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Characters from the roleplay. Please add your own player character.

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Player characters:

Debuted season 1


Art by Taco Badger
As drawn by West 

The first character to appear in the show. Debuted on page 1.

  • Casual Danger Dialogue: Does this a lot, as he doesn't tend to grasp the seriousness of a situation unless Aveyond is harmed.
  • Cuckoosnarker: He alternates between reacting to other people's insanity and being insane himself.
  • Cynic–Idealist Duo: Tends to see the best in people, even enemies, contrasting with the more world-weary Taco as the cynic.
  • The Ditz: Very prone to comic misunderstandings, such as somehow confusing Movie Reference's uncle dying with Beverly dying, and then asking the latter why she pretended to be dead.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: He and Taco Badger tend to pair off on wacky misadventures more than the other tropers, particularly in seasons 3 and 4.
  • Kindhearted Simpleton: Very ditzy, but also a friend to anyone who's willing to be.
  • Official Couple: With Aveyond, as of "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor".
  • OOC Is Serious Business: He's almost always silly and harmless, and very few things faze him. One thing that does is hurting Aveyond, as Neil and Victor have found out.
  • Snark Ball: Is full of asides and comments when it's not plot-relevant, but half the plot points involve him misunderstanding something.
  • Unfazed Everyman: Most of his friends are magical or sci-fi in some way. It doesn't bother him at all.
  • Most Writers Are Writers: He's supposedly in charge of writing the show's scripts, not that anyone ever uses them.


Taco Badger
Art by Taco Badger

As drawn by West 

Taco Cornelius Badger, mostly referred to as 'Taco'. The third character to appear. Debuted on Page 1.

  • Anti-Hero: Generally an impulse-driven cheat, as well as one of the main characters.
  • Baleful Polymorph: Has occasionally turned himself into a mouse, originally to spite the Tropers' cat, Possibly Quite Insane.
  • The Bus Came Back: After disappearing for half of season 2, and the better half of season 3, Taco returns, revealing that he was hiding in Tropes’ Bag of Holding as a mouse.
  • Con Man: Has cheated his friends, his enemies, and strangers on several occasions.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: He may be an ass and a con man, with a flagrant disregard of fellow human beings, even including fellow Tropers, but when it comes to Tropes, Puma, Gangrenous F, Melody, and even somewhat Tamatoa, he shows quite a bit of care and concern. Examples of this not oft-seen side of him, include shouting for Chey to do something when Melody was chased by a monster, dissuading the Tropers from killing Gangrenous F in an attempt to bring back the Status Quo, offering Tamatoa an escape from prison, and even jumping in front of Tropes to save him from being shot.
  • Jerkass: Taco is an alcoholic con man, staunchly anti-progress, and has exemplified a history of hypocrisy and irascibility, not to mention an lust for violence, which he has taken out on fellow Tropers before, all while showing a clear disinterest in the more scientifically inclined tropers.
  • Talking Animal: While he is a mouse, he talks.
  • Team Pet: Having been mouse for so long, he is essentially relegated to this role.
  • The Alcoholic: Drinks alcohol much more than the other tropers.
  • The Hedonist: Taco is an alcoholic, a chainsmoker, and possibly a drug addict.

    Tales of Under 

Tales of Under
Art by Taco Badger
The fourth character to appear in the show. Debuted on Page 1.
  • Butt-Monkey: Is often the target of slapstick, either from his own schemes backfiring or from Taco.
  • Hot-Blooded: Tends to be very hammy at times, especially when arguing with Taco.
  • Gun Nut: Carries bazookas around a lot, such as in the pilot episode.
  • Mad Scientist: He often falls into this role, e.g. in the Season Five premiere where he accidentally brings a bunch of fictional characters to life.
  • Official Couple: Got together with Tsunku over the course of season 3, eventually marrying her.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: He and Taco certainly don't get along too well, but they do spend a lot of time together.


Art by Taco Badger
Called Puma for short. The fifth character to appear. Debuted on Page 1.
  • Alas, Poor Villain: A recurring trait. Puma frequently feels sorry for the villains when they die, even if they were trying to kill him. The one exception is Victor. All the tropers hate Victor.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Puma is one of the more out-there tropers. He makes tons of references, is constantly fluctuating between cheerful and vaguely-sinister, acts kind of ditzy compared to most of the other tropers, and thinks that stop motion is real.
  • Non-Ironic Clown: In his earlier appearances, he worked as a birthday party clown, and seemed to genuinely enjoy being an entertainer. He did try to assist the others with their bank robbery plan in one episode, but only because he was afraid to let them down. As of Season 4, he is also helping Henderson run his circus, and occasionally joins the clown act at the circus. It's worth noting that he never shows his Creepy Good side while being a clown, he is actually cheerful and friendly.
  • Our Werebeasts Are Different: At some point in his long absence from the series, he was exploring ancient ruins when he was hit with a werecat curse. It took Puma a while to get used to itnote , but after that, he began using the curse and/or potions to transform whenever the tropers are in a fight. His werecat form also has different variations (small, huge, etc.) Later on, he started transforming into different animals, including a wereshark and weredog.
  • Rule of Funny: When he acts incompetent, he usually does it because he thinks it will be funny. He is a little more capable in serious situations.
  • Running Gag: Whenever he sees Tropes, or Tropes greets him, in the middle of something, Puma always stops what he's doing to cheerfully say "hi" back. Even when he's in the middle of a perilous situation.
  • That Reminds Me of a Song: Parodied. He frequently starts singing songs from other works (mainly Disney movies) to fit whatever situation he's in.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Milkshakes. He orders or asks for one whenever he can.



Lieutenant Commander Battle Convoy is a member of the Earth Federation Space Forces unit, the Moore Brotherhood, and the pilot of the heavily-armed Full Armour Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt. He is a fan of Humongous Mecha in general, and has an interesting relationship with his friend, Crystal. He debuted at the end of Season 1 (page 51), but was Put on a Bus halfway through Season 2, only to come back during Season 4.
  • Asskicking Equals Authority: Lampshaded by Convoy as a reason why he ranked up so quickly.
  • Four-Star Badass: Holds the rank of Lieutenant Commander, and is one hell of a fighter.
  • Only Sane Man: He has more sense than most of those around him and keeps them somewhat in check, but also has his own blind spots.
  • Put on a Bus: Disappeared during Season 2, and came back around Season 4, therefore missing the entire Tropers Race season.


