/Jewel

    • Gohdan (Wind Waker)

  • Lanmolas

    • Amorbis Battle

  • Diggernaut

    • Pick a song, any song. It will work.

  • Calamity Ganon

    • Diggernaut Battle

  • Dark Beast Ganon

    • Pure Furies ~ Whereabouts Of The Heart

    • Super Copy Boss 3 (Return to Dream Land)

  • Death Egg Robot (Sonic 2)

    • Void Termina (Phase 1)

  • The Twins

    • Secret God Matara

  • The Destroyer

    • Fly of Beelzebub

  • Skeletron Prime

    • Pierrot of the Star-Spangled Banner

  • Plantera

    • Moonstruck Blossom

  • Golem

    • Void Termina (Phase 1)

  • Ocram

    • Vs. Serris/Yakuza

  • Duke Fishron

    • Decrease Your Electronic Device’s Aural Output

  • Yuyuko Saigyouji

    • First Phase

      • Finale (Undertale)

    • Last Spell

      • Universal Collapse

  • Shinmyoumaru Sukuna

    • Miracle Matter

  • Uumuu

    • Metroid Prime Essence

  • Mantis Lords

    • Death by Glamour

  • Traitor Lord

    • Phantom Ganon (Wind Waker)

  • Grimm

    • Septette For The Dead Princess

  • Soul Warrior

    • Stronger Monsters (Undertale)

  • Watcher Knights

    • Playing With Firepower (Calamity)

  • Oro and Mato

    • Stinging Onslaught (Calamity)

  • Hive Knight

    • Hiroari Shoots A Strange Bird ~ Till When?

  • The Hollow Knight

    • Battle Against A True Hero

    • Metroid Prime Exoskeleton

    • Kobito of the Shining Needle ~ Little Princess

    • Reach For The Moon, Immortal Smoke

  • Radiance

    • Necrofantasia (Touhou)

    • Hopes And Dreams

    • Bloom Nobly, Ink-Black Cherry Blossom ~ Border of Life

  • The Terminus Event

    • Tier 1 and 2

      • Rude Buster

    • Tier 3

      • Stronger Monsters (Undertale)

    • Tier 4

      • Vs Void Soul (Monochrome Kirby version)

      • Metal Crusher (Undertale)

    • Tier 5 (S&L, Slime God, Providence)

      • Tyrant of the Scorching Sun ~ Violent General

    • Supreme Calamitas

      • Primordial Beat ~ Pristine Beat

      • Heartache (Undertale)

    • Jungle Dragon Yharon, First Phase

      • Spear of Justice

    • Jungle Dragon Yharon, Second Phase

      • Death By Glamour

    • The Devourer of Gods

      • Bhava-agra As Seen Through A Child's Mind

      • Battle Against A True Hero

      • Border of Life (Final version)

The list will be updated when I do more of these. I will provide links to all the songs eventually.


Desbrachian. It is the only redeeming thing about the character and the game it appears in, but it’s fun to say.

    Things You Should Not Do With Phazon 

Exactly what it sounds like. Feel free to add more. Well, you can’t add them directly, but suggest them on the troper wall or something. The original sentence could have been edited, but I need to get 12 artifacts and it is one now.

- Don’t eat Phazon. Ever.

- No, that’s not an excuse to drink it.

- Phazon is not for target practice. If anything, you’re shooting things with Phazon, not the other way around.

- Phazon is not a toy. Nor is it able to be made into one.

- Don’t sell it on any website.

- Scratch that, don’t sell it anywhere.

- Phazon is not to be used to deal with insects. It will kill them, but it will also kill everything else.

- Phazon is not a chair. Or a table.

- Phazon is not an iOS update, and shoving it into your iPhone’s charging port will not give it more storage.

- No, that’s not an excuse to use it as a Windows update.

- Phazon is not a hat; it would look cool, but you would die.

- Phazon will not help you speedrun anything. In fact, you would die before finishing the run.

- Phazon is not to be used to edit this page.

- Or any other page.

- Phazon is not to be used in place of water. A hose that spews Phazon is about as useful as one that spews lava. It isn’t, because the hose is completely gone.

- You can use Phazon to kill people right away, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

- Phazon will not make your fanfic any better, unless you’re writing about Phazon.

- The same applies to soundtracks, although Phazon CROWNED could be good.

- Don’t use Phazon as an example of things not to do with it.

- Phazon is not to be used on SCP-682.

- Or any other SCP.

- Phazon is not wallpaper, no matter how cool it looks.

- Phaaze is not a vacation spot - even if it’s absolutely beautiful, it’s made of Phazon, which kills you.

- Phazon is not to be thrown at people.

- Phazon is not to be used in combination with SCP-1543-J. A Phazon-powered Sun would kill everyone.

- Phazon is not to be used as armor, because wearing armor that kills you is a bad idea.

- Phazon is not to be introduced to Gensokyo, ever.

- Phazon is not to be given to Palpatine, Darth Vader, or anyone working for the Empire.

