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You NEED to watch this!!!
"I know it's easier to portray a world filled with cynicism and anger, where problems are solved with violence...It's an easy out. What's a whole lot tougher is to offer alternatives, to present other ways conflicts can be resolved, and to show you can have a positive impact on your world. To do that, you have to put yourself out on a limb, take chances, and run the risk of being called a do-gooder."
The 12th Doctornote 

"My felt monster looks so old-fashioned next to this space-age chibi virus. "
Myself, obviously not caring about the "one quote per page top" rule (and no, it doesn't make sense in context either).

  • Describe TropesForever here.
    • Very well then, TropesForever is a troper...
    • Hold on, what are your credentials?
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    • What?
    • Your credentials? Why are you qualified to describe TropesForever here?
    • Well, I...okay, don't tell anyone, but I am TropesForever.
    • Shh!
    • But I'm also TropesForever!
    • What? How is that possible?
    • I don't know, but I'm getting sick of this joke now.

I'm Murataku. Imagine a loud Tomboy in a louder teapot, only without the pot, the tom, the tea or the boy.

I'm ZeroL. (Duh...wait, am I? I'll try again.)

Greetings, Earthlings. I am called President Stalkeyes...wait, no I'm not.

Hi, my name is Beverly! How are name is not Beverly. Hold on.

Hi, I'm Tre. This is my page, but - no, no, that's not right either.

A proper introduction is in order. I'm Caliburn, but you can call me - No, wait, don't. I'm not Caliburn.

Hey, there. Cyber was once known by the name of Hamza 678 - well, I guess that's true, but...


Hi, I'm Brian Henson. The Muppet fans are sometimes really cra-AUGH!

Okay, I think I got it right. I'm TropesForever, and I'm sort of like a cheap knockoff of everyone else. Y'know how if you mix all the ice cream flavours together, you end up with this weird bland purplish-grey stuff? That's me.

"He who is neither one thing nor the other has no friends."

Forever, this is too depressing. It ain't gonna fly off the shelves unless ya do a little exaggeration!

But this is a webpage...

I don't care!


Once, when the very fabric of the universe was still young, Mankind was born. And almost as long as there has been man, there have been Tropes. But, the ancient ones realised that tropes are fragile things. One humble creature was chosen as the guardian of tropes. And from that day forth, he was known as... TROPES...FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

...O...kay. Well, since some sane people are going to click on this eventually, I may as well say some vaguely useful stuff. I've been lurking this wiki since about mid-2014, but didn't join until the 15th of July, 2016. I was initially known as CamelCase, but then stuff happened. I've had my current name since the 5th of September, 2016. I can be found in most parts of the site, reading if not contributing.

If I had to describe myself in three fictional characters, as is so often done around here, I a friend. (But which friend?)

On the subject of nicknames, I don't really have a preference. "Tropes", "Forever" and "TF" are all fine (although Beverly has advised against the last one for...reasons). Most people use "Tropes", though I have a soft spot for "Forever" as it allows me to make daft jokes, like so:

Lisa Simpson: I feel like I've been wearing the same red dress forever.

Aveyond is my very close IRL friend and mutual love interest :P who I'm proud to have introduced to this website.

Feel free to PM me any time, even if we've never met and you just randomly stumbled upon this page. In fact, especially if we've never met and you just randomly stumbled upon this page.

So...that's me in a nutshell. A very large nutshell, but a nutshell nonetheless.

That's all, folks!

Wait, there's more?
Here's the foldercontrol before I forget:
    open/close all folders 
And here are the folders. Keep an eye on them for me, will you? Don't want them running off again.
    Stuff I've done 
On the wiki

On Forum Games
I don't have anywhere else to put this, but it needs to go somewhere. Thanks to Caliburn Absolute EX who wrote the words, and Beverly, who it was made for.

    Places I'm at outside of this site 
  • Wikipedia, where I still go by CamelCase.
  • Wikia, where I'm called Jack Busstein (not my real name either, by the way). I'm most active on the LittleBigPlanet Wiki, where I'm an admin. (That sounds a bit narcissistic, but that's what these pages are for, amirite?)
  • My YouTube channel.
  • PM me if you want to know my Discord handle.
  • If you play LittleBigPlanet, here's my profile.
  • I can also be contacted on tin-can phone. My number is 3.