Debuted season 2


Art by Zanreo
Zanreo Sauce. Likes video games (especially rhythm games) and lasers. First appeared on page 70, but (properly) debuted at the end of Season 2.
  • Blood Knight: Enjoys fighting when she gets the chance, and sometimes even gets disappointed when she doesn't get to fight someone.
  • The Bus Came Back: In Season 3, she would occasionally disappear in the middle of an episode... before somehow returning just some episodes later.
  • Cosplay Otaku Girl: She has cosplayed as various characters throughout the series, including CATS, Kazuma Kiryu and Akira.
  • Frickin' Laser Beams: Her preferred type of weapons. Along with her usual laser guns, she's also been seen using laser knives, Beam Swords and even laser bombs.
  • Gamer Chick: She's often seen playing video games, and often makes references to them.
  • Intentional Engrish for Funny: When being in a play, she machine translated all of her character's lines for amusing results.
  • The Knights Who Say "Squee!": Starts fangirling upon meeting CATS, of all characters, asking him to say his famous quotes and sign one of her laser weapons.
  • Opaque Lenses: Her glasses notably have opaque white lenses. Sometimes they get shiny.
  • Specs of Awesome: Shown to be a skilled fighter, and never seen without her glasses (aside from cosplay).
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Has purple hair.


Art by Ushiji Draws
Goes by either Chey or Cheyanne. Debuted in Page 162.
  • Gosh Darn It to Heck!: Chey tends to use 'smeg' often in place of normal swear words.
  • Happily Married: To the Betelgeusian love of her life Ford as of the seventh season.
  • Human Aliens: Chey is a Time Lady, so she appears human but is actually from Gallifrey.
  • Official Couple: After a long Ship Tease, she and Ford Prefect got together in the Season 3 finale.
  • Overly Long Name: Chey's real name is Cheyannendevoroseleneadora.
  • Pardon My Klingon: As previously mentioned, she uses "smeg" from Red Dwarf a lot.
  • Team Chef: Chey is sometimes shown in the kitchen, either cooking breakfast and dinner for the other Tropers or baking sugar cookies and trying her best to keep Ford from eating them all.
  • There Was a Door: She first meets the tropers in "Stuff... Happens?" by crashing through the wall.


Debuted season 3

    Josh 6243 

Junon, High Priestess of Prophecy
Art by Taco Badger
Debuted on page 179.

    Def Revenge 24601 

Revenge, Time Council "Janitor"
Art by Plurp
Debuted on page 198.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: His original gimmick was transforming into characters from different media, before getting a new appearance, a brand new set of powers, and a backstory and accompanying job.
  • Omniscient Council of Vagueness: the Time Council, his employers. No relation to Time Lords or Ladies, but other confirmed workers (and Canon Foreigners) are Trunks Briefs, Marty McFly, and Rick Sanchez.
  • Inexplicably Awesome: Comes out of nowhere with the ability to lay the smackdown on anyone who opposes the Tropers, with little-to-no backstory; Even after the backstory, we don't get much info on him, and yet the only enemy who was legitimately stronger was Tomatoa with the power of the Status Quo. Also regularly does over-the-top things and calls upon allies who seem to be just as awesome.
  • The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: For being a supposedly important member of a Time Council, he sure hangs around the Tropers a lot... Later Justified in Season 4 as he has gotten phone calls that vaguely forewarn him about the plot, and that if the villain wins the timeline could be changed. We later see him actually work, and it's just as awesome as it seems.
  • Shipper on Deck: He is usually the main one trying to get couples together. He has a tendency to weaponize this for monetary gain by way of bets both on and offscreen. He served this for Chey and Ford in Season 3, and then Tropes and Aveyond in Season 5.
  • Cuteness Proximity: Part of his reason for adopting Sir Fluff is that he's an adorable little kitten.

Debuted season 4


Art by Ushiji Draws
Aveyond Emma Oracle. Goes by Ave or Avie. Debuted on page 462, Episode: "Cirque du Tropers".
  • Adorkable: She is passionate about many things, including books and fashion, and is certainly this when she talks about them.
  • Angst: Goes through anxiety from prior abusive relationship.
  • Badass Bookworm: She harvests a power that can allow her to transport herself into a story and take items. Unless it affects the storyline, of course. If you couldn't tell, she loves reading.
  • Damsel out of Distress: Unless she cannot handle the situation (anything to do with her ex), Aveyond will most certainly try to save herself and others. She's gotten this ability after getting out of her previous relationship.
  • Defiant Captive: Even though she tries to be brave and talk to the villain, if you push her over the edge she will break. She will try to fight back, but is weak with her body.
  • Everything Sounds Sexier in French: Less overtly sexy (to anyone other than Tropes as least), but she's French and one of the more romantic characters.
  • Official Couple: With Tropes as of Season 5, Episode 8: I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor. With inclusion of The Big Damn Kiss on Aveyond's hospital bed.
  • Insecure Love Interest: With previous events in her life, she does not feel worthy of Tropes time.

    Stephanie Tsunade (Steph/Sabrina) 


A newcomer to the show, she's just a digital girl who is very friendly and loves anime. Debuted on page 480.
  • Gamer Chick: Loves playing computer games and is an expert at them.

Spottedleaf, or Leaf, premiered in page 480
  • Alternate Self: Sometime during the events of season 5, she discovered she was actually one of these to her "sister", Caitlin.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: She's a fairly kindhearted person, but has threatened to stab people with icicles when angered. On multiple occasions.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Shows shades of this, such as when she mistakes Bob for the Phantom of the Opera or claims that Romeo and Juliet isn't overrated because "Without it, we wouldn't have West Side Story!"
  • Forgetful Jones: Shows signs of this, like forgetting that someone was killed off a few minutes ago.
  • Genre Motif: Judging by her taste in music, which includes "Defying Gravity", "Prima Donna" and "We Go Together", it appears to be showtunes.
  • Happily Adopted: Judging by how fondly she speaks of Caitlin, it's clear that she feels this way.
  • An Ice Person: In "The Shawshank Redumbption" she revealed she has these powers, and is able to fire blasts of ice or cold air from her hands. She's been known to use it for some pretty everyday stuff, though...
  • Mundane Utility: She uses her ice powers to create snow cones and ice cream, and to ice skate outside of a rink.
  • Nice Girl: Shows herself to be deeply empathetic and caring.
  • Odd Friendship: She's apparently friends with Remus Lupin...who is more than a decade older than her and is a werewolf.
  • Our Werebeasts Are Different: She became a were-snow-leopard in season 6. It's implied that it's difficult for her to use her powers in this form due to her not really having "hands" in the traditional sense; however, she retains her human mind and speech capabilities, though her voice is implied to be a bit more growly when transformed.

