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This is the era where millions died fighting for what they believed in.
This is the age in which feral, rogue monstrosities ravaged the world.
This was the time where gods either abandoned or struck those who had faith in them.
This was the moment in which Calamity reigned supreme.
Opening dialogue of The Tale of a Cruel World

Once upon a time, in the land of Terraria, a mighty king named Yharim rose from the jungle and established an iron grip on the realm. Many years later, a young Terrarian enters the Jungle Tyrant's realm, and seeks to break free the land of Terraria from his control, armed with only a Copper Shortsword, a Copper Pickaxe, and a Copper Axe. You are that Terrarian. Can you save Terraria?

Terraria: Calamity is a Game Mod made by Terraria Forums user MountainDrew that acts as a Fan Expansion to the vanilla game, adding many more bosses, enemies, weapons, and even an expansive plot. It can be downloaded here. It is still being updated, but adds a massive amount of content to the main game, with a lot of its content going past the Moon Lord, the Final Boss of the vanilla game.

A document detailing the most recent version of the lore can be found here. Please note that a lore rework is being planned, so some of the tropes listed below may be changed soon.


Terraria: Calamity contains examples of:

  • Acid Pool: Calamity takes this Up to Eleven with the Sulphurous Sea. Once a normal ocean, years of being used as Yharim's body disposal and Draedon's waste dump did so much damage to it that it was irreparably transformed into an ocean of caustic acid. It's filled to the brim with dangerous creatures, and if you go too deep you'll enter The Abyss.
  • Actual Pacifist: Yharim's mother was one, though she carried the Astreal Defeat superweapon in case things got truly hairy. It didn't stop her family from being incinerated in the Underworld, leading to Yharim's Start of Darkness.
  • Always Someone Better:
    • Yharim is this to the player once the Auric Tesla armor is acquired. His official appearance shows him clad in what appears to be a mechanically augmented version of the armor, fueled by his Stims. This also gets inverted somewhat - one of his family's superweapons, the Astreal Defeat, is eventually used as a material for the far stronger Heavenly Gale (and that can be further upgraded into the Drataliornus). Made even more apparent with the update that made specialized variants of the Auric Tesla Armor - his armor still resembles the old Master of All armor that combined almost all the perks of the current variants into one set.
  • Anti-Frustration Features: The mod adds quite a few:
    • A Starter Bag is added into a newly-spawned player's inventory, containing low-level weapons for each class, as well as several beginner potions.
    • Many vanilla items that were hard/tedious to obtain or may not show up in the world are made craftable.
    • Some of the townspeople will sell boss summoning items after the respective boss has been killed.
    • Many items from the evil type the world didn't generate with are sold, and there's a sky island with said evil's legendary weapon.
    • Blood Moons can drop blood orbs that can be mixed with water for a nearly-limitless supply of vanilla potions, eliminating the need for mods. Wearing Bloodflare armor expedites this by heavily increasing the chance for Blood Moons and enemies to drop blood orbs, which greatly increases the overall yield over a period of time.
    • Each ore has a slime named after it which drops said ore, in order to avoid exhausting the player from searching for new stretches of ore. It also helps players whose worlds either don't have Calamity ores or lost them at some point.
    • Calamity ores only generate once the minimum boss progression necessary to mine them has been achieved, thus preventing them from blocking hellevators.
    • The Devourer of Gods' body segments are ignored by homing attacks and minions, preventing the body from absorbing their attacks as effectively.
    • Gems such as Rubies and Diamonds are rare and difficult to find in vanilla, made harder by the fact that they're difficult to see without Spelunker potions. While you don't need them for a lot, it's still pretty troublesome having to dive down when you run short. Calamity adds a series of underground "Crawler" enemies which spawn uncommonly and drop their namesake gemstones, making it much easier to keep a supply.
    • The Zerg and Zen potions have been added thanks to Calamity, which respectively raise and lower enemy spawn rates by massive amounts. The former is especially useful if you're trying to hunt down rare enemies with rarer drops or grind out raw materials, provided of course you can survive the onslaught of 40+ enemies swarming you all at once.
  • All There in the Manual: Most of Calamity's lore is in the forum post for the mod, with two exceptions, namely that the Draedon's Forge are named for one of Yharim's cohorts, said cohort was the creator of the Exoblade, and that Yharim's mother was an Actual Pacifist and the origin of the Astreal Defeat bow. This will be fixed in the future with items that show off different parts of the lore.
  • All Your Powers Combined:
    • After acquiring the Terratomere, many of the mod's swords can be combined to from the Exoblade, Draedon's personal weapon. It is extremely powerful, being able to compete with even the Shadowspec weaponry.
    • Several other Exo-tier weapons also exist, which are just as if not more powerful than said Exoblade and all must be built up over the course of the entire game. These include the Vivid Clarity (magic), Subsuming Vortex (magic), Heavenly Gale (bow), Celestus (throwing weapon), Cosmic Immaterializer (summon) and Photoviscerator (flamethrower).
      • The Subsuming Vortex and Heavenly Gale can be further fused together with several other weapons and items dropped from bosses to create the developer weapons Apotheosis and Drataliornus respectively.