    A single userbox 
You may wonder what a userbox is: it's a Wikipedia thing. user tries to do the right thing. If they make a mistake, please let them know.



And now for a little clickbait...*Evil Laugh*...

    Nine SHOCKING fact about TropesForever — number four will make your teeth fall out and your skin turn green! 
  1. Real Name: CamelCase
  2. Real Real Name: Not Telling.
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Your teeth are about to fall out and your skin is about to turn green.
  5. Myers–Briggs thingamabob: INFP.
  6. Which Muppet I am according to this quiz: Fozzie. I'm proud of my result. He's not my favourite Muppet ever, but he's in the top 10.
  7. Age according to "How old is the above poster?": Anywhere from 14 to 30. The average is 20.
  8. Favourite Doctor: Matt Smith or Peter Capaldi for the new series, Tom Baker or Sylvester McCoy for the classic series.
  9. Credit Card No: I'm not telling you that!

Bye, everybody!

Oh, you've got to be kidding me...
    Stuff I like 
My very favourites are in bold. Some attempt has been made to list favourite characters too.


Newspaper Comics



  • I tend to like individual songs (that I discover from being used in a work or random internet surfing), more than artists themselves. I would like to get into a lot more artists, but at the moment, these are the only ones I specifically follow:
  • The Beatles, who I'm utterly obsessed with.
  • Scott Joplin. I should really write a page for him one day.
  • One specific song I discovered, The Windmills of Your Mind, deserves a special mention. DrNoPuma and I both love it.

Animated Films

Live-Action TV

Animated TV

Video Games


  • xkcd, though admittedly some of them go way over my head. It's still very funny.

Multiple Media

  • The Muppets. That's right, everything on that page, including the stuff I haven't seen, though with a preference towards The Muppet Show characters. My favourite Muppet is Rowlf.
  • Star Wars.
    • I like all the films, and I love the obscure, now non-canon cartoon Droids somewhat disproportionally. Artoo and Threepio are my favourite characters.
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (well, the TV series and movie at any rate. I haven't read the books or the radio series, mostly because you can't read a radio series.)
  • The Monty Python films and TV series.


  • Steven Universe Presents: Something — The Movie, whose poster you saw at the top of this page. (If only it existed...)
  • Photoshop, though as you can probably tell I have no idea how to design stuff that doesn't hurt people's eyes. Plus it recently stopped working for me. :(
  • Aveyond. If you're reading this, I love you. <3

Pearl: You know, Rowlf, this don't make any sense at all.
Rowlf: I know, Pearl, but we're stuck with it. Let the joust begin!

    The Joust—er, Tropes That Apply to Me 
  • Asperger's Syndrome: I know it's not technically a trope, but it's worth noting that I have been diagnosed with it.
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: Downplayed, and exaggerated at the same time. Isn't life funny?
  • Bad Impressionists: On this very page, in fact, as well as all over the forums and in real life.
  • Brief Accent Imitation: I sometimes do it on the forums, by copying the syntax of whatever or whoever comes to mind for no reason. I do this a lot in real life as well.
  • Cuckoosnarker: Describes me pretty well, though I do try to hold back on my snark so I don't hurt people.
  • The Ditherer: Pretty much everything on this page is inaccurate at one time or another, because I can't make up my dang mind.

We interrupt this troper page for an important news update.

Yesterday morning at 5:35 AM, a mysterious figure was seen vandalising TroperWall.Tropes Forever. Witnesses have described the suspect as wearing five different hats, each stacked on top of the other. Police are currently investigating.

And now back to regular programming.