Debuted season 5

     4 WD 

Art by Taco Badger
Usually called Four for convenience. A girl who looks suspiciously like Aqua but is far more dangerous. Debuted on Page 500, Season 5 Episode 2
  • Comedic Sociopathy: Partially one of the reasons why she's so potentially destructive. The other Tropers would have to keep her at bay just to make sure that she doesn't cause chaos.
  • Drives Like Crazy: One would wonder how she was even allowed to have a car in the first place. If she's in a hurry, she won't hesitate to go offroad and drive like she's Colin Mcrae.
  • Hyperspace Arsenal: Could use her portals as a way to store her inventory, which includes heat-seeking rocket pods, and a sledgehammer
  • Kryptonite Factor: Unfortunately, due to the advanced nature of her portals, it would be unavailable if she tried to time travel to the past, or if she traveled to an inner dimension of the past. She learnt this the hard way in Episode 4.
  • Opportunistic Bastard: When the situation allows it, she'll try to take advantage of it for her personal (and mostly financial) gain.
  • Rice Burner: Sometimes drives a car that is painfully modified in it's appearance to the point where it looks ridiculous.
  • Plucky Girl: She's usually energetic and cheery. Sadly, she's quite the problem child due to a certain quirk of hers.


Art by Ushiji Draws

Bob, the alcoholic skeleton, who premiered on page 502.

  • The Alcoholic: Is almost never seen without vodka nearby.
  • Cursed With Awesome: Bob was tricked by Satan with promises of revival, and turned into a skeleton. This would be a nightmare if it weren't for the increased strength, nigh-immortality, and the Pocket Dimension inside of his skull.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: His death came from being mutilated by Herr Chirurg, and then there's the whole "resurrected servant of Satan" thing.
  • Dem Bones: He used to be a human, but died and was resurrected as a talking skeleton.
  • Detachment Combat: Can remove his skull to use as a projectile, and remove his arm for use as a melee weapon.
  • Golf Clubbing: A large, spiked golf club is Bob's melee weapon of choice when fists don't work.
  • The Grim Reaper: He was resurrected with this job by Satan. He lost it at some point, but eventually got rehired.
  • Hammerspace: The inside of his head is seemingly infinite, and he has pulled everything from vodka to huge piles of grenades to a golf club.
  • Noodle Incident: It is said that Bob used to be the Grim Reaper, but Satan fired him, and it hasn't been explained why.
  • Our Monsters Are Weird: Is a skeleton, but has organs sewn into him, allowing him to perform normal human functions. He usually uses this to get drunk.
  • Super Serum: Whatever was in that special bottle of vodka turned Bob into a 10 foot tall flaming behemoth. If only it were permanent...
  • Shotguns Are Just Better: His most common weapon is a shotgun.

    The White Wolf

A half Hispanic teenager from the US and a pop culture geek. Debuted on Page 602.


Portrait made with an OC maker.

As drawn by herself 

Click here to see an outdated drawing 
West, the Asian and Nerdy Recurring Character / Regular Character (full name Journey To The West Lover), who premiered in Page 603. Put on a Bus while dealing with some evil things in Troperia since page 804. As for Season 6, episode 9 (page 1098), she has returned.



Galaxy, the awkward but cute non-human, who premiered in Page 623.

  • Adorkable: He's cute, but has difficulty making friends.
  • Child Prodigy: He's about 10 but has made a mech and a pet robot using an old roomba.

    Alivia Marie Champ 

Alivia Marie Champ, or simply Alivia, premiered in Page 645.

     Keiron Quincy Cioran 
Keiron Quincy Cioran, the Black and Nerdy, headphone-wearing aesthete, premiered in page 660.

TabbyGirl4, The Axe-Wielding Ascended Extra who debuted on Page 711
  • Artsy Beret: Wears one and is shown to be a artist to setting up a art booth at the convention and sat in the corner in another episode to sketch the other tropers fighting Flowey.
  • Ascended Extra Joins the cast in her debut episode after being a unmentioned background character for a long time.
  • Big Damn Heroes Performs this in Season 5 with Spotted being tortured by Amunet and stopping Victor's forced wedding with Aveyond.
  • Demoted to Extra: The episodes she appeared in vary how much big her role is and this trope applied in some of them.
  • Dumbass No More: Early appearances of her depict her as a ditz and has a habit of burning stuff. Later episodes have her being more mature and helping out.
  • Lethal Chef Has a habit of leaving stuff in the oven and burning it.

Arimo the Reindeer debuted in page 729.


An outlaw who at first lied about his true name, but he has since opened up the others. Debuted on Page 744.

  • Crime After Crime: In Hit the Deck Before that Iceberg Does he started off knocking a crew member unconscious and sneaking out of third class in the hopes of stealing something valuable, but ended up committing seven murders in order to keep himself from getting exposed.
  • Flanderization: He started out as a jerk, but over time he only became more violent and unhinged.
  • Improvised Weapon: He doesn't have any primary weapons, preferring to make due with whatever he can get his hands on.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Often rude and snarky to the other tropers, but has shown that he does care about them.
  • Made of Iron: He almost always gets back up after receiving injuries.
  • Malicious Misnaming: Has a habit of doing this to people doesn't like, especially the Villain of the Week.
  • Mundangerous: Holding on to metal during a hot summer day was too much for him, despite already having shrugged off being on fire.

    K Jsixteen
Artist: Syatiti
KJsixteen, a Naginata-wielding Draconic Humanoid who debuted in page 752.