    • Many of the super-accessories from the vanilla game can be combined into even stronger accesories, and the mod adds some of its own ridiculously-complicated super-acessories. These include the Asgardian Aegis, The Sponge, Celestial Tracers, Abyssal Diving Suit, and more.
    • Four post-Moon Lord armors can be merged (with a ton of extra materials to grind for) into the Auric Tesla armor, which fuses all of their perks into one set.
  • And I Must Scream: Cryogen is the archmage Permafrost, his ice fortress, and his magic sealed inside a living snowflake.
  • Applied Phlebotinum: Uelibloom can be used to turn the Musket and Toxic Flask into one of the strongest guns in the mod without using souls despite being a mere metal, indicating that this trope is in effect for the material. Possibly subverted, though, due to the existence of the power of creation.
  • Arrange Mode: All above Expert Mode. And yes, they stack.
    • Revengeance Mode boosts enemy spawn rates and buffs all bosses while giving them new patterns. It also gives you more money and item drops from enemies as well as the Rage and Adrenaline meters, which allow you to activate Super Modes that boost your damage.
    • Death Mode buffs enemy spawn rates and damage even further, allows bosses to spawn on their own, gives most biomes hazardous environmental effects, and pushes boss aggressiveness to its maximum.
    • Defiled mode reduces wing time to almost nothing, and gives bosses a 25% chance to land critical hits for triple damage, but doubles money drops and increases drop rates for rare items.
    • Iron Heart mode disables all healing from potions and natural life regeneration while making all attacks always deal at least a portion of your maximum healthnote .
    • Armageddon mode makes you a One-Hit Point Wonder against bosses but makes bosses drop up to 6 Treasure bags upon death.
  • A Winner Is You: Your reward for defeating the tough-as-nails Terminus Boss Rush? Nothing but lines of text commemorating your power, a statement telling you not to expect a reward from a "mere pebble", and a final line telling you to be patient if you want to reap the real reward. Oh, and a Rock.
  • Badass Creed: The Greatsword of Judgement, and its upgrade, the Greatsword of Blah:
    No matter where you may be you are never alone. I shall always be at your side, my lord.
  • BFS:
    • The Majestic Guard, created by fusing Souls of Might with the Adamantite Greatsword. Its upgrade is even larger.
    • The Ultisword, which can be turned into an even stronger version with Uelibloom Bars.
    • The last greatswords the player can receive are the Draconic Destruction, Animus, Red Sun, and Earth. Two of them can flood the screen with devastating projectiles, and all of them are downright huge.
  • Bait-and-Switch: DM DOKURO posted a video of a theme he supposedly made for Cnidrion, Seahorse Scrutiny. Several seconds into the video, however, the screen bursts into flames, a message appears saying "It's not over, kid", and Universal Collapse kicks in.
  • Battle in the Rain: When the Siren spawns, the rain starts falling. It's not always immediately noticeable, thoughnote .
  • Beef Gate: Polterghast is an incredibly strong boss that appears without warning after killing 30 Phantom Spirits. While its health pool isn't exceptional, it has damage reduction that only increases as its life is depleted. This makes it incredibly tanky, especially at its last slivers of health.
  • Big Bad: Yharim, Jungle Tyrant and Lord of the Cosmos. That said, it's not possible to fight him just yet.
  • Blood Magic: The Bloodflare equipment. The armor in particular crosses this with Soul Power, as it augments the equipment with the spiritual power from Polterghast's Ruinous Souls.
  • Bonus Boss:
    • Yharon is the official final boss, but Supreme Calamitas is the last and strongest boss in the mod. With a health pool clocking in at 8.8 millon in Rev+, incredibly fast and hard-hitting melee strikes, and enough projectiles to flood the screen at all times, she pulls her weight.
    • The Eidolon Wyrms, both juvenile and adult. It's technically possible to never see them, ever, because you aren't actually required to enter their home, much less fight them, to progress through the game. They only exist to serve as a sort of Beef Gate to The Abyss, making it difficult to get past a certain point or use certain items to navigate it too easily. If you actually decide to engage them, however, their power is on par with endgame bosses and the Adult in particular is durable enough to take Scratch Damage from EVERYTHING. Still, there are rewards for slaying them. If you want to fight them.
  • Boss Rush: The item Terminus, which can either be found at the bottom of the Abyss or dropped by Yharon, will summon an event where you have to fight all of the bosses in quick succession - made harder that the bosses are progressively buffed to an insane degree, to the point where endgame players may struggle with bosses fought in pre-hardmode. The order of the boss rush was determined by a community-made difficulty poll, so it doesn't follow the standard boss progression.
  • Bullet Hell: Several Calamity bosses feature phases defined largely by a need to dodge large numbers of projectiles while keeping up the damage. None moreso than Supreme Calamitas, whose fight begins with the player doing nothing but dodging fireballs in a confined space for several seconds before Calamitas herself shows up, and multiple intermissions where she turns invulnerable and repeats this.
  • Clone Degeneration: Inverted, The first Calamitas you fight is a clone of the real Supreme Calamitas. The former has a maximum total HP of 144,000 (544,000 after Providence is defeated). The latter has up to ten million life.