  • I told you, Alice, that's not how you repair a lawnmower! Wait, are we on again?
  • Neutral Good: According to the internet, and the internet never lies.
  • Official Couple: With Aveyond. <3
  • Ridiculous Procrastinator: This trope should be automatically included on everyone's page. It would be self-fulfilling: If you procrastinate on removing it, it applies to you, but if you can be bothered to remove it, it doesn't apply to you.
  • Serial Escalation:
    • My sense of humour in general uses this a lot.
    • In particular, The musicians avatar. It started of with just Rowlf, then I added Schroeder, then the Doctor, then Marceline, then other tropers started suggesting characters...
  • Single-Issue Wonk: I don't like people using "Muppet" to refer to puppets that aren't actually Muppets, like Yoda. It annoys me that that's the definition the trope uses.
  • Situational Sociability: I'd daresay this trope applies to most tropers, in fact. Probably related to my dithering.
  • Small Reference Pools: See that list of works up there? Those are about 70% of the works I'm very familiar with.
  • Those Two Guys: At times, with DrNoPuma.
  • What an Idiot!: I tend to realise my mistake seconds later. Mostly why I'm a Serial Tweaker.

    Favourite Tropes 
You're still reading this thing? I'm impressed.

    The Tropers Song 
To the tune of "Modern Major General", specifically based on this version:
There's Gwen and Tye Dye, Silver, Dag, Kablammin, who is pretty nice.
Plus Chey, Kihunter, M. Hazard, Ninja with AIDS and Be-a-trice.
And Axolotl, Kaiko, Blue, Bisected 8, who's done so much.
Along with William, Weirdguy, Saz, Team Larson, Willy, Leaf and Dutch.

There's Crystal, Wispy, Quantum, Wolf, Revenge and Hydraloonie.
There's Kouta, Anza, Darthwyn, Dauth, Cailleach, Maxwell, and Fury.
There's Unknown, Revvy, Raspy Mink (our favourite forum resident),
Arcada, Huthman, n3rd_d4sh, Cabe, Arimo and the President.

There's G2, Cyber, Cal and Light, Ichigo,Emperor_Ing, Daydre,
And Farmboy, Loner, Moot, Kix, Playing, Random and iflewaway.
Along with Superjohn, Some_Person, Zbse, Onnie, Chip, and Tre,
and Mikael, Sarysa, and Star.

There's Aleistar, The One Who Tropes, Vjoj and if I can do so,
I'll find some room for Cent'ry, Teenly, Rockonman and Lewatto.
And Ultra Wanker, Savaget, Completely Normal, Lyciboo,
Razorrozar, chianticat, Enirboreh, and Dingo too.
With Trash and Blurring, Kaal, and Void, Alexa and, to get stranger,
I'll mention Inko, Starbee, Starbug, wingedcatgirl and Gamechanger.

InKraidible, Speedchesser, Snicklin, Solar, Foxx, Tomodachi,
Soul, Afterwards, Dave, Almohad, Halberdier, Faust, Whiz, you see,
Bur, Picher, Fredhot, Kirin, Zelda, Everz, Coleman, atimnie,
H Bomb, 'Lectronic, Daring, Idiot, Miss, Fly, Hart, Wade, Kitty

And Taco, Tales, Spino, Bread, Psych'delicate, and Alien.
Tranq, Ozbourne, Clockwork, Zanreo, Berrenta, Josh and Cheion.
Composer, Blizzard, Jax and NASCAR, Ghost Elm, Shrub Bird, Ore-O,
Plus AHI, Infinity, Crossover, Daft, and Reiko.
Penroses, and Murataku, 9k1, and Beverly.
This list is getting much too long so I'll just end it cleverly.
Noli, Sed, Elisabel, and Puma, he's my hero.
Joker, Movie, Scotie, Graf, and last not least is Zero!
P.S. To stop my brain from asploding, I decided to keep this list to the Forum Games regulars, since they're the ones I personally see the most. I want to add all the other contributers to this site eventually, but there'd easily be enough for fifteen new songs of this type.

P.P.S. Apologies in advance if I forgot you, or you don't want to be included. I'll add or remove anyone's name by their request.

    Troper Leitmotifs (kind of) 
WIP. A fun concept stolen from DrNoPuma, Revaryk, Bluethorn and ZeroL. For a twist, all of these are Beatles songs, even if a leitmotif is supposed to be instrumental.