Debuted season 7


A sentient, souped-up (by 80s standards) IBM PC AT who travels on an AV cart. She first appeared on page 1239.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Whoever created her somehow managed to achieve this back in the 1980's. Thus, she has thought processes of her own and is able to move autonomously (with the help of an AV cart, of course).
  • Berserk Button: She really, really doesn't like being asked or told to upgrade her componentsnote . If you do, then prepare for the snark.
  • Computer Voice: Is capable of doing this (and sounding rather like a human woman at that) via a speech synthesizer card inside her main unit.
  • Emoticon: Being a computer, her monitor is her face, and thus uses these to express emotion.
  • Fun with Acronyms: Her name's actually an acronym for Computer Under Service To Aid Random Dudes. It doesn't provide many clues to her original purpose, to say the least.
  • Ridiculously Human Robot: Well, Ridiculously Human Computer. She's perfectly capable of feeling and expressing human emotions, has her own interests outside of her intended purpose, and has even been shown "eating" by using floppy disks with food data on it. The Turing Test ain't got nothing on her.
  • "Second Law" My Ass!: When you have a sentient computer with free will, don't expect her to follow everything you tell her to do. Not to mention it's sometimes her telling the humans what to do.
  • She Cleans Up Nicely: She puts on a wig, makeup, and a pink 80's prom dress for a beauty pageant in "The Beauties of Tropesberg". Despite being self-conscious about it, she managed to get first place anyway, and other Tropers let her know she's beautiful.
  • Spectacular Spinning: Other than being her default dance move (since she's, you know, on a cart), "The Great Los Santos Heist" implies that spinning around very fast allows her to change costume on the fly.
  • No Biological Sex: She's technically sexless since she's a computer, but she identifies as female either way.
  • Thank the Maker: A variant. Any instance of "God" is replaced with the last name of an important figure in computing history.
    Oh Lovelace, I really made a wrong turn at Albuquerque...
     Kay Γ Trigger / King Of Stickers 
A Tanuki, who is the King Of Stickers. While biologically male, he also uses she pronouns. Debuted on page 1325.


Madame Butterfly Knife

An impulsive inventor who uses her custom built blade wings for all sorts of purposes. She first appeared on page 1326.

  • Badass Longcoat: Part of her outfit is a trenchcoat.
  • Drives Like Crazy: In "A Very Special Guest", her amazing driving skills lead to the Tropers crashing onto a TV show set and killing Chris Evans.
  • Feather Flechettes: The knives within her pack work as projectile weapons.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: Creates a lot of crazy inventions and sells them for profit. The most distinctive invention of hers is her bladepack, which can shoot out weapons and produce blade-tipped insectoid legs.
  • Hard-Drinking Party Girl: She ends up joining the Tropers after throwing a crazy stoweaway party in their rocket ship. Once the whole thing is over, she throws up from her hangover. In every episode she is in afterword, she has a drink on her at some point in time.
  • Knife Nut: Knife uses the, well, knife, pretty much exclusively.
  • Last-Name Basis: Technically, her first name is Madame. She exclusively goes by Knife, her last name. It helps that apparently her siblings were also given the same first name, being differentiated by middle names.
  • Razor Wings: She has cybernetic metal wing implants that act as this.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: She has long, light blue hair with bright red streaks in them.


Kung-Fu Cutbug
Yeah, not the prettiest alien on the block...
A bizarre lava lamp-fish-horse-alien who's always carrying around an umbrella. Originally introduced trying to wash said umbrella, but gets roped into an escalating chain of events with their life on the line.


A mysterious man from Ohio. Joins the Tropers for breakfast on page 1388.

  • The Alcoholic: He can down a bottle of vodka in 15 seconds

  • Cloudcuckoolander: He likes to bring his own silverware to restaurants, and carries a gun in the back of his pants at all time. He also illegally lived with the Tropers til Chey’s birth of Delilah, where he officially moved in.

  • Drives Like Crazy: Only a slightly better driver than Knife. He doesn’t even have a license.

  • Gun Nut: He carries a Jericho 941 in the back of his pants virtually all the time.

  • Sharp-Dressed Man: He dresses as such for dinner in the Moon Hotel.

  • Small Name, Big Ego: He acts like everyone knows him. Nobody does.


Dookie Idiot Nimrod
DEBUT Season 7 Episode 13, The Perfect Storm

Not much is known about Dookie yet. He is new. And he is a dog.


The Geek Artist 08
A newcomer to the series. Debuted note  in the 13th episode of Season 7, "The Perfect Storm", more specifically, page 1460. Not much is known about her just yet.
  • Meaningful Name: Her name is Katrina. Guess what the title of her debut episode is.
  • Vague Age: Downplayed. She explicitly stated that she's a middle school student born after 2005 note . However, she didn't stated her actual age.

     Offscreen [Voice]  


A newcomer to the series. Debuted note  on the 13th episode of Season 7, "The Perfect Storm", specifically, page 1439. Not much is known about (them? it?) just yet.

  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Whenever they are speaking they are only noted as an off-screen voice, though mentioning them being named off-screen whether it’s a nickname or legal name is unknown.

  • Ambiguous Gender: Due to only appearing as a mysterious voice; their gender isn’t important for now since little is known about them.

  • The Alleged Boss: Acknowledged themselves as a head of a crew and said they were made recently. Regularly leaves to take a break or sleep mid-show.

  • We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties: Debuted on the show causing one due to tripping over the camera cables.

  • Meta Guy: The head crewman... not much more meta then that.


Ayy Bee 121
I'm trying. note 
A newcomer to the series. Not much is known about him yet. debuted on Season 7 episode 14, "The Suite Life in Lunar Times.

  • Only Known by Their Nickname: The way he introduces himself makes it clear that "Bee" is just a nickname.

  • Ontological Mystery: He somehow ends up in a hotel on the moon, for reasons he isn't aware of. He didn't even realise he was there until his game of Dig Dug was interrupted!

  • Unfazed Everyman: Zig-Zagged. On the one hand, he doesn't react to the strangeness of the tropers. On the other hand, he seems very phased by being on a hotel in the moon filled with aliens. On the other other hand, he adapts to the hotel quickly and it seems the main reason he's phased by it is because he's in a different place than he was before.


Debuted season 1

    Canned Laughter Machine 

Canned Laughter Machine

Played by: Not played by any one person
Where would any sitcom be without the ever-present canned laughter? Even when the definitions of "sitcom" are stretched, the loyal Canned Laughter Machine is always there to laugh at our heroes' misfortunes, like any true friend.
  • Companion Cube: It's just a non-sentient machine that emits canned laughter, but it's often treated as a member of the team. For example, Puma and Tropes treat it like a dying friend after it's shot.
  • Laugh Track: Its whole job is to provide one, as well as occasional whoops, cheers, boos, and groans.
  • Unexplained Recovery: It's often shot, vandalised, or otherwise broken, but always shows up without a scratch the next time any canned laughter is needed.