  • Combat Tentacles: The Abyss-based Omega Blue Armor allows you to gain these, the set bonus giving you a number of AI-controlled tentacles that lash out at nearby targets to drain their life. When activating the armor's set bonus, they get even more aggressive.
  • Completion Mockery: So you managed to beat all the Boss Rush tiers? Congratulations. What is your reward for doing so? A plain old rock that does absolutely nothing.
  • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard: One of Providence's attacks will deal negative healing instead of actual damage. There is no cap on healing, meaning that she is effectively launching an attack that bypasses immunity frames and is impossible to reduce.
  • Dangerous Forbidden Technique: Vehemence is particularly dangerous to use as a mage since it requires 510 mana before cost reductions and inflicts Mana Sickness whenever used.
  • Darker and Edgier: Calamity's efforts to give Terraria's myriad bosses and biomes a cohesive lore resulted in something downright grimdark, taking place After the End in a Crapsack World home to multiple fallen civilizations, faded gods, world-threatening infections, and a Cosmic Horror Story or two, all ruled by an all-powerful genocidal tyrant who already won and could crush the player like a bug if he weren't so close to the Despair Event Horizon himself.
  • Deal with the Devil: The Devourer of Gods struck a deal with Yharim in which he would be the latter's mercenary and pet for eternity (quite possibly hampering his Omnicidal Maniac tendencies) in exchange for routinely receiving new powerful targets to feed on.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: This seems to be Yharim's favorite thing to do to people he doesn't agree with:
    • Several oceans (probably the ones containing Cnidrion and the Desert Scourge) were incinerated because Amidias refused to participate in one Yharim's spells.
    • Permafrost was turned into Cryogen because he refused to teach Yharim, knowing what would happen if he did.
  • Dragon-in-Chief: And a literal example! Jungle Dragon, Yharon, serves as the Final Boss of the mod, whereas Yharim cannot be fought.
  • Easter Egg: A musical one, as shown by DM Dokuro; the bridge segments of Crabulon's theme, "1NF3S+@+!0N", will produce mushroom shapes when fed through a vectorscope.
  • Eldritch Abomination: The majority of the post-Moon Lord bosses can qualify as this. More notable ones include Providence, all three Sentinels of the Devourer, and the Devourer of Gods himself.
  • Empathic Environment: As the fight with Cryogen goes on, the mod will force the current world to trigger heavy rain, or a very thick blizzard, in the case of the snow biome. The Siren Lure also triggers rain whenever she spawns.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: The player character goes from the mundane handicraft of vanilla Terraria to a warrior running on several types of Unobtainium and the abilities of fallen bosses. By the end of progression, they've at the very least killed a Physical God and a serpent known for its ability to kill gods and absorb their power.
  • Encounter Bait: The Zerg Potion is a beefed-up version of the vanilla Battle Potion which boosts enemy spawn rates by an extremely large amount.
  • Encounter Repellant: On the opposite side, the Zen Potion is a beefed-up version of the vanilla Calming Potion which reduces enemy spawn rates by an extremely large amount.
  • Energy Weapon: Azathoth's specialty is to produce bubbles like the Terrarian it's made from. Those bubbles spam lasers nonstop, which have instant travel and ignore immunity frames.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Yharim, for all the awful things he's done, genuinely loves Yharon, his pet dragon and current penultimate boss.
  • Evil Weapon: Vehemence, Supreme Calamitas's Revengeance drop, is a pitchfork-shaped staff that deals more damage the stronger its target is.
  • Eye Scream: The Twins from the vanilla game are the bio-mechanical watchers of the night, originally created as security using the souls extracted from human eyes. Even Yharim (who is heavily implied to have written the lore items) stated that these creatures did not belong in this world; it's best to be rid of them.
  • Fake Balance: Mostly averted. Despite complaints about self-centered balance, it's a mod that's meant to stand on its own, thus making it a Necessary Weasel at worst.
  • Fake Longevity: A lot of post-Moon Lord recipes were padded down with requirements for Cosmilite Bars, Phantoplasm, Nightmare Fuel, Endothermic Energy, Darksun Fragments, Yharon Soul Fragments, and Auric Ores. Cosmilite Bars require you to defeat the Devourer of Gods over and over again, Phantoplasm drops from Phantom Spirits in the Dungeon, Nightmare Fuel and Endothermic Energy require the player to do the Frost and Pumpkin Moon several times after the Devourer of Gods is defeated, Darksun Fragments drop from post-Yharon Mothrons, Yharon Soul Fragments require you to defeat Yharon, which he would only drop few of them each time he's defeated. And Auric Ores spawn in the cavern layer after Yharon is defeated. These events will be no pushover, either, since every enemy will have their stats beefed up immensely.note  Of course, there is also absurdly low drop rates, though this being Terraria, that should be a given.
  • Fire and Brimstone Hell: In addition to the one in the base game, there's the Brimstone Crags, which is found in the lower-left corner of the world and is filled with incredibly deadly foes. It was once the primary civilization of the underworld, but became desecrated and cursed beyond repair after Calamitas laid waste to it at Yharim's request. To be fair, they kind of deserved it, especially after what they did to Calamitas' ancestors.