Also, some of these are more abstract than others. It's weird.

    Click here to crash your browser 

    Misc. Stuff 
Beware, Wall of Text approaching! If you're reading this page linearly, you might want to skip this part.
  • A list of all NPCs to appear in Tropers: The Series (major recurring character are bolded. Also be aware this list might not always be fully updated):
    • Season 1: Canned Laughter Machine, Zazzerpan The Learned, Mr. Benedetto, Gangrenous F, Landlord Plant, Cthulhu Monkey Zero, Sam the Cricket, Aquarium Attendant, Nerd Soldiers, Buddy the Robot / Cool Rory, Old Lady Couch, Jill Newslady, Li'l Pete 1 and 2, Original Zerobot, Drunk Abusive Father, Steve Urkel, Stevil, DirkLBot, The Ant Hill Mob, Cultists, John, Rose, Dave, Jade, Yukon Man, D-Class, The Status Quo, Awakened Paladin, Cthulhy, The Number 27, Stone Bill Gates, Tin Steve Jobs, [ATTITUDE CITY], Mr. Meddling, Intern, Goblins, Abyss Dragon, Pthxtyhn and the other unnamed being, Meddling II, 7th Dimensional Penroses, 8th Dimensional Taco, 7th Dimensional Zero, 2 Dimensional Zero, That General Guy Who Calls Tropes on the Phone, Miscellaneous Other Zerobots, Kim Jong-Un, Li, The First Doctor, Susan, Ian, Barbara, Nemesis, Evil Zero, Orcs, French Zero, and South Korean Zero.
    • Season 2: Jacques (the resistance guy), Watcher #1, Watcher #2, Watcher #3, Movie's Homunculus, Cybercop, Quentin Benedetto, Kloggar, Xathian Elders, The guy who said "Hello, partner! Welcome to West of Loa- ", Enrico, Freddy, Bill, Ass (as in donkey), Big Rory, Sandstorm Warriors, Cobra employee 1, Cobra employee 2, Eagles, Little Timmy, The Beatles, Zeronet, Oil Farmer, Oil Mule, That Guy Who Possibly Created Bev Or More Likely He Was Just Lying, That Random Xathian, Judge, Helios, Spartan, Aichi Doll, William's Stunt Double, A Bunch of British People, The Second Doctor, The Third Doctor, Clone!Robin Gibb, Tropey's Pizza Manager, Meddling III, Ford Prefect, The Real Robin Gibb, Daleks, Clone Barry Gibb, Clone Maruice Gibb, Announcer, Evil Jerk, Tropey The Wonder Dog, Chop Chop Master Onion, Teenagers, Murderer in Movie, Woman in Movie, Weatherman, Mr. Skittle, Mrs. Skittle, Network Executive, Tsunku, Ship Captain, Steve, Robin's Fish, Bionic Benedetto, Sonny Sunflora, Ice Cream Parlour Owner, and CBS Executives.
    • Season 3: Frida Skittle, Karate Joe, School Library Pep Squad, Rap Men, Godzilla Statue, Projectionist, Samurai Skeleton, French Airport Guard, Captain Fussenpepper, Hidden Temple Giant, Temple Guards, Ghost of Richard Dawson, Kebab Shopkeeper, Air Show Director, Xenophobic Vendor, Young Vendor, Air Show Announcer,Sand Golems, NT!Joker, Mr. Khamen, Ditta, Ditty, Ditto!Junon, Girlfriend, Anchor Arms Announcer, Dinty, Frost Dragon, Aleister the Invoker, Villagers, Village Leader, Village Keeper, Triangle Crabs, Zulu, Musketmen, Shaka, Sans!Joker, Dipper!Joker, Scissors!Joker, God!Joker, Frisk!Joker, Robert, Volunteer 1, Annoying Dog!Joker, Homestuck Troll!Joker, Mother, Gorilla, Sonny's Henchmen, Toriel, DRUNK!Frisk, Springman, Atlantis, Bartender, Disc Jockey, Star Berserker, Henchwomen, TropeNet Program Director, Clone!Andy