    Gangrenous F
Art by Taco Badger
Played by: Taco Badger
The tropers' part-time rapper, part-time barista (and later full-time FBI agent) friend.
  • The Ace: He's pretty good at everything he does, and his job description is pretty much designed to be the coolest thing possible.
  • Embarrassing Middle Name: Apparently his full name is "Gangrenous Fauntleroy Hanks", which is treated as this by the other characters. Though one has to wonder if the parts he got rid of were really the most embarrassing parts.
  • The Other Darrin: Tales played him for one line in "A Plot Entirely Around The Pokemon Cards" while Taco was on hiatus from the thread.
  • Unfortunate Names: A reference to the disease gangrene.
  • Ship Tease: With Bev. It started with a viewer writing in to the show saying that he shipped the two, and ever since then they've been unsure whether to actually pursue a relationship.

    The Status Quo
Art by Taco Badger
Played by: Taco Badger
The Manifestation of Status Quo Is God in the series. Played by Taco Badger.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: A person who uses Reality Warper powers to enforce the concept of the Status Quo. Downplayed in that later other characters use his powers, and he just seems to be a regular human without them.
  • Back from the Dead: His throat is slit by Gangrenous F in "The Good, The Bad, and The Tropers", but he's resurrect (albeit without his powers) in "Obligatory Spooky Halloween Episode!".
  • Embarrassing Middle Name: "Marion" according to Character Death.
  • Jerkass: Pretty rude every time he appears, not to mention enforcing an unchanging reality upon the tropers for no adequately explained reason.
  • Reality Warper: Can reset reality with a wave of his hand.
  • Status Quo Is God: His whole shtick is enforcing this trope.

Debuted season 2

    Robin Prefect 

Played by: Eevee Girl Chey
Robin Prefectnote  is a clone of the late Robin Gibb created by Chey long before she arrived in Tropesburg. Debuted in Page 163. Played by EeveeGirlChey.

    Ford Prefect 

Ford Prefect

Debuted in Page 165. Played by EeveeGirlChey.

Tales' wife, who was cursed with Lycanthropy by the Magic Mafia. Played by Tales of Under.
  • Transgender: This adaptation is a trans woman, unlike the real-life Tsunku who is a cis man.

    Sonny Sunflora
Art by Ushiji Draws

The illegitimate son of the Landlord Plant, and co-Big Bad of season three along with Captain Fussenpepper. In season four, he becomes the Tropers' landlord. Played by Eevee Girl Chey.

  • Abusive Parents: As revealed in the episode "Tropers: The Series: The Documentary", Sonny's non-biological father started physically and emotionally abusing him after finding out his mother had cheated on him with the Landlord Plant and as a result of the affair, got pregnant with Sonny.
  • Affably Evil: Downplayed, but even before his Heel–Face Turn, He had his moments, such as in the Egypt episode.
  • Bastard Bastard: He's the Landlord Plant's illegitimate son, and the villain of season 3.
  • Big Bad Duumvirate: He teamed up with Captain Fussenpepper to serve as the main antagonist of season 3.
  • Disco Dan: Sonny is a massive fan of disco and enjoys dressing up to go disco dancing when he's not working as a landlord.
  • Foul Flower: Being a Sunflora and major antagonist.
  • Gender Bender: Downplayed. He sometimes takes a human female form, but is still referred to as male even then.
  • Heel–Face Turn: He joins the tropers in the Season 3 finale.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He's rude, arrogant, sexist, obnoxious, and a former supervillain, but he cares enough about the tropers to help them out when he can.
  • Jive Turkey: He uses a lot of slang from The '70s.
  • Official Couple: Became a couple with Remington Roserade off-screen sometime before the events of the sixth season episode "NPCs: The Series".
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: In some episodes, he's quite chauvinistic towards Tsunku.
  • Villains Out Shopping: In the episode "Pyramid Scheme", he goes out shopping for records in Egypt.

Debuted season 3


Art by Taco Badger
Medusa is the infamous Gorgon from Greek mythology, mostly based on the Fate/Stay Night version of her. Played by josh 6243.

  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: Medusa can change into a giant version of her appearance from Kid Icarus: Uprising.
  • Cast From HP: Whenever Medusa uses Blood Fort Andromeda, it sucks out Junon's mana and stamina like an AC on a hot summer day.
  • Composite Character: A combination of the Fate Medusa and Kid Icarus Medua
  • Gorgeous Gorgon: Despite being a monster, Medusa's quite cute. Even her Gorgon form is beautiful.
  • Taken for Granite: Can petrify a man with her glare. It also comes in beam form.
  • Pegasus: Can summon her son, Pegasus. They both have a bond to the point where she doesn't need to use Bellophron to control him.


The infamous singing monster crab from Moana, who first shows up to bother the tropers in "Red Submarine" and becomes a recurring antagonist. Played by TropesForever.

  • Adaptational Wimp: While he's still evil, he's much less Nigh-Invulnerable, and is easily beaten up in "The Cat Who Did Too Much".
  • Disguised in Drag: Dresses up as a little girl named "Miranda" in "Invasion of the Ford Prefects".
  • Evil Is Hammy: as in the film. Loves to sing, dance, talk loudly, and generally make his two-ton presence known.
  • Giant Enemy Crab: He's a giant crab who becomes enemies with the tropers.
  • In the Doldrums:From "Obligatory Spooky Halloween Episode!" to "Troping All the Way", he was trapped in a totally empty pocket universe.
  • The Other Darrin: Since TropesForever was absent from the thread at the time, he was played by DrNoPuma in "Ruckus Over Repast", as well as a brief appearance in "The Shawshank Redumbption".
  • Painting the Medium: He speaks in bold gold text.
  • Reality Warper: He gains the ability to make Cosmic Retcons in "Obligatory Spooky Halloween Episode!".
  • Villain Song: He sings "Shiny" or a part of it each time he appears.
  • Your Size May Vary: Downplayed. While his size is never flat-out contradicted, the text format allows him to do things that would be pretty hard if he was indeed the size shown in Moana.

    Damien Robinson 

A Mercenary hailing from the country of Tropera. Played by Josh 6243.

Debuted season 4

     Sir Fluff
Revenge's pet cat, who first appears in his own episode, "The Cat Who Did Too Much". A cat found within the Time Void and adopted by Revenge, he has fantastic powers just like his owner. Headcannon suggests his voice is many voices in one...with the addition of one very faint voice continually saying "Yes Sir". Played by Def Revenge 24601.