  • Flechette Storm:
    • The Charged Dart Blaster charges up the player's darts into fragile but high-velocity and extremely painful darts that split on impact. These shards can get stuck in the same target as the one the initial dart hit for maximum damage. Its upgrade, the Shredder, takes this Up to Eleven to the point of severely lagging the game.
    • The Illustrious Knives are essentially the Vampire Knives for Calamity's endgame.
  • Flunky Boss: Terraria isn't a stranger to these, but Calamity adds some unique ones:
    • The Perforators Boss is a giant fleshy hive that summons fleshy worms to attack you as it takes damage. The worms alone could be a boss in their own rightnote , and the hive (the main boss) can only be killed once the worms are dead.
    • The Slime God is perhaps the most amazing example in the entire mod: it's a relatively small and unassuming core, but it starts the fight by summoning two giant slimes, not unlike the Slime King from the vanilla game. The slimes split in two upon death, and each hit you land on them causes them to spawn smaller slime enemies. As you can imagine, this mushrooms out of control quite fast.
    • Calamitas starts off as a stronger version of the Twins from the vanilla game, but once you deplete her health bar to 75% she Turns Red and, twice during the fight, summons her brothers, who could be entirely separate bosses. This gets turned Up to Eleven in Expert Mode, as she gains nigh-infinite defense while the brothers are alive.
    • Ceaseless Void barely fights on its own besides its laser portals, and delegates most of the fighting to its respawning swarms of Dark Energy minions.
    • The Dragonfolly can summon smaller versions of itself if there aren't already a certain number of them alive.
  • Freudian Excuse: Implied with Yharim. Although it's officially stated that Yharim became the evil person he was because of someone's arrogance in the family (either himself or his brother), which led to, in no particular order, the incineration of his family, the loss of the Astreal Defeat (which the player later reforges), and the transformation of Yharon into a majestic beast, it could also be because of megalomania, since it's implied somewhat that the previous rulers of Terraria weren't any better than he was (being referred to as "tyrants," assuming the writing for Yharon's lore is from a neutral standpoint.)
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: Calamitas is said to be capable of evaporating an entire ocean. Her eyeball form doesn't quite live it up the reputation.
    • The Devourer of Gods not only... devours gods, but assimilates their powers and is capable of interdimensional travel. While the latter can be said to be used in summoning parallel universe versions of itself in Revengeance, no sign of the former power seems to appear.
  • Green Thumb: The Uelibloom gear and Tarragon Armor have organic/life energy as an underlying theme. Later on, the Silva Armor will also show a slew of nature-based powers.
  • Guide Dang It!:
    • The Void of Calamity's DR penalty is unlisted save for a warning that the item is cursed. Similarly, the Dimensional Soul Artifact increasing received damage is also unlisted, although it warns you that its power comes at a cost.
    • The Godly Soul Artifact grants +8 minion slots. What it doesn't tell you is that those 8 slots are automatically taken up by 2 Sons of Yharon, making the item essentially just give you two free Sons of Yharon.
  • Harder Than Hard:
    • The mod adds in a mode above Expert called Revengeance Mode, which boosts enemy spawn rates and buffs up all bosses while adding new and more complex attack patterns, but also boosts enemy money drops along with your combative ability while granting you Rage and Adrenaline. It is toggled by using the Revengeance item (which all new players spawn with) in Expert Mode.
    • A later patch added Deathmode, toggled with the Death item which can be crafted at any Altar. It buffs enemy spawn rates and damage even further, allows bosses to spawn on their own, gives most biomes hazardous environmental effects, and pushes boss aggressiveness to its maximum by making them transfer into new phases faster (or just spawn in their most aggressive phases).
    • Later patches added toggleable Defiled, Iron Heart, and Armageddon Modes. Defiled Mode severely reduces your wing time to the point where it may as well not exist and gives enemies a 25% chance to land critical hits for tripled damage, but doubles money drops and increases drop rates for some rare items. Iron Heart mode disables natural regen and all healing while capping how little damage you can take from an attack, making taking hits far more punishing. Armageddon Mode, however, turns you into a One-Hit Point Wonder while making every boss drop up to 6 Treasure Bags if killed.
  • Henshin Hero: The Flamsteed Ring lets the player transform into either a superpowered cyborg or a larger Mini-Mecha named Andromeda, which packs a variety of features for both mobility and combat.
  • I Am Not Left-Handed: During the fight with Calamitas, once you deplete her first health bar to 75%, she simply gains a new one, summons her brothers, and gains new attacks, while mocking you for underestimating her power.
  • It May Help You on Your Quest:
    • Let's face it: without the Guide (or a Recipe Browser mod), how are you supposed to know that one of the strongest swords in the game starts with a bunch of soils and stones?
    • In general, there are a ton of weapons in the mod that are also materials, so a weapon that might be useless to the player right then might eventually come in handy much later for progression.
  • Karma Houdini: The Lunatic Cultist is the only person known to have crossed Yharim and survived scot-free. Yharim and Draedon also count, especially since they're not available to be fought as bosses yet.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Nearly everyone Yharim hurt in his conquest left behind something that the player can equip and use to take on his creations.note 
  • Lethal Joke Item:
    • While possibly not intentional, The Wand's stats are written in such a way that it might as well be one - single digit damage for a ridiculously high mana cost. Actually casting it, though, produces one of Yharon's Flarenadoes for much higher damage.