Gibb, The Songbird, Medusa, Pegasus, Berserker/Hercules, Crazy!Melody, Random Guy, Tosh Yates, Ted Baxter, Magical Girls, Ghost!Melody, Evil!Melody, Female Announcer, Nasally Announcer, Technician, Mansa Musa, Pachacuti, Sandra, Mark, Tegan, Mel, Colin, Simon, Slop, Goop, Glop, Sunshine, Nurse Barbara, Nurse Trixie, Fake Doctor, Teenagers, Advert!Melody, Hermit Crab, Boy, Puma's Starfish, Harmony, Sim, Sim 2, Fairie, Cecilia Skittle, Melinda Skittle, Touhou Girls, Spiders, Librarian, Bus-Driving Mechanoid, Bartender, Taxi Driver, Snake Woman, A Couple of Guys, Agent Foster, Jimbob Patterson, Lorraine Quiche, Mr. Kimball, Boston Taxi Driver, Caller 1, Caller 2, Pledge Drive Guy, Junior, The Body Shoppists, Random Person, Ghosts and Skeletons, CarnEvil Characters, Jeanne D'Arc, Head Nun, Other Nuns, Mini-Felicia!Revenges, Receptionist, Chaplain, Mabel, Charlie, Ollie, Buster, Stan, Allenby Beardsley, Little Boy 1, Little Boy 2, Little Boy 3, Little Boy 4, Little Girl 1, Little Girl 2, Sven, Tour Guide, Tourist, Agnetha, Mechanical Moose, Miku, Len, Rin, Meiko, Kaito, and Luka, Dinosaur-Type Thing, Crab Guard, Crab Cop, Crab Sheriff, Hoodie Lady, Crab King, Tamatoa, Mama Dog, Papa Dog, Crab Soldiers, Alfred, Ma Benedetto, Tito, Nando, 'Rath, Cockatoo, Director Hendricks, Middle-Aged Businessmen, Schoolgirl 1, Schoolgirl 2, Schoolgirl 3, Gwen McFloob, Pat Fetta, Sarah Glutrose, Jeffy Meek, Damien, Doctor, Producer, Trunks Brief, Marty McFly, Rick Sanchez, Kathrine, Note, Carrie, Raquette, Ginger-Haired Woman, Police Officer, Austin Johnson, Ford Clones, Barb, Sonny Jr., Chumbley, Quark, Reporter 1, Reporter 2, Reporter 3, Reporter 4, Delilah, His Majesty Ford, Percy, Watermelon Man, Elias, Elena, Abraxas Gouda, Lorena, Levin, Robin, Liam, Hanna, Shovel Knight, Elias' Mother, Theorist, Repair Guy, Dude Dress as Bacon Zorp, Dog Mendonca, Eurico, Pazuul, Demon Head, Sharks, Angler Fish, Person 1, Person 2, Doug, Nametag Taco, Therapist, Olivia, Lulu, Elton, Jane, Brendan, Landlord, Fake Tropes, Self-Aware Taco, All the other Tacos, Jacques (the pigeon), JonTron, Hot Dog Vendor, The Guy in the Flattop and Hoodie, North Korean Army Guy, and Kim-Jong Clarence.
    • Season 4: Staff Member 1, Staff Member 2, Mister Kofka, Mister Brown, Gospodin Takeknokov, Teenager 1, Teenager 2, Emmet, Meep, Eddie, Sir Fluff, Gerry Stringer, Ringmaster Henderson, Hol Horse, Boingo, Lion Handlers, Christopher Robin, Ultron Sigma, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Jacky and Akira.

  • If I'm not mistaken this was my first post on the Thread Anti-Necromancy Game, and this was my first on Ask the above poster a question.
  • I'm on a metered internet connection 50% of the time, so if you link me to a YouTube video (e.g. in one of the "name something and see if the above poster likes it" threads), sorry if I don't reply immediately. I'll try and get round to it when I can.
    And finally, the famous "Musicians" picture.
Probably the only reason you clicked on this page in the first place. Note: I only know who about a quarter of these actually are.note 

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