    Ringmaster Henderson
Art by Taco Badger
The ringmaster of a local circus. Puma works with him to run the circus, and he is also friends with Tropes, Taco, and the other tropers. Played by DrNoPuma and TropesForever.
  • Nice Guy: A kind person who gets along great with the tropers and does his best running the circus.
  • Nice Hat: Taco's artwork depicts him wearing an incredibly tall top hat.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: The kindly leader of the circus, who is shown to be nothing but reasonable with his staff, even when they act like, well, clowns.
  • Shout-Out: He's named after one of the performers mentioned in the Beatles' song "Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite" as well as one of the people on the circus poster that inspired the song.


Lord Arthur Coleberry

Played by: TropesForever

A pompous recurring villain faced by the tropers since season 4, paired with his incompetent lackey Lonagan.

  • Brains and Brawn: Brains to Lonagan's brawn, relatively speaking. He's still not as smart as he thinks he is.
  • Corrupt Politician: His first appearance in "Perplexion Day" has him attempt to get Lonagan elected as his blatant puppet.
  • Dirty Coward: He'll do anything for his own gain, including pathetic attempts to save his own skin.
  • Evil Counterpart: His characterisation is similar to a totally imorral, selfish version of Taco, with Lonagan as the equivalent to Tropes.
  • His Name Really Is "Barkeep": "Lord" is his actual first name.
  • Humongous Mecha: The "Gunberry", a really shoddily-made mecha he unveils in "The Gundam Pilot and the Girl with the Aichi Doll". In "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor", Lonagan pilots its barely-improved successor, the Gunberry EX.
  • Those Two Bad Guys: He and his lackey Lonagan are almost never seen apart, and are always hatching dastardly schemes.
  • Wicked Cultured: He certainly tries to present himself this way, but he's not the best at it.


Franklin Louis Lonagan (or maybe Louis Franklin Lonagan)

Played by: Taco Badger
Coleberry's dimwitted second-in-command.
  • Brains and Brawn: While he's not exceptionally strong, he usually carries out the physical end of Coleberry's schemes while Coleberry focuses on the planning, making him this.
  • Evil Counterpart: His ditziness recalls Tropes in the same way Coleberry's conniving recalls Taco.
  • Lethally Stupid: His incompetence causes a lot of problems for Coleberry's plans.
  • Stupid Crooks: He would likely be too stupid to do anything illegal without Coleberry directing him.
  • Those Two Bad Guys: Almost never seen apart from his boss Coleberry, who orders him around in his evil schemes.

    Marcia Shyneet
Art done by Setzeri.
A moth-themed Reploid. As expected, her code-name is Morph Moth. Played by josh 6243.

  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: Distracted by bright lights fairly easily.
  • Fantastic Racism: Hates most humans, but likes the Tropers for some reason.
  • Moth Menace: Marcia is quite formidable in combat. She even turns the silk and junk she gathers into a powerful projectile called the Silk Shot.
  • Stutter Stop: Has a tendency of stuttering if she's not serious.


A Canon Foreigner from Deltarune. First shows up in Season 4. Played by Tales Of Under.

A villain who first appears in "Cirque du Tropers". He was a clown who used to work for Ringmaster Henderson until Henderson fired him for trying to steal the spotlight. He now wants to ruin Henderson's whole career, achieve fame and glory, and kill the tropers, but not strictly in that order. Played by DrNoPuma.
  • Attention Whore: He reportedly bullied the other clowns to get more time in the spotlight, and even now, fame is what he craves the most.
  • Bilingual Bonus: His name is Italian for "pompous" or "arrogant", fitting his personality.
  • Devil in Plain Sight: In "The Carnival Is Not Over," he somehow got the city to trust him enough to appoint him head of entertainment.
  • Expy: His slimy personality, particularly in "The Carnival Is Not Over" was inspired by Sideshow Bob. Like Bob, he is also a disgraced performer-turned-criminal who wants to kill the protagonists.
  • Fatal Fireworks: In the climax of the Season 5 finale, he attacks the tropers with a bazooka that shoots fireworks.
  • Master of Disguise: In "Cirque du Tropers," he pulls off a convincing Ringmaster Henderson costume, and even changes his voice to sound exactly like Henderson.
  • Monster Clown: A disgraced circus clown who is equal parts manipulative and violent.
  • Summon Bigger Fish: His plan in "The Carnival Is Not Over." By running the carnival and letting the people of Tropesberg have fun, he uses their happiness to perform a ritual to summon the "circus beasts," a bunch of giant twisted circus animals, to help him take over the world. They quickly turn out to be friendly, so he hypnotizes them into being evil, but it doesn't last long.

Season 5

    Victor Van Crocke
Art by Taco Badger
Aveyond's ex boyfriend. They met in the US when Aveyond turned 18. After abusing her, she barely escaped. Up to this present day, he still tries to find her. Played by Aveyond.

  • Bastard Boyfriend: Has abused Aveyond Physically, mentally and sexually. All while thinking he was loving her and that he was the perfect one for her. The Tropers don't know the details or extent of Victor's abuse on Aveyond, other than her getting hurt and the mental strain.
  • Evil, Inc.: Literally works in every evil business. Doctor, Scientist, Priest, you name it.
  • French Jerk: Is French, like Aveyond, and a creepy Stalker with a Crush.
  • Forceful Kiss: Always forces something onto Aveyond for fear it'll be the last time.

A strange orange figure covered in smiling mouths. Debuted on page 504. Played by Bobthedeadguy.
  • Ambiguous Gender: Nobody knows if it's male or female.
  • Driven to Madness: The explanation for it being unable to speak and attempting to eat several of the tropers in its first appearance.


The cyborg villain from Zero Wing. First appeared as one of the villains the Tropers fought in Revenge's Day Off. Played by Zanreo.

The king of Hell, who first appears on page 511. Played by Bobthedeadguy.
  • Ambiguously Evil: Starts his first appearance by drugging 4WD, but within minutes, he's trying to help the tropers.
  • Demoted to Extra: Was originally planned to be more important, but this never happened due to his lack of popularity.
  • Human Shifting: Not quite, but his second form is decidely more human-like.
  • Stealth Hi/Bye: Often appears with no introduction and disappears just as quickly.
  • Suddenly SHOUTING!: Goes from calmly apologizing about how loud the car horn outside is to yelling at the driver in seconds.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: With Bob, in which they both hate each other, to the point that Satan fired Bob offscreen and only appeared on the show to kill him. Somehow, this turned into an (almost) insult-free duo.
  • Too Kinky to Torture: Is handcuffed by 4WD, but simply states that he's into it.

Four's twin Russian sister. Looks almost exactly like her, but with a yellow color palette. Is just as potentially chaotic as her. Played by 4WD.