    • Shortswords may also count. The mod brings the weak weapon type normally reserved for the very, very beginning of the game into its own endgame, culminating in the Terra Shiv, followed by a post-Moon Lord shortsword which can obliterate targets with cursor-locked attacks, and followed by two more shortswords tied to progression bosses. All of this culminates in the post-Yharon Exo Gladius, which is comparable to the Exoblade in power. "Don't underestimate the power of shivs" indeed.
    • The Cosmic Plushie is one of these - for you. Acquiring it requires such an insanely difficult challenge it may as well be a Bragging Rights Reward, moreso because it's nothing more than a tiny, cute, pink haired humanoid that follows you around. Until you let it follow you into a sufficiently dark place. Then it might just stab you for 500 damage and spawn the minion of an endgame boss (or the boss itself if you trigger an Easter Egg). Have fun with that.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: Calamity adds several new shields that give minor boosts to defensive capabilities. The last individual shield you receive is the Elysian Aegis, a large shield that grants a truckload of defense and can turn the player into a Mighty Glacier - increasing defense by 100 and damage/crit by 40% each, but reducing their base acceleration. Eventually, all of these shields combine to form the Asgardian Aegis.
  • Made of Iron: Uelibloom Ore is apparently so tough to mine that it takes the fury of a nuclear explosion to release it.
  • Many Spirits Inside of One: Plantera is a plant that was used as a vessel to house the spirits of those unfortunate enough to find their way down the Underground Jungle.
  • Mini-Mecha: The Flamsteed Ring allows the player to transform into one, named Andromeda. While in this form, they can turn into a jet for fast travel, attack with a lethal burst-fire gauss rifle, or strike down foes with a massive Laser Blade called Regicide.
  • Nintendo Hard:
    • While the mod itself is already significantly harder than vanilla Terraria, most of the top-tier equipment can only be attained by playing on Expert or Revengeance for best results. The problem is, Revengeance Mode is freakishly hard even with the benefits it provides, pumping the stats of most bosses through the roof while giving many of them completely revamped attack patterns, new tricks, and Contractual Boss Immunity to name a few. Chances are that without a lot of preparation beforehand, the majority of the bosses will be spectacularly difficult to defeat.
    • Deathmode is even harder, as it adds in a whole slew of lethal environmental effects and beefs up the behavior of just about every boss, which will absolutely destroy anyone who isn't well-versed in the game and boss mechanics. On the bright side, it's completely optional since most bosses won't give you anything extra.
    • Even without counting the above, the post-Moon Lord bosses can be extremely difficult compared to the vanilla ones (or even endgame bosses from other mods) as they seriously test all of the player's stats and skills in movement, damage, arenas, etc. If you're not completely prepared to fight them, the post-Moon Lord bosses will likely tear you a new one even on Normal mode.
  • No Fair Cheating: The Devourer of Gods, Yharon, and Supreme Calamitas are personally insured against being butchered by Cheat Sheet, the most popular "creative mode" mod for Terraria. In reality, this is just an insurance against taking more than a certain % of their HP in one single hit (50% for the Devourer, 10% for Yharon and Supreme Calamitas). There are almost no weapons in Calamity that can do this - this is mostly just for Cheat Sheet and overpowered weapons from other mods. note 
    • On the topic of the Devourer of Gods, on Death Mode (or in the Boss Rush), his head becomes able to deal a One-Hit Kill on contact. Said One-Hit Kill ignores all manner of defense, immunities, and other stats, meaning that it's actually able to kill you even if you have some kind of God Mode active. Only Calamity's own God Mode item or a combination of multiple resurrection effects can allow survival, and the latter will trigger all of them, making it one use only due to the once-per-death nature of the Silva armor revive.
  • Nuke 'em: The Gallant Pickaxe delivers a localized burst of nuclear power to anything it touches. This is the only thing that can reliably mine Uelibloom ore before the Blossom Pickaxe and the Crystyl Crusher.
  • One-Hit Point Wonder: The toggleable Armageddon Mode turns you into this. Taking any hit while a boss is alive will instantly kill you, in exchange for making bosses drop up to 6 Treasure Bags when killed under the mode's effect.
  • Outside-Context Problem: As of currently, the Hive Mind/Perforators, Aquatic Scourge, and Old Duke have nothing to do with the mod's main storyline.
  • Overdrawn at the Blood Bank: Implied with the bleed debuff from Soma Prime, causing enemies to lose 1500 health per second.
  • The Plague: Yharim engineered a virus (referred to only by the trope name) and sent it into the jungle. Infected creatures would have their flesh rot away endlessly while Yharim would mechanize them into killing machines. Initially believed to only have infected the world's bees, Word of God confirmed that the plague hit everything, from slimes to Doctor Bones. Oh, and if you get hit by Plague Chargers, you contract the plague, too. Sweet dreams.
  • Power at a Price
    • The Void of Calamity dropped by Calamitas provides a 15% damage boost while raining brimstone fire whenever invincibility is active, but it has an unlisted -30% to damage reduction.
    • The Dimensional Soul Artifact provides a 15% to all damage and crit chance, that can bypass the mod's caps for those stats. However, it has an unlisted effect of increasing all damage taken by 25% as well.