- No, that doesn’t mean you can give it to the First Order.

- Phazon is not “the master of a power driven to the far reaches of the universe” and it does not “have but one desire”.

- Mixing Phazon and the Jamba Heart is a bad idea and its own punishment.

- If you try any of these things and die, the OAMP (Organization Against Misuse of Phazon) is not legally obligated to notice.

- Despite having “vapor for brains”, don’t put Phazon in Science Team members’ skulls.

- If you make a Phazon power plant and it explodes, you deserve it.

- If you make a Phazon power plant and it doesn’t explode, it should have.

- If you try any of this, die, and the OAMP does notice, you don’t win anything.

- Don’t give Phazon to Kirby. Phazon Kirby is not a good thing.

- Phazon is not to be introduced to Zebes.

- Or SR 388.

- Phazon is not proof of anything. Not even the fact that Phazon exists, because it’s fictional and this list is just something I do when I’m bored.

- Phazon and cats do not go together.

-Don’t petrify people with Phazon.

    Avatar Names and Image Sources 

1. Emperor Ing

2. Phaaze (cutscene from Prime 3)

3. Totemius (official art from King of Thieves)

4. Okina Matara (official art from Touhou 16)

5. Void Termina (splash screen from Kirby Star Allies)

6. Flandre Scarlet (official art from Touhou 6)

7. Clownpiece (official art from Touhou 15)

8. Ridley

9. Aunn Komano

10. Star Dream Soul OS (official sprite from Kirby Planet Robobot)

11. Hyness (cutscene from Kirby Star Allies)

12. SCP-2317

13. Void Soul (splash screen from Kirby Star Allies)

14. Evil Eye Sigma (source apparently deleted, sprite by PhantasmagoriaOfHell)

15. Grand Doomer (appearance from Kirby’s Return to Dream Land)

16. The Sun (from real life)

17. Flaahgra (not sure if original source, but google image search had it as the first result)

18. Koishi Komeiji (official art from one of the fighting games)

19. Thardus (cutscene from Metroid Prime)

20. Omega Pirate (art from Metroid Prime)

21. Diggernaut (cutscene from Samus Returns)

22. SCP-TTKU-J (image from its article)

23. Gorea

24. Steamlord (cutscene from Prime 3)

25. Phantoon (official sprite from Super Metroid)

26. Cat Koishi and Flandre

27. SCP-2399

28. Ran Yakumo (official art from Touhou 7)

29. Koishi Komeiji

30. SCP-682 (picture taken from article)

31. EX Grand Doomer (appearance in Kirby’s Return to Dream Land)

32 + 33. Yuuka Kazami and Sakuya Izayoi (art taken from one of the fighting games)

34. Yellow Face (official art from BFDI)

35. Sphere Doomers

36. Greater Doomer (screenshot from TKCD)

37. Grand Doomer(closest I could find to original source)

38. Ran Yakumo

39. Ran Yakumo

40. Ran Yakumo

41. Ran Yakumo (source missing)

42. Ran Yakumo

43. Sagume Kishin

44. Soul Bosses

45. Spark Doomer

46. Flandre Scarlet & Koishi Komeiji

47. Ran Yakumo (source missing)

48. Koishi Komeiji

49. Flandre and Koishi, drawn by shikitani asuka

50. Flandre and Koishi (source deleted, drawn by marotti)

51. Sanae Kochiya (source missing)

52. Master Crownpiece

53. Ran Yakumo (source misisng)

54. Devourer of Gods (sprite from his second form)

55. Nightmare (SSB 4 assist trophy)

56. A black hole

57. Flandre, Nue, and Koishi

58. Yaldabaoth and MEKHANE

59. Surtr

60. My cat, Gray (picture taken by me)

61. My cats, Gray and Spooky (picture taken by me)

62. Ran Yakumo

63. Ran Yakumo (source missing)

64. Flandre, Nue, and Koishi

65. Flandre, Nue, and Koishi

66. Okina Matara (sprite from Touhou 16)

67. Miracle Matter (3D model from Kirby 64)

68. Desert Scourge (from Calamity Paint)

69. Aquatic Scourge (from his theme’s thumbnail)

70. Eater of Worlds (sprite from Terraria)

71. Eidolon Wyrm (sprite from Calamity)

72. Devourer of Gods (from the thumbnail image of “Scourge of the Universe”)

73. Astrum Deus (from the thumbnail of “Pest of the Cosmos”)

74. Providence (sprite from Calamity)

75. Darker Samus

76. A random Ing

77. Ing Leviathan

78. Metroid wallpaper

79. All three mechanical bosses (sprites from Terraria)

80. Moon Lord

81. Ran Yakumo (source missing)

82. Ran Yakumo (original source deleted)

83. Perforator (Kerubii ver.)

84. Ran Yakumo (source missing)

85. Nyarlathotep

86. Azathoth (source missing)


111. Master Core

Once again, this will be continued later.

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