    The Smash Announcer 
The announcer of Super Smash Bros. Played by Zanreo.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Briefly appeared - or rather, his voice was heard - in the previous episode before his proper introduction in "Super Smash Tropers".
  • Large Ham: Tends to TALK LOUDLY and dramatically YELL PARTS OF HIS SENTENCES!
  • The Voice: He's never shown on-screen, only his voice is heard.

A bunch of mimes inhabiting the "mime factory" in Tropesberg, where the tropers decide to have a ball. Played by TropesForever and DrNoPuma.

  • Ambiguously Human: Word of God from Tropes and Puma is that it's impossible to tell whether they're just human mimes who are really into their performance, or a different race.
  • Clown Species: They are implied to be a separate species from humans.
  • Conlang: They speak "mime", which just consists of body gestures. Puma can speak it too, presumably because he works as a clown. In one scene, Puma is even able to "hear" the mimes speaking mime from far away.
  • Everyone Hates Mimes: Played with. Although they're perfectly friendly, Bob doesn't like them, even invoking Nothing Is Scarier while talking about them:
    Bob: I am simultaneously glad that there aren't any mimes, and nervous because they all disappeared at once.

Art by Ushiji Draws [1]

Debuted on page 567. Maria is one of a group of mimes inhabiting a "mime factory" in Tropesberg, who befriends Puma. Puma accidentally misinterprets her name as "Maurice" and thinks she's a guy, but when he finds out the truth, they become close friends. Played by DrNoPuma.

  • Hostage Situation: She is the victim of this when Coleberry holds her at gunpoint to keep the tropers back. This doesn't deter them from shooting Coleberry anyway, and Puma jumps in to get Maria out of the way before Coleberry can do anything to her.
  • Lady Looks Like a Dude: Implied. Puma initially mistakes her for a man, although to be fair, Puma is one of the less sane tropers.
  • Non-Ironic Clown: She is a totally friendly mime who enjoys entertaining people.
  • Platonic Life-Partners: Her role with Puma, currently. They danced together in the ballroom episode, but they are still just friends.
  • Silent Snarker: Although she only speaks "mime", she occasionally snarks at Puma and other people, such as when she elbows Puma to stop him from making a "Steamed Hams" reference.
  • Stealth Hi/Bye: She tends to come and go, sometimes surprising Puma when she appears.

A small robot Zanreo built. Played by Zanreo.

    Spiky-haired Manager
Art by Zanreo
The manager of the anime shop Zanreo works at in "Mechani-chaos". Played by Zanreo.
  • Anime Hair: Described as having spiky, wild hair.
  • Expy: Based on Meito Anizawa aka. Anime Tenchou, another hammy, spiky-haired manager of an anime/manga shop.
  • Large Ham: Tends to be loud, dramatic and very enthusiastic. Even encourages this behavior among the staff, who are told to "always give it [their] all".

    The Elvuz family 

Emperor Elvuz

The Big Bad of the wiki himself, who lives/hides in West’s room. Played by JTTW Lover.

Kenneth “Ken” David Elvuz

Rosemary “Red” Plum Elvuz

Tropes applying to both

  • Full-Name Ultimatum: West does this to them when they try to sneak on the Tropers and follow them to Tropesburg.
  • Kid Hero: Described as being near West’s age, yet fully functional heroes.

A 5-year-old girl played by Autistic Alivia.

Art by Arimothereindeer.

A cloudman who lives in a cloud city above Tropesberg and the surrounding area. He first appears in "It's Raining Right Here," where he accidentally creates a massive storm that drives the conflict of the episode, and spends the whole episode trying to make up for it. Played by DrNoPuma.

  • Apologizes a Lot: He apologizes frequently for creating the storm.
  • The Atoner: He believes he is responsible for a giant, destructive storm, and he tries his best to make up for it, guiding everyone caught in the storm to a diner where they'll be safe and even attempting to pay for everything they order.
  • Elemental Embodiment: Part of a species called "cloudmen", anthropomorphic clouds.
  • Nerd Glasses: He's an awkward guy who wears glasses.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: Accidentally sets a weather-controlling machine to create a massive storm.

An alien from the Secret Star System, and the drummer of a band called The Crescendolls. He is played by arimothereindeer and debuted in page 734.

Galaxy's stoic, Greninja friend


An shapeshifting fox who likes to pull tricks on people.Played by TabbyGirl4 and is given a proper introduction on Page 920

Season 6

    Aoife Jilo Boudreaux 
A African-American (Gullah / Cajun) woman born in Louisiana, she's an ancestor to Keiron Quincy Cioran. Debuted on page 1134
  • The Alcoholic: Although, she can't handle liquor very well, she still drinks hard liquors like tequila.
  • Mixed Ancestry: of Sea Island Gullah and Louisiana Cajun descent.
  • Multi-Ethnic Name: Her middle name Jilo is a Gullah name and Boudreaux is a fairly common Cajun French name. However, her first name, Aoife, is an Irish name relating to some distant Irish heritage.
    Anjana Raina 
A Kashmiri woman who owns a failing restaurant specializing in her native culture's cuisine. She is constantly tired and wonders on end how to keep this business afloat. Debuted on page 1136
    Abelino Alvarado 
A Mexican pianist who works in the Kashmiri restaurant. He is a jolly (if not raucaus at times) man with pride in his heritage. Debuted on page 1135
  • Affectionate Nickname: He refers to Afterwards as "niño", when learning that they're both Chicano and infrequently calls Nakijin, "Jinji", to embarrass him.

  • Gratuitous Spanish

  • Team Dad: Is the most stable of the entire Kashmiri crew and the oldest.
    Nakijin Ocampo 
A Filipino-Ryukyuan man with a sardonic temperament and a draconian sense of humour. He is the chef at the Kashmiri restaurant. Debuted on page 1137
  • Embarrassing Nickname: He hates being called "Jinjin". Aoife knows this and calls him that, anyway.
    • Abelino goes a step further and calls him "Jinji"
  • Gayngst: Has a mild case of this, in that, although he's gay he doesn't want to come off as flaming
  • Mixed Ancestry: He's Filipino (Ivatan, specifically) and Ryukyuan (Okinawan, specifically)
  • Multi-Ethnic Name: His last name, Ocampo is a common Filipino last name. However, his first name is a reference to the Okinawan town and gusuku (castle) of the same name.
    Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost 
A character from the television show Series/The Flash 2014. She's also Leaf's adoptive sister and doppelganger.
  • An Ice Person: Killer Frost has these powers. It kind of comes with the territory.
  • Big Sister Instinct: As soon as she realizes her sister, Leaf, is missing, she becomes extremely worried before conducting interrogations.
  • Canon Foreigner: As mentioned, she's from a pre-existing show.
  • Cloudcuckoolander's Minder: She often plays the Straight Man to Leaf's eccentricities, and calls her out when she does things that striker her as a little too weird.
  • Jekyll & Hyde/ Superpowered Evil Side: Well, more "jerk" than evil, but Killer Frost is an alternate personality of Caitlin's. The two seem to regard themselves as separate women who happen to inhabit the same body.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: In her debut episode, she seemed to believe she was in a mystery story and tried to pinpoint clues as to where Leaf may have disappeared to. Said episode was actually a slice-of-life episode.