    • The Reaper Tooth Necklace increases all of your damage and crit chance by 25%, while granting 100 armor penetration. However, it also halves your defense and damage reduction stats.
  • Power Creep: Calamity balances around itself rather than vanilla Terraria, which means this happens quite a bit. Items dropped from pre-Hardmode Calamity bosses can rival or exceed mid-Hardmode vanilla equipment, a pace that continues throughout the game, which means that Calamity gear will continually outpace anything vanilla Terraria has to offer.
  • Power Gives You Wings: While Cryogen's soul is fused with the player character, frozen wings appear on the player which are flight-capable.
  • Psycho Prototype: The Dragonfolly was a failed experiment to mass produce Yharon's species, but that doesn't stop it from being a post Moon Lord boss.
  • Purposefully Overpowered:
    • The developer weapons are all ridiculously powerful, and make fighting most bosses trivial; however, in order to make them, you'll have to kill Yharon and Supreme Calamitas- the current strongest bosses in the game- at least once each, so they're not exactly very useful as of 1.2. However, there is one challenge stronger than the last few bosses - the Boss Rush.
    • The Crystyl Crusher stands out in comparison to all the other developer items- it's a pickaxe with a whopping 5000 pickaxe power and +50 range; in layman's terms, this means it can mine pretty much any block on screen, faster than you can fall. However, it still has the same requirements to obtain as the other developer weapons, so it's not nearly as useful as it would be if you obtained it, say, during the middle of Hardmode.
    • The Auric Tesla armor is a ridiculous hodge-podge of every post-Moon Lord armor in the game besides Shadowspec along with a few accessories, but requires lots of grinding for secondary materials and can only be obtained in Expert Mode, where you'll need it the most.
    • Vehemence, dropped by Supreme Calamitas in Revengeance Mode, is very powerful. While it takes an enormous amount of mana to fire and lacks any homing abilities (making it high-risk-high-reward), it deals more damage depending on how much HP the enemy has left. By "more damage", we mean "enough damage to One-Hit Kill most of the game's bosses and significantly injure anything that isn't dead". In addition, using it to gain the first strike makes any boss fight a lot easier, since not only will it deal immense damage, it will hammer any full-health target with numerous long-lasting debuffs.
  • Rare Random Drop: There are a number of "Rare" variants of weapons/accessories dropped at extremely low chances by a wide variety of enemies, which have increased stats or additional effects. While they are extremely hard to get, they are almost always leagues more useful than their standard variants, and sometimes come with brand new abilities.
  • Redemption Equals Death: Statis betrayed Yharim and was murdered by Signus for his troubles.
  • Self-Imposed Challenge:
    • While Revengeance is practically needed to get the full experience of the mod, for those who want to push their skills to the absolute limit, fighting bosses with Death/Defiled/Armageddon (or all of the above) should do the trick.
    • There are some configuration options that add more challenge to the game, such as limiting curses on the Boss Rush, or an option to give bosses up to eleven times their original health.
  • Sequence Breaking: Calamity switches up the boss progression of the game significantly, making it so that there's really no defined order of bosses you have to fight.
    • Plantera Bulbs and Life Fruit will now start spawning at the genesis of Hardmode, allowing you to access them as soon as the Wall of Flesh is defeated. Killing the Mechanical Bosses will instead massively speed up the generation of Plantera Bulbs.
    • The Temple Key and a special version of the Lihzahrd Power Cell can be crafted with early hardmode materials, allowing you access to the Temple and Golem's loot before killing Plantera.
    • The Leviathan can be technically fought any time in the game since the ??? can spawn at any time.
    • The majority of the modded bosses can be fought at any time during their respective points of the game (Pre-Hardmode, Hardmode, and Post-Moon Lord). There are a couple exceptions, though.
      • Calamitas must be fought after Brimstone Elemental or Skeletron Prime due to her summon using Souls of Fright.
      • Astrum Deus must be fought after Astrum Aureus due to their summon needing Aureus Cells.
      • Plaguebringer Goliath must be fought after Golem since its summon needs materials from the post-Golem plagued enemies.
      • Ravager must be fought after Golem since its summon needs Lihzahrd Bricks only mineable by Golem's Picksaw.
      • Providence has to be fought after the Profaned Guardians, as they drop her summon.
      • The Devourer of Gods must be fought after all 3 of his Sentinels, since they drop the materials to make the Cosmic Worm.
      • Yharon must be fought after the Dragonfolly due to his Dragon Egg needing Effulgent Feathers.
    • Supreme Calamitas must be fought after Yharon, since her Eye of Extinction needs Auric Ore and his Soul Fragments.
  • Shout-Out: Hey, it wouldn't be Terraria without 'em.
    • The Storm Ruler, a sword that can be made just before the fight against the Moon Lord, is a nod to a sword of the same name from Demon's Souls and Dark Souls III.
    • Gael's Greatsword, in name, tooltip ("Hand it over, that thing. Your dark soul."), and function (the sword shoots bloody skulls like the ones Gael shoots in his boss fight), is a reference to Dark Souls III's Slave Knight Gael.
    • One of the mod's post- Supreme Calamitas weapons is simply Soma Prime from Warframe, complete with special rounds that cause severe bleeding, true to the stats of the original weapon.
