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"Plush reptilian booty is preferable to any snobby human girl!"
Ale Knight.


I'm Tranquilis, Occasionally Tranquilis-Sekai if I need a longer username, or Tranq for short.

I'm a Junior in High School with a love for video games, random trivia, or remarking on how the media needs more lightning based weaponry. You can usually find me in the forum games, and I occasionally poke my head into Yack-fest, Writer's Block, and Tabletop Games.


As to the origin of the name 'Tranquilis,' it began with a game called Spiral Knights. The old username I used for many a site was already taken on this game (I went by 'ThePichuDude' for a good few years,) and I needed to come up with a new one. I tried to come up with something 'Knighty' and wound up with Tranquilis.

I'm also the resident Towergirls enthusiast. For those wondering what 'Towergirls' is, it's a large collection of monstergirl waifus created by 4chan's /tg/ board. I run Towergirls: TVTropes Edition on the Forum Games board, which you can start reading here, should that strike your fancy.

Dragon Princess III is best girl.

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