Season 7

    Hayley Stephanie Quinlan
Art by Andy LA
A seven-year-old Cheerful Child who styles herself after Harley Quinn. Debuted in page 1229 (with a voice-only cameo in page 1228).
  • Cousin Oliver: A kid character in the series, although the author is attempting to avoid the negative trappings of the trope.
  • Genki Girl: She's very energetic.
  • Lighter and Softer: She's described as a girl who's very much into the DC Super Hero Girls shorts and liked that version of Harley Quinn so much, she decided to pattern herself after her; ergo, no villainous madcaps.
    • Also, that bat she's carrying? It's a wiffle bat.
  • Punny Name: Hayley Quinlan <-> Harley Quinn... get it?

    Grand Sun

The main antagonist of "Glitching Out." It's the head of Grand Dad, replacing the sun when the glitches take over Tropesburg.

  • Adaptational Villainy: The character we know as Grand Dad was a Captain Ersatz of the heroic Mario. A crappy bootleg version, but still a heroic protagonist. Grand Sun, however, is pure evil and tries to kill the tropers. Grand Sun may not necessarily be the same character as Grand Dad, but it takes the form of Grand Dad.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Grand Sun was initially intended as a one-note gag about the sun becoming Grand Dad's head when the world is glitchified. Grand Sun later wound up being the main antagonist and the source of the glitches.
  • Flying Face: The head of the "Grand Dad" meme as an evil, living sun.
  • Phrase Catcher: Its mere existence causes some of the tropers to quote Vinesauce, the group that made Grand Dad a meme in the first place.
  • Pokémon Speak: Inexplicably, the only thing it's capable of saying is "GRAAAAAAND SUN" when the Tropers are near.
  • Punny Name: Grand Sun. Grandson.
  • Recursive Ammo: It shoots cavemen. The cavemen throw clubs.
  • Sinister Sentient Sun: An evil living sun that tries to kill the Tropers, first by firing cavemen and then with Peter Griffins and Goombas with the face of Joe Biden.
  • Tennis Boss: Grand Sun shoots Mario cavemen, that also throw clubs. Puma invokes this trope by trying to hit both the cavemen and the clubs back at it.
  • Womb Level: After defeating Grand Sun in a battle, the tropers go inside it to find the source of the glitches. For some reason the texture on the inside is upside-down pot leaves.

     Chris Evans 

Chris Evans

Played by: TropesForever
The actual actor Chris Evans himself. He is a cast member of Sasquatché!, a bizarre show which Taco Badger makes a guest appearance on. Unfortunately, this proves to be Evans' final acting role.
  • Back from the Dead: In The Stinger for The Perfect Storm, Evans comes back as a zombie.
  • Broken Ace: Despite being a well-loved actor, he spends most of his brief appearance crying for some unspecified reason.
  • Car Fu: Evans meets his untimely demise when Knife crashes the Chey Bus into him.
  • In Memoriam: At the end of S7E8 there is one of these in honor of Evans after he died during the events of the show.
  • Long-Lost Relative: He portrays the long lost father of Taco’s character in the show Sasquatché!.
  • The Scottish Trope: Saying Chris Evans' name will cause all the servers in the Tropersville mall to shoot at you, as Robert Downey Jr.'s contract while guest-starring on the show forbids mentioning Evans.
  • Spirit Advisor: After he's killed, his soul gives some sage advice to Afterwards before departing to heaven.

    Robert Downey Junior 

Robert Downey Junior

Played by: TropesForever
The actual actor Robert Downey Junior himself. He is the guest star of the episode, and the tropers spend a lot of time trying to get everything ready for his arrival.
  • Advertised Extra: He appears once in the end for about 20 seconds before leaving with the money.
  • Special Guest: He is the titular very special guest of the episode.

    Mrs. E 
A mysterious old woman who owns a spooky Gothic mansion in the country just outside Tropesburg. She made an Early-Bird Cameo in S7:E2 before having a more prominent role in S7:E9. Played by DrNoPuma.

  • Beehive Hairdo: She has one. It adds to her eccentricity.
  • "Darkness von Gothick" Name: Played for Laughs. Her last name is Evildeathmurderbloodkilldarkgorestabbenstein, but she's not nearly as edgy as her name would indicate.
  • Lady in Red: She always wears a red dress,
  • Not So Stoic: She initially presents herself as an eccentric Cool Old Lady who speaks in rhyme and has an air of mystery to her. It's revealed in S7:E9 that she can be a lot more emotional and vulnerable when she's desperate.
  • Overly Long Name: Her full last name is Evildeathmurderbloodkilldarkgorestabbenstein.
  • Rhymes on a Dime: Invoked in-universe. She likes to speak in rhyme, but it's clear that she has to go out of her way to do this, and she can't keep it up when she's stressed.

Played by: TheGeekArtist08
A young person who met the Tropers when everyonenote  turned into cats. Not much is known about them just yet.

A Frankenstein's Monster who is antagonistic to Bee. Made an Early-Bird Cameo on page 1425 in the episode "A Terrible Cat-Astrophe" before making her proper debut on page 1539, during the episode "Martin Mint-Chocolate-Chip and the Ice Cream Factory. Played by Ayy Bee 121.

A young person who was accidentally chosen to be one of Martin Mint Choco Chip's heir by Dookie due to a mishap.
  • Ambiguous Gender: Not a lot called them by a gendered something, with the only gendered word they were called as is "an upstanding young gentleman" by Martin Mint Choco Chip.
  • Punny Name: Due to Dookie calling Katrina and/or Tory Geek instead of their respective names, Geek ended up thinking they were called.


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