    • The new difficulty introduced by the mod is outright called Revengeance mode. You can find Sam's HF Murasama (deliberate mispelling retained) in an Underworld Chest (although it's locked until you beat Yharon unless you trigger an Easter Egg), and one of the swords craftable after killing Supreme Calamitas is called the Red Sun with the tooltip, "Over paradise." In addition, another broadsword that can be dropped by the Devourer of Gods is called Excelsus, named after the Metal Gear model that is the penultimate boss, and the tooltip for the accessory Draedon's Heart (which assists with Rage generation) says "Nanomachines, son", an allusion to Senator Armstrong's memetic quote. The boss health bar is even stylized like Revengeance's.
    • A developer weapon upgrade to the Arkhalis is called the Devil's Sunrise, a reference to the weapon of the same name from the Epic Battle Fantasy series, which in turn, is a reference to the weapon of the same name from MapleStory.
    • The "Ice Barrage", a post-Moon Lord developer weapon, is named after and functions like the spell of the same name from RuneScape, complete with the original sound effect, and the tooltip comes with the message for dying in RuneScape ("Oh dear, you are dead!"). The weapon also uses Blood Runes as ammunition, much like casting the spell in ''RuneScape.
    • The Karasawa laser rifle post-Moon Lord developer weapon is named after the same weapon from the Armored Core series, complete with insane firepower and heavy weight (as stated in the tooltip).
    • The "Halibut Cannon" developer weapon is dedicated to the late TotalBiscuit, formerly known as TotalHalibut, hence the appearance of a monocle and top hat on the weapon.
    • Several to the Touhou Project:
      • Two obtainable developer weapons include the "Scarlet Devil", a dead ringer for Remilia's "Spear The Gungnir", which the tooltip even namedrops, and the "Dark Spark", an upgrade to the Last Prism that is a reference to Marisa's signature Master Spark, specifically its corrupted variation seen in Touhou Kishinjou ~ Double Dealing Character.
      • A later version also added the Resurrection Butterfly, a summon weapon based on Yuyuko's spell card of the same name.
      • An even later version added a Bandit NPC who sometimes uses the quote "It's not stealing! I'm just borrowing it until I die!". For bonus points, one of her possible names is Marisa. Two other possible names for the bandit are Maribel and Hearn, likely a reference to Maribel Hearn.
      • The Hermit's Box of One Hundred Medicines, A Hardmode pet accessory dropped by the Wall of Flesh which summons a snake, is a reference to Kasen Ibaraki, who is also seen with a snake as one of her pets. The tooltip ("Eh? No way it's an oni.") references Kasen's constant attempts to deny her identity as an oni.
      • There's also a post-Moon Lord spiky ball called Hell's Sun, referencing Utsuho- the tooltip even name drops one of Utsuho's spell cards, Subterranean Sun.
    • Several to Bloons Tower Defense:
      • The MOAB accessory, which gives you a smaller version of the series' namesake to jump around with.
      • The Monkey Darts that the Bandit sells are a reference to the Dart Monkeys, with the Stealth Strike throwing 3 darts like a Dart Monkey with the Triple Darts upgrade.
      • Additionally, the Glaive and Kylie are two weapons sold by the Bandit that resembles the likes of the those used by the Boomerang Monkey's upgrades.
    • The Utensil Poker, an added drop from the Moon Lord, references the weapon of the same name from Chicken Invaders.
    • One of the Ravager's drops, the Spikecrag Staff, summons Spikecrags that are a reference to the Spikerocks in Plants vs. Zombies, with them looking like Ravager-themed counterparts of the original plant.
    • The Omega Blue armor, in name, appearance, and function, is a clever allusion to the X-Men villain Omega Red, with Combat Tentacles for a set bonus, which can drain HP from nearby enemies, although the armor also lowers your regen stat greatly, a nod to Omega Red's Power Incontinence.
    • The Lion Heart broadsword sold by the Cyborg after the defeat of Polterghast is a reference to the gunblade of the same name from Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy XIV, complete with its sprite resembling the former game's incarnation, and its right click replicating the latter game's Superbolide skill by halving all damage taken.
    • The Temporal Umbrella summons a magic hat that "carries your soul, bounded by a contract", according to the buff text, and mentions in the tooltip that "this could defeat the Mafia in a single blow", all references to A Hat in Time.
    • The Triboluminescent Etomer summons a Rotom, which even changes form based on the biome the player is currently in.
  • Stealth Pun: The Microwave yoyo is named not only for the microwave radiation given off by the yoyo, but also the fact that it whirs and beeps - just like a literal microwave oven.
  • Super Mode: In Revengeance and higher, you gain two to compensate for the higher difficulty:
    • Rage, which fills up whenever you get hit, hit enemies with true melee weapons (like the Arkhalis and Murasama), or passively while wearing certain accessories. Once full, you can consume it to give yourself a 5-second buff which increases your damage by 150%, which can be increased to 195% with certain powerups from bosses. However, it ends early if you are hit. Wearing the Heart of Darkness or Draedon's Heart increases this damage boost by 15%.
      • Rage also has a side effect of randomly giving you the Absolute Rage status when the meter is almost full, which temporarily boosts your HP and regen.
    • Adrenaline, which fills up by not taking damage during boss fights and resets once you do (it will not reset if it is filled). It takes 45 seconds to charge (which can be reduced to 15 with permanent powerups from bosses), and once full it can be consumed to grant a 250% damage boost for 5 seconds. Alternatively, taking a hit at full charge will consume it and halve the damage from the attack that triggered it.
  • Too Awesome to Use: Calamity brings a couple examples.
    • Purified Jam, dropped by the Slime God in Rev+. It drops a very small quantity of it (6-8 specifically) and it only drops it once per world and per character. However, if you're smart with it, the Jam can be used to turn around nearly any boss fight, as it grants you temporary God Mode for up to 10 seconds.
    • The Magnum and the Bazooka. The Magnum is a pre-hardmode, all-class gun that uses Magnum Rounds, which are a very rare ammunition type dropped by bosses, but only on their first kill (however, it can also be purchased from the Arms Dealer for an extremely high price). While the ammo is limited and hard to come across, the Magnum deals absolutely colossal damage for how early you can get it and is a Percent Damage Attack against its favored target of organic enemies. In Hardmode, you can craft a Bazooka which basically functions the same way, except it uses Grenade Shells (dropped by bosses starting in Hardmode on their first kill or by buying from the Arms Dealer) and deals even higher damage, especially against its preferred target of inorganic enemiesnote . As if that weren't enough, the Magnum can be upgraded further into the Lightning Hawk in hardmode and the Elephant Killer post-Moon Lord, which raises its effectiveness to ludicrous levels. Chances are that pulling one of these guns out during a boss fight will make it a hell of a lot easier, but with ammo normally being limited and being extremely expensive to buy, every shot counts - especially since they can only be fired a limited amount of times per boss fight (3 for the Magnum and its upgrades, and 2 for the Bazooka).
    • The Hydra, a similar weapon you can get after Plantera, is even more of this. It uses Explosive Shotgun Shells as ammo, which are extremely expensive and only drop from bosses in minuscule quantities, and unlike its predecessors it can only fire once' per boss fight. However, the Hydra is crazily powerful, converting each shell into a 15-round spray of high-velocity bullets that each deal percentage max HP damage to all enemy types. If you can land all the shots, the Hydra can deal nearly a quarter of a boss' HP per burst.
  • Uncommon Time: If you listen carefully, you can hear that Antarctic Reinforcement has a 13/4 signature. The fast paced Fly of Beelzebub has a 5/4 signature.
  • Underground Monkey: Phantom Spirits, red ghosts that spawn in the dungeon and are required to craft Bloodflare gear and other miscellaneous items in the same tier and above. Defeating too many brings on Polterghast.
  • Under the Sea: The Abyss Biome, a massive underwater trench which stretches almost all the way to the Underworld, full of Underwater Ruins and murderous creatures like the Reaper Sharks and Eidolon Wyrms.
  • Unexpected Gameplay Change: Supreme Calamitas doesn't fight like a Terraria boss at all, instead locking you in an unbreakable arena box and turning invulnerable at designated points to spam projectiles at you that deal significant damage, turning the game into something resembling a Shoot 'em Up. These phases are even dubbed 'Bullet Hell' phases.
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential: You can obtain many weapons that use the plague spreading through the jungle as their main source of damage. With a voodoo doll, you can ping the Guide or Clothier and give them a debuff that makes them quickly turn into a pile of bones and green necrotic flesh, or you can gleefully do the same to critters.
  • The Virus: The Astral Infection, a space-borne disease that spreads throughout the cosmos, infecting and consuming entire planets and their inhabitants, transfoming them into mutated vessels of the virus. To make matters worse, it can be spread by planet-devouring entities who take the infection into themselves. Upon defeating Wall of Flesh or Astrum Aureus, provided that the conditions are met, an Astral Meteor will strike the world and infect a large chunk of it with the Astral Infection, drastically changing the environment and allowing mutated alien creatures to spawn.
  • We Can Rule Together: Yharim manages to communicate with the Devourer of Gods after he links several deaths to the worm, and offers a deal that essentially boils down to this. The Devourer accepted.
  • Wham Line: The game drops one after defeating Calamitas:
    A Calamitas Doppelganger has been defeated!
  • Worf Had the Flu:
    • Why is Calamitas, one of Yharim's most trusted servants, fought well before the Moon Lord? Simple: the one you fight before Plantera is a clone. The real Calamitas is waaaaaaay harder.
    • The earliest Boss new to the mod, the Desert Scourge, wiped out an entire ocean kingdom in its backstory. By the time you fight it, though, it's much, much weaker as a result of being dried out and having to live in a desert. Fittingly, you fight a hydrated version called the Aquatic Scourge later in the game, and it's far stronger than its counterpart, being a early-mid hardmode boss
    • The Elementals had power comparable to goddesses in their backstories. When you fight them, they're severely weakened due to a lack of faith causing them to fade away, with two of them being hardmode bosses and two being minibosses.
    • A full-power Providence is stated to be able to overpower just about anyone in the story, even Yharim himself. However, she can be defeated by the player thanks to her not being fully powered up yet, and since she's weakened from a prior skirmish with the Tyrant King.

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